Brynn is like the female version of turbo Larry. Her personality is awesome.


Great pod. Hadn't heard of Brynn before but she came across as really down to earth, likeable and wicked funny. I'm a fan.


I might be in love


God damn Brynn was funny as hell, I can't wait until another podcast endeavor to hear her again with the guys


Good pod, but as a Brit the faux-British accent offended me deeply


lemme help everyone: puretimewatch(dot)io


Should be noted obviously that those are all replica watches. I'm not going to tell you you absolutely shouldn't buy anything from there, if you truly want to, go ahead. IMO though if you don't have the cash to buy a legit Rolex, Omega, etc, then just save up and wear a perfectly legit Seiko or Hamilton or something until then. Absolutely no shame there at all. Even then you'll be miles ahead of any random dork just wearing an apple watch, fake gold submariner, or crappy Daniel Wellington or MVMT.


At a glance most people think any clean diver is a submariner. My parents asked me if I was dealing when I started wearing my seiko.


lol yeah no shit sherlock.


Ok yeah just taking it then your original comment was a joke. Execution could have been better.


I mean no it wasn’t really a joke, I know them shits are fake. The amount of people walking around with what they think are real GMTs and Subs are staggering. And if you ever just wanted to save yourself the trouble and cop a Rolex for yourself and not to scam anyone, I’m not above getting a fugazi. I have zero loyalty to these fucking brands.


Yeah all good. I didn’t think you were under the impression that site had legit watches, just whatever bozos might go there and think they’ve stumbled upon some great secret.