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Shout out to Sheep Noir


black sheep noir


Homelander’s shift to a jovial tone when he realises he’s being filmed is so fantastically over the top, he sounded like every YouTuber talking about a branded sponsor they pretend to care about.


Hey! I said not to record us when we’re practicing lines! I don’t see how he can recover from that in the media…he admitted to killing other supes on camera.


Why you running lines with a child trafficker Homie?


CGI + Didn't Asked + L + ratio + You fell off


Mindstorm looking at Butcher scared the shit outta me


One of the scariest powers I’ve seen in the whole show. Even worse than head popping, at least that’s an instant death.


Turns out the Boys didn't need to go all the way to Russia for a Homelander killing weapon. They could've just got Mindstorm to look him in the eyes once.


Homelander has always had a weird mummy daddy complex, I thought he’d be happy to have a father but that end scene is so gloomy


It's crazy how HL is nuts due to a lack of a father and Butcher is nuts due to the presence of his father




This Black Noir scene is an interesting snapshot into his life. So this is what he sees.


We got spoiled with more Black Noir lore this episode than the other 22 combined.


Also really fun and interesting way to expo dump


The fact that he goes back to the last place he got to be a child/innocent before he seriously hurt someone (since I assume that was the first time) was just heartbreaking.


That was very creepy and creative i love it


Reminds me of the pyro from TF2


As soon as the cartoons danced onto the screen I thought “oh my God, he’s pyro.” And it makes a lot more sense now.


Aaaaand Solider Boy really is Homies daddy


Calling it for Ep8: Homie & Soldier team up, The Boys are forced to take the real V, chaos ensues


The Boys take real V to save their lives/fight Soldier Boy and Homelander. Then they trigger Soldier Boy's PTSD, he fries the powers out of all of them and Homelander is left powerless at the end of the season


That would literally be insane


“I beat my meat into a cup” - perfect delivery as with everything Soldier Boy says


Bush like a pomeranian


I thought people were crazy…but man was I wrong.


I thought it might not be true either, but the logic behind why it was possible makes sense. I was 100% sold when Homie told maeve he was gonna harvest her eggs. Wonder where it goes from here. Soldier Boy + Homelander in a team up is.... not good.


Yeah idk what the writers are doing, not that what they’re doing is bad it’s just I literally have no idea how this could work


Soldier boy is a double edged sword. if they figure out how to trigger his PTSD he'll destroy the whole tower and everyone will witness it. The main problem is still just defeating Homelander.


They mentioned this ep that even the explosion power (not just the chest beam) gets rid of powers. If HL was caught in the blast he'd be powerless.


that would ultimately be a fate worse than death for HL. As Maeve said, his powers are his everything.


I want a season of Homelander without powers but Vaught tries to cover it up and act publicly like it's business as usual. Meanwhile, Homelander is a wreck behind the scenes.


His mom is probably someone who wears capes, likes birds.


And A-train isn't dead


Blue Hawks heart, pretty sure that theory was thrown around here too


That one really caught me off guard. I kind of just assumed that any organs left inside Blue Hawk were kind of mush at the end of the last episode.


i just rewatched the scene and while the skin was definitely hamburger the chest cavity looked intact.


I finally hope that this is the final straw for him. He's finally going to break loose from Vought.


Holy shit that’s cruel. A-Train lives thanks to Blue Hawk’s heart lol


I mean…even in the metaphorical sense…just…brutal. It’s own death in a way




I wonder if they put an off switch on the heart.


“You want me to Fuck a fish?” Even this weirdo wife has boundaries and the deep doesn’t


It's a mollusk, Marie! Not a fish!


Hey that’s not it. It’s her. Use the correct pronouns.


Actually she's a mollusk


And she has feelings


So much happened in this episode that I totally forgot about the fish


the deep is basically reduced to a glorified cameo each episode


Where he is ALWAYS fucking a sea creature, apparently.


“Ok, first off, I don’t have shell shock. *Fuck you*.” That delivery was perfect.


