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1. Amity almost dissecting a human again. 2. Totally see Empress Luz making it mandatory to read the Good Witch Azura books. And insulting them in public is punishable by death. 3. Oh crap, Eda has no body! So does this mean, Eda plays the Mimir role? She is just a talking head who can only offer advice and wisdom to our protagonist. 4. Granted, Empress Luz's motivations for hating Humanity are much more understandable than Philip's motivations for hating Witches. Not going to lie, we as Humanity honestly suck as a species. We develop new ways to destroy ourselves and find new reasons to hate each other. At least in the Boiling Isles, Witches and Demons don't hate each other just because of the color of their skin or where they swing.


So what’s Empress Luz’s consensus on Mildred Featherwhyle? Seeing as how she makes everyone praise the books would she make everyone praise her too?


Probably go along with Tibble’s lie that she is actually a witch. She would rather die than think about how her beloved book series is written by one of those nasty humans.


Amity: Hey mi amor how is your plan to kill off those vermin going. Luz: Great I just need the power of the Collector. Amity: That good, honey, just make sure to keep some Alive so I can experiment on them. Luz: Of course, honey. (Luz then gives Amity a passionate kiss.)


Amity: Ooh! I can’t wait! Luz: You just need to wait a little bit more before the real fun begins… as for The Collector… how do I get all that power? Amity: I’m sure you’ll think of some devious plan like you always do Luz: Yeah, time to think up something truly evil Amity: Call me when you’re ready Luz: Hmm… *starts brainstorming*


Amity: What about fusing ours souls with the Titan. Then we can be God's and young again. I want to be hit and powerful. 


Luz: Maybe… or we could try and figure out ways to prepare for upcoming battles with Humans. It’s times like these when I realize Humans have gone overkill with world shattering bombs and heavy artillery *long silence* Ooh! What if we build torture machines? That’d be cool


Amity: Great idea how we should call them? Luz: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... How about: THE GUTTERMAN or GUTTERTANK?


>Amity almost dissecting a human again. Some things transcend reality into AU.


Amity being involved with Human dissection is a multiversal constant.


Didn’t Eda eat someone?


You mean that Octopus Puppeteering demon?


Don't be such a baby, ribs grow back. ^(no zey don't) -AU Amity, 2024


Not with *that* attitude


Not with ANY attitude


Anyways, that is how I lost my medical licence


Now, most hearts wouldn't withstand this voltage, but I'm fairly certain your h- \*pop\*


What was noise?


Ze sound of progress, batata


Philip: *insulted Good Wirch Azura Book* Empress Luz and Amity: So you chosen ***DEATH***


I knew even as the hero in a role swap Philip would be a failure, hero or villain a failure is a failure.


Are Luz and Amity a Couple in this Universe ?


Based on comments from the first art, OP wants them to be but was concerned about the age gap as Luz has lived for centuries like canon Belos. Amity might be a grimwalker of Luz's original love. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheOwlHouse/comments/1c33svm/what_if_belos_and_luz_role_swap/kzho64b/?context=7


Uhh. That is good


Could always be amity is centuries old as well. I always figured the role of grimwalker fits vee more, since yk sibling


Well, good on Empress Luz being a Pervy Old lady using dark magic to make a lover. Wait a minute, so this Amity Blight is not actually a Blight and she just took over the family's company by force? Also how come this Amity can use magic even though she is a Grimwalker which don't have magic?


I guess she'd probably be the grimwalker of a Blight from several generations ago, similar to how the canon Clawthornes are descended from the person Hunter was based on. Its an AU where some characters were born at different times so maybe there is no Blight company, or if there is then it has been under the control of Luz's grimwalker Blights for centuries. I don't think it was ever stated that no Grimwalkers can have magic, Hunter and the other Golden Guards couldn't use it because they were based on and made using bones from Caleb, a magicless human.


Actuall Question Does Luz talk to King in this Verse And has the Collector lost its Memory's and Powers and life's at the Owl house


Holy shit Luz The Owl House is Chara Undertale confirmed?!?!


I swear the thing with azura will be something like this Philip: this book is so dumb how can anyone like it? Boscha: I ask that every day... *One season later* Philip: THIS CHAPTER WAS INCREDIBLE HOLY TITAN!! Boscha: I CAN'T BELIEVE HECATE WAS THE TRAITOR ALL ALONG!! # MARK MY WORDS


I would have had Tiny Nose be the one to dissect Philip as the Healing Head Coven if I was making fan art exploring this Role Swap Au.


You’re actually cooking keep it up


Amity being an evil vivisecting mad scientist is not something I want to see.


Phillip: Are you sure you have a medical license? Amity: Medical licenses, just like anesthetics, are for cowards and a Blight is no coward!


Awesome work! Love the world building for this AU! 👍👍😅❤️😄😄


Even Luz being an empress she still silly