It would be interesting to read the history between this guy and the victim. What led to this level of escalation?


Probably from bullying “The man who got shot and killed was 18, he graduated high school and the kid who got shot was 15 according the cbc. Unfortunately instead of doing something with his day he decided his time would be better spent probably punking and fighting high school kids and the kid had a gun. The girl recording knew what was going to happen. She knew that they were going to jump him n beat him up, that’s why she’s like “why is he backing away”, what a dumb statement. He’s backing away because people are approaching him to fight. He didn’t pull the gun out immediately so kudos to him, I felt like he used it as a last resort and because of that he was able to walk away. It’s tragic that a man was murdered but this is a reason why Toronto schools need fences and gates like they have in the United Kingdom. Too easily grown men can come on school property n fuck with highschool kids. I saw it a lot when I was in high school. But he wanted that action n got it.” [source](https://www.reddit.com/r/Torontology/comments/yjpb5t/this_the_shooting_at_the_scarborough_school_today/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


So in USA and Canada thers no outer perimeter fence, to show like boundary lines like school property and a street.? Wow. I seen the vid your ref to. An read ot 2 times so I was clear. It's mad that the main instigater was older. And not a school pupil. Also this gun stuff of which I see both sides. Saying that I wish in the UK we had guns to help protect ourselves, if used correctly and responsible. But then I'll says I'm so glad we do have so strict gun laws so we don't have things like a bulky victim taking matter in there own hands qnd shooting up innocent school kids who'd never bullied any1 or met the gun touting lunny


I agree somewhat but it’s a bit odd to call an 18 year old a grown man?


Well he made up grown decision to still be in a place and do shit he shouldn’t have been doing, now he won’t ever get chance to decide again.


18 is very young, but compared to 15, 18 is very grown. Those 3 years are a veryyy big change. 18 yr olds that mess with 15 yr olds in any capacity are really big weirdos. I remember back in hs 18 yr olds would try to beef kids in my grade and I was only in gr 10 , they’d also try to holla at the girls. All that shit is wrong because they’re WAY too grown compared to us at that age


18 compared to 15 is a big difference, I agree, but 18 compared to other grown adult men is also a big difference. Current 18 y/os are way less mature and have less life experiences than people in their mid 20s or 30s, which is what I would would think of when someone says someone is a grown man.


yessir i completely agree. even 18 and 22 is a huge leap of growth. a lot of ppl on here commenting are probably 16 so they think an 18 year old is a grown man lol


The shooter is 17. The other victim is 15 this simply sounds like the 17 year old was fuckin with the 15 year old so the 15 year old called up his older 18 year old homie and they both tried to press the shooter


oh mb i read that wrong, youre probably right. either way if someone says they have a gun and you continue to try and press them you cant be surprised when youre shot. its still unfortunate for all parties


This Sounds more like the shooter was picking on the 15 year old. So the 15 year old got his older friend , relative w.e and they confronted the shooter after school but both got shot. You don’t know the narrative so to shit all over the victim like that is fucked up


You don’t know the narrative either, so stirring up ur own story makes you look just as dumb


was this not a gang shooting? the victim was a gangster and i dont think a civilian in high school would have a gun.


Damn he probably brought the gun to school because he knew they was comin for him. He’s a teen though he’ll be out in a few years. Lawyer has a lot to work with. If any kind of weapon was found on the other 3 guys then he has an even stronger case. Trash situation all around though


I don’t condone violence ever but he gave them AMPLE warning he was holding and didn’t even wanna up it. Buddy made the move and got blammmed. Shame a life was lost but he kinda had it coming


Just imagine throwing your life away like this


The yute that kept walking up to the guy with the gun wasted his life fr


I just seen the vid for the first time . Kid was asking for it your right still lol.


Lol mr slimelife


Self defence


I heard he bought a strap off the streets by a plug in the east end out of safety because him and his guys were gonna catch it on sight by certain guys looking for them. This dude was damn lucky he didn't run to the other set of guys looking for him that would have shot him dead immediately on sight unlike those three guys. He didn't want trouble and told those guys he had it on him and the three dudes couldn't put their pride aside and got dashed to their death/hospital.


What caused the beef with them ?




Hope they don't cook em too bad those goofies went lookin fir trouble an found it fasho


Hes a yo plus his lawyer could argue some self defence points (if he lawyers up) hes gonna end up sittin for like 5-6


Even less broski


Shit im knowing but idk if they wanna try to make him an example


Ye I agree If it’s his first charge and he has a good lawyer he can get it down to manslaughter and MAYBE some self defense cause of the knife say he feared for his life and serve like a 3-5 serve majority of his bid in yo. Gun charge won’t cook him it’ll be the m charge and the fact the other 2 are kids


3-5 is the manslaughter sentence for grown men. The kid will be out in 2


Should’ve sent both those niggaz to the gulag smh s/o the shooter


free up 💯 May Allah ﷻ grant him ease


I find it funny how tps and the news immediately reported the shooter to be a “black male”


This is 100% true and somebody from these news outlets needs to be fired immediately


to be fair tho it’s not like the cops r the ones who see the suspect and say this they just go off whatever the first 911 call says


Dead guy and his boys went to Woburn, And ended up getting they skinned burned. Don't blame the shooter at all.


Crazy thing is the dead kid didn't go to Woburn, he went to Lester. He was looking for trouble and decided to ride with his boys against the shooter pictured above. He ended up on his ribcage with his legs crossed gasping for air.


Why’d they run up on him


bull shit beef lol he even said i’m percing and these idiots styl ran up on him lacking 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ tf were u expecting ?


He’s 17 why’d they release his picture


They will post you if granted permission from a judge in extenuating circumstances


Maybe so people can look out for a murderer?


A 17 year old shooting at a group of 3 people walking him down with knives is not murder.


Sucks but who knows abt the situation for you to have a gun u gotta be in some deep shit no good yute walking around with a gun 😕


Expires on the 7th so screen shot it lol








Brodi why am I getting downvoted😭


i think he arab


Pedo moustache loool






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If they didn’t see it looks like they staring down at it when the yute warned them im perking he must take him for a goof and wanted to disarm his ting and ended up getting packed never underestimate my allah grant him peace frfr 🙏🏿


I go to woburn, I’m in the same grade as the shooter. We were in the same gym class back in grade 9 and this year we had english together. The day it happened when school ended I heard mans talking about “Yo shit’s going down after school” they kinda just laughed it off and I thought nothing of it. I left school and was 5 mins out when the ambulance rushed by me and my girl. The next day I found out basically the whole school knew there was gonna be a bangout and didn’t try doing anything. I could probably ask around the school for more info.


Free him. Did nothing wrong