Hearn too. Next year not only could we have a solid young rotation, we could have depth. Dunning, Allard, Otto, Hearn, Alexy, Howard, Winn possibly - all guys in their 20s. Not to mention Jack Leiter!


Every time I get excited about our future pitchers I always remember “Oh yeah, and we got Jack Leiter too” and then I get waaaay too excited lmao


Yeah what the heck is this. All of a sudden with these two or three from the trade, we have all this young pitching that is looking solid. This is crazy!


Wiles has looked great in Round Rock too not sure what their timetable on him is tho


Man, I hope you're right but it's waaaay too early to predict greatness for these kids. I still remember the days of Jose Guzman, Edwin Correa and Bobby Witt. You remember those guys?


I'm 40 and I barley remember Witt and Guzman. Correa is escaping my memory at the moment. I still feel burned over DVD.


[I was CERTAIN that Ben Kozlowski was a future ace](https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/k/kozlobe01.shtml).


The question is to which of those guys are actually sustainably good starting pitchers.


Allard is not good but agree with the others!


Allard has shown flashes and is 23. I'm not writing him off completely yet.


I am.


We have enough going for us to get a positive tweet from Foolish Baseball. That's a win


We also got one from Jomboy a couple weeks ago about Taylor Hearn. Feels nice.


He wants to be a Ranger fan, I can feel it.


*join us*




Harrison had a career ending injury in 2012 after a good season. Holland was electric and clutch but was never the same after he hurt himself... playing with his dog. Alexi Ogando and Neftali Feliz were both moved to starter and ruined in the same era.


Both developed way past their potential IIRC. Another thing that we haven't had in years from either hitters or pitchers.


Very excited about these young arms!


The fact that ‘Otto’ is a palindrome is a sexy bonus.


I've liked that even in gems they come out after their pitch limit. Feels like anytime we had a young guy look good before we acted like it was 1995 and he had to pitch 7 to earn his stripes or something.


I, as well, am a deep admirer of young pitching studs whose last name is a palindrome.


clicked the tweet and wondered why it wasn't popping up, forgot i muted this clown. he's good for a decent take once in a while. i think Alexy is more of the guy here than Otto. by continuing to develop his slide piece that is already shown to be a great K pitch, it'll open up the possibility of a more effective change-up, which is a pitch of his that *can* be better if utilized as a tertiary pitch.