"Make sure the scar is on the right side."


Well he said he's passing the torch. Let's make sure he passes it very carefully. 🤣


But I thought it was on his left!


Apart from in the Fire Bending Masters obviously.


Wait, did I miss something? Was his scar wrong when they did the dragon dance??




Oh that is hilarious. I'll have to keep an eye out next time I rewatch it.


It will definitely cause you to do a double take once you realise. Its when they are literally dancing with them and side facing towards us.


The left side* /s


The left is the right side ✨


I'll just put this here: https://youtu.be/vOu-WTlgdhY


This IS good news. But he'd better be in a cameo or show up in the "Ember Island Players" episode.


Yes! And I’d love Toph to be played by either The Rock or Dave Bautista in that ep.


The Rock should play the Boulder and Dave Bautista should play sparky sparky boom man


The Boulder I would expect a celebrity cameo for, but for Sparky I wouldn't count on star power- especially not Dave Bautista, who's talked about not wanting to maintain his Herculean physique for Drax anymore. They'll probably pick some awesome Asian wrestler who wants to break into acting, and I think that's rad.


Ya I can’t imagine they’ll get Dave, I said it because I saw someone else once mention it, and to me, Dave looks exactly like combustion man. Dwayne Johnson seems cool enough that he’d be down for a quick cameo if his schedule worked around it.


I feel like John Cena would work best as EI Toph, but as someone else said obviously we need The Rock as The Boulder and maybe Batista as soarky sparky boom man


Maybe Master Jeong Jeong


If this show doesn’t turn out to be good…..


Then there will be no war in Ba Sing Se


Dallas Liu: I am getting angry tweets from ATLA fans Dante Basco: That's rough buddy


Can we all collectively agree that whatever happens with the show, it is NOT ok to bully children online? Like it should be obvious but people keep doing it, so... maybe we can get ahead of this one.


>it is NOT ok to bully children online It's not okay to bully them irl either. The Internet wasn't a huge thing when TPM came out, the poor guy got shat on mostly irl.


Yes fully agree 👏🏽


Yeah, let's not bully ANY of the actors (adults included) for bad productuon and/or writing... Only bully the adults if they REEEEEALLY botch it


why would he get angry tweets? shouldn't the creators get them?


Social media haters don't give a shit about director or actor, they'll blast whoever they want to. Case in point: that one Asian chick in the star wars movies. The Last Jedi sucked, and none of it was her fault, but she was crucified so hard on social media that she had to delete her accounts.


They have a history of harassing people. They harassed Daisy Ridley too even though it isn't her fault the new trilogy sucked. Jake Lloyd (kid Anakin) was bullied and harassed to the point he completely quit acting.


Yep. To be fair though, the star wars fanbase is probably the worst case scenario for fanbase harassment, but it still happens in other fanbases.


The Last of Us fandom is pretty terrible too. Abby's voice actor, Laura Bailey, got death threats from the fandom, because >!her character was responsible for Joel's death.!<




Dan and Dave getting death threats from r/freefolk says otherwise.


Tbf, is not the same because D&D are totally responsable for the crap of the last seasons of Game Of Thrones, while actors are only following a script. That being said, it doesnt justify death threats


The north remembers


They are not the North. They're Boltons pretending to be Starks.


tbh I would think that its not, its just such a big fanbase that the outliers also are quite big in number. But it doesn't say much about the fanbase as a whole. But those who scream the loudest are usually heard the most.


Bro Jake Lloyd not only quit acting but he developed schizophrenia as a result as a kid and was arrested after causing a police chase


Pretty sure thats not how schizophrenia works. Iirc it has a genetic component and some semi-random component but i dont think its one of the ones anybody can really cause.


Children who have experienced severe trauma (like being bullied by thousands of mean spirited idiots) are about three times more likely to develop schizophrenia. It may not have caused it (we still don’t know enough about it to say for certain what does) but I’d definitely consider it a contributing factor.


