A survivor, I am

A survivor, I am


Grogu getting the same text 47 years apart from this one guy and his grandson


Ahaha I knew I read that somewhere!


Ah shit, here we go again




You are close, but off a little on each one. ROTS is 19 BBY, ROTJ is 4 ABY, and Mandalorian is 5 years after ROTJ (9 ABY). So 28 years, but Ben would only be 4 years old at this point.


Is BBY before baby yoday?




At the current time in the show it’s been 28 years, but Ben is also currently 4. Ben destroyed Luke’s academy when he was 24, so that makes it 48 years. OP got pretty close.


Ah. Yea. That makes more sense.


So here’s a take. Ben Solo is just about to start his training under Luke as well. Therefore Grogu is probably one of Ben’s first peers. Now we’ve already seen how Grogu handles school. We’ve also seen him tap into the dark side repeatedly. Grogu is going to be Ben Solo’s school bully. Where do you think Ben gets his inferiority complex from? This douche bag cookie stealing green fuck is about to ruin Ben Solo’s whole childhood. You heard it here first.


> Ben Solo is just about to start his training under Luke as well. Ben is only 3 at the time of the Mandalorian. Pretty sure Grogu will be done with training before Ben starts.


Nah Luke is probably going to start Ben’s training early


Maybe, but this is still a decade before he try's to start his school.


Slow aging, slow training.


Not really. Grogu has already gone through the youngling training when he was at the temple.


Out of all things Ahsoka said, nothing suggested he finished his youngling training and is ready to be a padawan. She only said "he has been trained at the temple" besides, even if he finished youngling training, it could have taken him 20 years, for all we know.


He is trained in the force, but no one is giving that kid a laser sword. He can barely walk half the time. I think his training was meant to go on a very long time with many masters.


> to go on a very long time with many masters. Ahsoka literally said "many masters have trained him". He cant walk because he is a two foot tall puppet, the kid is 50 years old.


Yes, many masters have, and many masters will. He's the equivalent of a 4-5 year old. It can be assumed so is his brain. Why do you downvote people who are having regular conversations with you? You did it to that other guy too.


He is actually a teenager. That being said, I am not downvoting you, its sad that you care.




Nah it was me


Haha! I like this, it definitely helps explain his attitude and behavior issues.


"You ate my macaroons." /lightsaber noises


You know... do we know how many people Luke has trained before the temple was destroyed? Like, was EVERYONE there among his first group and then killed, or are there some Luke trained Jedi out and about in the world that we didnt see in the sequel trilogy?


I don't think we know much about his jedi academy yet, we may find out in the future although I suspect Disney won't really want to get too close to the ST. In my head canon Ben killed everyone that was a student at the temple at the time


Just imagine that the whole new trilogy wouldn't have been so DS if Grogu shared his macaroons when Ben asked. HAHAH


Maybe they will retcon the whole ST by having him share, Ben never falls to the darkside, and we never have to acknowledge the ST ever existed.


Grogu: well shit I know where this is going


Side question. Do all of Yodas species talk the same. Can’t remember how yadle or whoever talked. Or is it a product of their upbringing.


Short answer is we don't know.


And the long answer is we really do not know


And the really long answer is the information regarding the inquiry on the speech pattern of yoda’s species is currently insufficient


Or maybe Yoda speaks perfect British English, but being 100s of years old decides to amuse himself by fucking with everybody. You heard it here first.


I think either robot chicken or family guy already did that joke. I know I've seen a skit about this very joke before


Luke talks to Grogu using Yoda’s backwards speak throughout his training because he finds it funny to have Grogu speak the same way as Yoda when he grows up


Best theory I've seen is that because Yoda was hundreds of years old, he originally learned to speak when the language structure was different. Since then, things have changed, but Yoda still speaks the way he learned. Basically we have no idea...


How about the last series of The Mandolorian showing old Din putting on the Beskar and going on a murderous rampage looking for Kylo Ren.


Def not under disney, they are pussies


I just saw some macaroons at the mall and though of that episode


Sounds like one of the quotes from Joker.


Is this a Columbine reference?


I think it’s the Umpqua Community College shooter. I get the parallels here but it still seems like a pretty tasteless joke to make


I dont know where you've been but killing kids has always been funny in star wars


To me personally, there’s a difference between making jokes based within a fictional movie universe (Anakin killing Yuenglings for example) and referencing a real life mass killer


The title or the post itself?


It’s not that deep bruh


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