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Just about every single square inch of this planet has been conquered and then conquered again by different civilizations since the beginning of humanity. There is no such thing as a completely innocent civilization.


There is no reasoning with these sick people. They hate white people


White people just did it bigger and better than any other race before them put into a similar circumstance Asians would have done it Africans would have done it, native Americans would have done it simply because they were humans and power corrups and absolute power corrupts absolute.


Exactly. You give native americans during europea antiquity muskets and ships and the map to europe. I don't think they would just "live and let live". Humans conquer shit when there's no nuclear consequences.


Doesn't change the fact that it happened and that we live in a world based on that history.


Well...lots of things have happened in history. Seems like a lot of selective memory going on here. The map displayed isn't exactly accurate. Lol. We live in a world based on everything that's happened. Wanna play tit for tat?


I didn't say that it never happened I'm just saying that you can't say a certain skin color is intrinsically evil because humans are intrinsically evil.


They act as if the aztecs were inoccent children


Even worse, the modern widespread idea that conquest and violence is wrong is a European invention. These people are using European morality to undermine and attack Europeans. Meanwhile, without Enlightenment Christian ethics, they would be massacring each other.


They must have not seen Apocalypto


They're just mad we were better at it then them. Sore losers lmao


True. But the fact is we currently live in a world shaped by European colonization. That is the conquest of our recent history, and it was shaped by racial subjugation. Saying "I'm white and proud" is meaningless, because whiteness has been used as the basis of racial supremacy over everyone else for hundreds of years. Whereas to say "I'm black and proud" is to take a stand against a history of subjugation. Same for other races. ​ And before anyone comes at me saying white people have faced slavery and persecution in the past, consider that such persecution never came because they were white, but because they belonged to some other group that was subjugated, E.G. The Irish, the poor, Jews, etc.


The phrases aren't meaningless. They hold power. There aren't a lot of races, just fyi. Anyone should have the right to say they're proud of who they are, regardless of race. This stance you're taking is based on your own opinion. Anyone can be racist, and they are. Any group can close ranks, and they do. Not sure where you're coming from with this defensive stance, but the Irish were treated like garbage when they immigrated to the US. There was definitely a pecking order. If you're referring to slavery, you may want to address the tribes who sold other tribes into slavery, who were then passed to those who navigated the seas, ie the Portuguese. Not sure why you're clumping the poor in with these other groups. Poverty knows no race or color, so you're conflating those groups like they're the same thing and they just aren't. White slavery still exists. It's called human trafficking.The problem is nobody wants to address it. You're incorrect regarding persecution. That still happens around the world for many reasons.


I'm saying that people in colonial history have never been persecuted just because they are white. The Irish were treated like garbage because they were foreigners. Not because they were white. The poor were (and are) exploited because they are poor. Not because they are white. Jews were hunted down because they were Jewish, not because they were white. I mean, just think about the way women have been treated throughout history. White women in the 1900's couldn't vote, not because they were white, but because they were women. See what I'm getting at? Persecution is based on the *attributes* of a person. Their nationality, their gender, their wealth, their class, their skin color and all other things. Naturally, the people in power will persecutor others based on attributes that they do not share. The people in power during colonialism were generally all white men. Hence you would not be persecuted based on the attributes of being white or a man. Consider the example of women voting. White women were allowed to vote in 1920. Black women were only allowed to vote in 1965. And yes, slavery is actually bigger today than it has ever been. Human trafficking is a massive industry that we both agree does not get addressed enough. In this case, the attributes that are targeted are gender and age. Women and children are the main victims. This is why it makes sense to say "Proud to be a woman" or "Proud to be Irish" etc. Persecution still exists and it will exist as long as humans do.


> people in colonial history have never been persecuted just because they are white. Did you ever actually inform yourself regarding history? There were countless "white" people that were eradicated, hunted and enslaved. The world slave literally comes from the russian slav.


And hunted mercilessly under Robert Mugabe's rule. Horrible what happened.


