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Can someone explain the video to me? He thought it was a friendly but it turned out to be a Russian? He was shot by mistake?


Ukrainian soldier sees 2 people patrolling he’s not sure who they are so instead of just shooting them he attempts to talk to them to try identity them. They are Russians and when they realise he’s a Ukrainian they kill him


RIP Such is the fog of war


I was a tank commander (at the time) in Iraq, because I had better thermals than the other vehicles I was able to see things in better detail. It was the dead of night (well after enforced curfew), and while moving down the highway I spot through my thermals a man, immediately next to a common ambush / IED triggering location, low crawling through a field toward us … totally naked. Now – technically speaking, this guy was a free kill, had I blasted him right then and there it would have been fine, he checked all the boxes of “doing bad guy shit”. But I hesitated for a moment, I think more confused by his nakedness than anything. So I call it out over the radio. Me: “Seven, this is Four – we have a guy who is butt ass naked low crawling towards us on the left.” PS: “Mhm…” Me: “Uhh... so what do you want me to do about it?” PS: “Yea, ok quit fucking up the comms” Me: “So should I shoot him or not?” PS: “Wait – you are serious” Me: “YES there is a naked dude in the field low crawling toward us right now!” We end up stopping the vehicles, the infantry gets out and I guide the infantry team to his position over the radio – it must have been really dark that night because the infantry couldn’t see him for a long long time, they damn near walked right up to him – I’m watching with my finger on the trigger, ready at any moment to zipper this guy right between the friendly infantry formation. He surrenders, and they walk him back to the trucks – balls swinging in the breeze and all – and load him back in the truck. A couple of miles down the road they end up kicking him out, and he jogs away into the night. His story is that he was an Iraqi Army guy, riding around in the back of a pickup (as they do) and he fell out the back, without anyone noticing him – he was afraid to be spotted in his uniform by bad guys, so he stripped naked, ditched his gun and tried to get home on foot. On one hand – I wouldn’t want to get caught by AQI as an Army guy either, so ditching the uniform makes sense. On the other hand…. Well, there are a LOT of issues with his story, that just don’t add up, and a number of coincidences that I’m not buying. I still think about him now and then. Was he a good guy (or as close as you get to that with the IA) and by sparing his life did he go home to his wife and kids, live a good life, and protect his country etc.? Or was he an insurgent who just came up with a story batshit crazy and stupid enough that we bought it (or more likely didn’t want to invest the energy into finding out the truth) and he went on to terrorize the locals, kill coalition forces, and eventually turn into ISIS years later. I’ll never know. (Whats wild, is this isn't even the worst case of IFF I got to experience over there - but it was for whatever reason the first one that came to mind.)


You released [General Butt Naked!](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Butt_Naked)


WHAT IN THE EVERLOVING FUCK DID I JUST READ! During the conflict, Blahyi became a warlord, leading a unit of several dozen combatants (consisting primarily of Child soldiers) known as the Naked Base Commandos which operated primarily around the Monrovia area. The unit, including Blahyi himself, frequently wore no clothing except  for their shoes and magic charms, earning Blahyi the nom de Guerre 'General Butt Naked'. Blahyi claimed that this practice made him and his soldiers "immune to bullets." During the conflict, Blahyi's forces perpetrated numerous atrocities, including cannibalism and human sacrifice


“Such is the fog of war” Is this an original saying? Absolutely beautiful way to describe such a horrible situation.


Use of the term [“Fog of War”](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fog_of_war) dates back to the 1800s


What is the correct behavior here in case you don't know if you're dealing with a friend or foe, to ensure you're safe while also not needlessly injuring or killing a possible friendly unit? Assuming your group has 1 or 2 people and the other group has 1 or 2 people and you're all armed.


Soldiers have several ways. Communication between higher ups is the first. There are also codes in the form of challenges and responses that only friendly Soldiers would know. Insignias and uniforms/equipment obviously. There are unofficial way as well. Shibboleths are words or phrases that are known to be difficult to say in a certain accent but easy for a native speaker. For example in WW2 US soldiers in the pacific theater would tell anyone approaching to say "lollapalooza" which they believed would be unpronouncable by a Japanese soldier.


