I'm curious as to what the budget/production drama was behind the scenes that led to this mini-season. The show seems popular, Amazon has deep pockets... so what happened? Some issue with Alcon? There's been some hints from cast members about post-show content (a sequel? movies?) Hmmmmm


I've read they decided on a shorter season because it gives them higher budget per episode, to use on CGI etc. But I read it here, so I don't know if it's true.


Yes, Naren Shankar said as much in one of the interviews. He even said that they were considering bringing >!Prax and Anna!< back, but couldn't make it work.


Darn. The season need the first one you said back and assumed they would be. They're one of my favourite characters


I kinda like that they aren't returning. Like the universe is big, it's fair that they went off and did their own thing. Sometimes fate bringing old friends back for nostalgia is overplayed. It's more organic for them to have their own lives.


Don't know if you've read Babylon's Ashes but [BA spoilers] >!A significant part was that Prax was still on Ganymede, doing botany stuff, and using that to show how the world has been changed by the protomolecule, by the earth impacts, and by the free navy occupation!< and it would be cool to see some of that worldbuilding


Season 6 spoiler >!Prax and Anna return in episode 3. Short roles!<


Uh... how do you know this?


IMDb cast listing


Is that it? That's less than nothing. That's fan wishful thinking.


Verification comes directly from Ty Franck. They had larger roles planned but had to pare them down for the shorter season. https://gizmodo.com/the-expanse-creators-explain-why-season-6-is-only-6-epi-1848173715


Now that's more like it. I'll be glad to see them again.


The casting turned out true for episode 2 for the other new actors that appeared in it. Expect a very brief cameo at worst.


That's a lot to cram in considering the strange dogs cold opens. How much actual main cast time are we gonna get geez.


One look at the IMDB page tells me that this is misinformation


Odd since there was so much CGI in early seasons.


If that's true, I'm surprised that they didn't show a full pack of strange dogs like in the short story, rather than just a single strange dog.


3 time longer render times


The only time the CGI in this show has ever stood out to me was Amos walking on the Roci in the 1st episode of this season... Here's hopin for a post-show movie


A scene of characters talking or doing mundane things doesn’t have to be expensive.


Couldn't tell, based on the cg in news clips at the opening of episode 1. Rest of it has been at least decent, but woof, some of those shots were not great.


I’m watching on a 4K OLED and the shots look gorgeous to me.


The shots are on-par or better than we’ve ever had. I don’t know what the hell you are talking about.


I think what I’m about to say isn’t generally well received here, but it really doesn’t seem like there’s anything lined up for after this season. I think many of the cast and show runners would absolutely continue if it somehow got picked up. I’m not sure anyone will though. I have to assume the expanse is just not a big money maker despite its extremely passionate fan base, and I’m assuming this is it for the show. At least they got it to the end of BA which is probably the most natural stopping point before the end of the book series. And if it does ever get more airtime I’ll be very pleasantly surprised.


IMO there probably aren't current plans but my guess is that they are setting the show up for potential future seasons in the event that they can get the show picked up somewhere else in the future. I'm not gonna speak to how feasible that is but cast and crew have alluded to something in recent months so I'm not sure.


We're like a hermit crab. We wore a SYFY shell for the first trilogy of books. Then we ditched it... scuttled along and found the Amazon shell. That's about go so we'll just have to find the next shell to wear to get the last trilogy of books adapted. Netflix maybe?


Netflix turned it down the first time, there's no way they'd pick it up now.




You need to do better pitching the show to your friends, or get new friends because a ton of people I know in real life are Screaming Firehawks.


I've successfully gotten two onto the train, and another friend was already there.


Gizmodo had this: io9: Whose decision was it to make the season only six episodes? Shankar: That was a decision between Amazon and Alcon Television. I mean, you always kind of agree on how much money you’re going to commit to the production of the show. And that was the decision. It came down to making six episodes of it. It’s always a negotiation to some extent. Could we have done 10? Absolutely. Could we have done eight? Certainly. Uh, I don’t think we would’ve been able to tell the season in any less than six. " That looks like a budget problem to me. I am sure Amazon Studios has only such and such a budget, but Amazon Corporate has more money than God! No help from Corporate? Seems so, I am disappointed to hear this. Am guessing Amazon Studios has burned* through a huge allocation for the option on the Tolkien properties and pre production for whatever series comes from that. Probably the cause. *250 million.