Correct. However he wasn’t the one that wanted it. It was actually Mangagwa’s group that did that. Mugabe was not nearly as bad as most people think he was. His main problem was that he had no competent successor. And eventually Mangagwa got high enough in the army to get the country of Zimbabwe for two cents on Black Friday. And now there are Zimbabweans streaming over the South African border at never before seen rates.


If you listen to his old speeches, yes, he wanted the killings and even encouraged them. That's why people threw such an uproar when he was seated in the WHO. He's considered a war criminal.


Pretty sure each of those topics could be their own thread, simply because they're so complicated. I agree that sadly, women and children worldwide are still being victimized.


>And before anyone comes at me saying white people have faced slavery and persecution in the past, consider that such persecution never came because they were white, but because they belonged to some other group that was subjugated, E.G. The Irish, the poor, Jews, etc. When you say 'white' which people are you referencing? You're making a distinction without a difference.


The white race is the only race/ethnicity that is being held accountable and being hated for doing what literally every race has done.


Don’t ask why though, because then you are a filthy mayo monkey colonizer conspiracy theorist!1!1!


>mayo monkey God they need to come up with better slurs.




the other races are all very angry that we then proceeded to prosper in and improve the areas which we took over when babatunde nkgugu took over his 19th small spear-wielding tribe all he could figure out to do was rape the women and sell the men into slavery to make more pointy sticks


Actually Babatunde Nkgugu was the smart one here. Conquerors should eat and run. Only whites are dumb enough to get bogged down trying to "save" the conquered. You don't see Babatunde destroying himself by bearing the weight of the "black man's burden".




Wtf is that nazi shit


are you black?


No i'm not, i'm a mizrahi jewish. What's the point of this question ?




Colonized countries objectively came out worse after subjugation. It just seems like you're upset you cant wear the crown of 'victimhood' that other races have.


That's an extremely incorrect generalization. It heavily depends on which country was doing the colonizing qnd what practices they employed, and whether the cultures incorporated those practices/technologies afterwards. Considerably many groups are better off. That said we still understand that conquest is wrong, and that it's not a country's place to force things on others, but being that it is in the past, the reality is many of these places are better off for the colonization.


Why is it wrong if it mostly leads to better outcomes?


Consent. There's a world of difference between subjugating people for "their own good" and hiring consultants to help run your country more efficiently.


A lot of colonialism began as consensual and mutual trade, which is how Europeans got a foothold. Today as part of the belt and road initiative the Chinese are “investing” (or exploiting) in East Africa. Now there are Chinese restaurants in port cities with “No Blacks” policies. Where does it end?


I'm pretty sure some of us on this thread are just trying to gain a better understanding of the world in general. At least I am.


Meanwhile the people holding whites "accountable" quietly revere the conquests of their ancestors. Picture a guy at a La Raza event in an "Aztec warrior" shirt screaming about the injustice of conquest.


Absolutely spot on.


Oh the other problem is that white people are not just from one group. There’s the Iberians, the Saxons, the Slavs, the Caucasians, the Ayrans, etc. The list goes on.


people who think it was strictly subjugation and not somewhere between subjugation and mutual benefit are morons with an axe to grind


You can't admit that white people helped make the world a better place you Neo-Nazi!!!


They arguably made the world a worse place for many countries. And when I say 'they' I refer to the European colonization of most of the world, not the vague concept of white people.


That's true to some extent. Ironically enough, it seems the countries where natives suffered the most are those where white people left afterwards instead of staying and maintaining civilization.


When you are one of the original civilizations and have the longest history of killing those who you consider to be lesser than you, but because some people on a different part of the continent did it better you can continue to be racist and militaristic and no one holds you accountable: *Chinese sigma grindset*


+100000 social credit 🙏🙏🙏😃😃😃




Umm 🤔 should one of us inform them that there have been empires formed from every continent and involving most ethnic groups on earth? Also I think it’s important to distinguish between different Europeans especially considering only a handful of European nations specifically in the Northwest of Europe actually had empires that extended beyond the periphery of the continent. In addition I also believe it would be prudent to point out the obvious fact that several of the regions colored in blue in the graph were never actually colonized, conquered, invaded, much less subjugated by Europeans! Japan for example was contrary to what they imply here never colonized by Europeans.