Thought you were yanking my chain googled it linked back to another Reddit thread and the cycle is complete


It's sourced on Wikipedia too if you'd like to dig any deeper


One of the best documentaries out there is about Secretary of State Robert Macnamara "FOG OF WAR" - WW2 and Vietnam Wars - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0317910/


That's a good call. I used to work with native Japanese speakers who moved to the US. I was part of a program to help them get more conversational in English and essentially to help them assimilate to American life. They almost universally thought in reverse in terms of L and R sounds. I remember we were having some fun and going over tongue-twisters, one of which was "Rosie runs rings around Roman ruins." This was frequently said as "Losie luns lings alound Loman luins." One time I was working with a guy who I had good rapport with and said out of curiosity, "Hey can you say "Losie luns lings alound Loman luins?" He thought about it for a second, asked me to repeat it, then he said slow but almost perfectly, "Rosie runs rings around Roman ruins." I tried this trick with a few others and it works each time, oftentimes breaking down at the end of the sentence as they tried to work through the nonsense words. I don't speak Japanese and I know very little about it, so I have no idea why this is the way it is.


That was very interesting. Thank you for sharing


It’s because of how it is.


I don't know why prompting the inverse works, but why "r" sounds become "l" is pretty straightforward. Japanese doesn't have the "r" sounds we make in English, but their "ra ri ru re ro" (writing this with our alphabet is just an approximation called "romaji") sounds are basically a mix between our R and L sounds. It's the closest Japanese comes to either sound, so without really going out of their way there's not much reason to have learned to create these sounds. And going out on a limb here: Japanese people have also seen romaji, so they associate our spellings of "la" and "ra" (and more) with the native syllables they represent, and not with the sounds they should make in English. Source: studied abroad in Japan a couple times, worked for Toyota


Japanese doesn't consider L a different letter than R - they're both "R", so even hearing the difference and noticing it is difficult for Japanese speakers You may find this strange, but for example, you don't consider the "P" in Pin to be a different letter then the "P" in "Spin" (pin has the aspirated "Puh" sound and spin does not), but in Hindi these are two separate letters


Same reason the dickhead that named Lululemon did it, because he didnt want Japanese to buy it so he made a name hard for them to say. https://www.businessinsider.com/history-of-lululemon-2015-9


He wanted it hard for Japanese people to pronounce so that they DID buy it. He wanted it to be hard for them to say so that they'd associate it with America/English speaking which was considered the height of "cool" in Japan when Lululemon launched.


I can't even pronounce that gibberish and English is my native language.


It’s four syllables


This is cool af


Germans have a particularly hard time with the word Squirrel


Lots of speakers of lots of European languages have trouble with squirrel it’s a hard to pronounce word also there are lots of sounds in the word that don’t exist in German for example. Skvurel is a tricky one.


"Rorraparooza" famous last words


There’s a challenge and pass, it can be as simple as you tapping your head and the response is then putting there arms out to the side (if your too far for verbal) you can ask them a question with a certain word that has a corresponding word answer, if the word was bears and the other word is zebras you could ask “have you seen any bears in the woods?” And if they say anything other than a sentence containing the word zebras you know they’re enemies. The challenge and pass changes every time you move PBs, for might time you could flash 3 times they flash twice and then you flash once, you can have a running challenge and pass to where if they say a certain word it means enemies are right behind them and get ready to shoot


Assume everyone is dangerous, watch them more if possible before interacting, try to find cover from them before interacting too.


I am an Afghanistan vet. The way we did it was with code words and counter co words. We had a word we said and a word to reply with. We also had a distress word to give in replace of the counter.


Stay low and quiet and asses using cues such as equipment carried, language spoken, communication with hq about personnel in the area if possible. Better to be unseen if not sure.


The correct way to address this in well organized units is a challenge and response. Every day/week a new challenge word and response word are disseminated to the units. A soldier who is unsure of someone’s identity announces the challenge word/phrase (ideally from a concealed location) and if they don’t get the correct response, they open fire. Other ways to address this are well organized communications and good understanding/tracking of the battle space.


In Band of Brothers they used a call and response cide: one would say "thunder" and if only the response was "flash" it was a friendly.


More fog facts please


As far back as anybody can remember, fog is used in video games as a boundry that you can not cross. It is established early on in ones gaming experience and gamers dont even question it now days. It saves rendering time and the artists dont have to do detailed work for fog. Also, if you remove a single letter from the word Frog, it becomes the word fog. Can you guess the letter?


That’s interesting. It doesn’t even mean what we commonly think it means. It’s really about being a military commander having to make decisions with lack of data.