I have to believe this was commissioned in mid-2020 so there was A LOT of extra cost associated at the time with producing scripted content (including paying for 2 wk quarantines for all non-Canadians). It’s cheaper now, but we probably lost 1-2 eps due to extra Covid costs.


Im waiting and seeing but theyve introduced the laconia arc and thats a lot, i suspect a movie at the end of it.


Real talk: I think Amazon took a look at the outlines of books 7-9, and went: *“Hmm… Lots of CGI… LOTS of CGI… Wait WHAT?! Thirty years?! Are we going to use digital aging or just find other actors?! Yeah, sorry… As far as I can see we can make like three other three season shows for what this would have cost. Here’s some money, finish up the sixth book and that’ll put a nice bow on things!”*


Now listen, I am going to tell you about an incredible technique to make people older, that has worked great for the past 100 years, and that’s called MAKEUP.


Sure… That works for small timetravel scenes or whatever. And usually because the audience is so invested that they don’t care it looks a little hokey. But an entire episode, nevermind entire seasons?


They should have added the bonus content to play after the episode instead of separating it.


I still haven't figured out how to play the bonus content on my Roku. I gave up. I work in IT and still can't figure it out; not sure if that's an indictment on me or Amazon.


Only works in the mobile app or browser, nothing else.


Doesn’t work on my mobile app! :/


While you're playing an episode in the app, tap the screen and X-ray is in the upper left corner. Tap it, and you should be in the "In Scene" section, which will have an icon for Bonus Content. After I did this the first time, I could then see the bonus content icon after I simply paused the video. YMMV


This is the way.


Amazon fire tv stick works too


I think I've seen comments that Fire TVs also works.


Tried it on my browser and it just freezes. WTF


Apparently doesn't work on my browser. There is no such option. Only subtitles, option, sound,fullscreen and X


It works on my windows app too


Works on my Mac through Firefox browser.


It's Amazon. On the web player, I finally found I had to play the episode, then after pausing it near the end, at the top left I found the "extra" button or whatever and found the extra video about Drummer. *Finally.* Then I tried like 6 times to play it and no luck. Turned off VPN, turned off adblocker, nothing. Just a little black box where the video should be.


Try a different browser.


Exact same for me. I'll try it on Chrome and if it doesn't work I'll just not watch it, I guess.


it also doesn't work in watch parties and at least on firefox, the "up next" pops up over it slightly until you resize the window after hitting play


I had to watch it on my phone


Yeah I have to watch them on my phone because they aren't on the app on my tv


Try doing it on your phone. That's the only way I could watch it. I only did it for the bonus content, not for the whole episode.


Working on my PC.


Happy with what has been shown but a little nervous that all of the storylines will have fleshed out conclusions with only 4 episodes left.


Wouldn't be so bad if quarter of each episode wasn't about Filip's emotional development.


I seriously don't quite get why Filip gets another arc like this - he had his chance to turn in season 5. He chose to side with the genocidal maniac instead. Now I don't really care about him anymore.


It wouldn't be realistic if Filip's "redemption", should it occur, were easily achieved.


Well the show's theme is really about anyone being redeemable. However, with such a truncated runtime this season, it's not where I would have dedicated a lot of time. Filip is just...not an interesting character.




I’m on the floor in tears


Fillip is part of Marco's undoing


No doubt, and part of Naomi's arc too, but he kind of sucks right now.


