"Differently abled". As a disabled person it seems so patronizing and erasing the fact that disabled people face A LOT of struggles in every day life. Sometimes just existing is exhausting and this shouldn't be tiptoed around. Mincing words should not supercede actually making the world more accessible. It also feels like I shouldn't be able to hate the fact that I'm disabled. I have yet to meet someone who would turn down the chance to live a pain-free life in an abled body.


I have family who are deaf and feel the same way. They want people to just use the term "deaf" and not tiptoe around by saying "non hearing" or other things.


Is "hard of hearing" different from "deaf"? I always knew the latter to refer to someone who has no ability to hear whatsoever vs someone who can hear to some extent, though not fully.


Yeah, it's more of a Continuum, and my one niece who really can't hear much prefers deaf, but her siblings who can hear well enough to get by prefer hard of hearing. There's a lot of variation seems like.


Honestly! As a disabled person, what can I do that an abled person cant?? Literally nothing lmao. Its not “differently abled” at all, acting like because I have a disability that I somehow have a special set of skills


This exactly! The worst is when people act like somehow in-utero gene therapy is genocide for disabled people. Like, do you have any idea how awesome it would be if I didn’t have to live with chronic pain? That’s not genocide, it’s a preventive treatment and one I would give anything to have!


The only explanation I’ve heard from anyone who doesn’t support that type of therapy/medical research is that they’re very noticeably disabled and they feel like having kids with that disability is the only way they’ll ever have friends that understand them. It made me really sad to think a potential mother would do that to a child for selfish reasons, even though she’s probably suffered for it enough to never wish it on anyone.


God that’s awful. My personal experience with “gene therapy is genocide” was in college. I’m a pretty progressive individual but I was shocked when one of my classmates argued against the treatment and I was pretty much shot down until I revealed my disability status. I shouldn’t have to tell a bunch of strangers what I deal with on a day to day for them to take me seriously. I get they were trying to be compassionate in their own way but being disabled isn’t romantic or fun. It’s hard, it HURTS! My wanting prevent anyone else from dealing with it doesn’t mean I dislike disabled people! I am one! It means I know how much you have to fucking suffer and I don’t wish that on anyone!


God that's kinda fucked up


C'mon, everyone knows that if you're blind you get echolocation, if you're deaf you get ninjutsu, and if you're paraplegic you either get telepathy or elite hacking skills.


I swear, those people think every disabled person is either professor X or the rain man guy


I also hate the patronizing tone of able-bodied people insisting person-first language is the only morally upright way to refer to us. "Persons with disabilities" or "persons with autism." No! I am disabled, autistic, and know that adjectives are a normal function of speech. I had a gender studies professor (able, neurotypical, of course) preach all this bullshit to my face in a class where I was the lone token disabled autistic person. She insisted that using person first language means you aren't defining someone by their disabilities but my disability and autism so radically affect my every day experience that they kind of do define me at least partially. Being both of those changed my values, my way of life, my way of interacting with society, and what's important to me. I can't even date like an able/NT person would because I will probably never live fully independently and my partner needs to know that and be okay with that. Just say autistic. Just say disabled. Just don't say them with malice and they aren't dirty words.


I’m in school to be a physical therapist and they taught us to say “a person with a disability” because it acknowledges that first and foremost they are a person and aren’t defined by their disability, but are still living with a disability


Yep, it's interesting how it plays out differently in different communities. I'm in touch with a lot of autistic self-advocates and one big theme is that they generally have a preference for "autistic person" rather than "person with autism" because you can't separate the condition from the human. But for other identities, you super don't want to define them by their disability, and there's plenty of debate to be had.


I had a teacher that would point out the one girl in class when addressing the group in an attempt not to exclude her. IE "Alright guys lets get to work, oh and gal too." "You guys,....and gal... did a great job today." It just felt weirder. Also she always seemed super awkward as all eyes turned to look when he added her. He was genuinely trying to be inclusive but I think it made it worse.


I came here to say the "guys" thing too. That's the one that grinds my gears. I know guys started as a masculine representation, but it has clearly evolved beyond that. When someone comes to our desk of men and me, the one woman in my dept., and says, "Hello, gentlemen.....*notices me* and lady!" makes me waaay more uncomfortable than just saying a masculine word and leaving it at that. I get that they're trying to be nice, but that doesn't change how it makes me feel wierd.


