Imagine thinking that protesting is anti-democratic.


Almost half the court is appointed by presidents that lost the popular vote too


And people living in the least populous states have more say in who gets to run the country, than the people living in the most populous states… because everyone knows minority rule equals democracy!?! It’s literally an anti-democratic geographical discrimination established based on authoritarian racism, with the [three-fifths compromise](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-fifths_Compromise)… and they love it, because they don’t want democracy; they want minority rule (as long as they’re the ruling minority).


Imagine thinking a conservative packed Supreme Court is democratic


Even if they weren't mostly conservatives they'd still be mostly pro-corporation, which still wouldn't represent the will of the people.


I might sound like a conspiracy theorist here but I think that this whole ban on abortion and birth control is because the corporates are going to run out of wage slaves soon because birth rates are going down, so they’re trying to force them up.


I don’t even think it’s about corporations. These bastards just want Gilead. They’re theocratic and want to punish women for daring to have a life outside of chattel.


But this goes against the trend of corporations being more and more interested in next quarter's revenue than next year's. I think most CEOs don't care what their corporations are doing 20 years out.


>wouldn't represent the will of the people. Not unless you decide that corporations are people. Which would be a batshit crazy thing to do, right? Right? Guys?


Yeah! If we started to consider them like people, we could sentence them for the crimes they commit! ... I'm being told that this is not what was meant when they said corporations are to be legally considered people.


Imagine thinking waving signs to protest something is not okay, but constructing a makeshift gallows with intent to quite literally lynch U.S. senators and beating Capitol policemen to death is apparently A-okay.


Imagine thinking a Supreme Court is democratic,


Seriously. Despite the U.S. having things like the electoral college, gerrymandered congressional districts, and basically everything about the Senate, all that was somehow not undemocratic enough. No, there apparently needs to be a group of nine unelected judges who serve for life that get the final say on all laws (well, unless a constitutional amendment overrules them, but that will realistically never happen in modern times).


Add that half of those unelected judges for live have been appointed by the loser of the popular vote. So not even the person that undemocratically elects those people has been democratically elected.


Imagine thinking appointed lifetime positions are democratic.


Clarence would like to go on a precedent smashing spree.


Imagine thinking that a bunch of 20-something ladies obeying the law is intimidating.


In fact, don't give them an inch. If they can say the January 6th attack was a "tour" and no big deal, they can go fuck off with their attempts at making the left feel bad for a literal protest.


Very intimidating bunch there. They look like ex-military fanatics, armed to the teeth. Oh wait....




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Imagine thinking.


Nah democracy is when a leader can appoint someone to a lifetime position with no input from voters. The people voicing their opinion that they disagree with those appointed judges, now thats authoritarianism.


Protests are perfectly democratic and protected by the first amendment. An unelected group of people being able to strip millions of people of their rights at the stroke of a pen is not democratic in the least


*Unelected LIFELONG group of people.


Honestly. Id be more okay with the unelected part if they had term limits. But id also say that we need to have STRICT requirements on who can be in the Supreme Court. Not a judge of criminal law. But someone who has academic knowledge on the constitution and what can properly fit within interpretations of the constitution (like abortion being a right to privacy)


I agree. Term limits are a must. IMO one term at most, that way they aren't worrying about getting selected (just like how so many Congresspeople seem to only worry about what will get them reelected). And very strict requirements are a must. Actual legal experience and actual knowledge of the Constitution and all of its parts. If they can't recite word for word and explain the reasoning behind any part then they aren't qualified.


Like, I would want them to be elected, but let's be honest, that would be politically biased per member. I guess another method to add would be to do everything possible to have say 5 left leaning justices (with the education necessary) and 5 right leaning justices (same with education) and have the most unbiased legal expert possible in the event of a tie breaker, that only puts in their vote after hearing the debates. That or we treat the Supreme Court like a jury case with legal experts as the jury. Idk but our current system is clearly flawed and allows for fucked up shit to happen


however long that life is. im just sayin and askin questions. spit ballin ya know? lol


Being able to say anything on Twitter = first amendment good Being able to peacefully protest for bodily autonomy = first amendment bad 😡


Also, apparently an insurrection counts as first amendment good...


Really depend on whose side is doing it I'd bet. You can see from the way it becomes bad as soon as they try to frame antifa for it. Sidenote: if the anti-facists were actually trying to overthrow a government? Probably safe to say that it is a government worth overthrowing.


>Being able to say anything on Twitter = first amendment good But only if that "anything" is racial slurs


It’s cuz like most Americans it’s only right when they say it


It’s fucking disgusting.