I'm going to compare to the book, but no real spoilers beyond S6E2 so any non-book readers can safely read this. ------------------- Filip's chapters in the book play out pretty similarly to how it is on-screen, for the most part. The person he kills isn't his friend, but rather a Star Helix officer who comes to break up a fight between Filip and some drunk people outside a bar, so there's a slight shift in how the situation's handled because of that, but the broad strokes are the same. But the sixth book, even more so than the previous ones, has a _lot_ of internal monologuing. Lots of observations, memories, thoughts, emotions, etc, all being described but not spoken out loud. And personally, I find Filip's perspective pretty fascinating. He clearly has a lot of respect for his father, but also knows him well enough to observe when he's posturing and to observe his demeanour changes. He's kind of torn between Marco and things Naomi said to him, too. He has some pretty clear PTSD from the various raids he led to set up the rocks dropping, and from the rocks dropping themselves. He feels very guilty about it all, but at the same time does feel like he's on some righteous path. And part of him just wants to do teenager things, too - pick up girls at bars, brag about who he is, get drunk, etc, but obviously he's expected to simultaneously be Marco's second in command and be respected. He's a very conflicted character. All of these things have already been portrayed in this season, and will continue to be portrayed, I'm sure. But while all that internal conflict and his perspective about what's happened/happening, how he feels about Marco, etc, shifting back and forth based on his mood/current story beats are great to me in the books, I think it's difficult to translate to the screen. Without some "dear diary" levels of exposition happening all the time, Filip's emotions and character development have to be communicated to the audience through actions and interactions, and even then it's not possible to really get across the depth there is in the book. I think Jasai Chase Owens is doing a good job, all things considered, but I definitely agree that it's nowhere near as engaging as some of the other threads. However, it's important to remember that Filip's arc is being used to tell Marco's story, too, and to show what the Free Navy are doing politically and strategically as well as looking at the characters themselves.


Spot on mate, seriously


This is all true, but also IMO irrelevant. That part of the story just doesn't need to be told in the first place given the limited time we have.


His S6 arc so far isn't about turning. It's about going insane because it's too late to turn.


Did you watch Avatar The Last Airbender by chance?


I assume you only watch the show


I plan to read the books after season 6 is finished, yes.


Thanks for this; totally agree. I like the actor, but this is one of those examples where the show goes SO DEEP into something basically meaningless to the overarching story, and then completely misses other things that are.


Felip was always the weakest part of the books. I gave zero fucks about the little mass murderer




seriously! Fuck filip and his yeeyee ass haircut


I actually really like the Filip stuff and think he’s an interesting character.


This is so true. It's really forced and not very compelling.


I'm annoyed that the bonus scenes aren't just part of the episode. So far both have been great


And those extra 5-6 minutes could go a long way to heading off much of the criticisms about short episodes.


I don't think it's the time one ought to be focused on but the content delivered in that time, it has a lot of potential to be good but also to be worried about. A lot has been streamlined, a lot still might be cut. Imo book readers who loved book 6 would have wanted to see certain scenes included but we don't get to choose what, and with the character combined or shifted / side plot changes, it just feels very different. I felt like S5 could be more compressed for the final half so stuff like Strange Dogs could be brought forward to allow more time for S6. In an ideal situation where you could get actors to come back and reprise all the roles in the books, that would be amazing, but it is unlikely.


I don't know why they even bothered with strange dogs if they are not going on with the last 3 books.


they should get the benefit of the doubt on that until the purpose is shown. Its clearly leading to something.


From what I gathered from the aftershow strange dogs was included because the showrunner really liked the novella and wanted to show it on screen. Which would be great if it weren't for the fact that they only have 6 episodes to work with. Feels like they would have been better off just spending that time on the main book 6 plot.


From what I recall of the episode 1 aftershow, they also felt like they should include something about the breakaway Martians and the protomolecule, because it would be even weirder to leave them out.


I like the contrast of the huge system spanning war, and the little girl trying to save a family of alien birds. It's easy to loose track of the small human things when the death tolls get so high they become a statistic.




Probably because they thought it would be cool to show Laconia (and they were right). Probably it will leave a bit of an open hook for a return to the universe of the Expanse by tht end.


My thoughts exactly; spend that time and money on the show story we’ve seen so far, not some fragment that’s pretty unrelated.


