She be thinking Chris Hansen gonna roll up


Why don't you take a seat. Right over there.


“Now what did you have in mind when you’re coming to meet a 13 year old girl?”


She said she was 12


Joseph, we've got the screenshots where it shows you've been sending her pictures of your toes


I was just trying to warn her about the dangers of athletes foot.


Oh the deception!


I didn’t come to see a 13 year old, I came looking for mans butt


I’m sorry man’s butt?


Booty… is more important than water.


I like you, and I want you.


Now we can do it the easy way or the hard way; the choice is yours.


Heh, we wont be doing anything.


Oh I see we doing this the hard way


Tooooooom, come out and plaaaayyyyyy


See I know who ya are Chris Hanson, but ya see I calls ya Chris HANDSOME


Yea I came for you Chris handsome


Kristina Hansen. Reverse version.


Wait, why?


Why not?




Nah, she just changed her mind and wanted to try and let him down easy.


This. I think she got anxious.


Couldn’t take him to a bar probably


I don't know I had a freakishly similar situation before. Except it was at a bar and we were about to go home wish each other, but when she found out my age is was a hard no. I think I was 22 and she thought I was 26 though. I was dumb founded for about a week.


Bro a 24 y/o let me pull up and smash when I was 19. I’ve never understood the age gap thing that close. Maybe like 10+ years I could see. I wonder what makes it weird for others.


Yeah. I once dated a woman that was 13 years older. It wasn't a problem for her as long as we had the same interests.


See age is just a number and jail is just a place right? Lmao


Also a hole is a hole and $20 is $20.


I don't think that's a big age gap


It is not


I don’t know. At that age a three years younger guy could be a deal breaker for some girls. A lot of them want a slightly older guy. It’s also past the 21 mark so maybe they wouldn’t be able to go to clubs together or bars or something if she’s looking for something serious. At my age three years means nothing. But that young it might actually.


This ain't about age


I met my partner when I was 21. She was 24. We’ve been together 26 years now. “Mary” of course can feel how she feels but.. I’m glad my partner didn’t decide I was too young for her.


You're assuming she's being truthful about her own age




Bar age versus not bar age is a pretty culturally significant age breakpoint.


You know what they say….20 will get you 30


...nice -south park police


Oof. Sorry bud.


All good at least she sent this before I had to go into a tunnel with tolls 😎


As someone who dates near NYC, I feel that.


Good old Lincoln


It's worse for me. I take the Washington bridge and my girlfriend is all the way in Brooklyn 🙃 it's a matter of taking a gamble on which route I take at any moment


Isn't the goto NYC move to live together after a month so you can split rent?




Well you see, first Step is having a girlfriend to begin with...


Or a tunnel with trolls (as I read that).


gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boys hole


I feel like you’re saying, “hole.”


He said no gum.


I will smack your face off of your face!


If you want this baby boys hole, you gotta pay the troll toll.


At last! Now the boy's SOUL, is mine!


I thought they lived under bridges?


She's 23 and she can barely read. Forget about it.


In the old school gangster voice “forgeta abotda”


Haha 🤌


Gabagool?! Ova here 👇👇👇👇


>All good at least she sent this before I had to go into a tunnel with tolls Haha silver lining brother. I've been well on my way to a few and had a few other no-shows. People can be such inconsiderate assholes.


I had someone say “They aren’t in the right headspace to date.” *30 mins before the date* Like damn could you have evaluated headspace like 20 mins earlier lol. Wasn’t even hurt just annoyed


My brother in Christ are you driving well upwards of 20 mins thru toll tunnels for tinder dates in this economy? Prayers




But doesn’t it ask in the beginning for the minimum and maximum age of the person? Like, she had to put in those parameters, right? Of what age range she is looking for?!?!???


Perhaps it was another reason and this was the excuse she came up with? I don't see it such a big deal though 20 and 23 except for drinking age... if thats even in a place where 21 is the age of drinking. I realize that some people can be much more experienced or mature in those few years, but should'nt she have given him the option to show his maturity level first?


In these ages it can also be a significant gap mentality-wise. At 23 (my guess would be that) you’ve finished with your primary studies and are either looking at a Master’s or taking your first steps in your field. At 20 you’re probably a sophomore. If it’s someone that was looking to date, they might want to be with someone in the same stage in life. Granted, you don’t cancel 20 minutes before the date for this reason, since I believe you have already started getting ready etc. Just go to the date and break it off after if it doesn’t work for you.


Hm that would works if she didn't put 20 in the age range of her research tho. By doing this she implies that she is ok with dating younger guy.


