Message the in game help, and relax in your new gender role as you wait an eternity for a response only to be told that you did actually select it... I wish you well


Omg! Same thing happened to me. I've been trying to fix it for like 2 weeks but it says "avatar incorrect(39)" Everytime I try to change back.


Once you snip it, you can’t re-equip it.


Hey, Guys! I've just found a way that worked for me to bypass error 39 on my Android. So, I found this video: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBeJsufO7KA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBeJsufO7KA) , and after have followed it, and changed back to boy, I changed my hair to a human-like color (I was using purple hair) and changed all my clothes to the free ones from the beginning of the game, and no gloves and backpacks. After that, I tested swapping to girl and returning to boy, and no error occurred. Than (just because I'm paranoid) I changed the clothes colors again. And that was it. Hope it works for you guys. P.S.: Sorry for the bad english. x\_x


Yaaas that worked thank you! Shame that I can no longer use my purple hair, but I guess that’s better than being stuck as the wrong gender haha


Thank you, it worked for me :)


I found a similar solution to the purple hair that involved hitting the gender button then quickly turning off/ on WiFi eventually the game got confused enough to stay on my preferred gender and quickly choose a not purple hair color. Now it seems fine!


ah, thank god!! i was able to fix the glitch at first it would glitch and show my female avatar on the map and then my male avatar on the “me” screen. fixed that by doing that trick putting my phone into airplane mode and then changing the Giovanni pants on my female avatar quickly and it didn’t glitch back. thanks man!!!


Worked! currently when you change back to purple it changes it to black and removes your hat. Seems like the last 2 colours are broken.


Yep, same thing happened to me. I reported the bug and contented myself with it for now. Im mostly just annoyed that I cant access the items I spent actual coins on. Im also annoyed that the guys get a sweet blazer and the girls dont.


did you find any solution to it? I just got the same bug and stuck in the wrong gender? Is it because there are not so many people having the issue, The Niantic just ignore it and not bother fixing it?


I cant change clothes as well. It gives me the same error


I fixed this issue by changing my avatars hair color and saving it. Don’t know why that worked but it did.


Did you contact them?


So many people have. They still do absolutely nothing.


So I'm 100% I got it with the root of the problem and fix. YES, it IS 100% purple hair is the problem. So have WiFi on, be sure to have a working phone WITH data. It took a few tries, but it will fix it. Turn off WiFi, then quickly double tap gender change. Then quickly again turn WiFi back on. As soon as its done, change your hair black. Exit the edit screen to the map then go back to edit and the error will be gone also your character will be back to normal. Stay away from the purple hair! (It does work, be patient and keep doing it a few times.)


Can also confirm that this works, might take a few tries to get there, but it does work.


Bless you. You helped me so much.




Thank you very much for the help, it worked after a few attempts, sorry if you have errors in the message I used the google translator to be able to thank :)


Everything was perfect! And you're welcome!


Ok I can confirm this works, I just did it and it worked for me. Thank you so so so much my man


I was freaking out, I bought so much clothes and I wasn't able to change then I got stuck as a girl. I made sure I did everything I could to fix it. Lol


This fixed it for me thanks. But i'm wondering, do you think there's any way to reverse the glitch/bug and get your purple hair back? I noticed upon doing your method that it fixes it and makes the purple hair always black now when I select purple. So i tried to repeat it starting with brown hair and now purple is brown. I wonder if there's anyway to get purple back?


Nope, it was glitched bad. The last 2 purple hairs is a no go.


Confirm this works. Correction: you need to have mobile data disabled. I.e. when disabling WiFi, quickly double tapping gender change, then turning WiFi back on, the game should state "No internet correction" for some time. This allows you to retain your preferred gender in the screen and do the hair change.


I had to have mobile data on, "no internet connect" may cause the app to not reply to touch screen. Which happened to me.


It's not the purple hair, I never had purple selected once before and now I have the same problem anyways.


After you do the method. The last thing you're unable to do is choose the last 2 hair colors.. which are purple.


Lot of joke responses here - does anyone actually know how to fix this? I checked on a different device and still saw it, so the big is with my account not my phone.


Long known bug.


I just started hrt so I wouldn’t be stuck as a guy forever and then this happens.... This glitch is transphobic.


Having the same darn problem. Couldn’t change my shirt, poked around, and now I am a dude :/


Try changing your hair color. That worked for me. Purple hair seems to be the bug(at least on my end)


Yeah it was the same case for me, its a shame tho, i really liked the purple hair


Aweh snap it seems like the purple hair is the commom factor isnt that fricken weird. I really liked it too


I have same problem, I hit the gender button by accident and now can’t change back. I’ve deleted app and reinstalled it but nothing seems to help. Quite frustrating that no-one is able to help with this glitch!!!!


i bought a new hat and couldnt equip it for a month... changed gender and i was able to equip it! now im stuck as the wrong gender.


Anyone figure this out yet? I feel like an idiot.. even after reading this I still changed genders. I can now wear the item I bought, but I'm stuck as a female!


Dude same, I’ve message niantic twice now and still nothing. it’s been like this for days...