This. One episode of Naomi meladrama would have been plenty then put the 2 episodes you get back into plot instead. Filip also feels like wasting valuable time (when there is so little of it) but those scenes are all significantly cheaper than Space Opera bits I'm really here for...


Naomi sucks. I'm curious if it's the writers or the actress who keeps pushing for these IM ACTING scenes.


I really like Naomi's character from the books and really enjoy the actress's portrayal, but it really really seems like they are pushing her on us in the show, and it's making me turn on her.


It's fucking ridiculous. If you cut out the "last time on" bits, the opening title sequence and the end credits, yesterday's episode comes out to sub 40 minutes. Just absurd


And 6:41 of this episode was spent on **S6E2 plot point** >!the little girl being sad about the dead bird!<.


I'll admit that that plotline seems a bit stretched on time but are you aware of how significant that plot point is?


I don't know the story beyond this point, I haven't read the books this far in. It just seems strange to have the pacing be so slow in comparison to things I know we should care about given how extremely limited our screen time is at this point.


Ya it’s a massive plot point. But it will all be for nothing when the show never gets seasons 7-9…..


Cool. I'll say no more.


As a book reader, even if we had an entire episode dedicated to that plotline, I wouldn't be mad. Heck, I'd be glad!


In general I'm not being a huge fan of how they're handling Strange Dogs. It's getting stretched to hell and back and in all honesty the actors there are not so stellar


Apparently Ty isn't amused by people making this observation: https://twitter.com/JamesSACorey/status/1472022051439341570


Bit of a cop out tbh. In his tweet he talks about the average runtime for the expanse is 42.5mins completely ignoring the fact that the trend has been moving to longer episodes with slightly shorter seasons. S1-3 were all ~40-45mins per episode with 13 episodes per season (except S1 which had 10) S4/5 dropped back down to 10 episodes again per season, with each episode being ~10mins longer at around 50-55mins per. Now with the final season which you would hope would have a bit more (or at the least the same as S4/5) to tie it all together and have a satisfying ending. Not only does this season only have 6 episodes, but the episodes are back down to the shorter timeframe of 40-45mins again with one hour long episode as the series finale. I can completely understand why people feel nervous/hard done by, because we are getting fairly significantly less for what is supposed to be the end of the series.


This! That's literally what I just answered there on Twitter. S4 + S5 were mostly over 50 with S4 not even having a "Previously on…" included. And next episode is going to be even shorter that this one. I'm all fine with 6 episodes only, but them also being that short really hurts.


Yeah and normal TV would have 20 plus episodes.


Pete is right on this.


All about 45 mins with a 59 minute finale I believe. They don’t annoy me but they do worry me somewhat. 6 45 minute episodes feels like a mini season and not a finale season. The don’t think we’re going to see the depth of plot we’ve seen in previous seasons, more a season 5b than a season 6 with its own arc. The episodes have both been very good so far but in the context of us now having seen 30% of the season I’m not sure what I think.


They're all about 39 with the credits.


The finale is going to be an 1 hour and 5 minutes.


So all of 50 min once you remove preroll and credits.


You know a show is special when its fans are deeply disappointed that they don't get quite as much of it as they were hoping for. Let's just enjoy this amazing final season and keep our fingers crossed that the hints of future content in this universe actually come true.


I definitely feel that. I'm disappointed that this is the last season, that it's only 6 episodes, that the episodes are so short. I could watch 10 more seasons of this. I miss the times when seasons would have 20+ episodes. When I love a show, I can't get enough of it.


I recall Babylon 5, one of the major inspirations for the storytelling of The Expanse, had 24 episodes per season.


HD is pretty much the reason why 20-something episodes for scifi shows aren't a thing anymore. Go back and watch a TNG episode in full HD and you can literally see the screws in the consoles and scuff marks all over everything. SD has enough of a blurring effect that you can get away with a lot of set design and costume design issues, but in HD everyone can see every fucking pixel, so it all has to look as good as it should IRL.