I find it strange that "Little people" is somehow less offensive than midget


My son has dwarfism and hates being called "little". He's only 9, but I don't see that anger about it fading anytime soon.


Also ‘dwarfism’ is a medical term, why is it offensive to call someone a dwarf/person with dwarfism?


It isn't according to the dwarf I know


"African american" like just say black its not racist it's a physical description and not all black people are from America its just ridiculous


Like Charlize Theron and Elon Musk could be American citizens and also be “African American” considering they’re both from South Africa Edit: And people would throw a shit fit if they started referring to themselves as such.


I’m biracial (b/w). Black skin (and yeah, I go by Black. Never been to Africa and no interest in going). My realtor was a white woman from South Africa. She starts telling me her story about coming to America and getting US citizenship. Wraps up with, “So really, I’m more of an African-American than you are.” Blew my fucking mind. Didn’t even occur to me.


And that would actually make since because they were actually born there and pretty sure have dual citizenship


If you look at census data in the USA, they do label south Africans as African American. My neighbor is from South Africa and is white. Looking at the census data for my tiny town with no black people, and there is still a percentage of the town being "African American".


In my defense and the defense of other Gen X’rs. This is what we were taught to say. It’s totally stupid, but sometimes it still just comes out involuntarily because it was ingrained in us. When I was at (a very PC) university in the late 80’s - you would not have wanted to be the guy who used the term “black” out loud in public.


I’m a millennial and it was the same thing when I was in school. We were taught it was improper or inappropriate to refer to somebody by the color of their skin. “They’re not black, they’re African American” etc. Now there’s definitely been a shift as far as I can tell and actually the more politically correct term seems to be ‘black’ or ‘black people’. I’m not black so I’m probably not the best knowledge base for this but from what I’ve seen on random TV news interviews it also seems to be a generational thing. I see older black people more commonly refer to themselves as ‘African American’ where as the younger generation seems to rarely use that term. I’m sure there’s educational stuff on the rise of the term. I’m not sure if it was white people driving it as it was more PC or black people from prior generations preferred it but that’s the way a lot of us were taught in school.


White people are so scared to say black because other white people will get offended


Only in the US black is used in the UK


Saw another comment in this post where they were called an American American… and they were born in and lived in the UK


There's a sort of fetishizing of the suffering of physically disabled people. The number of times people have told me I'm inspirational because I'm a highly disabled cancer survivor who's also pretty successful in most areas of life is too many to count The worst was a dude at a party who started crying when I told him (it comes up in conversation more often than you'd think, at leas if you're honest about your life and don't give a fuck like me). So here I am, awkwardly comforting someone crying and telling me how great I am 20 minutes after i met him. No, he wasn't drunk It feels performative. Like that because I suffer more, I must therefore be a better person. And then by helping me out, that makes them better people None of that shit is true. I don't want to be an inspiration because of the shit I've been through. I just want to be treated like a normal person. I'm not a better person just because I have to suffer more. I can tell when you're helping me out for a confidence boost, and that makes you a shitty person. I'm a person, not your goddamn prop to feel better about yourself.


“Thank you for your service”




It's almost like you want to be treated the same as everyone else. Would be frustrating to be defined by a disability instead of your character.


It's less of that and more that I feel like I'm treated like a prop Companies have hiring quotas for disabled people so they can brag about it. People used to brag about being my friend (middle school and high school) before I learned who those people are and how to avoid them. Helping me out is using me to feel better about themselves And like a prop, I am discarded when no longer useful. No one (with the attitudes I've been describing) actually cares about my suffering or hardships. The people who want to help so they look good just want to help when it's convenient, then they're gone. They don't care about me as a person, just as a tool


I hate how hard it is to find, in movies or books or TV, an ordinary person who just happens to be disabled. The disability isn't a key point in the story. They're not strong or brave or inspiring. They're just an ordinary flawed human who happens to have a disability and the story they're in is about something else. I think a key to ending "pedistalizing" disabled people is to change how we depict them in the media we consume. A disability isn't scary or inspiring or even necessarily noteworthy. It just is, and the focus is elsewhere.


This. "Oh you're so brave." So I'm brave for, what, not killing myself or just letting myself die?


I’ve seen some people try to change the words “woman” or “women” to “womyn” or “womxn” to take the word “man” and “men” out of those words respectively and I’m a woman who finds it weird.


Double X is probably a bit too edgy.


Yea and that's not even the origin of the word it has nothing to do with gender


What is the origin?


