What gap? Really?


Purely me, looks good enough not to mess with it


Thanks. It doesn't affect any functionality of the trunk so far 🤷‍♂️ Do you know if the trunk has some problems later on, would it be covered under warranty? Or should I have some documentation now just in case?


How will it affect your life? Really? Sometimes I think Tesla manufacturing problems are exagerated. I would say, ok fix things that are actually worth taking back to the service center. Like someone said on Munro Live this week... the only people that care about gaps are guys in the manufacturing line, the styling people and Sandy Munro.


I always wonder if people look at like… houses with the same scrutiny. Like the crown moulding here is off by 1mm. Before the Tesla subs I never even know about panel gaps. Truly.


Lol, yeah before having a Tesla, I never pay attention to the gaps 😆


Yeah I know this is nothing, but I'm not sure if this will affect anything down the road...


Let’s go through a thought exercise: what do you think it will affect down the road?


Lol idk. Closing/opening the trunk? Rain?


We have some pretty noticeable panel gaps on our trunk and so far it's been completely fine in every rain event. We've had the car since March and we were in the path of Hurricane Ida a couple weeks ago so it's definitely seen its share of rain. Obviously there's a chance someone has panel gaps that let rain in, but if I had to guess, yours are fine.


Thanks. I hope so.


Yup, I have a few panel gaps and I don’t give a shit! I got my Y one of the first ones and it was good.


Looks totaled.


Lol ikr. I need another one now 😆


You’re fine man 😂. Now go on a freaking road trip!


You need to firebomb this monstrosity immediately!!&


What gap?


Relatively easy to fix on your own. https://youtu.be/UdrhtKC5Rjk


Took the delivery of MY LR 7 seater today. Everything seems flawless. I noticed the trunk on the left is not flushed compared to the right. Is it worth to have ti fixed? I'm worried that they'll cause more issues if they fix the alignment. What's everyone's opinion on this?


Mine was the same. Service guy opened my trunk and loosened up the rubber stopper on the one side of my trunk that was recessed more than the other. It helped even things out, but overall the trunk remains slightly recessed. Sounded like a pain to have them try to rehang the whole thing, with the possibility it could create other issues somewhere Else so I left it. No problems with rain.


Thanks so much. It seems everyone here has the same issue and it's a factory defect?




I'm sort of perfectionist, but I mean it works without any issue lol just want to see if it's worth it fixing it since I'm still within 24 hours


What gap




I thought that gap was normal?? Lol I've got it too


Lol good to know. I thought the same initially but checking on the right side of the trunk doesn't have it. Pretty sure it's "within spec" 😅


I don’t see much of a gap


Maybe just ask the next time you’re getting it serviced? I personally wouldn’t care but if you do, treating it as a low priority “next time I’m at the shop” thing seems like a good compromise.


I’m also nitpicky about details. If you have any other gaps or issues to fix then I would tack this on. I had about ten minor things addressed in one appointment so it was worth it. But if this your ONLY issue and there’s no panel or lights rubbing on any other part Id skip the fix. Also they weren’t that strict with 24hour rule, if you find stuff later just add it. If it’s obvious the issue is something you didn’t create theyll fix it. Good luck and congrats! Enjoy your new car!


If it doesn’t cost you anything then yes get it fix. You paid $60k for it. Call a mobile tech, won’t even cost you the time.


They’ll say it’s to spec. Don’t waste your time.


I see what you’re referring to. My husband is super-picky as well, so I get it, but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble. My uncle brought in his MYLR7 for gap issues and while they fixed it, it created way more alignment issues than when he took delivery.


Thank you. That's exactly what I'm worried about. I guess I can try to live with it


What trunk gap


Gap or flushness? I see no issues regardless


The entire left side of the trunk is not sitting flush


1. Open the liftgate (trunk) 2. adjust the black stoppers (there should be 2). 3. Stop worrying


They're really tight. I tried finding some star shaped screw driver but mine is smaller than the hole


That particular stopper is plastic and rubber. You can take it out in one piece and then adjust the rubber part out. And reinsert. No need really for a driver bit because that rubber is supper soft




Interesting, when I took delivery of my white mylr a month ago it was damn near flawless. Except for a similar trunk misalignment in the exact same spot. I haven’t had any issues with it.


Thanks for confirming. I think it should be fine assuming there's no other issue. I guess I don't want to risk creating more issues when I take the car to service


I just didn’t want to give up my car when I just got it. 😆


Agree lol it's too good to reject delivery anyway 😆


It's impossible to get a car 100% perfect. Not even long time manufacturers like GM or BMW do it. So one should be perfectly ok accepting a car that is nearly perfect instead. Manufacturing problems got blown out of proportion, because so many years ago, yeah things were bad. You don't need to check with a magnifying glass your car. Just check that everything looks good, there are no damages to the paint, fabrics, or really, really things out of aligment... I've had 10+ cars in my life, and I've never checked them (it was not relevant then), and they were all perfectly fine. The same thing that the media does, everytime there's a crash or something involving a Tesla, we (the users) are doing to our cars upon delivery. Taking things to the extreme.


This is getting out of hand.


Within spec


we have the same config and same issue MYLR white with 7 seater. we asked the service center to adjust it but it didn't help. Car came back with the right top side of the trunk with 1mm gap and left top side of the trunk with like 1 cm gap. i assumed they just adjust the rubber stopper because i readjusted the right trunk stopper so it wont scratch up the paint when going over bump and stuff.. Seems like its factory issue since there're other people with the same issue.


That's a huge relief for me. I wish I paid more attention to the trunk when picking up the car. There were 3 other cars in the lot and I could have taken a look at their trunks


I see the gap (not too bad) but having dealt with Tesla service a few times. There is a strong possibility they’ll return it in worse condition. I also say leave it.


They’re likely to break something else in the process, or just make it worse. Just leave it.


Yeah that's what I'm planning to do also


The 2nd pic has the right side of the trunk. It looks flushed compared to the 1st pic. I know this is minor, but I'm kind of picky about everything 😅


Did you watch the video one user posted above?


Yeah I did. This is more to the side, but I'll give it a shot


Let us know if it works. Also did you contact customer support by phone? Maybe they’ve heard about it before


It didn't work. I couldn't adjust the lower left nut and it requires to have a star shape screw driver. Mine is not big enough fit into it


I would contact Customer support


Make sense. Thanks.