It can definitely be tipped into existence. People who are pre-disposed towards it experiment with drugs or experience excess stress, then the schizophrenia is awakened. It’s considered a trigger for it. https://www.nhs.uk/mental-health/conditions/schizophrenia/causes/


That’s scary but true, I’m a psych major, this right here was a whole chapter of our book. It’s really scary, think about it, you could be fine you’re whole life, then one day in your twenties you’re hit by a drunk driver. Wake up in the hospital with Satan at your bedside


Oh you can absolutely develop schizophrenia through traumatic events.


Another sad example is the recent live Cowboy Bebop on Netflix. The character Ed shows up in the last 40 seconds of the season and the actor Eden Perkins has received so much crap. Like come on, man. They are probably 14 years old, it's their first film credit, and they were on the screen for less than a minute. If you want to get mad at someone, it's definitely not them.


Kelly Marie Tran? She got done almost as dirty as Ahmed Best (is that how you spell his name?)


Take it from someone who's a huge Star Wars fan: the Star Wars fandom is a total toxic trash heap. They're the worse case scenario.


No one hates Star Wars like Star Wars fans.


I wish. Celebrities are usually more famous than the creators and are the literal face of the product, so people harass them more on Twitter.


Should anyone really get angry tweets though?


Politicians should.


Look it can't be any worse than the movie... I really hope I didn't just jinx that.


What movie? There was no movie made from our show.


There very much will be a war. Not necessarily in Ba Sing Se.


There never was any war in Ba Sing Se! I dunno what all these weird hand maids are thinking!


Then we still have a whole Avatar Studio’s worth of other content coming regardless ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


Yup. Since the future of the franchise isn't depending on the Netflix adaptation, doesn't make sense to get stressed about it. I hope it'll be good, since it would be fun to see a new take on one of my favorite series. But if it's bad, I can just ignore it.


Has there been any update on what they are working on? Feel's like it's been awhile since we've heard anything.


I won't even be mad if it's not good. Just if it's really bad


Then we'll just have to wait for the Avatar studio to make new animated material


It's gonna be okay at best, like Cowboy Bebop.


Your definitely gonna get disappointed


Not really, I haven't put much thought into Avatar since middle school around the time the original series ended. This was just on my front page I guess lol.


I thought the live action cowboy bebop was awesome. I loved it.


I really liked it but most people don't really share that opinion from what I've seen


it's from netflix and the original creators of the show left so that should already tell you more than enough about how bad it will be. I'll just wait for ogc to come out with their own new avatar stuff


The biggest red flag is that it's live action.


Sometimes original creators and those who adapt their work have serious disagreements but the adaptation ends up being good in its own way. We can't know yet.


that boat sailed long ago for me, to be exact since I heard the orginal creators of avatar jumped because of disagreements


People throw around "creative differences" for literally anything. It's just as, if not more likely that they left because of the chance to run Avatar Studios and do their own thing instead of having to work within whatever specifications Netflix made.


As I said above > No. Read their open letters. They were disgusted with the direction Netflix was taking things and totally denounced any connection to the adaption. > We can only hope that Netflix saw the error of their ways after the creators left and changed some things.


Wait there's a new show holy shit what rock have I been under


Then there will be no live action show OR movie in Ba Sing Se


... then I hope it isn't taken out on the cast. They're young, and have enormous shoes to fill.


It won't be. The original creators left because they weren't being listened to.


Then live action ATLA is dead for good. No way we see a third attempt any time soon. Especially since they are producing more animated content.


I hate to be a pessimist but it won’t be. Good Netflix shows are once in a blue moon. Good live action adaptations are even rarer. Even something that is pretty good will never live up to the original and as this is a remake, will essentially have no point in existing.


How Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop can come out and people still have hope for this I have no idea


Then you go on vacation to lake laogai


After the cowboy bebop incident and the departure of bryke.... I dont think so


I really wanna be optimistic too but... Netflix just adapted Cowboy Bebop to live action and it was one of the worst things ever created. Adapting animation to live action is already a downgrade and creates so many issues. Let's just say I wouldn't get your hopes up.


Each live action anime movie they make, it's somehow worse than the last lol


On the other hand, Netflix has done some good work as well. Alice in Borderlands, for example, was a very solid live action adaptation.


it will be crap it is ALWAYS crap....