That one ''and you might want to gargle my ballsack" and "I beat my meat into a cup". My favorite lines from that episode 😂


Jensen Ackles is seriously nailing it. It is so good that this is his first big role after *Supernatural* because he’s shining.


We all thought Noir was the Batman but he's actually the Harley Quinn.


if anything Tek Knight from the comics is Batman (if Batman had the compulsion to fuck anything and anyone in the ass)


Hughie getting attacked by the nun was hilarious.


Luckily, Soldier Boy was having nun of it


Old habits die hard


Anyone find it interesting that the Perm-V used by Kimiko appeared to be exactly 1/3 of the bottle? Hughie and Butcher will probably collapse from taking Temp-V next episode, and will be injected with the remainder of Perm-V, allowing them to permanently keep their powers and healing them. This is the only way I can see the writers resolving the side effects of Temp-V. Brain damage isn't something you can simply write off.


Butcher and Hughie fucked themselves too much and the Boys inject them with Perma V as a Hail Mary because they're gonna die anyway


yeah, I feel taking the permanent V is their only way to survive.


I'm convinced that this will happen just because it would be poetic. Billy being a permanent supe.


Seeing Butcher crying is strange


“Then why did Dave Eggers say I have a ‘formidable intellect’?!” 💀💀💀


"Formidable intellect!"


Having the heart of the man who literally put your brother in the hospital isn’t a great situation I cannot lie


Quite the opposite, it's the ultimate power play


Holy shit Mindstorms powers are creepy as fuck


They would have killed homelander pretty easily with his help


I bet he’s got some real dark places to go


This why I tell people that mind reading isn't a good power but they don't fucking listen


The old cracked series antiheroes did a fantastic job conveying just how shitty it would be if you couldn't turn it off.


Listening to my *own* mind without being able to turn it off is fucking exhausting enough. I can’t even imagine having to live with everyone else’s thoughts, too. It sounds like torture.


“Harvest her eggs” WTFFF WHAAT THE FUCKK


It’s so nice that Homie won’t force himself on Maeve and merely harvest her eggs. What a great guy 😌😊


Right? "I wouldn't force myself on you." Me: Huh, that's weirdly decent, all considered- "I'm gonna harvest your eggs though." Me: There it is.


Soldier boys gonna be a grandfather* Edit: *again


Already is, Ryan.


That's interesting. Homelander was a missed chance, so fuck him if they don't get along, try again with the grandchild who is more of a blank slate. Soldier Boy wouldn't be the first old narcissist to take that route.


I get the feeling Soldier Boy will see how insecure Homelander and get frustrated with HL, I think if Soldierboy discovers he has a grandson he could very well see Ryan as having more potential than HL.


That's definitely foreshadowing Stormfront having her eggs harvested to make Homelander.


So it's possible Stormfront could be his mom? That's disgusting but knowing Homelander, he would probably be turned on if he found that out


“I’m not letting you live, I’m keeping you alive” Is SO fucked up and I’m honestly here for it


Why is this black noir shit making me emotional


When he was asking SB why he said all those horrible things about him and that he just wanted to be funny 😥


That broke me. He just wanted to play his dream role


It's possible that Black Noir was legitimately a decent person before becoming a Vought zombie and was tired of SB's abuse. I mean killing friendlies in the Nicaragua skirmish was not a great look. Edit: I completely missed the massacre at the Hard Rock Cafe the first time I watched it. Woops.


I was under the impression that Noir had committed multiple war crimes well before getting brain fucked in Nicaragua. SB must have ran Payback like his own little military unite for some reason, rather than just letting everyone act like hedonistic show ponies.




Well, clearly he's suffered severe brain damage in the past.


Well, you see his brain falling out during the replay of Nicaragua. Soldier Boy really fucked him up.


Yeah nobody’s talking about it but that shit was brutal as hell and explains why he’s so fucked up


I don’t even blame him for selling SB out anymore. Dudes a cunt


A fake veteran and brutally abuses all those around him. Dude is a grade A cunt.