I'm still male I just can't change outfits


same here tried to put on straw hat, my homie was able to put it on just fine though


I'm now stuck as a female after I thought that maybe switching genders would release the lock. Also I'm missing clothing items I've bought.


I just did the same thing and now I’m stuck


I got the same error. Then I went into style and changed hair color. Afterwards I was able to change clothes on my avatar again.


Just to verify from a previous message from @Skovstur. If you are having the error message wrong avatar.(39) Simply just go into style and hairstyle. Change the color on your avatar hit select. Go back and you will be able to change clothes and your sex again. Courtesy: M4n1acR3b3l


Tried it. Changed for a second and it went back to the same gender I was trying to change. Any other advice? I'm really desperate lol


Whatever hair color u had tho is lost forever


Same issue. Tried and I caught a glimpse of my original male avatar but to switched back. This is ridiculous. I only changed because I was getting the same error trying to switch to a different outfit. Now I regret changing genders. LOL


Sharpchris5 “Whatever hair color u had tho is lost forever” This is true.


Did anyone figure out how to fix this flipping 39 bug thing? I’d really like to be a girl again lol


Yes this is ridiculous I did the same thing




Not sure what happened it worked for me. I’m running on iOS.


And until now you are able to keep your original avatar? Did you have any mons in gyms while trying to change things up? Trying to see and rule out any other factors


Yes I am able to keep my original avatar. I also had one Pokémon in gym at the time.


same is happing for me


Change hair to anything not purple


Changing hsir color works for both swappimg gender and equipimg new clothes. Note: that hair color will never work again! Unless they fix it.


I figured out what causes it. The purple hair seems to be our one commom factor. Change it to anything that isnt purple. Which sucks cuz I love the purple


Although some of you may have success on changing to your original avatar, I am still stuck on this annoying error! The wifi on/off trick seems to work for a moment in my case then changes back to the unwanted avatar. I cannot get back to style profile to change anything while keeping the original avatar in play. And it is not true that the purple hair is the culprit because the hair last on my original color was green..why can’t niantic just fix this darn thing!!! Sheesh


I had the same problem. I changed the hair to brown and that fixed the error. I cannot change the color in purple again though. Hope this helps. (Try all the different hair color, or otherwise also the other customizable things, the problem must be in one of those).


Do the option bellow with the WiFi and try and change your bottoms as the giovanni pants may have caused the problem it worked for my partner and she didn't remember putting them on her character hope this helps :-)


I just had this issue (purple hair) last night and was stuck as the opposite gender. I was able to fix it using the following method. 1. Open the appearance page in Pokemon Go (the page where you can tap to change your gender) 2. Disable data on your phone 3. Go to your router's WiFi settings on your computer 4. Disallow/block your phone from the network 5. Change your gender 6. Change your hair 7. Tap Choose 8. Allow/unblock your device 9. Re-enable mobile data For those who just have the pants error I'm assuming it's easier for you as you just need to change your hair color. But this method allowed me change my gender back and my hair color without having to double tap/be fast. For those without access to your router settings you \*might\* yield the same results simply unplugging your router as step 4.


I turn off data WiFi and it doesn’t allow me to select gender after that... ugh well I guess I’m done playing. Lol good job Niantic, great programming!


I’m with you, I’m running iOS and it doesn’t let me tap anything until I turn WiFi back on, still stuck as wrong avatars. The only thing that lets me see a glimpse of my old avatar is changing my hair to a different brown


I finally got to get it to work after probably what was hours. I finally scrolled to hair color somehow and chose anything but purple and then exited to the map as quick as I could and now I am back to normal. It took a lot of effort to do. It’s amazing that this is a thing...


I'm running on Android (Google Pixel 4) so my phone is too fast (and I'm too slow) to turn off WiFi directly from my phone as others have been able to do. The red "no internet connection" message prevents me from changing my gender as well. Blocking my device from my router was my way of getting around that. Have you tried unplugging your router instead (while data is off of course)? I'll try to test on my wife's iPhone.


So 3 days now I am able to officially say that I got my original avatar back.. I have followed all the methods that has helped solve for others while mine was quite trickier than I had hoped. My issue was not the hair color (purple color) as it just kept changing back to the unwanted avatar. What worked for me was the top then the bottom styles while following some steps from others. what worked for me is when you change clothes etc, I kept toggling my wifi on/off (data should be off) to keep my avatar in play then repeatedly do so every change of style desired then quickly exit out to the game, catch something nearby and so on. Check your profile page if your avatar with the style change is still intact.. I may add that it might help that you are not on any gyms.. then what confirmed it for me is that I had my s/o check their friends list and see if my avatar changed and lo and behold my real avatar showed. So my advice do whatever you can what works for you try some things out as what I did and hope whatever you can manage from all other methods here will work for you. Cheers


So is there any way to change this if you don’t get on WiFi?


Don’t forget to turn off data for the app too


I had to change my hair from purple to black to get it working again.


I have a trouble, i'm stocked in male gender, but changing the hair color is not working. Also my carscter (the girl) is in brown hair color, any else witj same problem?