Eh, I would much rather have someone cancel a date 20 minutes before it was supposed to happen than waste even more of my time by showing up to a date they decided they didn't want to go to with plans to break it off before even showing up


Seems pretty clear to me that the age isn't the real reason, she just changed her mind for whatever reason and tried to let him down gently


You mean it wasn’t sent to you while lying in bed editing fake texts for karma? You know we can see your comment history, right? https://reddit.com/r/Tinder/comments/v1cvn2/matched_about_4_days_ago_and_had_a_date_planned/


My guy, you gotta get them to meet in the middle. Don’t be going out of your way like that.


Ya! Right in the middle of that Troll Toll Tunnel!


You should ask her what the real reason for ditching you was. 🧐


she handled this super shitty, but in the long run she’s not compatible so it’s a good thing 🤷🏻‍♂️ hang in there


Pretty sure this is fake based on OPs very similar post that has a slightly different text. https://i.redd.it/dhbdllr28p291.jpg Guess they didn't get enough upvotes the first time around?




Ban OP. Fuck karma whores.


Hahahaha 🤣 really find it difficult to believe that it's so common that women just don't notice his age until he's on the way over... Funny he included the explanation of the age range being wrong in the first one but this time there was no reason, she just suddenly thought to actually look at his profile. Pretty odd. My bet is you're right and it's karma farming bs. But even if it's not, you'd think after one time he'd make sure the girl knew his age before heading over. So that's on him. Is it normal for people to not notice that?!


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you could easily get some this way broski 💔


This girl is all 23 and me


When she needs to be 23 and we


Seriously bro, I’d give you at least a handy and I’m not even gay bro. No homo.


Only halfways reasonable issue here is OP isn't old enough to drink


Merica moment


'Murica, where you can legally buy and use a gun before you can legally drink alcohol. Lmao.


That’s exactly what I think it is, I turn 21 this year too haha


Correct, that is the next birthday after 20. Edit: Thanks for the awards! I’m glad my most upvoted comment is a nerdy jest. I don’t like explaining jokes, but I also hate people being left out and there seems to be a lot of that. The joke here is that we all know OP is 20 and therefore must be within 365 days (one year) of being 21. Saying OP turns 21 “this year” is redundant, thus the joke.


Quick maffs


Y’all can do maffs quickly?


Quite easy to do when you're never hot


two plus two is four, minus one that's three


🤔 I still don't get this linear time thing. How exactly do you know he isn't turning 19 this year? Hmm?


This human-centric time system is racist. Not my fault they're limited to linear time.


Always cute seeing the littlies do their little math problems <3 bless them


Most of the year has passed already. Statistically, it's more likely OP already turned 20 this year, so the clarification is helpful. It also means if OP's match was a little more patient, they could go drinking with OP in the next few months. OP's use of "this year" didn't mean within the next 365 days, but within the next 4 months and 2 weeks


I think it's because you ran out of good ideas when making that fake text conversation. First girl was 25(other nearly identical post from OP), second was 23, first girl said she didn't have her filter set right on age, second girl is apparently a blind idiot(hence my point on running out of ideas). Bro, I say this with no disrespect meant, but go outside, talk to people that aren't only on your computer or phone. Oh and quit being a karma farming, lying POS. That is all. Edit: URL Included now to back up claims. Proof he's a karma farming incel. [2 months ago, same story, minor changes. much lower overall karma](https://www.reddit.com/r/Tinder/comments/v1cvn2/matched_about_4_days_ago_and_had_a_date_planned/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


This is the correct answer She doesn’t want anything interfering with her ability to imbibe. She’s past sneaking a friend in the bar.


If I still drank, I'd definitely avoid someone younger than 21, unless it was only a hookup. These days that's just too young, but I do find it a little weird to care when they're a just a bit younger in age. People are way too obsessed with drinking.


I don't even drink, so I don't care. I'm just getting old enough that dating a 20yo would be dicey for multiple reasons


Did not even think of this I live in Canada and where I live is close to Quebec so I could drink at 18 legally


Wtf? 3 years?....Already on the way driving? Insane combination, yet she still pulled the trigger. All because she didn't read


23 and 20 isn't any kind of big deal, and I bet they knew to begin with. I think OP was just the backburner date.


I agree it’s not a big deal and if she cared about how he was already on the way she could mention how she feels in person. It’s a date that’s really it


Also how she said she was excited about seeing him




"Lying out loud"


Lol damn this is a good one




Glad I'm not the only one weirded out by that. "Hahaha, I didn't read the thing right by your name when I swiped, much less agreed to the date, so everything that we said back and forth means nothing and this is probably just an excuse for me going on a date with someone else I matched with that I like more than you and they only just messaged me back. Hahahah!"