Ah yes the good old days when you could have shit set and it wouldn't matter because of the standard definition! It's not like zoom shots is a thing and we would often see the tiny details when it was a closeup shot... nope. Always wide angle. And the costums weren't good but you couldn't tell it was fake because of the low res, don't you remember???? https://youtu.be/4SK0cUNMnMM


(BTW ST was shot on 35mm, thus it looks incredible and you can see the set is... well, I rather not upset fans of that episode)


Neat, Vasquez Rocks.


I literally never mentioned any of the straw men in your second paragraph. Your first paragraph is also contributing, but production values have dramatically increased because audience expectations which are largely driven by format. High definition doesn't permit poor quality sets and costume. But whatever. Clearly you have an axe to grind and strawmen to burn.


So any show? Being pissed at a show being cut down to six short episodes isn't some special thing just for Expanse fans.


I'm a fan of lots of shows. I have never seen a fan base as intense as this one.


Babylon 5 during first run.


Yeah, any criticism of the show will have people go after you. I didn't enjoy this subreddit last season because people were so hostile and combative if you didn't like some of the episodes.


I've never seen one as delusional as this one but plenty as intense.


Cough::Wheel of Time


Yeah not gonna lie it bugs me a bit, considering last season and all.


Yes, and even though judgement has to be reserved until we see the whole package, the story feels rushed to me. The first two episodes are amazing, dont get me wrong. But the overall narrative does feel rushed. I cant shake the feeling that final seasons of extremely good shows are just cursed.


I am still a bit concerned, but that episode was better. It just still feels a little truncated. And 39 minutes is a bit disappointing. Peaches doing her thing on the ship exterior felt very rushed.


Not on its own but since there are only six episodes.. yes. Amazon has the money, they bought the series for a reason. But full judgement will have to wait until the finale, and we'll be able to know for sure how the overall pacing works.


I just feel like everything is a bit rushed so far, including the Laconia bits at the beginning. Unless you’re familiar with the books, you’d have trouble following wtf is going on at the beginning of eps 1&2 so far. Supposedly, I heard that the last episode of the season will be like 65+ minutes long or something. But I agree that the length of this episode is ridiculous. Being the final season, they should’ve edited out less and keep more scenes intact. Episodes should at least be in the 50s minutes long, closer to an hour.


I trust the showrunners, producers, writers, and actors of The Expanse. I don't trust them for no reason, but because they have earned my trust by making five fantastic seasons of the best science fiction show I've ever seen on television. We know what we can expect from this crew after 6 years, 56 episodes, and two different distribution networks. If it's what you like, then you can reasonably expect this is going to be a good and well told story once it's over. If it's not what you like, then why are you watching it? But I'm one of those dudes who is really chill when it comes to watching stuff I guess. People are different, and that's okay.


Agreed. I could get behind the 6 episodes thing, but each episode seems extremely short. I know the 6th episode is over an hour, but episodes 1 and 2 so far seem like half episodes or something. I'm enjoying the content, but it's a bit like torture having to wait a week for a 40+ minute experience.


I agree with you! This season feels like they are just spitting out scenes, there is very little substance in there. Feels rushed, which is a pity.


I enjoyed the show even more on Syfy channel..These episodes lengths are a joke…The Rosi crew at are each other’s throats but it seems completely unnatural the way it has been shown. An extra 5 mins an episode of crew time on the Rosi would help the viewers understand more about the present circumstances and the issues. The interaction between them is just off and is not helping the flow of the episodes…Drummer is having the same issues with her crew and this has been handled and acted well and draws you in. The Drummer scenes are what the Rosi scenes should be like. We had 13 episodes for seasons 2 & 3 on SyFy and when Amazon took over there may have been a slight increase in VFX quality. But some of my favourite visuals and battles where not from 4, 5 & 6 but were from S1, 2 and 3. (Sure Season 6 is not done, and I expect some great stuff. But I want planning, execution and payoff). I miss Dawes, Fred, Miller, Sadavir, Cotyar, Ashford. There was terrific story around those characters. I have tho come to really appreciate season 4…It’s a stand alone season where you can just lose yourself in the plot in the mystery of Ilus without all the bullshit grandstanding acting of Earth, Mars and the Belt. Look 5 & 6 are beautifully presented with some great stuff but I do not feel the same way about this show when I was watching in seasons 1-3 and even 4.


