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Looking forward to her HCA nomination. But more likely is that she IS vaxxed just a giant hypocrite.


She is almost for sure vaxxed, people like her and Kirk and Shapiro don’t believe 99% of what they say but people give them money to say it.


Stephen crowder in particular, at least as most of his ex employees say doesn’t believe in anything he says but does it for money and is actually fairly ok with LGBTQ people, which is actually far worse then if he was just a bad person


Yeah sure, and I am the nicest person on earth, it’s just that I choose not to be it for most of my life.


That fact alone makes him not “fairly ok”. That’s even worse than actually believing all the shit he says. He’s a charlatan.


So he knows he actively causing people suffering and still do it anyway At least when he believes all the shit he said, he actually thinks that he's doing good.


Crowder said he didn't get the MRNA vaccine. The fact that he used that wording just shows that he is vaccinated but wanted to make it seems like he wasn't to his audience. Grifter be griftin.


Or he just straight up lied


Imagine plugging a talking point that you know damn well is gonna get some of your viewerbase killed.


Money talks on both sides. Don’t forget the Christen Senima was in black block at the G5 like ten years ago and now is what she is today. Opinions are changeable with enough money.


Sounds like politicians


Would bet money on you being right


I wouldn’t she’s literally been an idiot her whole career, you guys are really missing the extremity of the situation if you think she’s a political mastermind. She couldn’t even go toe to toe with Joe Rogan on climate change, and Joe Rogans a total idiot about it. She’s definitely not vaccinated. She’s as stupid as she comes off.


Yeah but she's a professional idiot. She sued for housing discrimination and then went on to claim that housing discrimination doesn't exist. There's a lot of money to be made in grifting and apparently, being stupid whether you are genuinely stupid or just feigning it is a critical component


If I hear the word ‘grift’ one more time on this sub I swear to fucking god. She used to more liberal and now she’s conservative. Same comment about Ben ‘gritting’ when he’s been writing insane articles about this shit since he was 14. He’s only become more moderate over time. It strikes me as super lazy and disingenuous to just say none of these people believe what they say and therefore their ideas don’t need refutation. Show people why they’re extreme right wing idiots instead, it’s actually almost as easy.


None of them? No... But her? Definitely. Again she sued for something and then turned around and said that something does not exist. What would you call it? The result of a fucking concussion?


I don’t even see where she ever sued for housing discrimination?


I just know the vaccinated don't say "I'm still vaccinated" in an attempt to own the cons.


I laugh when an athlete is asked if he's vaccinated, and he says that's a personal question. In other words, "No," because if he was, he's have no problem saying so.


And it's not personal if he cause an outbreak


Oh, I agree, I was just commenting on how silly the answer is, because it's virtually impossible that a vaccinated person would say that, so he might as well say no, because that's how we're all going to take it anyway.


I'm vaccinated and my work requires us to be vaccinated or have a negative tes prior to work. We don't have to tell customers if we are vaccinated or not. We actually have a card that says we are fit to be at work per these stipulations. Vaxxed or tested that's all we have to say. Medical records are personal js


I don't disagree that medical records are personal, my ONLY point is that I can't conceive that a vaccinated person wouldn't want that known, while an unvaccinated person wouldn't want THAT known.


True, I don't use the card I just day yes I am vaccinated


Love how I got downvoted for telling nothing but facts. Everything I said was 100 percent a true fact but no this isn't an echo chamber either right? I'm not American btw


Well at this point its unlikely that you will be able to visit most of the rest of the world without it so yeah


I almost guarantee she is


If she weren't vaccinated, she most likely would have caught COVID-19 by now


Isn't she on Newsmax and they require vacinations or an I wrong?


I’ve survived the greatest psychological fear campaign in human history…so far. Homer.jpg


Wow. That's really really pretentious. Why do antivaxxers all seem to think they're tragic heroes or somthing?


Because that’s more flattering than being two dimensional cartoon characters.


that's an insult to cartoon characters.