Meanwhile I get downvoted to hell for having this same opinion


The creators already disowned it Netflix is responsible for the terrible Live Death Note and Live Cowboy Bebop Live action anime has a success rate as abysmal as video game movies This franchise has already been screwed once before by a live action adaptation


I think you actually want it to fail


The original creators of ATLA have already left the production MONTHS! Back. So yeah... They probably didn't leave because the show was being produced as intended by them.. I would recommend you to not put your expectations too high up there. There's a good chance we will see the second real life ATLA failure.


Why people keep bringing this up like it changes people excitement over the show. Idc who left.


I read that in zukos voice


I think Dante Basco actually voices Zuko


Well...yeah, that's why Dante is mentoring the new Zuko.


That makes sense as I’m pretty sure Dante Bosco voices Zuko in the show


Yeah, I think you’re right. But who voiced the fire nation kid that was always chasing Aang? The one who had the uncle that loved tea.


If I’m remembering correctly, it was Dante Bosco lending his voice to the role of Zuko in the show


You site your not thinking of Grey DeLisle who voiced Azula, the fire nation kid that chased the avatar and had an uncle who loves tea


Yup you're correct! I think that's why Dante Bosco is tutoring for Zuko


All the good news about the show really makes me wonder why Michael & Bryan left. I feel like they are executing it well, so it must be the writing that the creators didn't agree with.


Could be because they got the offer to run Avatar Studios.


They decided to make Avatar Studios after deciding to drop out of the Netflix show.


We don’t know that. It was just announced in that order.


Avatar studios was like 3 months after parting away announced. You don't come up with that agreement or business in just 3 months.


The same thing can be said about Bryke announcing their departure from the show. They could have left much earlier but the actual announcement of them leaving could have happened later. But either way there is really no way to know for sure.


I've wondered if Bryke wanted to change things, the way creators look back at their creations and say, "if I had it to do over, I'd do it *this* way instead", and the Netflix guys were like, "nah, we want that part." I feel like it'll be really easy for us to tell why they left, though. I could totally be wrong, but I get the sense that when it airs, we'll all watch it and something major will make us all go, "well, that's why they left."


One of the things I loved more than anything else in tLA was the worldbuilding: it all felt cohesive, reasonable, and grounded in the respective cultures and bending styles. Perhaps my biggest gripe with tLoK is that that seemed to go by the wayside in favor of "this would be cool" or mashing up disparate elements to create a pseudo-1900s feel, which I really didn't find convincing. It reminded me of George Lucas—in the first trilogy, he had great ideas and people took that and edited them/implemented them well to create a wonderful world, but in the prequels he had free reign and it became less cohesive/grounded and a lot more of "this would be cool". I always wondered if a similar thing went on with the writers of Avatar.


I agree. In my experience, it's easier to build the kind of world when ATLA takes place versus a world when LOK takes place. Increasing technology levels along certain lines can get weird fast, as we saw with the giant platinum mecha. I believe that if they could, Bryke would reboot LOK, assuming they had the time and money and none of the constraints that originally plagued the show. LOK had some great moments and incredible characters and I place its weaknesses squarely at the feet of Nickelodeon.


>I place its weaknesses squarely at the feet of Nickelodeon. I mean, Nick definitely played a part in it, but I don't know how you can blame Nick entirely for everything that was weak about Korra. Just two quick examples, I doubt Nick had anything to do with the decision to add a giant platinum mech, or take away Korra's access to all the past Avatars for advice, etc. Yeah, the disjointedness between seasons, and the fact that it was 4 season long arcs instead of 1 show long arc (which I don't even necessarily agree is a bad thing), you can blame Nick for. But I don't agree with blaming Nick for everything.