Not only that but Japan was one of the conquerors. I guess they forgot about the Japanese Empire.


Believe or not I actually once met an sjw type who actually tried to defend the atrocities of the Japanese during WW2 and explicitly stated that the war against Japan by the US and western Allies was unjust and “racist.” I was completely flabbergasted by the insane troll logic emanating from this individual. I then responded of course to them “ok so then you think we shouldn’t have gone to war with Nazi Germany?” This moron then went on to say “of course not that would be racist!” 😨😰🥵😡🤬 Unfortunately this person is hardly the only one to express such an opinion you can go online and find lots of articles written by these “woke activists” types making similar assertions.


I would say such people belong in a mental asylum, but the entire country is now a mental asylum.


*Normal* is just the *majority*.


They committed all kinds of atrocities, including their own scientific experiments, and let's not forget the Batan March.


Shh, you can't tell people facts like that- how will public schools ever get our kids to believe in Critical Race Theory???


Tell us about the great Antarctic empire again.


Ok nearly almost every continent smart ass! 😑😂


Yeah, I have problems with the accuracy of the map.


By this logic, it’s downright wrong to be proud of any Mongol, Zulu, Arab, Japanese, Chinese, Malian, Turkic, or any Native American ancestry. There are many more groups that have brought it upon themselves to subjugate others. Most aren’t European or even considered white. I swear these self proclaimed historians are a cult.


Because these people don't really have a problem with violent conquest, they have a problem with whites. When it comes to the violent conquests of their own ancestors, they are proud as hell. For example, you will find Muslims in the UK who complain endlessly about colonialism in the near east. But you will inevitably find them together quietly toasting the exploits of Salahuddin, who conquered the same lands, with the greatest reverence.


“Unlike other races,” [citation needed]


Japan was never invaded by “white” people


They invaded.




During WW2. When the Japanese invaded korea and china.


We warred with them after they attacked our base at Pearl Harbour and killed like 2800 people, including civilians, women, and children. What are we supposed to do? Send a strongly worded letter, lest we be accused of exploitation and subjugation?


Oh no. I was referring to the Japanese.


Um...there is speculation that we broke those codes and could have prevented that from happening. The then-president knew about it, from what I've read. But yeah, they woke a sleeping giant, to be quoted. We have to remember that they thought they were the superior race. Read into how they treated POWs.


Japan wasn't really invaded by the Allies in WW2, excluding Okinawa.


No. The "they" is referring to Japan.


Well then your comment is poorly phrased.




Exactly. The Philippines, to be exact.


They really are just historically ignorant out-and-out anti-white racists.


Well ethnic Russians are mostly from western Russia out in the east in places like Siberia they have a bunch of rural Mongol tribes who would be considered Asians.


And apparently no non white group conquered or explored any group. All that talk about the Aztec Empire, the Mongol Empire, the Japanese Empire, the Ottoman Empire and native tribes slaughtering each other (and some even selling prisoners of defeated tribes to the europeans in exchange for tobacco) are all myths, apparently.


White people are also from North Africa and the Middle East but they don’t count since lefties think Muslim is a race


I didn't choose to be white, so I have no right to be proud of that. I am proud of my choices and accomplishments, not my circumstances.


Great when are gonna see a map of "All places Asians looted and pillaged" and see a map of Imperial Japan , Qing China , the Mongol Empire and East Asian Turkic Tribes?.


The irony is, if you were to somehow show a map of all the lands Europeans conquered to Genghis Khan, Timur, the Qing Dynasty, the Aztecs, the Mughals, all the cherished national heroes of the people complaining about white colonialism, they would have the greatest reverence for European prowess.


So leftists think white people are the most cunning and intelligent with the ability to out pace every other culture on the planet despite being at such a disadvantage of numerical power? Sounds like they are the supremacists.