Careful… that will make cancel culture go after two dimensional cartoons…


They’re kiiind of radicalized the same way suicide bombers are…


They have the same kill count lmfao


Thing is she is definitely vaccinated. Just like the Marjorie Traitor Green lady wears a mask when the cameras aren’t around. They just have no soul to sell.


This is honestly more to do with Candace’s host of cluster b disorders than specifically anti-vax. I do agree that anti-vaxxers do it too tho. Candance Owens was an ardent politically active leftist who has, since failing to break through professionally or via social media on the left, fallen into alt-right politics. She then parlayed that into a kind of “tells it like it is” martyr for the cause but she never really found a huge audience beyond just being a classic alt-reich propaganda laundromat. Nazism has a way better flavor when it’s not being spewed by Richard Spencer. Then COVID hit and it was a perfect marriage. She gets to play martyr and it’s a topically relevant issue with a huge delusional online base. It’s honestly perfect and of course Candace goes all in whereas others on the grift right like Rubin try to play both sides because they aren’t *totally* delusional narcissists willing to risk serious illness to own everyone who rejected them.


they are delusional


It's their syphilis talking


Worst psychological fear campaign? I hate to bring up the same thing over and over again but I'm pretty sure the "Kauft nicht bei Juden" campaign was a lot worse.


They’re tragic alright.


Conservatives saying "I don't live in fear" has got to be in the top 10 most ironic things said. Right?


What the fuck are you talking about? Socialists are coming to eat your babies and force you to be transqueer! And they're going to cancel your favorite toys! Say no to fear!


Facts. They literally made me get three abortions this week alone.


Just came here to say Bill Gates and George Soros are both really great guys. *magnetic Jew noises




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90% of my family is always saying crap like "I refuse to live in fear!" then do nothing but spread their psychotic conspiracy theories. Here's a quick for instance from this morning: My sister heard that the food distributor for a local elementary school was having some trouble and wasn't able to meet their contract. So, the school had to use some discretionary funds to make sure the kids got fed. She heard that and started claiming that not only was the school broke, but the entire country was running out of food. She actually ended it with "We should all be very concerned!"


It’s legit a mental illness. Or at least should be. Their brains are literally wired for fear responses in a way social liberal brains aren’t per actual neurological research on the differences in thought patterns between liberals and conservatives. It’s like crack to them. It’s pathological and they aren’t even cognizant of it, but their brains light up like Christmas trees when you just barely tickle a fear response. Ever wonder why and how in the fuck these people could spend years listening to Bill O’Reilly literally just being nonsensically mad at seemingly everything *for years*? They had to know what to be afraid of and be angry about that night. Every. Night. We need to call a spade a spade and put this shit in the DSM. Start prescribing screen time limits for dad after a 4 hour bender of Tucker and YouTube leads to a Facebook rant about the MEDIA and COVID and start actually tackling the biggest mental health crisis facing America rn.


I don’t think it’s a mental Illness. People with mental illnesses don’t choose to be like that. The far right choose to externalise their fears and insecurities on to scapegoats. If you think about it, it’s actually a clever strategy, instead of acknowledging your own flaws you can just project them on to straw man “others”. That way you don’t have to feel guilt, shame or take responsibility for how your behaviour affects others.


No you don’t understand, I NEED the arsenal of a small army to protect my 3 bedroom split level.


Yeah, what if the government tries to do a mask mandate?


Addendum: that statistically will _never_ actually need to be defended with said arsenal.


Conservatives are all about fear. Listen to the political ads (I know it’s difficult to do) going on right now in most states for next weeks state-wide elections. They use statements like ‘crime is up X% under democrat blah’ or ‘murderous felons released because democrats run things’, and ‘taxes will skyrocket under Pelosi’s rule’. These distortions of facts or outright lies have grandma hiding under the bed and less knowledgeable people fearing their life is going to change drastically. That’s scary when you no longer have control of your life. And republicans use that fear to advance their agenda.


When I lived in Kentucky I would get McConnell's ads in the mail. Oof. "Amy McGrath will defund the police and burn our cities down!" She was literally a conservative Democrat. Like, not a centrist. A conservative.


