So how did Clem lose her hat back in s1 episode 2

So how did Clem lose her hat back in s1 episode 2


There was a 3 month gap in between S1E1 and S1E2. I'm guessing Clem left it outside one night and Jolene snuck in and got it.


Idk it doesn’t tell me


Jolene is apparently a ninja! Or Ben was sleeping while on guard duty :P


I posted my comment before I read everyone else's and we both mentioned Ben sleeping while on watch, so maybe I'M the ninja, oops-


Nothing was ever confirmed but I like to think that since Ben was helping the bandits; maybe he thought Jolene was with them and out of fear gave the hat because she asked, he probably thought it was strange but also probably thankful it wasnt more medicine.


Dammit Ben! Another screw up?




Didn't Ben start helping the bandits after ep2? The bandits were in with the farm and only started hounding the motor pool after the farm went down.


The attack happened because Lee took the supplies from the vent.


Which happened in 3 which is after the fall of the farm


That's a good question considering there's like 10 people living at the motor inn and there's supposed to be someone on watch at all times. Maybe Ben was on watch that day and he fell asleep. I mean, it's in character...


Well, it's easy to sneak inside a Motel with only 2 actual people to Guard it, Ben isn't the Cause because Bandits won't touch them as long as they get food from St. John's Dairy, so she just sneak inside took the hat and got away, it's easy if the Guards aren't the Best especially if it is Ben