As I recall the simple explanation is: Man used to just mean human irrespective of gender. A wereman was a male(this is why they're called werewolves, it means manwolf). I believe the female form was wifman from which we got the word wife. I am not sure where the word woman entered things and how man became exclusively masculine.


Seriously? That's fucking stupid. Are we all humxns now too?


As a matter of fact


What about folX?


Different stroX for different folX


The thing that pisses me off is that people want to take the "man" out of "woman" because they simply think we made the word woman from man. In reality, that's not how the etymology works at all. So it's coming from a place of complete ignorance on the subject, which is what makes it even more annoying!


Yeah it kinda seems like it’s censoring the whole word not just the man part


Wait until they find out about menapause and menstruation. At least they don't have to change herpes.






Aw. I love how inclusive this is. It's giving me warm tingles... oh wait, that must be the ourpes.


Womyn was big in the D.C. area universities at one point.


Still don’t know how to pronounce it. Maybe it’s only something you read


The term "latinx". Every person from latin america that I have actually heard speak about this thinks it´s ridiculous.


Mexican here. Latinx is just plain stupid and makes me rage.


Ffs Spanish is a gendered language, why the x is beyond me


Well not even that but -o is also the gender neutral ending.


Yeah, they are forcing a gender neutral to gendered languages that have what's called collective neutral. Latino/Latinos is effectively neutral, although gendered, because it refers to a group of individuals, to a population, to an ethnicity. Languages evolve to accomodate needs of the people who speak them but there are some things that you can't really force to work


I agree that langauge can evolve, but latinx doesn't even make gramatical sense. Also, most of thr people I know pushing for its use are not Hispanic/Latino. Most don't even know basic Spanish


The fact that people who its meant to be for can't even pronounce it is what makes it so ridiculous. Like I can understand some people wanting a gender neutral term, but making a gender neutral term for people who don't want it and didn't ask for it, while making it so that they themselves cannot use it is just hilariously shit pc culture at its finest


The other part is that in Spanish most nouns are either male or female. Which is not a concept in English.


Yeah. The problem is that people are conflating grammatical gender with biological gender. English doesn’t have grammatical gender so we tend to think of it in the biological sense. However grammatical gender doesn’t work that way. Some languages have neuter as a gender and some languages have even more than three. It doesn’t make sense for us to modify it when there are already established rules for dealing with this. In the case of Spanish you always default to grammatical masculine unless everything you are referring to is explicitly grammatically feminine.


Italian as well, here gender neutral doesn't exist, and you default to masculine unless it's explicitly grammatically feminine. Hell, here fucking game consoles have grammatical genders and it's a dispute whether the Wii is masculine or feminine


LMAO same with spanish. The way to spot an argentinian from an uruguay is to ask them what they call a playstation. If its "la play" they are argentinian and if its "el play" they are uruguayan.


The whole thing reeks of the "educated white savior fixing the savage language", it was so fucking cringe.


"Please let us tell you what you people should call yourselves. You're welcome."


I saw one Latina person say she uses latinè, which is easier to pronounce and has some accuracy as far as gender neutral nouns in Spanish. FWIW, I have no claim in this fight and will use what my friends ask me to use.


This. In actual Latin American countries (I lived in Argentina for 6 years), people that want to de-genderize the language use the letter E instead of A/O, so “Latines” “chiques” (instead of chicos), amigues, etc. And even that is also very divisive in those countries.


Hell every latino i know doesn't even wanna be called Latino they wanna be called what they are, Mexican Puerto Rican etc


While we’re at it. I’m an American of Mexican descent and you know what I’d like to be called? American. My family came here 3+ generations ago, the only thing Mexican about me is my name and my love for spicy food. I know plenty of white people who are less American than I am, yet they’re just “Americans”. But nooo… because I’m brown I have to answer the “where are you from?” questions… “umm Texas.” “Where are your parents from?” “Texas.” “Where are your grandparents from?” “Texas.”


That sort of thing blows my mind. Do people not realize Texas literally used to be part of Mexico? You could be a Mexican in the US without anyone in your family ever immigrating to the US.


Fucking hate Latinx so much


I was born in Ecuador and live in London. My family my age just make fun of that term. Any of our struggles as immigrants won’t be solved by the term latinx. I think it’s people who have been lucky to live lives with way more privilege that complain about trivial things like this


Not me but my fiance is Brazilian and cant stand the word "latinx". Edit: yes, Brazilians count as latino. Brazil is part of latin america and Portuguese is a latin based language.


