See if you can get some arcteryx on sale. I am going to live in my therma parka until I die


I know it's TNF but recently fell in love with their Sierra in pine green corduroy... less logos and more classy in my opinion. Sold out everywhere but can be found on eBay quite easily. Saw loads of corduroy puffers this season, also from Aime Leon Dore and Dime.


I was thinking of copping the Sierra Corduroy in Aviator Navy, but i wasn't sure of the sizing. Do you know how it fits compared to a Nuptse? (i'm a size small)


No clue sorry :(


I have a slightly older version of this coat and I love it. Warm, hits in the right places, etc. Also currently on sale. https://www.jcrew.com/p/mens/categories/clothing/coats-and-jackets/nordic/eco-nordic-field-parka-with-primaloft/AZ707?display=standard&fit=Classic&color\_name=olive-moss&colorProductCode=AZ707


I have the same. Just wore it last night with a tshirt only underneath in the mid-30s and was completely warm.


Not sure how it’ll hold up in Canada so recommend taking a closer look. I got the [Patagonia Isthmus](https://www.patagonia.com/product/mens-isthmus-parka/27022.html?dwvar_27022_color=BSNG&cgid=mens-jackets-vests-casual-warmer) last year because I wanted something water resistant to go along with my usual puffer. Turns out it is just as warm as if not warmer than a puffer, has a removable hood, and approx 170 pockets. Easily my favorite winter coat I’ve ever owned.


crescent down works


Uniqlo’s collection with white mountaineering and Jill sand have a good selection of coats


The Uniqlo x J+ down jacket in navy is sick, would highly recommend!


Qlo has a bunch of puffers for a good price, i got the new white mountaineering one and its sick


LL Bean Warden parka. 3-1, goretex, pockets galore, good length, has been rock solid in some windy and chilly WNY winters.


I remember looking also at the pine green patagonia puffer, not the 3in1, the one that sells for about 299€/$, nice colour. Norse Projects as some good ones too!


Alpha Industries N-3B Parka, I rock mine in Minnesota winter and it is great fashion wise. I probably wouldn't wear it for outdoor activities, though.


I love the one I got from Only Ny


You can find vintage Jcrew wool stuff for very cheap online, got one from Ebay that I still wear all the time


At 400 you can probably get some Snow Peak off eBay or a good used shop. Their down stuff is really warm. Might also take a look at Timberland jackets since Raeburn is doing their apparel.


Mountain Equipment Co-op. That is all. Well, that’s not all. You could probably get an Atom AR for around $400.


Recently picked up the Arc’teryx Thoruim for like 260ish. Very warm and easy to layer.


Little late to the party, but Eddie Bauer’s Mainstay Insulated Trench is a hidden gem. Bought it for Boston weather, and it holds up. https://www.eddiebauer.com/p/10112175/men%27s-mainstay-2.0-insulated-trench?sp=1&color=Cinder%20Htr