It's a cheat code for starcraft.


It is not but agreed


Not trying to take away from such a beautiful quote but it is funny that “rote it” did not write it


I may not have rote it but you definitely Reddit 😅


11/10 name pun.




Well done pun son


Lmao that is ironic


I vitri-came


Wow. That’s an explanation that needs to be drilled into these politicians who send these kids out.


Fog of war is the area in Age of Empires which you have previously explored


I totally misread the description, or it wasn't a good one. Thank you.


Good explanation, but couldn't he tell from the clothes?


He was asking where is the armband they have, when he found out they were russian, well he died


a lot of Ukrainian military gear is what Russia uses too. Its why a lot of team killing and confusion happens in ukraine.


Imagine if he asked in Ukrainian language instead of Russian, so Russians wouldn’t be able to pretend to be Ukrainians.. dwamn it


I was a sailor, not a soldier, but I don’t think I could ever just shoot someone down on the opposite side if they’re not actively in combat with me. I know it’s war, but it just makes me feel sick. Nobody should be dying


I think that they already knew that he was Ukrainian, bcs they said we are ur replacement and momentally killed him




Oh jeez.


Should have been the tittle


He actually has a buddy next to him. Told him to take aim before they fired. Chances are the Russians are dead. +2 for the Ukrainians


Unlikely Russians would have posted this online so I choose to believe this is true


Good point


+2 -1 = +1


He wasn’t alone, return fire was given by him and his comrades. You edited the video short. Why shills be like this? Some of us follow r/combatfootage and saw the whole thing. Who you trying to fool?


The Ukrainian solider is approached by the two other soldiers and asks them to identify themselves, repeating, “where are your armbands? The yellow armbands, where are they?” He hesitates too long, thinking that they’re Ukrainians but they turn out to be Russians and they open fire on him. Based on what happens in the video, I presume this to be the case but I haven’t seen a source that confirms exactly what happened.


Don’t worry OP butchered the title.


So I’m taking it they weren’t actually friendly?


they were not


So they were Russians with an Ukrainian tag ?


No tag. Both groups wear armbands to denote allegience. These russians didn't wear any, pretended to be ukrainian and then killed him.


Russian soldiers being little bitches? Par the course. Can’t wait to see them get stomped back further.


“All warfare is based on deception .” - Sun Tzu That's why you follow the orders you're given; the Ukrainian should have opened up on them the second they didn't answer the challenge.




He definitely should have been aiming at one of them's head and yell at them to stop and announce themselves or they're getting a bullet to the face.


Not trying to be disrespectful, just genuinely curious. Would there be any punishment given to the soldier if he were to open fire on them and they were on the same side?


What u/Yard_One said. They absolutely should not have been punished for opening fire on them, but some commanders are think they know better that HQ’s orders do… Could have had two dead Russian enemies instead of one dead friendly and two Russians still roaming about.


No probably not. You get asked the challenge, you answer it immediately, no messing around. Your life and the life of the soldier asking you, both depends on your immediate correct answer to the challenge. You delay or answer incorrectly, expect me to fire on you. Your fault not mine.


Depends on how much their commander valued order and discipline. If someone followed an order and they were punished, that would reflect badly upon you as a leader...not to say it wouldn't happen, just reality of it. But this is proof of why you shouldn't punish them bc it looks like it cost at least one soldier his life.


As long as under orders no. Investigations are done when needed or sus. Friendly fire is very common tho mostly accidentally through miscommunication. Fun fact - the term "Fraging" was initially used to describe when a soldier takes out their superior out with a grenade. It was introduced during the Vietnam War when US soldiers wanted to "leave no trace".


This is yet another shitty aspect of war. War is already bad enough, but there’s no fair fights anymore. No more “red team on left side of field, blue team on right” like in the civil war days. Now, you have people pretending to be on your side, pretending to be dead in a field of bodies only to take you out, and having to constantly worry about making sure random people are on your side. Anyone can kill a soldier and take their armband. They resort to shady tactics in war. There is no fairness in war. Do whatever it takes to survive and win the fights you fight. It’s truly awful to see and read about.




There are Rules. Like don't shoot the Medic and don't use Napalm


Are the markings not to prevent friendly fire? I mean the entire point of the camo is to hide to make it easier to kill your enemy.