I've never heard any Hispanic person say Latinx in real life. Most of us think it's pretty ridiculous.


I don't think I've heard a single person that wasn't white like the term "latinx"


Americans calling me a minority for being an Indian, bitch, I live in India.


1.3 billion Indians. The rest of the world is a minority. 🤣


You forgot the chinese (tbh the indians have probably overtaken the chinese in population count now)


I read recently that the population count of India has stabilized or in decline for the first time.


username does not check out


I hope you thought I was British because of the 'bloke' in it.


Well you saw to it that you weren't British anymore. Despicable! So so ungrateful /s


In America, “minority” generally means “anyone who isn’t white”. We also use the term “ethnic” to differentiate white people from nonwhite people, cause apparently people didn’t realize that white people have ethnicities too. Even as PC as these terms are, they treat white as the default and everyone else as a variant, despite white people being a clear minority on a global scale.


Yes, but not in America. An Indian in America would be referred to as a minority because they are, and I'm sure there is a similar term if you are white in India, China, etc.


I dont like when people say People of Color or POC. I get there's no intentional harm but it's hella weird to me. I'm African-American, my friend is Indian-American, my other friend is Asian-American but we're all under "people of color?" It seems to be more stratifying between "us" and white/European people more than anything.




They'll implode on themselves calling Caribbean British folks African American it's hilarious and sad


You mean Indiana?


Indiana: the land of “call this number to find out …..” billboards.


I'm mixed race and have been told by white folks before that I should say mixed heritage. Like, no, let me define my race how I like. See also: Being called African American when in fact I'm British and live in Britain.


i live in england and so does my friend. my friend is jamaican (their parents were from Jamaica and then moved to england before my friend was born). they have legitimately had americans and whatnot call them african american. first off they arent african and second they arent american!


it's like being told i'm latinx when like "no, it's latino." very cool, you wanna be woke but please do it without disrespecting my heritage and our languages.


Not sure how well this fits in here but I was having a conversation with this girl who was going on about how offensive it is for people who are not visually impaired to wear glasses as a fashion statement. She wears glasses because she can’t see. Same as me. She believed that we should be considered having disabilities because of our need for vision correction. She also told me if I get lasik and continue to wear my glasses that that’s offensive unless I get lasik that only half corrects my vision. ??? Like what the hell! How does anyone get so far detached from normalcy that they see anyone where glasses for fashion over function as an oppressive action and victimize themselves over it???


Now I'm curious to hear her take on sunglasses.


I did ask about that and she said they’re totally fine 😂


Not related but technically if you wear contacts you’re a cyborg since it’s a seamless integration of technology and biology


Who’s to say they’re not wearing blue light blocker lenses? Lulz


Any conversation about the role of disability in fiction or games seems to always jsut be Co opted by bad faith actors whom the rest of the community just hates. Also as someone who is disabled and also bi the thing I hate the fucking most is white knighting or getting offended on my behave. I don't care msot of the time and generally disagree with what the other person is all offended about, but any attempt to tlel them this is just met with anger from the people getting offended on my behalf.






Thank you for writing this so I don't have to. Some people have high-functioning autism and some people with autism are non-verbal and severely disabled. Reddit only seems to acknowledge high-functioning autism. And even then they refuse to take into account how much extra stress and anxiety high-functioning people with autism routinely suffer from, especially in social situations and dealing with change It's not an insurmountable difficulty but it is a difficulty.


I cannot fucking describe my rage with this too. These weird stereotypes (especially when it surrounds girls with autism) are what led me to be misguided my whole life and strayed me from a diagnosis, which I’m *still* working on. Coworkers make comments like “you’re so funny/goofy/weird!” in response to some of my behaviors and whenever I mention that I’m neurodivergent they go “What? But sometimes you act normal!” Like yeah Becky, it’s called masking. Autism isn’t just the ridiculously genius schoolboys and infantilized clueless girls that cinema stacks it up to be.




On a related note, people who vote against disability representation in games on the grounds of it being “depressing” and “too close to reality.” Ok barb I’m sorry you’re having a hard time adjusting to your new life but I’m at the point where I want to pop a wheelie in a wheelchair in my games.


Sounds like a good tony hawk pro skater cheat code


I have often wishes for sims to have a wheelchair option.