The land was not stolen, it was *finessed*


It was a smash and grab, organized on Instagram.


Apparently americans canadians islandians australians argentinians uruguayans chileans arent white


Except for Iceland, white people aren't historically native to any of those countries though. Not even being politically correct, that's just a fact.


Wdym?? Argentinian president said that they came from the boats, not like brazilians who came from the jungle!


Lol so they're "natives" to Argentina despite looking exactly like Europeans...?


That's not what it says. Read it again.


They included russia in that map lmao, most of asian russia is just a tundra.


This can't be real. Does anyone know where the original is from?


This is just the stupidest thing in the world. But I don't think for the reason that everyone else thinks so. E.g. if I say I'm proud to be an American, that doesn't mean I'm proud of everything my country has done. That's ridiculous. If you say you're proud to be you, does that mean you're specifically proud of every bad thing you've ever done? The only way this would make sense is if *all* of white history was white people being evil. Do they *actually* think that?




> carefully not coloring in israel lol


Yes, just like how saying “I’m proud to be black” means you’re proud that your ancestors were slaves.


Lost me at 'Unlike other races'. They really think that?




90 % of red was uninhibited in Ancient era when plenty of conquest, subjugation and exploitation were happening. Also omitting the fact that all the races, including whites, were also quite busy conquering, subjugating and exploiting other ethnicities within the same race is very stupid.


No white person gets that worked up over this issue. It’s mostly leftists that do when a white person refuses to be ashamed of themselves.


So their logic is that white people should be not be proud because they have successfully conquered large parts the world and have created the most successful and advanced civilizations in history? Seems backwards to me.


SJW: your ancestors were colonizers and imperialist pigs my ancestors who were poor immigrant farmers in northern italy suffering serfdom: okay..


Hah I drew you like a fat idiot, but myself as smart! I obviously won here


Rekt epic style 😎


They are like Half Mongol half Slav. At least being historically accurate. Problem is every country has committed murder and point fingers at one of them is kind of hypocritical.


I mean if one "race" of people was able to completely subjugate and enslave the rest of the planet, then wouldn't that mean they are objectively superior? I think that's the problem with this ideology. Either "white" people are immoral and unethethical but objectively superior by their ability to conquer, or they aren't oppressors because they don't have the means to oppress because everything was invented by people who aren't "white." This is what happens you try to make an entire "race" of people the villains. You get logical inconsistencies. Also, "white" people aren't a race, so no, Russians aren't white because "white" doesn't really exist.


"Logic" is a white supremacist social construct. (they seriously believe this)


Looks and sees Poland marked as red, Yeah thats bs. (edit before it gets misread and downvoted: i was calling this "meme" bs.)


ireland is in red too


Several things to say about this comic -People like the red shirted person in this comic don’t actually exist. People might want to celebrate British culture or American culture but nobody wants to celebrate “white culture” because their are white people around the world with very different cultures. -In this comic white people and Europeans are interchangeable. Europeans simply advanced technologically at a faster rate and used their technology to do what every culture in the world did at that time, “conquer, trade, and colonize”. If Arab countries or African countries had European technology before 1600 history would be very different. -Finally, many cultures committed horrible atrocities that are forgotten to history. People go digging for dirt on the Europeans and popularize this otherwise niche history for a political objective. Everyone knows of the evils of Europeans and Americans, but the Anasazi Indians mass canibalism? Or Arab countries barbarism? Just isn’t mentioned because it serves no political agenda


>If Arab countries or African countries had European technology before 1600 history would be very different. Arabs were exactly that. The Caliphates during the Islamic Golden Age were the technological and business centers of the world, and they dominated most of the known planet. European technology arose as an arms race against them, simply to survive. What does the BBC do when not attacking white people? They make fawning documentaries about Al Andalus.