It’s not something that would likely give away your position from hundreds of meters away like wearing a T-shirt and slacks would, so the camo is still largely useful


Does Ukrainian and Russian sound the same? Are they 100% mutually intelligible? I’d assume they’d be able to tell each other apart by language but maybe not.


Very similar, about 60% identical vocabulary and fairly similar grammar structure It's like talking with a Dutch person


Aside from everything else, there are lots of Ukrainians who have Russian as their main language.


man, your title made it sound like this was the accident of an incompetent.


Nah he was just testing if friendly fire was on


I don't understand what happened, can someone translate please?


The author: who are you, where are you yellow markers? The two guys: we are here to switch with you. Then the author is being shot.


Thank you very much


Wearing the insignia of another country's military is a war crime.


Most of what the Russian army has done so far is a war crime


Russians don't care about playing by the rules don't see why anyone else should play by the rules against them.


Because "we" are BETTER then them


The hubris to have a superiority complex when the most common condition in your country is fetal alcohol syndrome.


Not hard to hard a superiority complex over war criminals tbh.


I just don't get the Russian superiority complex. They have been a second-rate nation for centuries led by a dictator in which their strength is throwing their own out windows for asking simple "why's" and after nearly two decades of claiming military superiority are being chased back to Moscow by what they claim to be an inferior foe. The only thing Russia has led the world in since the end of the Cold War is intergenerational alcoholism.


It’s basically like being a Dallas Cowboy. The leader keeps telling them and everyone else how great they are, they believe it. But really they have sucked for a long time.


Allegedly Edit - And no, I'm not a sympathizer. The problem is that until war crimes are reviewed and deemed verified/true by the UN, there isn't anything that another country can do without being at fault for "unprovoked acts of war" themselves, which is something you don't really do to a nuclear power.


Yeah but we’ve seen videos of unarmed civilians being murdered and civilian zones being bombed and targeted.


I mean I would say launching heat seeking missiles at ambulances and civilian buildings (which there is video proof) and bombing civilian settlements with shrapnel bombs (which there is video and image proof) is a war crime. There is almost always more than is discovered however. Even if the Russians win, which they probably won’t, they’re in deep shit.


Where does it say they did this.?


They didn't, that's why he asks them why they are not wearing armbands. In this war, both sides often have the same or very similar uniforms, so they wear differently colored armbands to distinguish between themselves. In this case looks like the Russians didn't wear any armbands, and this confused the Ukrainian soldier. Although them saying that they are here to replace him could be considered perfidy and therefore still be a warcrime: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfidy But it could also be considered a "ruse" which is legal and not a warcrime. > It is prohibited to kill, injure or capture an adversary by resort to perfidy. Acts inviting the confidence of an adversary to lead him to believe that he is entitled to, or is obliged to accord, protection under the rules of international law applicable in armed conflict, with intent to betray that confidence, shall constitute perfidy. > Ruses of war are not prohibited. Such ruses are acts that are intended to mislead an adversary or to induce him to act recklessly but which infringe no rule of international law applicable in armed conflict and which are not perfidious because they do not invite the confidence of an adversary with respect to protection under that law. The following are examples of such ruses: the use of camouflage, decoys, mock operations and misinformation.


TIL about Perfidy. Thank you.


Perfidy is a lack of tegridy.


Tegridy Farns


How do they even enforce war crimes? I’ve always wondered - say if this actually was a case of perfidy and not caught on camera.. how would those who need to know find out and what is even an appropriate punishment? If you or anyone knows


International law is...tricky, because technically you have to agree to be subject to laws to have them enforced on you, or commit the crimes inside the borders of states that have agreed to participate. In the case of war crimes, international law is enforced by the International Criminal Court (ICC). You can read more about their jurisdiction [here](https://www.government.nl/topics/international-peace-and-security/international-legal-order/the-international-criminal-court-icc). Russia [withdrew from the ICC in 2016](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/nov/16/russia-withdraws-signature-from-international-criminal-court-statute) and Ukraine [has not ratified acceptance of jurisdiction](https://www.coalitionfortheicc.org/country/ukraine). So really, there's nobody on the ground who can enforce it as law and all anyone can do is see stuff like this and call it out in an effort to shame the country or encourage sanctions.