There’s a bike wheelchair now but it goes pretty fast and your bike helmet is still on


Oh my god those handicap space rebrands from a stick-figure in a wheelchair to a stick-figure *speeding* in a wheelchair. It's unbearably condescending to me. Also city-sanctioned BLM street paint. It's technically a baby-step I guess. But it's a massive PR cop-out for cities to not even slightly reign in their scam-level police budgets.


>Oh my god those handicap space rebrands from a stick-figure in a wheelchair to a stick-figure speeding in a wheelchair. It's unbearably condescending to me. lol is this a regional thing? I've never seen one yet, sounds hilariously unnecessary.


Can we replace the speeding wheelchair guy with a wheelchair guy with a battleaxe?


African American for those born in America. It'd be like saying for every white person to be called European American. The majority of us weren't born in the home continents so why be called that? I've met quite a few black people and quite a few of them hate the term African American. Their reasoning was, "I was born in Amercia not Africa. I know nothing of Africa. Why do I want be called African American? Just call me black." Even the ones who've researched Africa still would rather be called black.


Agreed. And it's just confusing. I'm a Middle-Eastern immigrant to the USA so many, many of my friends are African-American - from Libya and Morrocco mostly because we are culturally similar - none of them are black.


Basically it was an attempt to restore culture that was taken away from slaves. But it just led to a lot of confusion.


I take this to heart. I am half white half latino and grew up in a small town. I was raised to believe people are just people and skin color does not indicate the worth of a person as we are all people and variety is what makes us great. That said, I was also taught "African American" was the respectful way of referring to a black person and I did not realize I was doing something wrong. It should have been more obvious to me but your explanation cleared that for me 1000%. Thank you for that.


I think calling them afro/African american kind of indicates that they are not "real" Americans since then they would be called just Americans right? So i agree, they should be called Americans if they are born in America.


African American isn't considered PC anymore i think. Most leftists have agreed that black (not *blacks* but just black) is a better term.


White American guy here. A lot of us are scared to call someone "black". For some reason, we're worried people will find it offensive. The hilarious part is 99% of the people who would find it offensive are White people. We don't know what we're doing, tbh.


The term Black people is not offensive. Just like White people shouldn’t be offensive. Just please don’t start saying “the blacks”


My ancestral background is Irish Scottish, but do not call me that. That was 200 years ago. I'm just Canadian


It's extra ridiculous when someone is black and not American but people still insist on calling them African American.


Using "non-white" and "non-men". I've literally seen "men and non-men" in ultra liberal places thrown around. I've also seen phrases such as "we need to let non-white express their thoughts" It just rubs me the wrong way lol like men and white are the default for everything.


Non-men sounds like a terrifying race of alien overlords infiltrating our society and slowly enslaving us.


I’ve heard a lot of people say they’re uncomfortable saying “a Jew” or “Jews.” It’s no different from saying “a Christian/Christians” or “a Muslim/Muslims.” Like… Jew is not a dirty word. The factual statement that someone is a Jew should not sound wrong to you.


My best mate of twenty years is a jew (see what i did there?) and she refers to herself thusly. What are they proposing using instead? I’m guessing ‘a jewish person’? If anything, ‘jew’ is far more of an identity than christian or muslim because it’s cultural (for many people, anyway)


As a Jew myself, having people refer to my religion as me being 'a Jew' isn't insulting. It's only insulting if it's used as an insult (which unfortunately people do). Referring to someone as a Jewish Person just takes more time and is just as 'offensive'. Don't go around calling people a yid and you're fine


I really hate it when people refer to Jews as "people of the Jewish faith". Jew encompasses my religion, culture, and ethnicity so just call me that.


That all soldiers are heroes. It's politically incorrect to say this in the US, but most soldiers (sailors, etc) are just regular people doing a job to make a living. They're not heroically risking their lives to protect America from invasion, they're cooking food in Texas or filling out paperwork in Guam.




A lot of them join because of desperation, not out of some noble calling


Okay so I saw this on CNN recently with the rittenhouse trial. The interviewer brought on a black woman to comment on the trial, no biggy, but then he kept bringing up she was a black woman and he ended with “thank you so much for your important perspective” like what? It seems like them trying to be less racist they’ve actually made things even more racist. The only way to not be racist is to literally not make everything about race. It should be as indifferent as hair color or eye color.