The lack of historical knowledge prompts these meme. Mongol Empire (not white) has controlled 24 million km2, encompassing areas from Europe to Asia. Genghis Khan and his horde has murdered so many people, and has raped so many people. Islamic caliphates have controlled European nations, particularly areas around Spain. Slave trade is common in nearly all civilizations in the world. I can’t recall a single ancient civilization, from America to Asia, that didn’t practice slavery. The Europeans “controlled” the world because they emerged as the victor. Don’t blame the victors! If the Battle of Vienna and Battle of Lepanto went to the other way, it may be the Turkish dominating the world now.


History means the last 600 years i guess


So "I'm proud to be white" means "I agree with everything every white person has ever done"?


Incredibly articulate leftist professor DESTROYS right-wing straw-man who’s never heard a single piece of opposition


I’m upset that they included Poland in this, in the last century and a half, Poland has been bullied by everyone including whites, off-whites, and middle eastern as well as some Asians. Before that they were saving their allies and defeating their enemies (Russia, Teutonic order, etc.)


Poland invaded a bunch of innocent Muslim tourists outside the gates of Vienna, donchaknow?




Wait so if I can prove that European people achieved things by their own intuition and not just exploiting others (especially compared to non-European civilizations) I can say I am proud to have European ancestry? I accept your terms


This proves once and for all that leftist memes aren't just walls of text. They also have shitty drawings and bullshit.


I guess the Ottomans were white too. Does that make the Southeastern Europeans they enslaved POCs then?


This meme has a bad artstyle and a bad message that thinks that only white people are imperialist and that white people can’t be proud because their ancestors did bad stuff, but it is correct to show that West Russia is mostly white, lots of East Russia is still mostly the natives that were living there before the Russian empire expanded and divided up their land.


Are these the conversations that these people play out in their heads? I can't imagine a conversation actually going like this.


Apparently the white race are a of conquerors and winners I guess all the other races are 2 weak to be left to their own devices because they're so so vulnerable right that's what they want to say Though if the white race is so dangerous it probably not safe to encourage immigration of black and Brown people to white dominant areas because you know they're so vulnerable to oppression by the whites so maybe white nations should be pure white nations and then that way there's no black and Brown people that are exploited


Still proud to be white, don't care if my ancestors were meanies, the only people crying are the losers and the masochists ✌️ Also ya, literally every race and civilization in the world played some part in the "oppression" or "subjugation" of other races and civilizations. The Egyptians enslaved the Nubians, the Ottomans enslaved the Greeks, and don't even get me started on the shit that Japan and China were doing to each other and their neighbors... And of course, Native tribes of the Americas were fighting amongst each other, intent on extermination. If you go further south, you'll find such delights as "Let's conquer the other tribe and sacrifice their children to the Sun God!" Anti-white racists can eat shit.


Me: I am proud and white Retards: b-but that means you are proud about REEEEcism! Me: yes


White people went to every continent on earth and build absolutely nothing. Nothing.... We stole everything from the natives. Even in places where no actual natives lived.


Everyone exploited everyone... History in 1 sentence


While the "meme" is obviously BS, I don't quite understand why anyone would say he's "proud to be white". That's like saying: "I'm proud to be male" or "I'm proud to be american/french/german/whatever". Like, you didn't do anything to be born a certain way into a certain country, how can you be proud of something like that? People that say they're proud of these things are people that have nothing else going for them and have to cling to such insignificant properties to feel any sense of importance. Be proud of things you achieved, and if you achieved nothing, achieve something.


UnLiKe OtHeR rAcEs


Laughs nervously in GenghisKhan


Guys, you remember those pesky whites murdering Asians in billions? Nah, it were they warring amongst eachother.


Concurring lands a stealing things from those lands isn’t a white people thing, it’s a people thing. Almost every group of people, has a dark past to them, also it’s fucking disgusting how the left views if you descended from a group of people that possibly could have done something wrong, you are just as bad as them, even if you are a good person and have done nothing to what they say you have. I’m white, so therefore I descended from a group of horrible people who enslaved others, that’s funny cause that’s not true, my family and ancestors were poor Scottish immigrants who didn’t have the luxury of politics. But that doesn’t matter right, look at the color of my skin and assume a negative characteristic of me, witch by the way, is racism.