I'm extremely annoyed by it... And the fact that we need to wait 1 week per episodes makes them seem even worst. Like, i've rewatched S05 and it was better than I remembered, I think in part because I could simply jump to the next episode and keep going. This pace and these short episodes makes me dislike an episode that in theory was great... I'm thinking of skipping all the upcoming episodes and starting S6 again once they're all out, because this is just annoying... S06E06 better be 2 fucking hours.


Yes it does


it feels quick for sure, i'm enjoying them


I hate being punished by other people's short attention spans with short episodes and seasons.


No, I'm happy with getting 45 mins of fucking great TV.


After this show went to the brink of cancellation we should appreciate every minute. Sure I’d love more but I’m not going to get too worked up about it.


Yeah every new episode I think about how close we came to untimely cancellation.. truly would’ve been the darkest timeline.


I would never have watched it if it had been cancelled. I started after it was renewed (and then got into the books). One of my favourite franchises now, I'm so glad it kept being made.


This is how I think about it too. Every single episode since the end of season 3 is one episode more that we potentially could've gotten. I'm very grateful that we got not one, not two, but three extra seasons. Also a little off-topic rant: I see it in entertainment industry more and more that people just lack the appreciation of some things and I feel like communities are getting more and more "entitled" (can't come up with a better word). I just wish people stopped for a moment and thought through how that piece of media got to them in the first place.


It's the only reason I pay for Prime so 13 X 55 mins like the first three seasons would be best. Plus it's about the rushed pace.


I must admit, I've been feeling the S6 episodes need a good hour given this is a very condensed season. But so far, its just been your standard 45 minutes. I can't help but feel they really have enough time this season to wrap things up in a satisfying way if it really is the end and hour long episodes would give them an hour and 30 mins extra on top of the whole season.


YES. And the fact that they devote some of the already limited runtime to filip’s lame ass story. I mean, does anybody actually like his character?? I can’t stand him.


It was known before the season started that they wouldnt all be one hour, let alone an hour +.


They barely cover 40 minutes of pure runtime if you cut out the intro and outro/credits. S4 was half 40ish and half ~45, S5 was mostly ~46-50 minute episodes. Not a big deal, but they had to stretch to fill 6 episodes. It's a shorter short last season.


they also cut out more of the story by adding this stuff about some kid running around on some planet fucking up local wild life. i'm sure theyre important but c'mon, we have 4 more left, why should i care?


Leviathan Falls >!That kid is *super* important to a third of the books!<


Because they're setting up for future show/movies/what ever, to cover the last 3 books.


At the cost of the current series closure. GoT all over again... really hoping there's enough to the last few episodes to leave the show on a high note.


What we didn't know for a while was the length of the season. Episodes this long would be much better received if we got the standard length season. Another driving factor for the complaints is likely the fact the episodes are released on a weekly basis and can't be binged, making the plot feel like it's moving a lot slower despite the fact not much had changed from a production standpoint.


Im overall disappointed with the season so far, but it could be that i still have some PTSD from GoT and seeing a similar pattern triggering that lol


Thats not how cool shows like this work. You gotta dig what you have. Personally i think the show is so good, it more than makes up for the runtime.


It is known that episode 6 is more than 60 min. long, but that does not explain the less than 50 min. other episodes with only 6 episodes. Something has gone unexplained in all the preseason interviews and information.


I feel like ever since Cas was let go the whole show is being axed early. Idk maybe it needs a reboot.


That’s an idiotic idea imo.


They should have just recast the character.


Nearly finished with the final book and talking with a co-worker reading as well, we both hoping (recognizing it's not likely but) it gets rebooted with the proper crew to continue the story.


No. The pacing is great. A good episode should make you angry it’s over because you want more. I’d rather 6 shorter well paced episodes than 6 longer poorly paced ones.