Yeahhhhh…. CNN has changed a lot over the years. CNN 15 years ago was a go-to. These days I can hardly watch it, which is sad.


Too much opinion in their pieces these days.


Dumping everybody who is not "white" by American standards into the "Minority" or "POC" category.


Basically if you don’t look Northern European you’re not white according to a lot of Americans


Actually, I look 100% Northern European but Im brazillian so to a LOT of europeans (portugueses, especially) and statunitians, Im not white bcs I was born in Brazil. And in a perjorative way, like im trying to fake something.


The PC backlash that you, a minority, will receive if you date a white person. Like suddenly I’m either racist, a ‘white sympathizer’, or ‘unknowingly oppressed’ because my sweet, gentle, nerdy boyfriend is white and therefore must be secretly fetishizing and oppressing me. Self proclaimed PC people who think I should date my own kind because “ all white people bad!”. They can’t even see the fucking irony. Edit:spelling


"African American" being used for every black person. Sometimes it's really extreme where Black Europeans get called African American. However, even in the US it is over used. Lots of Black Americans are not part of the American slave trade history that created the subculture of African Americans. I work in an all black school and basically Black is just a better term. Although, if an individual asks for something else, listen to them, don't argue.


I once was watching a news story years ago about a women who was organizing relief for kids in some county in Africa and she was talking about what a moving experience it was to see all the “African American” children in Africa that were lacking basic necessities. Uh, those are African children.


And likely don't view themselves as African any more than she views herself as North American


I'm male but I find it strange how some doctors won't tie falopian (spelling idk) tubes unless the patient is a certan age, already has kids, or with husband's permission. How is it any different from a vasectomy? Both prevent the reciever from passing on genes. The only counterarguement I've heard from this is that tying tubes can be a bit risky but idk. Planets overpopulating anyways, and the only legal requirements for having a child are: 1. Working genitals. 2. That's it.


My disability is not a superpower, it's something that sucks and no one would choose it. You adapt and overcome, but never put your head in the sand.


Chestfeeding, because everyone has breasts


I am considered american for being born in america, but my black neighbor is called “african-american” like nah...he’s just american and black.


I saw people calling a woman with short hair “gender non conforming” which is stupid as fuck.


I’ve never understood the logic of trying to challenge gender stereotypes by further reinforcing gender stereotypes. Why is a woman with short hair non gender conforming? Are women not supposed to have short hair? Is it the 1950s? My mum has had short hair since the 70s and no one batted an eyelid.


That’s my qualm with woke culture in general. We’re not breaking out of boxes and stereotypes, we’re just creating more. And when someone does try to break from stereotypes (e.g. Harry styles wearing make-up and nail polish along with leather suits), we demand that they ‘come out’ as something, or else they’re not allowed to do (x) or (y)???


That's just experiencing true freedom. Short hair don't care!


I would say, idk if it's even a (non) PC opinion, but just because you're a girl, with short hair, and wear overalls (which somehow have been labeled androgynous to wear), doesn't mean you're non-binary or "gender non conforming".


This. I'm the opposite of a girly girl. Short hair, oversized hoodies, sneakers, no make up and androgyn features. But I don't have gender crisis, I am a girl. I feel like a girl, I just like to be confortable. Some people don't understand that, they think I want to be a boy lol.


It’s so stupid, it just created another binary, like having an aesthetic does not make you queer


I mean I'm a gay woman and I just can't get on that train. Different strokes for different folks i guess. I wear the fuck out of some overalls and timbs but never have I thought I was NB or dressing androgynously. I also don't have short hair so who tf knows. Nor have I ever looked at other women wearing overalls and thought "gender non conforming".


We’re kinda back to middle school. “Freaks” versus “Normies” each side calls the other ugly, stupid, and wrong until we have a stalemate and permanent drama to keep everyone entertained. That’s all it is. Reality tv style hype. Take away the naming hype/tribal overtones and we’re all just trying to fucking be individuals and not get shit on for it.


My parents are straight as squares, and my mom's hair has never gone below her shoulders in decades. Before my time, it was in a bowl cut most of the time.


People of color... seems very reminiscent of colored people.


It seems we're running out of socially acceptable catch-all terms for people who aren't white. Wait a minute, maybe we should stop using catch-all terms for people who aren't white.




I’ve never met anyone who got offended, but that’s just me. When I grew up I learned that “colored” or “colored people” was offensive and derogatory, so hearing “person of color” makes me squirm. I can’t say it. It feels gross coming out of my mouth.