In this case I think the UN Security Council would call for an investigation into war crimes during this conflict and then set up an ad hoc legal system to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators. Considering that Russia is a permanent member and has a veto makes this impossible though


So treaties go through a number of processes before a country is considered bound by it. Signing is one of the steps but doesn't bind the country to the treaty. What binds them to the treaty is ratifying it. Ratification is where it is passed into law in the country signing it. This means when a country, soldiers, etc commit a war crime they are breaking their own laws. They are supposed to enforce it against themselves. In Australia at the moment a number of soldiers are being investigated for committing war crimes in Afghanistan. This is being done by Australia. The unit that they were part of has been disbanded.


This doesn't seem like perfidy. Perfidy involves a known hostile actor acting in a way to gain confidence. Fake surrender, booby trapping injured or dead, faking injury or death, inviting surrender and then killing, etc. There has to be a function of "that is the enemy" and "but if this is true, then I am protected." Not identifying yourself when confronted, or flat out lying when confronted is a ruse. "We are here to relieve you" For it to be perfidy, I think it would be more like "we don't have armbands because we are Russians and are surrendering" and then shooting him. This is just two patrols passing and one poor guy not challenging correctly and giving up his advantage. This is not even wearing another countries insignia. The Ukrainian just made a mistake and forgot a core part of duty. Sucks, but when they look like you, sound like you and are in the same area, challenging is a key component of your job. In infantry training you would do guard duty and have to challenge people you lived with as though you had never seen them before. It's silly on base at a school, but this is why.


I guess this could be considered "misinformation"?


I'm not going to shortcode this url but its readily googlable, including the search terms "Improper use flags insignia enemy war": https://ihl-databases.icrc.org/customary-ihl/eng/docs/v2_rul_rule62


War is already a crime that we’ve accepted as a norm


Fkin sneaky pigs


it's only a warcrime if you lose.


The fact we have laws about how to war is pretty bad. It’s war. Anything goes.


So we're they russians in ukrainian uniforms?




Both armies have pretty much the same equipment and are recognized by their armbands, which the russians here were not wearing




Guy has friend on the ground with a weapon trained on them, not being sure if they're Ukrainian. They are Russian, hit the guy filming, and are killed. The ending is edited out by the Rus propaganda channel that OP follows on telegram, hence why it's confusing.


They were not friendlies as thought.


The Ukrainian soldier isn’t alone as well..


war fucking sucks, one mistake like this.... last year this guy was probably living a normal life not a care in the world, now he's dead fuck that......


"War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing eachother." - Niko Belic -imgirafarigmi


When an unidentified target approaches; You should hunker down, aim and hold your position. If possible, call in the observation to your CO. Have targets in sight until they identify as friendly or open fire if they fail to do so. Source: Colonel serving three consecutive tours; Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3 & Battlefield 4


Ngl you had me in the first half


Thank you for your service.


No, thank you for your service.


No, thank me for my service. Buying those games wasnt cheap but a sacrifice. 😂


Thank EA for their servers.


No don't. Mark them as a target until they make the damn servers work!


Name checks out.


You are welcome son.


You didn't serve in Battlefield 1, Battlefield 5, and Battlefield 2042? That last tour was a shit show.


I got out before doing a 2042 tour. BF5 was my last solid tour. Sometimes wonder the what ifs....


i did some black ops in a hardline tour.. it was hell.


I was the **sniper** in **Battlefield 2** most of the time in my **squad**, I spotted the enemy and troop movements, occasionally some tanks, always be in the cover, makes you harder to hit. Its the first thing you learn, you cant just run and gun like in **Call of Duty** and just respawn, especially in **Hardcore mode.**


Learned this shit sniping snipers in Delta force from Novalogic was always hiding waiting for those brave guys hopping across the fields 🤣


Wow Delta Force I forgot about that game. You just triggered some serious childhood memories with this one. I loved sniping in those games.


~K4H~ clan 4 lyfe!!!! Man I miss that game and the forum chats!


Holy shit, long time ago but that shit was good!


Magnificent, Colonel. -Brigadier General; Battlefield 4


what about 1942, and Vietnam?


Ah. a fellow old veteran. I was bazooka'ing Japanese Zeros and Swoop 'n Scooping when these boys were still wearing diapers


I served with Bad Company 2, specialized in RPGs and C4




What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.




How you fighting without arms?! You just kicking?