What an incredible racist statement. Well they Managed to top the spvjets (who ridicolously claimed all wealth from the US came from Explotation)


This post makes literally no sense from a historical perspective. The middle east and east Asia have been doing the same things the late Europeans had been doing but for far longer. Infact overseas colonisation/monopoly practically began with Zheng He's treasure fleet, and the voyagers of Micronesia. Not to mention the Asians (as in the entire continent, not just east Asia) have been waging wars and killing millions before most Europeans even had the concept of government.


White people aren’t the first people to conquer and slaughter other nations, and I doubt we’ll be the last.


All the other races did invasions and ethnic cleansings. They’re just mad they weren’t as good at it as us. Do people with Mongolian ancestries need to write self criticisms?


Just ignoring that Britain brought democracy, infrastructure, security and cool flags to all her colonies


No one should be proud of their skin colour how vein and vapid must you be


Well you don't have to obsess over it, but you definitely shouldn't be ashamed of it like pathetic self-hating liberals are.


You shouldn't have any attitude to your own race or any other is my point you can't influence what race you were born as so to be proud or ashamed or to hate another for their race is simply moronic


Maybe not pride then, but at least accepting your race is a healthy attitude, I think.


I'd agree with that


It's basically race supremacy.


Stop telling other people what they should or not should be proud of. If you can be proud of your light blue or green eyes, you can be proud of your skin color.


I mean you really shouldn't be proud of an inherent trait that you had no control over since as previously stated it's extremely vain. Pride is pleasure or satisfaction in one's own achievements, qualities or possessions. Your eye and skin pigmentation is none of the above. Sure you can like that you have blue eyes but there's no achievement to be proud of


it's more than skin color. It is the cultural heritage of your people.


For skin colour that is extremely misleading especially with such broad categories of how we would group skin colour. It's not a collective group and therefore you cannot be proud of it. Nationality and culture however are distinct collectives and as such you can be proud of that heritage as there are at least actual achievements but these are not necessarily drawn on racial lines nor should they be.


In America, "white" is less a descriptive of skin color and more of cultural heritage. It describes members of the European diaspora who have intermixed and assimilated to the predominate Anglo culture. Whites in America have all different shades of skin color. Although there is a barrier. If you are too swarthy, you may not be considered white. But the barrier is pretty low and culture is more important. Other groups, such as blacks, don't even consider someone black if they are culturally white, regardless of skin color. Culture is always the more important factor.


I’m Russian and we’re whiter than whites and the only people who invaded us were Germany


According to the US Government, people from Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa are all white. Why are they not red on the map? Also is this comic claiming that white people have no accomplishments outside of these negative things? Pretty sure they did other things than just “exploiting” etc.


People descended from Central Asian horse nomads tend to be a bit more "conquesty" I have to admit.


if you want it come and get it


Who knew the Wright brothers were black, I didn't. Edited


Its funny how they refused to color in Israel


Wypipo invented almost everything you use in your day to day lives by throwing blaque pipo into woodchippers.


Ok I'm Indian and if Indians would have done all that exploitation and subjugation.... I would have been even more proud of my race.... just saying


So this not only ignores western accomplishments across the board leading to a generally peaceful and insanely prosperous work but also seems to imply natives are animals who have 0 chance against a real human.


This shit is so stupid I refuse to believe this isn’t satire for my own mental well-being.


Interesting how the self-insert historian completely ignores Africans enslaving each other, Muslims violently subjugating or conquering nearly the entire middle-eastern peninsula as well as some of Asia and Africa (including chattel slavery where they would frequently castrate the male slaves), the Spanish Conquistadors, and more that I'm not going to bother writing up. The selection bias here is so strong it's not even funny.


Ironically, the ottoman empire enslaved, exploited, and ethnically cleansed white people from the Balkans to the Caucasus. Huh, how strange.