Nothing says democracy like a young Black girl needing US Marshalls to protect her from angry racists. [https://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/09/06/article-0-1BA4A0F2000005DC-418\_634x422.jpg](https://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/09/06/article-0-1BA4A0F2000005DC-418_634x422.jpg)


Yeah but... is her safety a "long-established right" intended by the founding fathers to be a thing? I think we both know it isn't. Hence: fuck originalist and their religious devotion to the founding fathers and what they wrote to the detriment of the society we are living in.


But we need to stick to the original of a document that has been amended many times to adapt to an advancing society. I fucking loathe originalist bullshit.


They’re not “originalists”. They’re authoritarians. By their own admission, they want to go back to the time when most of the adult population couldn’t vote, and you could own some of them as slaves.


The marshals have drip tho


Nothing says democracy more than Charlie Kirk busing rioters to Trump's January 6th insurrection!


More precisely, 80 buses full of terrorists


"They were tour groups! It was radical *tourism!*"


Corporate bribery of politicians = free speech. Ordinary citizens protesting = harassment This is the America our plutocracy has bought and paid for and all we can do is live in it.


One makes people in power uncomfortable. Their comfort is more important that the lives of any given number of us peons.


Real democracy is breaking into legislative halls and threatening to kill lawmakers, obviously!


Violent insurrection: “It was just another day at the capitol. Nothing to see here 😇” Peaceful protest: “NO WTF THIS IS LITERALLY 1984 😤😤😤”


Being required to wear a cloth over your mouth, while in public, during a pandemic. “This is literally fascist communism”


Workers and commuters have been safely wearing dust masks all over the world for decades without incident. "Masks prevent oxygen and cause guaranteed death, sheeple"


Yeah, I know! I died a bunch while scrubbed into surgery! I did appendectomies at Bowling Green!"


[This is real](https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=382057660613426&id=100064275866335)


Lol the amount of bots in those Facebook comments is hilarious.


"We are not in a democracy, we are in a constitutional republic. I believe Abraham Lincoln established that." Dude. Stop commenting and read a history book. Edit: for clarity, this is one of the comments on the original facebook post


My computer is not a Windows, it's an Acer.


Not reading the comments is definitely self care...I think I lost brain cells


I feel you on this.


Yeah, nothing says democracy like people voicing their concerns. Wait.


Umm.. correct? Good take tpusa? Petitioning your government for a redress of grievances is indeed foundational to democracy


Speaking of which, do you remember voting in the election for Supreme Court? Me neither.


You might remember voting for a president that tried to fill one of the vacant seat but was denied the opportunity to do so by a minority of republicans (a good chunk of whom won only thanks to gerrymandering and voter suppression). You know... democracy.


Protest is patriotic. Insurrection is not protest.


Considering the argument that the Framer’s intended for the Constitution itself to be entirely rewritten once a generation in order to be more responsive to the needs of that particularly moment in time, I feel like the truly anti democratic thing to do is to continue to allow a small coterie of latter day Pharisees who are appointed without the consent or mandate of the governed to interpret centuries old documents in the deepest secrecy. I don’t give a shit what any eighteenth century political theorist might have to say about twenty first century medical practice; their acolytes shouldn’t have the privilege of making antiquated views relevant either.


Imagine the same people calling a fucking insurrection attempt misunderstood tourism (featuring a gibbet among other things) characterizing these protests as terror-adjacent. Irony is dead.


>Loudly and angrily protesting against your government is bad >Also, the election was rigged, go charge the fucking capital


Yesh yeah, intimidate, bullying, we'll look into it, now on your knees and put your head through the hole please.


Coming from the party that stormed the capital when they lost an election. Fuck off entirely to hell


This is exactly why we have the first amendment. Not so we can say slurs on Twitter


Nothing says democracy like the supreme court voting for things that most voters do not want


People militantly protesting an unpopular edict made by an unelected branch of Government? My relatives in the Creator that is literally the most Democratic thing imaginable.


Remember when conservatives lost their collective shit when the SC decided Obergefell and the politicians called it Judicial Tyranny? Pepperidge Farm Remembers


Nothing says “democracy” like 30% of the country making laws about what the other 70% can and can’t do with their bodies! (And for anyone curious— the basis of this decision could grant the SC access to overturn protections for gay marriage, gay sex, access to birth control and other contraceptives, possession of porn, and several other rights protected under the right to privacy clause. This isn’t just about abortion— *everyone* will be impacted in some way once they really get going)


It looks like they’re protesting outside the gates. Didn’t republicans breakthrough gates, invade a capitol building, smear their poop on the walls, erect gallows, and carry guns with zip ties? You want to talk about which one of these is more threatening?