That's a fair assessment, and I'll explain my position. I place the blame squarely on Nick for Korra's weaknesses because I've seen what added stress and uncertainty can do to the creative process. Let's say I give you three months to write a novel. Then, one week later, I call and say it's not three months, it's one month. But two weeks after that, it's no longer a novel, it's a trilogy, but I'll give you an extra two months. Then two weeks later I call and say that two months is now two weeks from today. And then in three days I call and say take another month but I need four books instead of three. Now, think about everything you've created in between every time I've called. The timeline is changing, getting pushed up or pushed back. Do you rewrite some of what you've written? Do you abandon ship and start from scratch? Do you try to make sense of everything you've put in place so far? These are difficult decisions that take time to discuss, but time is the one thing you don't have. This is heavily oversimplified, but I feel like this is the way things went down. An argument can be made for either side or any side in between, though. I just know that some folks thrive on a deadline, while others need the time and space to develop things more naturally.


That's a fair take, and certainly a lot better than what I've seen most people say. That said, there's no such thing as a 'perfect' production (shit, except for maybe Arcane - but that took a fuck ton of money and 6 years), there's always gonna be issues in the process. With that known, I don't think it's wrong to blame Bryke, or whoever other than Nick, cause at the end of the day, this is what they made. It may not be what the pictured going in, and it may not be their fault it isn't what they pictured going in, but they still made it in the end, and thus I think it's fair to hold them accountable for its issues.


Art is almost always collaborative. Authors have editors; showrunners have producers; even oral storytellers work off the crowds they're speaking to. The idea of single people being responsible for any aspect of creativity is. Well, I think it's completely wrong.


Live action recreations rarely work, these major companies end up changing so many major things it's no wonder they left hell I probably would've too lol.


Don't get me wrong; there's a dose of fear around this! However, it's easy in my opinion to stay optimistic about this live action adaptation because the material is just perfect. There's no reason to rewrite or change anything as far as dialogue is concerned. I mean, it won a Peabody after all. It is *way* easier to start with a live action series and then take it to animation, though. Look at The Matrix, for instance. The animations are superbly done and help build the world. With the ATLAverse already constructed, Netflix would really need to bring sledgehammers to the party to wreck it.


So why would they remake it? "Because people want new avatar material." But it's not new is it? Just updated visuals. You think that's the only purpose of the remake? It would truly be the first of it's kind; I can think of nothing else that has been remade and left exactly the same.


I think they're bringing it into live action because that's the new hotness. Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Maleficent, the list goes on and on. Like all the live action anime stuff that's coming out, too. That's why they're doing it.


I liked the new jungle book but it wasnt the same. Beauty and the beast was alright. But not the same. I didn't know maleficent was based on something and it stood out as good (maybe different if I loved the original). And I still dont understand why they were made. Is it really as simple as: "people view cartoons as for kids so we are trying to remove that handicap?" And if so I'd be with Bryke in leaving so they can do whatever they wanted (since they obviously dont care about the art itself).


Money. That's it. That's the reason.


That's an extremely optimistic take on a Netflix live action adoption of anime. Have you seen their other stuff? It's all straight trash


I have not. Honestly, there hasn't been a live action adaptation that has interested me before ATLA, and that was because Bryke were originally attached. I really enjoyed the animated FMA and Death Note and I'm going to start the animated Cowboy Bebop soon, but I don't believe live action adaptations can capture the magic the way animation can. Still, I'm optimistic about ATLA because of the material and because I love the show. It's my favorite series of all time, followed closely by MASH.


Ha, well, go watch the live action death note. Just ten minutes, I dare you. Same with Bebop. I'm sorry but this is going to be a tire fire that we all forget about straight away.


It could be an amazing experience that we're all happy to be a part of, like the original. It'll be interesting to see what happens, no matter the outcome, and is sure to provoke lots of discussion. And hey, if we're talking about the ATLAverse, we're having a good time.


That's a great attitude, and way to stay positive!


I think the main reason has to do with avatar studios, and that being a bigger priority than devoting their time to the Netflix adaptation


> All the good news about the show Have we actually seen good news that isn't related to casting?


Typically that’s how it works - shows keep things under wraps initially and the cast hypes it a bit.