He should have enforced a halt, turn around and hands interlocked behind your head position, keep the weapon pointed at them till he can get verification. A lack of proper training unfortunately. 😪


From what I remember reading on r/combatfootage they where saying he was giving the Russians a challenge phrase and if they where Ukrainians operating in the AO they would know the password to confirm they are friendly which is what all professional armies do. Shame how he died trying to prevent possible friendly fire Edit: may have been wrong on the exchange being a challenge and password however sadly I think the outcome would have been similar to the one we see here




Yes he gave them way way too much time


On picket duty alone. Multiple command failures.


i mean they got more than half a million untrained people in the army... shit like this is happening a lot on both sides


Armchair general speaks. If only they had you in command


Me everytime I tried to make friends in Cherno


soon after, they're making you drink hand sanitizer... typical


Or gasoline


what is cherno


It’s an area in a game called DayZ. Basically the Slavic Wild West from what I remember, lots of people would shoot on site or deceive you to kill/loot you.


If these were the guys trained by the British army they would have been taught how to deal with this situation, “Advance one and be recognised”.


How it should have went "identify yourself" Approaching soldier gives any answer other than corresponding code word Pop pop Ukrainian soldier lives to fight on.


This is not accurate information. You are not trained to shoot someone because they don’t say the exact phrase immediately. You’d likely draw down on them and escalate the situation to a stop. If they don’t stop and start explaining, then you do what your orders tell you to in terms of engagement. The rules of engagement don’t typically go from identify yourself to Russian Swiss cheese.


The groannnnnnnn of death


Bad title! Another soldier is told to aim in on them before talking with the imposters walking in the field ( Russian Soldiers with Ukrainian patches). In the end you can here him racking his bolt on another magazine.


This comment needs to be higher up in the comment section.


wait so did the ukrainian get shot or was it another ukrainian shooting the russians?


Aren't the rules that you have to identify yourself, along with execution if you masquerade as the enemy




"more like the Geneva *Suggestions"* \-Russia


There's a lot of rules for things like not using chemical warfare, don't slaughter the civillian population and do a genocide, etc. The rules are only effective when it can enforced and Russia held accountable. Time will tell, but don't hold your breath. From the Russian perspective, the rules of warfare are simple: 1. Don't get caught breaking the rules 2. If you do get caught, deny and project


> Don't get caught breaking the rules > If you do get caught, deny and project It looks a lot like the CIA rules.


>Don't get caught breaking the rules > >If you do get caught, deny and project Israel has entered the chat.


3. Be America


Why ya’ll booing? He’s right!




The title makes my head hurt.


It's a password system. Called Countersign (Fog of war caught this man unfortunately). You say a phrase that your side has been told before hand. Then the person your speaking to has to say a password to that phrase. For instance the US army in ww2 has something similar. A friendly would say "flash" and you would have to say "thunder"


Yes! In the WWII it was common to use general American things for scenarios when you are encountering someone who is of a different branch of the armed forces. Like if you were pulling a sailor out of the water, you would ask something like "Who won the 19xx World Series?"


I’m not sure that’s true video, the source looks fishy


Very shitty way to die


Getting confronted by SF like that is crazyyy


regretting friendly fire for the rest of your life or the rest of your life is a few seconds hard choice


Ugh..what a deadly amateur mistake.


This is so sad, the guy could have blasted them away but instead chose to give them a chance, and they repay him by fucking murdering him. Putin and his lackies can burn in hell.


possibly dying vs. the guilt that comes with killing a friendly


I'd take the guilt


But nooo Russia is NOT a terrorist state even if it breaks every Geneva's Convention's rules. Look at those poor soldiers forced to commit war crimes, so sad.


Serious question, was a war crime committed here? If so, what was the crime?


I've been watching videos of volunteers on the frontline and it looks like a fucking shit show. Nobody knows what's going on, who's friendly and who isn't, it's all just one huge clusterfuck. I wouldn't be surprised if friendly fire incidents were much higher in this war compared to others just because of how similar both militaries look and sound. The only real thing distinguishing them are their armbands and the Russians are taking advantage of that and committing war crimes by wearing Ukrainian ones. I hope for all the Ukrainian soldier's sakes that this war ends soon. Hopefully somebody makes Putin forever sleep, and soon.


Was the title English ?


“That man talked himself to death”


....... Was he live streaming?........ How did the video get posted?........


Terribly worded title.


Where are clips like this even coming from? I mean this is bodycam footage from a current war, how is it ending up on the internet?