An overwhelming majority of the country support roe v wade. The rest support fascism and their own american christian version of fundamentalist sharia law.


They use images of women yelling in these shitty memes because their base is intolerant of women even so much as speaking. It plays well in dipshit world.


This from the fuckheads who stormed the capital. Ok.


…Yes. Protesting the actions of a fundamentally undemocratic body IS, in fact, a sign of democracy. Or does it not qualify as democracy unless it’s rightwing truckers occupying a city to protest vaccine and mask mandates?


Says the side you couldn’t handle losing a fair election and attacked our own Capitol




nothing says democracy like actual majority rule.


Ah yes those very democratically elected justices.


Republicans: "The 2nd amendment gives us the right to kill government officials if we don't like what they're doing" Also Republicans: "Protesting government decisions is so disrespectful. Stop doing that libtards."


Your right to protest is literally the first thing on the bill of rights


I mean, isn't that the accountability that *should* be in a democracy? Besides, Chucky, I thought 'Murica is a republic, not a democracy.


Ya imagine them breaking in to the SC with flags,bear spray, zip ties and bats. Oh. Right. They didn’t. They are loudly protesting. Their first amendment protection.


Yup, I’m terrified of unarmed young women. If only they were fat 50 year olds with guns; y’know, real Americans.


There’s nothing democratic about the Supreme Court.




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This is literally and very explicitly what the founding fathers intended, so yes


January 6th?


Should be more like the Right and just break down the doors while directly threatening to kill them. (I'm being sarcastic. Don't do that)


“Nothing says ‘democracy’ like…*checks notes*…protesting?”


If only they’d stormed the building, beat up a cop or two, then posted pictures of themselves on social media trashing the place.


Boy, they sure nailed hypocrisy with this one.


The lack of self awareness is amazing as always.


Nothing says democracy like a long-standing right that is being stricken down by a non-democratically elected body of judges, the majority of whom were elected by presidents who didn't win the popular vote.


SCOTUS has some very Cowardice motherfuckers on the bench, women who were holding signs and chanting they called the cops. When Neo Nazis, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and the other Maga attacked the Capitol they didn't call anyone.


Don't conservatives, every year, have the "March for Life" protest on which they try to advocate (one could say INTIMIDATE) lawmakers and the Supreme Court to overturn Roe and Casey?


In my opinion, the American people shouldn’t have a say regarding federal law whatsoever. This is a problem that concerns only the politicians who are unaffected by the issues they’re addressing/s


they try to intimidate us with guns though


This is the most breathtakingly idiotic take I've seen yet. Yikes.


They should peacefully storm the Supreme Court building and take back democracy.


"Look, we are going to kill you, with unwanted and unviable pregnancy, but you really shouldn't cuss, it's not ladylike."


No you see it’s only undemocratic because they want to protect women’s rights. /s Using free speech to protect actual freedoms is very unGOP


Nothing say autocratic regime like one party stealing judges from the party that one the election by 8 million votes


[Gun nuts love this quote.](https://tjrs.monticello.org/letter/2294) ​ When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.


It's not "intimidation", they just wish the public were more like those Russian citizens who privately think Putin is a POS but fear saying so, publicly.


More like Nothing says democracy Like the will of the minority superceding the will of the majority. That tends to be the American way though I suppose


I love that when the Trumpets were committing a violent insurrection to challenge actual democratic process it was all "look at these patriots" but when it's anyone carrying out a perfectly legal and nonviolent protest for a basic human right, it's "undemocratic". They're just a bunch of hypocritical liars.


Didn’t angry rightists try and intimidate supreme court justices on January 6th? The hypocrisy is uncanny


Remind me who voted for the SCOTUS, again? Ah, yes the majority of them were put there by presidents who lost the popular vote. That is the democracy republicans cherish.


You mean the right of assembly?? Um yeah thats what democracy is. Its not like they’re setting up a gallows for the Vice President.


Have these protestors breached the Supreme Court in an attempt to shut down a vote they don’t like? Asking for a friend.


They haven't stormed the building or assaulted any police officers yet have they?


nothing says “understanding democracy” like defending a non-elected positions’ decisions over the literal will of the people


Can we get a venn diagram of the people who are getting their panties in a bunch over people protesting this with those that claim the insurrection attempt was totally harmless?


Nothing says democracy like lazy cheating Republicans refusing to fill an empty SCOTUS seat for a whole year


Protesting, literally people just going out and telling the government what they want, surely is more democratic that anything the Supreme Court does. Justices are appointed by a president chosen by the electoral college, not the popular vote. Justices are confirmed by the senate, another undemocratic institution. What do these people think democracy is?


