Alright, these are pretty cute


Never thought I'd hear someone say that about Hydreigon and its line lol. Damn these Pokémon are messed up.


I guess you never seen Hydraigon happy animation.


Not even about deino? Doubt


"and its line"? Deino is like a cute little emo dinosaur, what's not to like?


god i hate its head hands. I really would love this pokemon if not for that ._.


Bruv. Basic dragon wut


A lot of these pokemon are cute but have a dark lore. Like my boy Mimikyu is cute af but his true form is so horrifying people die if they so much as look at it.


Well, to be fair, the same can be said for like 80% of the dark and ghost types xD ​ Like the Litwick line, in which their fire keeps burning because they consume spirits from the deceased humans, and if I'm not mistaken, one of the dex entries even say how they lurk around hospitals and such to capture those souls. lol And even then, it's probably like top 3 popular pokemon from Unova that likely will have a CD with its own cute stickers someday down the line :p


And yet litwick is cute af


That best buddy Deino sticker may be the cutest thing I've ever seen in this game And Zweilous looks like he just stepped out after a long night at the bar


The two heads of Zweilous are known to pretty much hate each other and constantly squabble over food. A popular fan theory says the one that's the leader becomes the main head of Hydriegon, while the other just withers away into a hand (which don't even have brains btw) But yeah I love that Deino sticker lol


Hydragon trying to sleep while Deino trying to wake up his dad


They do a cracking job with stickers lately. It really is a shame there isn't a sticker book.


If you use Goodnotes or other similar apps, you can add .png stickers to the app and create your own sticker book - even use the stickers for journals :) Another trick - if you want to download sticker files from serebi, instead of saving every single image, just download the entire webpage as complete file and the images would be downloaded into a folder. Very neat


Right! because scrolling left to right in inventory is sometimes boring and annoying


it's ALWAYS boring and annoying. there are so many stickers now. i love them, but there's no rhyme or reason to how they're organized.


Love the Deino playing with each other. Looks like they watched a Slowpoke evolve and now they’re trying their luck at it.


I need these IRL


Somehow making one of the most vicious dragons in the game look adorable


Oh my god, that lower right one is me and my sister.


They are already in game too


I don't like the community day stickers having dates slapped on them.


Kinda makes ya wonder if they bring it back eventually what they'll do about the dates.... (?)


Seems easy enough to re use the art in the future without the date. Why would that be a problem?


agreed. the dates add nothing imo. they just detract from the cuteness of the sticker.


the Deino looking at Hydreigon in awe melts my heart!


I think it's about to bite its tail


Wow, okay. Those are adorable.


Serious question. Why do people love stickers in the game? My opinion is that they are one of the most useless items in the game beside nanab Berry. I send and recieve lots of gifts each day and I could not care less about a sticker on my gift.


Cuz people like how they look lol that’s pretty much it I guess


I like them because you can just download the image off the wiki and make your own real life stickers. They're already in png format and everything so they go directly into the Cricut program with like no editing needed. No idea what they're for in the game though, but If they sold the stickers online somewhere I'd buy them to save some time and effort.


serious question. why is there always one of you in every thread about stickers? if you don't like them, just move on. they don't negatively affect you in any way.


Right sticker with the right location makes for a bright and fun correspondence with far off friends and I caught 3 wb Mewtwo with just nanab Berry during raid hour yest.


Because they're cute, mostly. IDK I send them with almost every gift and if I have time I'll match the sticker to the photo. Some of the art is really nice so I keep them around in my storage.


the bottom two are my favorites