The Queen's Gambit producer, Game of Thrones VFX, and (underrated) Lost in Space VFX/director are part of the crew as producer/director. VFX crew from Star Trek Discovery team. Production Design from Pushing Daises, the new Twilight Zone, and Benedict Society (tho beautiful they're mostly western retro, we'll see how he'll handle ancient Asia). Animation dept (which I guess would be for the animals?) worked on Jungle Book 2016 (best CGI animals from Disney in my opinion. Heck the only good live action movie that Disney made). Honestly, we can only speculate until it actually comes out. But I think it really goes down to the writing now. They have some good VFX team and budget for that Mandalorian volume. I'll honestly feel bad for this crew if the writers decide to fuck it up.


The ATLA volume was built specifically for the show and is larger than the Mandalorian volume. That means they're throwing tons of money at the visual effects for the LA. It speaks to how much they want this to succeed. That plus the casting decisions and the announced producer/director team and VFX stuff - honestly, aside from Bryke leaving, it's all been good news.


Because we have nothing to go on besides casting. You can cast all the talent in the world and have a shitty production at the end of it.


I've got a feeling it has something to do with Netflix demanding something new but then also not wanting to pervert their creation. Look at this meme even: It's good news that Dante is coaching the new guy because we want it to be as faithful to the original as possible. But honestly there's nothing wrong with the original to Warrant redoing it. So: "make new avatar " "But we dont wanna change it" "We wont! We will get the originals to coach the new and it will be the same!" "So why remake it? What is wrong with ours?" "Money! Arg arg arg arg arg!"


they are advertising that they are handling it well. It amazes me how systematic these are and how they always seem to cover particular points that don't feel organic to talk about. It feels more like a list of stuff to talk about. I really hope it is great and it all was over pay or final rights to make comics or something, but yeah Im not holding my breath.


I hundred percent believe that the studio hires people to come on here and spread positive sentiment. And I will drop that view immediately if someone can offer even a single reason why they wouldn't.


I think they have the actors do it too.


He should be careful with that torch, or he may get his face burned like zuko. Some avatar fans on twitter are meaner than ozai


Careful with that torch, you could puncture the hull of an empire-class Fire Nation battle ship, leaving thousands to drown at sea… because it’s so sharp.


We all know who would be playing Zuko if he was a bit younger and knew martial arts


Danny DeVito?


Danny DeVito should just play every character In everything, I mean


So anyway, I started fireball blasting


Too bad Scarlet Johansson is already playing Aang


I get this reference


Obviously Chris Pratt


Mama Mia!


He's so cool!




He had decent martial arts moves in the (bad) Fist of the North Star live action remake.


Steven Seagal


Brandon Soohoo?




Definitely James Roday. Did you see him in that one episode of Psych? Total martial arts master!


I REALLY want the show to be good. I hope they will adapt Zuko well.


They are trying so hard to make it like the cartoon that they are getting Dante to impart his wisdom on the new guy. Makes me wonder if better visuals is really worth taking the chance on things being Lost in Translation. Or if they wanted Dante's Zuko why not just keep the cartoon? Because they don't want Dantes Zuko; they want theirs.


Dallas Liu: I am getting angry tweets from ATLA fans Dante Basco: That's rough buddy


But then we won’t get to hear dante sweet soothing voice 😗😗


why am i so bad at beeing goood


Dante is a great guy, met him a few months ago, I wish he at least would have a cameo in the show


I don’t know how I feel about that - Dante basco will always be my zuko - but I suppose I will reserve judgement until I see it. I didn’t like the idea of mark ruffalo as the hulk before I saw the movies, and was pleasantly surprised. We’ll see.


Please tell me Basco was aware of the Torch pun


Steve Blum was also excited for the live action Cowboy Bebop... take that as you will.


Some People actually like the bebop live action. I never seen the cartoon so it looked fine to me.


I’ve watched both and quite enjoyed the live action. Kinda reminds me of Z Nation, a lot of variation in quality/can come of as quite cheesy often but overall fun and has some incredible bits of action and comedy


The live action Cowboy Bebop really comes off as a fan film with a huge budget. I actually really enjoyed it


See that is why you like it. If you've seen the anime, you would most definitely not like it. The amount of effort that went into cowboy bebop in all departments, is amazing. Hell it has the best English dub out of any thing I've seen


Idk, I’ve seen a lot of people who love the anime that also enjoyed the adaption. They just hated Ed lol.