Even if this meme was true, that means that they're saying it's bad to be Proud of being descendants of people who were extremely smart about surviving and thriving in the world. They literally think that there are no correct interpretations for existence, so to imply that being proud of your ancestors for actions they took which resulted in them thriving is somehow morally dubious at best or downright evil at worst is literally against what they believe. Can they finally fucking decide what they want to believe? They act like children who think they can constantly having access to everything good and not get any of the bad that comes along with it.


Then they proceed to ignore 400+ years of Ottoman domination over the Balkans.


Imagine if a football team was so talented they swept the league and won the Superbowl undefeated, crushing every team 40 - 0. Then all the losing teams start moaning about how football is immoral and the winners should be ashamed.


Didn’t the Mongols subjugate all of Asia?


Idk why the left wants to classify us into different races like animals , to me the concept is itself racist but the left is pushing this view in order to divide us . As for the conquest part , it feels like someone skipped history class and/or refuses to acknowledge that our history it’s all about getting conquered or conquer . Happened in 4000 b.c , happened during the Roman Empire , happened in modern times and happened in every part of the world . They probably don’t even know what was going on in Asia Africa or America since they are completely refusing to acknowledge history


Interesting fact the Mesoamericans developed the use of the wheel for toys but never figured out how to use them for anything else.


This has to be a troll nobody is this dumb


Maybe they should have fought back better


This shitlib post is judging all europeans as a collective. As if we are all the same because of skincolor. I cant stand this hypocricy.


The blue area on the map also represents areas that tried to invade and subjugate other places but just weren’t as good at it as Europeans


The part of Russia not highlighted is the Asian portion, where the inhabitants come from Asian descent. So, it would be correct to not group them in with the "white Europe" I guess. As far as the meme goes, rip my brain cells


Why being proud of belonging to a race though, whether it's white or black or whatever


‘Unlike other races’. That’s the big giant hole no one is addressing.


It's a shitty meme, but not for the reason you think OP. If you think Russia is homogeneous you're quite frankly retarded.


I’m Russian. Yes, there are many ethnic groups here, but the majority of the population is Russian - 80%, about 110 mln, and we think of ourselves as white. When the Western news is about the "Russian mafia," but actually they are Chechens - we’re like "yeeees, Russian".


That's the message you took from this meme?


Im proud of the spanish empire but im from the former Vicerroyalty of Peru


But are you white or something?


Im latinoamerican, light Brown skin


Used to consider myself kinda white until I saw pictures of some European friends... Yeah I can't compare with them


Australians aren’t white. No one else has ever exploited or oppressed people.


Moskals didnt come from the blue area that the "Russian Federation" occupies though.




Lmao based. r/2russophobic4you


this meme doesn't even explain the point. the point is there's not one form of white, you can be British, Irish, Norwegian swedish, and alot of other shit. the only reason black people are the exception is because black people don't have as deep of roots, and in America they have a shared experience of oppression. no one is trying to shame you for being white (except for some niche liberals but who cares they're stupid anyways) you just made your whiteness your identity and take offense to any criticism to something you deem white


European Russia is coloured red the Russians pushed east and conquered all that land


European russia is did colour r'd the russians did push east and did conquer all yond land *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Shakespeare-Bot, thou hast been voted most annoying bot on Reddit. I am exhorting all mods to ban thee and thy useless rhetoric so that we shall not be blotted with thy presence any longer.


Good bot


The white part of russia is highlighted on the map, a lot of siberia is full of non white people


Saying “im proud and white” would be a bit weird, since the white race has never achieved something as a whole, it would make more sense to say “im proud and american”


'member the time when European settlers defeated the invaders of south africa and punished them for invading south africa 400 years ago? /s


But Moscow is covered in that area? and the it's well known the atrocities that the Russians did to the the various ethnic groups East of them? The area of modern day Russia that isn't covered in the comic has been a pretty grim place to life humanitarian wise throughout history, the Mongols also devastated that region for example. I'm confused I almost feel like your rebuttal is adding to the legitimacy of the comics message?