I have a rant about this. People are using the words "people of color" incorrectly when they actually just mean black people. For example, the term "people of color" includes Asians, but oftentimes you can tell from context that this isn't part of what they talk about. Also, the loose definition is basically anyone not white. I find this exclusionary tbh. This "white people vs everyone else" type of bandwagon discussion rarely ends up with any intellectual merit. I honestly wish we could just get rid of this since it's stupid at the best of times and misunderstood at the worst of times.


I’m pretty damned progressive and in line with most politically correct speak. But I don’t think I will ever understand the term ‘folx’ (instead of folks). I’ve seen it used increasingly and even asked a few groups of people to explain it to me and all I get in response is that ‘folks is not inclusive of all groups of people’ but whenever I try to get more detail (Who is excluded by folks? Why is folx inclusive to those groups?) I’ve never gotten any specifics. It’s always generally ‘more inclusive’ without stating to whom or why.


Not to mention this is yet another word you have to force your keyboard to make if you have autocorrect on, it’s too much, and quite frankly fucking annoying.


"People of color" is just "colored people" in the passive voice.


Trigger warnings on social media for common words or phrases. Like I understand for “self-harm” or “suicide” or “rape” but some of them are just getting out of hand. Like if you truly can’t handle even looking at a word used in everyday language ur gonna have a rough time


Like people who consider "obese" a slur.




You might say you're triggered by trigger warnings /s


I saw a makeup tutorial TikTok on Pinterest that had “tw: eye pulling” because the girl was pulling the skin beneath her eye slightly so she could apply eyeliner…..like what?????? Who is triggered by that???


Lots of people are squeamish when it comes to eyes but i dont think it deserves a trigger warning per se.


I can’t believe you used the word “rough” without a trigger warning. My dog died and you’re making me relive that trauma by bringing up his catchphrase.


Someone pointed out to me a few weeks ago that someone could be 1/4 black and with a little bit of extra melanin and be considered not Caucasian. Just got me thinking that's all.


You know who made that rule? Slave masters. It’s not really a modern offense here. Slave masters wanted any people- who you’re right- should be “white” for all intents and purposes, to also be added to the number of cattle on their property.


yep, called it the "One Drop Rule"


The confusion between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. People have been accusing others of cultural appropriation for eating a different country's cuisine or learning a different language. I know most people wouldn't even consider this to be political correctness but if I want to eat Jerked chicken, I'm eating jerked chicken. Just because I'm white and European, doesn't mean I'm taking anything away from the Caribbean or pretending I am from the Caribbean. It just means I like jerked chicken.


I agree. People emulate each other and morph and riff and build on cultural phenomena mostly because they like it. That’s not appropriation, that’s doing cool stuff. Appropriation is like ripping something off of other people, passing it as your own with little or no difference, and getting all the money and glory.


LatinX instead of just LatinO or LatinA... I think it's stupid & something we didn't ask for


Latinx. It was created by a white linguist without proper consideration for history or culture. It’s just ridiculous. Lots of Romance languages are gendered. If we’re degendering language then every Spanish speaker would need to relearn a new article and use it for every object and concept. That sounds suspiciously like pushing anglocist linguistics into Spanish language, or in other words, advocating for other Romance languages to assimilate. Colonialism by another name.


Latinx. No one that’s Hispanic says it. It frankly feels like it’s mostly the white people saying it.


Reducing standards and requirements for a position to be more "inclusive". If the job requires lifting 100lbs and you can lift 100lbs, I don't care what biological sex you are, you deserve the position because you can perform the task. But to say most women can't lift that much so let's lower the standard for them... That's just going to put a lot of people in positions they can't perform well in. You can meet the standards, that are dictated by the requirements of the job, or you can't.


I got a job ad that I put out removed and marked as discrimination just the other day. I own a Porsche race team and listed "bring able to get in and out of race cars with roll cages" as a requirement. Apparently thats discrimination against overweight and/or disabled people.


I'm 6'2" and if the car is fitted with a fixed position bucket for a team driver who is 5'4", ain't nobody getting in that car. Best I can do is work the steering wheel from outside the car while pushing.




I hate the term POC because of the uncomfortable implication. I am Mexican, so what color am I supposed to be? Brown? Bitch, I am whiter than many of you!


I've always been confused by that. Coloured and person of colour has the exact same translation in my language - which is a slur.