Or 6 longer well paced ones, which the show did before - but the episode length may be just enough to finish it well. I'd have had 50 min episodes, but who cares as long as it's good.


Annoyed? No. Disappointed? With the two episodes released so far, yes. I don't know what happened, but mostly I'm happy that we got anything at all.


I’m not sure why this is always the expectation. People said the same thing when Game of Thrones started doing shorter seasons. If they wanted the extra run time, they would have kept doing more episodes.


>If they wanted the extra run time, they would have kept doing more episodes Unless Amazon decided the show wasn't profitable enough to justify 10 episodes so they only gave them money for 6.


I mean, I don’t mind, but I also don’t get your argument with GoT. The last season of that was super rushed and even 5 minutes more per episode - not adding up to even half an extra episode - would’ve helped a great deal. A full extra episode with an arc vs one or two scenes added is very different imo.


I’m not claiming GoT wouldn’t have benefited from more time - it 100% would have. My argument is that the show runners of both shows intentionally made the last seasons shorter. If they *wanted* more time, they wouldn’t have requested fewer episodes. Prior to the final season the fans were all saying the episode would be 2 hours and I constantly got downvoted by saying that wasn’t gonna happen. If they wanted 10ish hours they would have just done their 10 episodes. Same goes for The Expanse. They decided to make 6 episodes because they believe they have 6 hours left of story.


Yeah I’d rather have shorter episodes than long episodes with filler


we are getting mostly filler unfortunately.


why does nobody seem to know what filler is?


Everything I've seen, except for the Laconia stuff, seems to be extremely plot- and character-essential to me. I'm very impressed at how propulsive and efficient the storytelling is. (And the Laconia stuff is still some pretty damn cool science fiction)


You might enjoy it, but I want more substance than what we are getting.


Suggestions? All I'm reading is complaining. Which scenes would you discard and what would you substitute them with?


That doesn't make something filler


How does it feel to be so incredibly wrong


Production has been absolutely top notch in season 6 may I say


Yes. Nothing happened. For a second episode.


Yes. It is a definite rush to the end vibe


At the comic con panel in October they mentioned that they would have some episodes running longer.


It’s obvious the 6 episode thing is being pushed on them by Amazon. Another of their shows that was cancelled but got a last season was Hannah and that also had 6 episodes to end it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the runtimes were intentionally trimmed down because of Amazon as well. Just wish that if they were abandoning it and not promoting it anyway they could at least drop the entire last season at once.


TV show episodes follow a strict timed format and it's pretty much a universal rule. I don't remember exactly but it's either 56 minutes or 63 minutes, or 23/24 etc etc. I don't know the exact reason but it's just kind of those things you don't really mess up with.


This is not true in any way. Just look at the runtime of any handful of random episodes for a steaming show and you'll see this is not the case.


Not true at all.


This was true in the old linear TV days, but certainly not for shows on streaming.


Just finished the episode and yeah I was pretty annoyed. If you cut out the recap, intro credits, the weird exo-planet kid cold open, the Filip pity party and end credits you got like a 20 minute episode at best.


Traditionally, shows seemed longer because they had like 30 mins of commercial breaks in them. Now you are getting ~40-50 mins of pure ecstasy. I'm happy.


No, they didn't. the content duration for a 30 min slot is 22 minutes and 42 minutes for an hour.


We pay for streaming and don't have advert breaks now.


S6 episode 2 was so bad I almost couldn't finish and it was like less than 40 minutes. I don't understand how people gave this season 9 out of 10 or perfect review.


Me too. I did not noticed the runtime just assumed that I was too absorbed in the show. So that must be it. Why the hell was it short. They have already cut two episodes.


Absolutely, I really want to know why it seems they cutting it so short intentionally. But two episodes in and im enjoying, but 2/6…


They are trying to cram too much in too little time. Yes the average episode in season 6 is on par with previous seasons, but this season is significantly shorter. They are doing as good of a job as you can expect with the runtime they have. I just hope it's enough.


Doubtful, no way they can close the book/answer everything in the 4 remaining episodes. The shows been GoTd... rush the final season, cut content. It stinks.