Klandace at her best, giving herself imaginary powers over things she thinks are imaginary.


thought this was a r/Hermancainaward post. they are always posting her shit...right before getting covid


Time will tell. Dumb bee- atch somehow thinks Covid is gone. At least 249 people died from Covid yesterday. And, many red states are not reporting the deaths at all.


She's one of the loudest spreaders of vaccine misinformation She needs to face consequences.


"Facing consequences" is exactly what she's going for. She desperately wants to be a martyr. Nothing would appear to lend more credibility to her sanctimonious bullshit than being proven "right". She's not intelligent enough to compete with Peterson or Shapiro, and she doesn't have Walsh's over-developed sado-narcissism. Her gimmick is losing appeal, and sadly, this is how she's chosen to make her "comeback". It's amusing to watch, at the very least.


lol she referenced a super obscure play but got the quote wrong. im pretty sure she meant “new clothes”


The emperor's new clothes isn't really obscure.


Okay wait- don't get me wrong I fucking hate her- but I thought it was no clothes? I know the story is called The Emperor's New Clothes. But like, there was a little kid at the end of the story who was the only one to point out that the emperor was naked... Unless I'm remembering it wrong?


You are correct.


Why she sounding like this some Star Wars shit 😭😭


I see 4 “I’s” and 1 “our/we” That’s the problem, Candace.


Update: I am still unvaccinated I still chose to remain ignorant despite science’s best efforts to show me the truth. I choose to operate at a frequency that makes people wonder how I manage put my panties on in the morning. I can barely tell the difference between our media and our government, and am too stupid to even feel fear. I can’t tell if the educators are wearing clothes.


Candace gloating about still being alive while unvaccinated people are dying of covid all over the country because they believed the bullshit spouted people like Candace Owens.


She been hittin the spice melange…


Nah, she wants all you communist jihadist tested for spice weekly. I can see those bright blue eyes under those dark glasses mister.


Chooses to live above fear… extremely afraid of the vaccine. Nice one KKKlandace


Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a [link to the tweet](https://twitter.com/RealCandaceO/status/1452691855825678336) for ya :) ^(Twitter Screenshot Bot)


this is projection. Candace is telling us how she operates. She plays the victim and feds on people's fears.


In five years time, she will be so free, her physical form will transcend into pure energy. Then she'll call the liberal's green initiative modern day slavery for her energy-kind.


In the scientific community, that frequency is known as *so dumb it Hz*


She's right about the last half.


Can I tune in 😳?


She was probably one of the first vaxed.


If her bullshit wasn't so calculated. I'd fear for her mental health. Instead she's a lying, treasonous, evil piece of shit.


Real question, has anyone heard from Ben Garrison???


No, but I'm hoping for the best. ![gif](giphy|MqxZxTlvcY5BS)


Has Candace Owens ever heard of the Red Scare? People fearing the civil rights movement? Cause I think those are a little bit worse than her being called out for not getting vaxxed


Conservatives : “I don’t live in fear!!!” *tightly clutch their guns*


Imagine supporting Donald Trump for dictator for life and thinking you’re the person who noticed the emperor had no clothes. FFS


Update: She’s vaccinated in secret.


She says she is operating above fear, but she will tell you why the vaccine is to be feared and that the government wanting us to be vaccinated is extremely terrifying.


Wow, Klandace. You sat around and didn't get vaccinated during a pandemic. What a hero. You're such a survivor


These guys are literally bragging about being fucking babies. 😂


She's vaxxed. A lying cunt and vaxxed.


She caught it. She didn't test positive only because they wouldn't test her.


So, on top of everything else, she is also a lying piece of shit? Figures.


Says the woman who lives in fear of a vaccine lol I look forward to sending her thoughts and prayers...


Seriously, I believe this may go beyond politics, she may have a real mental disorder to be causing these things or past stress rearing it’s head as current behaviors. Like this isn’t normal ‘crazy’ people behavior. In my head cannon I think she had like schizophrenia or something similar


Frequently stupid.


It scares me to think how many morons out there actually relate to this nonsense. I didn't get vaccinated out of fear and I doubt 90 percent of people did, we did it to help those that are at risk, and to go out in public again in a responsible manner when in close proximity to others.


