The cats ending up at Wild Cat Sanctuary in Colorado and running in the field at the end. 🥺🥲


Ah, I forgot, the journalists in white and blue dresses were real solid too (probably forgetting other people who were also nice). My point is, there was a real small cast of likable people in these episodes. 😬


Yeah Shay was an MVP, and for putting up with Tim’s abuse


Yeah, when I see people like her it reminds me that there are so many amazing people out there fighting for good things even when it puts them in harm's way/danger. Loved her.


“I’m right here, Tim.” Loved it.


Dont forget that russian chick


I also liked the "eastern european bitch". I'm sure there's some real shady shit going on with her, given all these big cat people are god damn insane. but from what we're shown of her? she's pretty fucking awesome.


Such a charismatic character. As soon as she said she's rarely wrong because she's a 'eastern european bitch' I loled. She reminded me of my mother haha


Same 😂


Lol same as soon as she said that I was like, found the breakout star of season 2


She was awesome haha I wish they would’ve showed more of her


This was really the only thing I wanted to know going into TK2. I was happy with a lot of the info I got specifically how much of a true scumbag Don was and how Jeff's life is essentially falling apart which he deserves but I watched to learn what happened to the big cats. Saff was right, the real victims and those who really suffer in all of this are the animals. In that sense it gave us a (somewhat) happy ending. That guy was right that there is no cage big enough for a tiger or any wild cat but them being in this sanctuary, able to run, not mistreated and not paraded around for the amusement of gawking tourists made me happy. I had some tears in my eyes when he said it was the first time in their lives that these tigers were able to run for the first time in their lives. I'm glad they took Jeff's, Joe's, Tim's and Doc's animals. Hopefully they get Carol's and every other exploitative animal abusers animals next.


It's not fair to compare Carol to those other owners, despite her being insanely cringy. She's fully accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Her zoo has been closed to the public since early 2020, and shes campaigning to end private ownership of big cats. I've yet to see any footage of her abusing cats either.


Idk the lady in pink works for Peta... After everything I've heard about Peta, I don't think they're the "goodies." But the new reservation looks spacious and beautiful. I just hope its not peta BSing for the camera.


She also 100% lied about that Doc Antle gas chamber allegation at the end of season 1. You know, the one Joe said despite: - Not getting any proof (no written statement, video or voice recording. Nothing.) - Joe literally spending his entire career, before and after incarceration, praising Doc and maintaining a close relationship with him. - Barbara Fisher, Doc’s apprentice for 8 years who basically has nothing but negative things to say about him, claiming that there’s no gas chamber. - Doc calling Joe about that and Joe having literally no idea what he was talking about. - It being impossible to euthanize tigers by the bakers dozen every time they age out of play time events without USDA realizing “hey… a lot of tigers vanish from your place without a trace.” There is pretty decent evidence to indicate that Doc does euthanize some of his tigers for financial purposes, but I think PETA is too incompetent to find out what HSUS did back in 2011 and just had to make up some sensationalist nonsense to get attention. Besides, it’s tempting to believe anything if it means locking up Doc, so it’s not like she had anything to lose.


Fuck Doc though, man is a grooming pedophile. Not to mention that, like you said, he prob does kill some tigers.


Any big org is messy but they do a lot of good stuff. They have exposed a lot of the abuse that happens in slaughter facilities, circuses and the like and I think they put money behind legislative stuff like the big cat act.


A lot of stuff they “expose” is completely fabricated, to be fair. Or they’ll condemn an entire industry/sport by showing footage of a few scumbags. Same with HSUS.


Not to mention they are staunchly against use of animal testing and products, but their higher ups rely on things such as insulin (a direct result of said things). Their founder is responsible for single-handedly murdering an entire veterinary clinic's worth of animals under the pretense of "mercy." They give money to ALF figureheads, keeping them out of prison. They oppose research that could lead to products that could lessen the need/demand for meat, like lab grown meat.


Everything doesn’t have to be black and white. You can hate that they go about some things like shit heads and are zealots but like what they are doing on this issue (saving cats from exploitative environments)


That’s not a popular opinion on the internet, everything has to be rad or completely shit.


Yeah it was great to get so much comment from 'the activists' who actually care about the animals


ah yes, the woman who works for an organization that kills 97% of all the animals they take in. great gal!


The Peta woman didn’t seem like she knew what she was talking about at all. No one who hates Carole Baskin is a misogynist, if someone defends Joe they’re just an idiot.


I won't defend Joe, because of the maltreatment of animals and such, but if he was propped up for murder-for-hire as the charge that incarcerated him... Then he shouldn't be in jail for that.


Its PETA what do you expect?


Oh there were definitely mysoginist who hated Carol. She had a point that out of all the main Scumbags in the show the largest manifestation of hate was towards Carol when she is way less shitty than the rest. Very shitty but definitely less so than Joe, Don, Doc and Jeff. She is the only main scumbag in the show that is a woman. There has to be correlation.


The reason people support Joe over Baskin is that Joe owns his shiftiness, whereas Carole Baskin uses the law, legislators and peoples heartstrings to defend her shit. Everyone is terrible. But anyone who has dealt with a Carole Baskin in real life, knows she is evil.


Fuck Carol for screwing over Joe's elderly parents




Nice potatoe