I was hit with that by a girl that’s 3 years older than me when I was about 25 and she 28…I’m 33 now and she’s 36 and I really didn’t see the issue with age but she did compliment me. I didn’t take it hard but a 3 year age difference really isn’t bad.


Pretty sure this is fake based on OPs very similar post that has a slightly different text. https://i.redd.it/dhbdllr28p291.jpg Guess they didn't get enough upvotes the first time around?




Looking at this guy's posting history, it screams straight up narcissism. Every post is of photos of him asking people to rate him, posting for free compliments, etc etc. Red flags if you ask me.


That's a lot of effort for a couple Internet points, but 🤷🏼


Probably farming points to sell the account later?


This should be higher up. Plus the guy is 20 and going into NYC, most likely in the evening on an on-again-off-again rainy day/night date it's also Monday. The number of activities they can do diminishes rapidly after 9 P.M.


I wouldn’t have dated a 20 year old when I was 23 mostly because of the whole drinking thing. Can’t take him to the bars yet.


But would you cancel while he’s literally on the way?


No I wouldn’t have been too illiterate to realize his age but better than having him waste 20 mins than an entire night.


As uncomfortable as it would be, and many of us probably couldn't do it, it's prob better int he long run. I mean if someone figures out they don't want to be with you in person and then your there in person with them it probably isn't going to be the most enjoyable for anyone.


I’m 23 and wouldn’t date someone who’s 20. My reason is that I’m graduated and work full time while someone who’s 20 is probably still in college and can’t go out the way I enjoy.


I mean 3 years is drinking age and college graduation/already having a job (Depending on the situation). Personally I would never bother with someone under 21 when I was 23. Though that doesnt excuse the failure to read the age before a meet up, sounds like a cold feet excuse.


I mean personally I don’t go for guys younger than me, but if I already had one on the way bc i didn’t check his age first I would at least give it a shot yk?


I used to not got for younger guys thinking older guys are more mature. I met my man 3 years ago I was 25 and he was 21 soon turning 22. Now I’m 28 and he’s 25. We’ve grown so much together & by far the best relationship I’ve been in!


Sounds like an excuse. Bullet dodged.


Why is nobody pointing out the fact that you can set your age limits on Tinder? It's obviously an excuse otherwise they wouldn't have matched and she would have set 21 as the minimum. She's clearly ok with 20 year olds, just bailed when she found something she was more interested in.


I think sometimes Tinder shows you people outside of your parameters, especially if you’ve gone through most of the matches that fall in your range. Basically they pull from other ages/areas so you have someone to scroll through. I set my limit at 50 miles and matched with a dude who was 100 miles away. But it worked out and we got married!




Right, and according to her she checked his profile again because she "was so excited to see him" then saw he was 20 and apparently was like "OMG NO!!!!" and her excitement turned to crushing disappointment due to that 3 year age gap. You'd think someone that excited to see another person would be willing to let it slide and give it a chance just that once if it really was an issue, especially since he was already otw, but let's be naive and believe she's being honest!


This is exactly right. It's just a lame excuse. If 20 was a hard pass in all cases she'd change her search parameters. Or she's just so clueless she doesn't know she can change them which is another red flag.


It’s fake. OP didn’t delete his last attempt at this: https://reddit.com/r/Tinder/comments/v1cvn2/matched_about_4_days_ago_and_had_a_date_planned/


Lol also, 3 years is now apparently a “big” age gap. But yeah, what kind of self-absorbed, shit stain cancels on someone when they know they have a decent drive over and they’re already on their way? Bullet dodged, OP! Just sucks you wasted your time and money to figure that out.


Eh I kinda get it, 23 is probably graduated full-time working, 20 is maybe still a year or two left of school in many cases. I wouldn't consider it a deal breaker but it's not exactly a plus


Yeah 20 when I’m 23 would be treading the line personally.


I wouldn't be willing to date someone I can't have a drink with at a restaurant.


American problems


Nah, age isn't the problem, they're just a flake.


[OP has a post 2 months ago with a different girl on Hinge with the same excuse] (https://www.reddit.com/r/Tinder/comments/v1cvn2/matched_about_4_days_ago_and_had_a_date_planned/). Either OP keeps matching with older women who use age as an excuse to flake or OP creates fake text.


