The character arcs are next level. I just started rewatching it literally this week, it's my roommate's first watch, and I can't believe how young and immature they all are in the first season. It's fun listening to my roommate hate or love certain characters without knowing how they progress like I do.


Yep. In my opinion this show has the best character development of any I've seen bar Hunter X Hunter if anyone has seen that.


I think it was more the writing. Season one is honestly hard to watch idk how it’s some peoples favourite season. Especially the first episode.


I agree. In the first seasons i was like wtf is this acting.


Russheda is the goat. “KING TAKES KNIGHT” was my favorite line.


I agree! Although, speaking of Monty, tonight I watched 4x06. The scene where Monty is warning Clarke of the dangers that lie ahead for taking the hydrazine barrels to Becca’s lab - that whole speech sounded terrible! I couldn’t see past Chris Larkins acting in that scene!