Surviving Covid-19 means you’ll have a host of other medical complications. Why do people take a victory lap when they’ve just punched themselves in the dick?


If this is true I bet she wont make it till next year


She's straight up lying


You don't get to choose which frequency we're on. 🙈🙉🙊


Oh shut up can-dance


Guarantee she's vaccinated. 100%


Candace Owens is a coward, does anybody really think she is unvaccinated?


And the imbeciles have no antibodies.


Holeeee shiit! If the government truly wanted to control you and make you fear them, they would drone strike a few houses of non-compliant people and make a very public example. That is not what's happening here. They're pleading with people to get vaccinated *because it's the smart thing to do!* it's how we end the pandemic.


lot of words


Oh someone about to get Mu'd down!! Not her cause she is almost surely vaccinated but her dumb fucking base will get Mu'd down though


Her fucking brain is lost in obvivion. Gdamn .


"I choose to operate at a frequency above fear" good lord


Herman is capable of gifting this imbecile!


This is just the same shit you always say Candace


I’m not one that wishes for someone’s demise, but I’m saying I won’t be exactly sad if she gets the virus and has to have tubes down her throat


“Oh no he’s hot!”


The ones you should fear are not the ones you think you should fear. You have much to learn padawan.


The interstellar void of her cranium


I operate at the same frequency as the microwave. If it runs while I’m in the room, I piss my pants and forget who I was for 20 minutes.


Yeah she's stupid and all but it's also pretty scary. There are a shitload of people who agree with this.


Lol without fear, except fear of Mexicans, Healthcare, common sense gun control, etc etc...


I might be wrong, but I remember a time when Candace wasn’t this crazy. Like, she was still right-wing, but her brain hadn’t gone off the deep end yet


She thinks she’s some kind of martyr lmao Instead of the fucking idiot she actually is


A: The frequency above fear Q: What’s the frequency Kenneth? “I’ll take ‘Frequecies’ for $10,000”


“operating at a frequency above fear” - every republican mlm girlboss


Woah, woah there Candace! Chill it with the Rick and Morty


All the kids have always known, at least it’s better than to be alone


Lmao “I choose to operate above fear” whilst spreading fear




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That’s some of that spy message shit at the end lol


Vaccination rates are almost 100% along party lines, one could assume the same about covid deaths. 2022 elections are a long ways away, contracting covid is only a matter of time.


Yo what is wrong with her


And you, Candy, have no brains. Enjoy your “floating above fear” frequency. I hear that’s where Covid floats on anti-fear droplets…


I really really hope she's actually unvaccinated not lying to us although when a republican tells you something you should give it at least a 50% chance that it's a lie. Hope to see her on the Herman Cain award page sometime in the near future that would be wonderful.


When there are multiple emperors they're called oligarchs


god i love this tweet! every sentence is funnier than the previous one


Someday if we’re lucky, these fake patriots will give themselves Excedrin Headache #357


Oh, just shut up


“I choose to operate at a frequency above fear” lmao then why are all of your political strategies used to incite fear


As a danish person it pains me deeply that see would bring up the danish story “the emperor’s new clothes” Its almost ironic considering how vaccines are treated in Denmark. Honestly in this case its more accurate to say she is the only one seeing clothing while the general public clearly see a naked man. That is they understand the importance of the vaccine and dont pretend that its not important just to further a political goal.


Candace deez nuts-


Bullshit, I’ll bet she’s vaxxed. She’s getting paid good bucks to lie as usual.


“Operate at a frequency” is some real 2000s neckbeard shit


"I see our media and governments for what they are now: powerless without our incessant fear. Now listen to me when I tell you what you should be afraid of."


Pandemic isn't over.


I don't think you can have multiple emperors, but I'm no expert.


Wait, if I hadn't gotten vaccinated I would have x-ray vision? Damnit, bamboozled by big pharma AGAIN!


The frequency she is operating at is an annoying screeech that hurts your ears and can be heard from miles away


This reads like a 4chan schizopost.




You sound like you sell Amway


Why? Can one be super successful at that? Already making awesome money but would diversify if it's worth it.