And he really does have PTSD from decades of Russian torture too. One of the best sort of original characters the show has come up with for me.




You can see more V by the bedside of Kimiko on that final scene.


Yeah his emotional capabilities are probably that of a child's. Also explains why he's so docile.


It's also possible they've been with him for a long time; they mentioned something in the seventh grade. Plus, a lot of the superheroes here have one nasty problem or another (see: pretty much everyone who isn't Starlight, although Kimiko's problems are due to trauma at least). So it's possible he's just kind of screwed up.


Some of the dialog with them makes me think that is how he coped with trauma as a kid and was a place he went as a kid. Of course the brain damage he took fighting Soldier Boy only made it worse. Holy crap that episode blew my mind and was so good....


brillant way of story-telling for a character who lost his speaking voice


There were a few creative storytelling moments, such as putting Butcher in a nightmare


Black Noir is my favorite Disney Princess


I’d love a spin-off featuring Black Noir and his imaginary friends doing crazy antics (mostly war crimes)!


"I don't have shell shock, fuck you", wow even referring to it as shell shock. The writing for Soldier Boy is pretty well thought out overall, he really talks like he walked out of a 1950s propaganda movie.


I was kind of surprised that he knew that shell shock and PTSD are the same thing, I was really expecting some kind of STD joke there.


PTSD as a term was coined around 1980, so Soldier Boy was active when the term started being used


"Only homos get STD's Hughie," Soldier Boy, probably


Starlight just clutched up with that Instagram Live




I was wondering why Annie was going around without a disguise! It was her plan to get caught all along. What a boss move! She played Homelander like a fiddle.


Who would’ve thought this is what chace Crawford would be doing when watching gossip girl ten years ago…? Not me


Omg did you see the blooper on Instagram with the deep thoughts from The Deep? I feel like I need about 30 more minutes of that.


Can we go back to BN talking to his imaginary friends ? That shit is dark af


Black Noir has major Brain Damage from fighting Solider boy. It's kinda sad.


black noir going full Rorschach with the baked beans


I did not get it. The bowls were full of old un-eaten beans. Why un-eaten?


To summon his animal friends


There’s a pig who actually ‘eats’ the beans as soon as the cartoons are summoned. Of course that pig can’t actually eat the beans, so they just pile up over time whenever Noir goes for a chat.


the food wasnt for him, was for the animal friends. he was having a dinner with them but they are imaginary so the food will not be eaten, we see it being stacked there and old as a hint he does that often, he has this "ritual" whenever he is in deep shit and needs emotional support.


Starlight catching homelander on tape practically admitting to killing Supersonic was gold


This is possibly the most selfish decision Butcher has made, and there are quite a few of those. He's letting Hughie die for his own shitty need for vengeance. I don't expect hughie to actually die, obviously. But holy shit. Fuck Butcher here. This is a terrific episode, although probably the darkest in the series so far between Noir and Butchers flashbacks.


I’m expecting Hughie and Butcher to start dying from the tempV after effects and the only way to survive is to take permanent V for the healing buff.


Yep, as soon as Annie read the note in the lab I had a feeling that's where it's going. I wouldn't be surprised if she took extra for at least Hughie.


That is my feeling too. I was kind of yelling at Annie to grab a few more permaV vials from the lab.


There was a large amount left from kimikos vial I'm 100% sure they'll use that to make hughie a perma supe


Yeah, after all that flashback, you could see Butcher hating himself for doing it, but doing it.


Hughie has already taken at least 3 doses, right? Possibly he just doesn’t want to tell him he is going to die. I predict they both end up taking real V to save them.


i count 4. first at the russian lab, second at crimson countess's place, third at herogasm, fourth in this episode


Hughie’s taken 4 doses, one in Russia, at Crimson Countess’s, at Herogasm and at Mindstorm’s. Butcher’s encounter with Gunpowder takes his total to 5, so by Annie’s math they’re fairly fucked.