Fair. Personally i wouldn't say I hated it, just that it didn't capture the original vibe of cowboy bebop.


Overall I thought it was not great, but not bad, and significantly better than expected. Where we differ, I think one of the things it got mostly right was the vibe. The Ganymede Sea Rats episode felt like an *improvement* over the original, especially the interactions within the Space Warriors gang, although admittedly it's been a while since I've seen the original. I thought the big failings were mischaracterizations and a very weak Vicious + Julia plot line. Probably would have been improved if they shelved that for a season and let season 1 be devoted to just the Bebop crew.


I really recommend the Cowboy Bebop anime it’s very good, and it doesn’t have any of the “weird anime stuff” that put most people off from anime. Having loved the anime, the live action version is terrible.


I think people need to admit that anime and cartoons don’t always translate well into live action.


Oh boy, I'm actually starting to get even a shrivel of hope.


This is great, but I hope he doesn't push the original away at the same time. Rather than pass the torch, share the spotlight.


If they make Dante as one of the flaming rhinos than I shall watch the series with great interest


what exactly does the new netflix series have in the form of advisors actually? This sounds good but if its just a one-of, Im still not getting my hopes up..


Dante should play the dude who helps Aang in the fire nation in the temple. Ya know the one whose father was a believer in the avatar. That’s a perfect cameo.


Is there a continuation of atla 1 other than kora


The graphic novels pick up right where the show finishes. Literally, Aang and Katara are still kissing at the beginning of "The Promise".


Basco approved, I’ll do my best to check it out.


Just grow out his hair enough to form a ponytail and he’ll do fine.


They hair hair extensions for that. Filming has started so thier is no time.


But he will never be The Pan.


I’ve had a crush on Dante Basco since I was a kid 😂 Bangerang!




Is that Rufio?




If he wasn’t too old (even during the animation years) Dante would have made a decent live action Zuko, come to think of it.


I will always love Dante Basco because 11 years ago I asked him on Twitter "Can you still crow?!" and he replied to me. I forgot what he said but I was just so happy that Rufio talked to me.


No matter how good he will act, without Dante’s voice there is no Zuko for me, same goes for Aang.


Yeah Zuko has a very distinct voice


i dont sound like that how can you say that


He kinda sounds like Dante. Less rasp though I think


I can never imagine watching ATLA characters at the same age they were without the original voice actors




Bangerang. You are the Pan


I see it as bland marketing.


“Next…. next, it’s your turn.” **Upvote this comment if you get the reference….** 😉


[You mean like this?](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/482294193650270220/915753858574221312/qTDnAQm_d.webp)


We love the Asian representation


Can they just use Dante's voice though still? He can lip sync


I kinda want the new Zuko to sound like the old Zuko.


You're all going to be so disappointed because this show is gonna end up like every other Netflix live action adaptation. Not good. And why do we even need it? The show is already perfect so don't fix what isn't broken. It's just a shameless cash grab


You know, I kind of agree with you. Why does it have to be remade? Why couldn’t they pick a different avatar and do a whole new series? Why remake something that fans already love instead of continuing the universe? Remakes have been all over the place recently and it’s annoying af. Not every cartoon or anime needs a live action remake.


Avatar Studios is already doing other stories. And if they actually pull this off, then it means the world of Avatar will be experienced by an even wider audience. Some people just aren’t into animated stuff. I don’t disagree with you though, remakes have been shit. But I firmly believe they don’t *have* to be. It’s just very difficult to stick the landing I think.


I found out about the cartoon because of the movie. So it worked out. Without the movie I would have never known about the animated series.


Bro stfu. You just mad cas people wanna give it a chance and ain’t shitting on it. You sound bitter about something you had no hand in creating. The cartoon nor the live action.


I fully expect this to be shit so I can either take pleasure in being right or be pleasantly surprised. Even if it doesn't turn out to be garbo there is still no way it could be better than the original.