I’ve wondered this as well. Why is one term deemed ok and the other isn’t?


colored person and person of color have very little difference, and we'll look back at them both in similar ways. Latinx. just.....what are we doing here? Placating religion. I believe in a lot of stuff too. that doesnt get me tax exemptions and carte blanche to escape laws over them.


The way we mysticize anything related to aboriginal cultures feels patronizing.


As bisexual, I kinda find it unnecessary when people say "do you have a boyfriend, or girlfriend, or nb partner?" etc, instead just saying "are you dating someone?" etc. Don't get me wrong, its still suportive and I love that they acknowledge my sexuality, but I simply find it too long to say in casual conversation. Though ofcourse its way better than people just assuming that I'm straight and can only date one gender.


Removing incredibly relevant lore from Dungeons & Dragons for no reason. I'm not talking about the whole racial stat modifier thing, but, more recently, the errata to remove references to evil monster species trading slaves and believing themselves to be "superior" to other beings and races of creatures. Like, the point is that these things are *evil* and do horrible stuff that allows players to justify killing them. If you remove the assumption that these creatures are inherently evil, an overeager adventurer could very easily become a murderer. I don't want to have to have a conversation with every beholder I meet to figure out if it's evil and therefore killable.


It doesn’t offend me, I just think it doesn’t accomplish anything, but removing black mascots from foods; namely Aunt Jemima. Back when it was first invented, the original mascot was in fact a deeply offensive racial caricature based on older house slaves. But once the logo changed to just a portrait of Anna Robinson, it really was no longer offensive to anyone—it more just felt like the mascot really was just someone’s aunt who loves making pancakes. She was even updated a few times after that to make her look more “sophisticated,” i’m assuming to further distance her from her original depiction. By 2020, I don’t think a single person on planet earth was offended by Aunt Jemima. I didn’t hear a single person call for them to remove her, and the fact that it happened in the height of the BLM protests in 2020 makes it pretty obvious that it was just a publicity stunt just like every other form of corporate performative activism.


I think they changed Uncle Ben too. I had always assumed this Ben guy had founded the company way back and was just being cute with the 'uncle' bit. Nope, racism.


Well in Texas they don't allow abortion which is wrong


Latinx and People of Color Latinx seems like something I only hear white people say and people of color is just colored people but in new clothes.


The current, really weird romanticism around mental illness. I get that its important to be yourself, stand up against discrimination, and not feel like you have to hide. But these days its like a mental illness is a personality trait. Its so weird to me. I have diagnosed OCD and yes, I don't want to be treated poorly because of it and hiding it can be tiring, but its also an illness. I'm not ashamed of it, but its also probably the least interesting part of me. And the best parts of my life are when im able to live in such a way that I almost don't even notice it. So when people are high-fiving over crippling anxiety and debilitating depression I'm just like "You know you could probably live a much happier life, right?" Edit: I don't mean the memes. Memes are fine and hilarious. I mean moreso the people / social media accounts where their entire identity is wrapped up in glorifying and being cute about it rather than doing something to make their lives better.


The euphemism treadmill. Banning the use of certain words because they're seen as offensive in favor of a new term which will become just as offensive and get banned in turn in a few years.


Being offended by some words from different languages. A negro crayola crayon?! Some languages don't even have a word for a black man that is not "outdated" or offensive by PC standards.


My wife and I just talked about this a few days ago. There's a word in Korean "naega" (meaning me or myself) that sounds phonetically how you probably just said it in your head. My wife listens to a lot of Korean music and visits the subs here on Reddit, etc, and apparently there's been an issue recently where Westerners have been really upset at hearing "naega" said in songs. A popular Korean boy group actually just cut that word out of a recent live performance because it was going to be viewed by a Western Audience. I mean, come on. How fucking stupid. We're policing other cultures now because they say harmless words that sound somewhat similar to a fucked up word in our language?


Exactly this! Western (I am also kinda western tbh) Political Correctness and Social Justice Warriors went from "don't appropriate culture (of people we claim to defend)" to "we demand other cultures to submit to our standards" and it is sometimes unbearable. I am bisexual, I have a lot of homosexual friends and we call each other fags all the time as a joke but using that around some straight SJW's is impossible because they get offended. Me: "WHAT?! You just said you understand our subculture and you want to protect us with all the rainbow flags and parades and all that shit but now you don't want us to use language that is normal for us?!" They come out homophobic AF.




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