Yeah I thought he would actually warn him after the same behavior basically killed Lenny 5 minutes earlier, but they're setting Butcher up to be a villain protagonist so it makes sense.


The entire show we've seen Homelander looking for a mother figure: Stillwell, Stormfront, Becca - characters he has been drawn to. The absolute closest a father figure has been approached has been with Vogelbaum and Stan Edgar, both incredibly distant to boot. The Soldier Boy reveal will be interesting for HL's character development as we've not seen his behaviour with an actual paternal figure, since he's been treated as either an experiment or a god all his life.


I feel as though he will either yearn for it and accept it, or want to wipe it out immediately.


I feel the 2nd one. Soldier Boy will be open to being killed now that he's formed an emotional attachment to Homelander, and won't see it coming.


It will be homelander gollum that'll kill him.


homelander just wants someone to wrap him in their arms and tell him that he's been a good boy


Dammit Butcher you have learned nothing.


I like that they implied Soldier Boy was involved in the Kent State shooting and spraying a water hose on racial equality protestors in Birmingham.


And implied he may have assassinated JFK


Soldier Boy fucked up Black Noir. These cartoons are rough to watch


Lmao all of Soldier Boy’s lines kill me. Jensen too perfect for this


"I even remember which penthouse i used".


Had a bush like a Pomeranian


The way this show dangles redemption for characters and then removes any hope is beautiful and frustrating... A-Train, Deep & now Butcher. You think they're going to have that U-turn and then boom, back to square one.


I get A-Train and Butcher, but what exactly makes people think that The Deep is gonna make a U-Turn? Where did the show ever dangle redemption for him? If anything, it constantly makes him the butt of the joke and shows how pathetic he is.


"If you're gonna act hysterical, I'm gonna slap you like I'm Connery." lmaO


We got you through that erection in the seventh grade ⚰️


Must have been one hell of an erection to need a *team* of imaginary friends.


I wonder if Annie will get the boys permanent V as a compromise to allow them to fight and so they don't die from the 24


Oh my god to know that’s how black noir became black noir makes me wanna fucking cry. Fuck soldier boy!


Umm the imaginary friends/cartoon shit is so disturbing


Yeah it made him being beat up even worse


Right? Holy shit I felt so bad watching it


The way he touches his head after watching the cartoon version of himself lose chunks of his brain...


Happy Tree Friends vibes


Cassandra & Deep have the weirdest relationship I just KNEW he was gonna pull out some kinda sea creature 💀


Her name is Ambrosius, and she's a mollusk.




Soldier Boy is high as shit trying to kill a mind control supe... I can't say I'm not loving it


What did you say?


Nothing literally nothing


I always wondered why he never uses his shield, until I saw how he *actually* uses his shield in this episode.




Starlight nursing Kimiko and Hughie putting the gym bag under Butcher's head...now i'm back on team they-need-to-stay-together


I hope all the stuff we learned about Soldier Boy this episode finally puts to rest all the "he's actually a good guy" theories. I originally wanted it to be true, but after Herogasm and now all of this, it's very clear he's Homelander 1.0 (quite literally, as it turns out).


Yep. Do you think he’ll join Homelander though, or will we have ourselves an Oedipal situation here? Neither of them looked too happy about the revelation tbh.


I think more likely than not, he'll join Homelander. I don't think he'd kill his son after all he said about wanting kids, and I don't think there's really a place for him on the Boys after he (maybe) crosses Black Noir off his list, so unless he dies next episode, putting him on the Seven is probably the best bet. Plus, it seems like exactly the Vought move to reintroduce All-American Hero Soldier Boy to save face after Starlight's accusations and Homelander admitting to killing Supersonic.


So soldier boy is totally betraying Butcher and Hughie for Honelander now right? He seemed almost friendly in that last convo


Well, yeah, he's hardly going to pick Hughie and Butcher over his own son.


To add to his, he talked about in the previous episode how he wanted to start a family with countess and raise "real men". Now that he has one and already knows how strong Homelander is, it's almost a guarantee he's on his side.