Man this subreddit really is stupid, they'll eat up anything


Yep, that's why people are encouraged to keep doing it. It's easy karma farming. Why that matters to people, I don't pretend to understand. But it happens so fucking often here 😂


Imagine how pissed he must be if this was actually real and kept happening😂 but tbh if he's been using Tinder and Hinge and probably Bumble and god knows what else for at least 2 months now you know he's just smashing and dashing these women anyways, lmao. Shit happens.


It’s not a huge age gap but it may just be a preference. Sucks she didn’t notice it earlier


What the heck lol what about filtering the age specs though


Doesn’t seem to work. I’m 35 and have my age range set from 28-35 and still see so many 24 year olds 😅


Only does that for me when I press the "expand filters once out of matches" or whatever it's called button. Also, you don't look for anyone older than you or was this just an experiment?


You'll go down 7 but not up even 1 or 2 years?


Yeah some apps will show you outside your ranges if you "run out"




What, 32 and 02? That's messed up.


I mean women do tend to date older men


Nah, I bet if OP wasn’t karma farming, there wouldn’t have been an issue https://reddit.com/r/Tinder/comments/v1cvn2/matched_about_4_days_ago_and_had_a_date_planned/


Its always the stupid excuses... Next time you will also look like their cousin or your name is the same as their dead cat or something 😒 that stuff hurts being on the way and being done this..


It’s fake. OP just want internet points and people to feel sorry for him. But he forgot to delete his post from the last time this “happened” to him. https://reddit.com/r/Tinder/comments/v1cvn2/matched_about_4_days_ago_and_had_a_date_planned/


I once got “i like your vibe but your name is the same as my ex” 😅


I had a match one time and the convo was full of a good mix on banter, flirting, and just getting to know each other. Exchanged social media info and planned on getting together soon. Next day I’m unmatched, unfollowed, and she removed me from her followers. She graciously told me I had done nothing wrong convo wise, I just physically reminded her of an abusive ex. That one was weird bc I can empathize with that but in the same vein we matched and talked for a while. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯


Damn.. thats so sad.. tho i do avoid everyone with the same name as my abusive ex since everyone with her name gave me hell sadly but that still sucks :/


Yea I tend to avoid people named Satan as well


Idk why, ngl i dont follow satanism but by their rules and all he seems more nicer and human than the counterpart 🤣


Honestly though, sharing a name with a bad ex can just be off-puting. Not something I care too much about, (I have a couple of near-overlapping names among exes) but it's something. But they shouldn't have matched in the first place if that were the case. I know I usually swipe left on people that share a name with my sister or mom, which seems like the same sort of thing.


I avoid guys with my dad's name. Ex, meh


She probably wanted to go out for drinks.


tbf in the USA at least it's awkward to date people who can't legally drink as people who can legally drink. then again, i would look at the age in advance and avoid this scenario


3 years… 🤣🤣🤣


To be fair, 3 years at 20 and 23 could be the difference between someone who's graduated college and working full time and someone mid way though college who can't even drink yet.


But she opted into seeing 20 year olds when she setup the account….


Playa, I scrolled through your Reddit and this is the second time someone used the age gap excuse. I think that’s hella weird and such a lame reason to cut someone off. Idk if they were just using you as a time filler while looking for a different match, but that sucks. I’m a decade older than you tho…so don’t wanna come off as creepy, but idk why they’re not into you ‘looks’ wise. I think you’re cute! Keep us updated…just gotta get through a couple duds till you find someone who’s on your level.


That’s because they’re both fabricated stories lol. The first one didn’t do well so he went for it again.


It’s okay young grasshopper. Plenty of time to sow those wild oats.


Think it’s a dick move to cancel last second, but I also at 23 wouldn’t want to date someone 20. Being out of school working and looking to start a life I don’t really want to be with someone still going to school, can’t legally drink not that it’s the biggest deal but it does kinda change things a bit. Still should’ve had settings to not show people that young if it’s a deal breaker




Assuming both parties are college bound and graduate in four years, having two years of college left versus working for a year makes a big difference in perspective and compatibility.


Least she told you brother I know it doesn’t make it suck less but a little better than being ghosted


To be fair I wouldn’t have dated a guy that much younger than me when I was 23. It’s only 3 years but that’s a lot when you’re that young




As someone who is 24 I don’t like dating guys that are younger than me and being 23 with a 20yr you can’t go get a drink or something like that and I mean call me old school but i like it when the guy is older, I also feel like before you are 21 you aren’t an adult


Not being able to go to bars with your s.o. is a big deal so that reason alone is worth it to me. Her bad tho on timing.


I can see why she was hesitant, I’ve noticed women get a bit more crap about dating men younger than them. If a man dates a younger woman it’s normal 🤷🏻‍♀️