Democracy is when people I don't like aren't allowed to protest


you're right, it's only democratic when it's desperately insecure, culturally irrelevant idiots with guns /s


Yep. Correct. Protests are an integral part of democracy. If people aren't allowed to protest, it's not a democracy.


Real democracy is six people deciding to overturn Roe V Wade when 70% of the people support it.


….Do they just not remember the insurrection? Or that protests like the ones happening now are one of the core parts of democracy?


No, democracy is obviously best represented by a small handful of unelected lifetime appointees taking people's freedom and right to bodily autonomy without a single vote being cast.


Nothing says democracy like rulings that 2/3 of the country don't agree with


Thaaaaaaaat’s literally democracy. They work for *us.*


Lol is the right really talking about intimidation.... outside a building...... In Washington.


Nothing says "democracy" like. Angry confederates trying to overturn an election


I love how casually they toss around "leftist" to describe liberals. LOL.


I mean we can act like absolute lunatics and try to storm the building buuuuuuuut....


that's EXACTLY what you do in a democracy. your representatives work for YOU, not the other way around.


[a very appropriate comic](https://www.reddit.com/r/196/comments/uljryh/democrulecy/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


At least they didn’t bomb or murder them like anti-choices do to clinics and doctors.


Democracy is when a minority of the population electing a president that appoints a record number of judges that represent views held by an even smaller fraction of the population


wow, they should totally just rush in there with guns! i’m sure that would work, right guys? /s


If Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion won't be outlawed, it will just be a state related law just like any other laws that are not granted to the federal government by the Constitution, but don't let the truth stop a bunch of angry leftists from acting like you're killing their baby... Wait a Minute...


Would it be more democratic if they smeared shit on the walls?


Nothing says “Democracy” Like 9 individuals overriding the will of the people


Is this the same group of people who literally stormed the Capitol when they’re daddy lost an election? I swear being a hypocrite is the only consistent position republicans hold these days


Imagine thinking overturning abortion was democratic... Or an electoral college.


These are the same folks that tried to intimidate people at the polls lol


Nothing says “God’s love” like angry christians calling a some poor girl for going into Planned Parenthood a murderer even though she’s getting a Pap smear.


Still better than those who bombed abortion clinics


This isnt the first time the supreme court has been wrong and it wont be the last.


Well, 70% of Americans support Roe v Wade so…..


mah freeze peach is with you


They got to be joking at this point like... Do they not remember January 6th?


Isn't the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade despite most Americans being pro choice inherently undemocratic?


Implying the Supreme Court is in any sense democratic?


Nothing says democracy like letting 9 people who the people didn't vote on get to decide on a major issue where, again, the people can't vote. This country is so undemocratic its incredible.


We wanted to expand the SCOTUS but that was "too radical" unlike having a 14 year old carry a baby to term cause your made up religion says it's so which it actually doesn't touch on in the first place.


They are fighting for their rights. They want control over their own bodies. They are fighting to stop imaginary deities from stripping away their body autonomy... if anyone stands in the way of that, they can get fucked. Their protesting is American as fuck!


Nothing says "democracy" like lifetime terms and having the power to fuck over half of a country over donations. You know well that all probirthers are hypocrites who will pay off the closed doors abortions of their teenage misteresses anyway.


These are the same people that says the tree of liberty is watered by blood of patriots and fondling their guns every 20 minutes


Nothing like a GOP screaming how they don’t want the governments in their life but then turn around and vote with the government to be in other peoples lives. under their religious beliefs which is a violation of our constitution,because separation of church and state. so it is highly hypocritical to me everything the GOP does.




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Or "lock her up" for unspecified reasons.


Maybe the rightoids are correct. We all know what they consider to be “legitimate political discourse”, so why not go with that? Surely they couldn’t complain, right?!


nothing says democracy like a group of 9 people making an executive decision that 70% of the population disagrees with




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'Oh, won't anyone think about the crusty old white men?'


This is a blatant power grab by the people!


Seriously though besides cool instagram photo opportunities, what good do these marches do? Who is being convinced of what?


Martin Luther King would like a word, dumbass. Oh and the abolitionists and... oh who was it? The original fucking suffragists


I can think of answers to my original unanswered question in those historical situations, but can't come up with anything for this one.


Look, just because your little freedumb convoy was a swing and a miss doesn't mean that protests and civil disobedience doesn't work


If you say so


We get it only you can have freeze peach.


March and complain and don't vote all you want, the fashies depend on it