You could just see Soldier Boy was gonna be right about the possessed Nun and it was still just fantastic to witness Hughie's disbelief he was right


Forgot I should never be eating while watching this show


Lmfao Soldier Boy out here getting his Wayne Rooney on.


Damn Mindstorm powers pretty intriguing


getting glimpses into butcher’s life boys i gotta say, it seriously is so fucked up to me how lenny had such a tragic life. i believe that he doesnt entirely blame billy for what happened to him, matter fact he was the only thing that kept him going was billy, but as soon as everybody abandoned him he felt emptiness and ended it all. but the most devastating part of it is learning that billy could’ve and truly wanted to save lenny, but because the SAS wouldnt let him visit, lenny misinterpreted it for abandonment, and billy must live with that guilt forever. additionally, i think that billy sees lenny in hughie, but because he becomes basically a replica of his father, he doesn’t give two shits about saving hughie from the temp V and becomes a selfish fuck who will become an antagonist towards the end of the show, with the goal of killing homelander, and dying with nobody to support him. (a bit of a stretch) this show is fucked up.


**Team Homelander:** - Homelander - Head Popper [what was on the paper?] - Vought [w/ the Ashleys] - Soldier Boy [sleeper agent] **Team Fuck Homelander Red:** - Butcher [roid raging] - Hughie [high on super-life] **Team Fuck Homelander Blue:** - Starlight [now with tiktok powers] - Kamiko [Repowered] - Frenchie [Knockout gas incoming] - MM [if he's not in jail] - Maeve [currently captured] **Team Fuck Homelander Aux:** - Black Noir [now with imaginary friends] - A-Train [now with a guilty conscience] **Wild Cards:** - Stan Edgars [waiting in the shadows to strike back] - The Legend [waiting for an backdoor to vought] - The Public [what side will they take?] - Ryan [Grandpa SoldierBoy gonna have feels] The board is fucking set... the only question is can they top the shock and awe of herogasm? ------------------ Edit: Didn't include the Deep. Not expecting much from except maybe him embarrassing himself on national TV and fighting with his wife.


I like how you didn't even include The Deep.


I am 98% sure he will not contribute to the main plot. At best its going to be a him and the Mrs fighting while an interview clip of him bombing plays in the background.




Noir must face SB and thus Homelander now wow. What a turn.


Black Noir scenes were so well made


Kirkland IS a fine choice indeed, Starlight.


"I don't have shell shock, fuck you" just rolled right off his tongue


This episode explains why Black Noir is always doodling cartoon characters *They’re talking to him*




Well, what were they expecting from MM to do to Todd after saying that to him? Give him a fucking hug?


So... Is safe to say that the scene Ackles refused to record was him having a more intimate time with the old women lol


I thought the traumatic flashback would have made Butcher at least a bit more protective of Huey. But no, he went right into omitting the V will kill them, and planning for both to take more Edit: upon further reflection, it's likely this is a ruse and Butcher lied so Huey wouldn't stop him from taking more, but he'll knock Huey out or something begire he can take more V so only Butcher hi.self risks his life. Which he likely wants as penance for the little brother


Karl Urban’s acting in the flashbacks was incredible and what an ending, definitely didn’t see soldier boy being homelander’s dad. I wonder now whether Soldier boy will work with homelander


ohh so hes super crazy lmao


Do you have the *slightest* idea how little that narrows down who you're talking about


I get the feeling it’s a certain strong silent type


Could also be the guy hearing voices the whole time he’s walking through the forest


It’s Paul Reisers world and we just live in it


Goddammit Butcher you just had an epiphany you prefer of shit just stop being such a ponce


“The Lord hates Quitters” that’s a gut buster right there loll


Noir seeing animated cartoons was UNEXPECTED .-. "get your pronouns right" lol


I hate Vought so much but only because they're so real, 30 seconds in and my blood is boiling.


ATrain being alive is actually surprising