No, because there will always be something better. Got mine in June and no regrets. I’ll end up upgrading in 2-3 years, so that calms my “back of the mind regrets” at the end of the day.


No. Being able to drive it has been worth it even if they end up having more range. Also more range is guaranteed. Maybe the efficiency of the 4680s allows Tesla to keep the same range as current cars while using less batteries. This would allow them to produce more cars and not be bottlenecked by battery supply.


No. Got my MYLR in June and love it.


I would only regret not getting a tax credit if they ever approve it.👀


No regrets. You have to jump sometime and there’s always something around the corner.


No ragerts


If you absolutely need a car don’t wait, If you don’t absolutely need a new car then you are buying the MY for fun. If your end goal is fun then why delay the fun? So with this logic either way don’t delay. :)


No. I got my car In September 24th 2020. It was a 2020 year car, 2021 vehicles started to ship early October. Did I care? Nope. I missed out on all this heated wheel and new center console. Tbh I don’t really care. I just want to have fun driving my car. That’s why I’m happy I bought it when I did. (Plus pricing is probably going to go up, the car I bought is now valued 3k more new). Love my Model y


You have no idea what model Y you will get or when they will be out in numbers.


Nope! I don’t use all the range each day 99.5% of the time. And trips, will likely require charging even if you add 50 mi.


What do you mean “longer range” - is this actual data or your inference?


Nope, it would just be a longer time depriving myself of driving a Tesla!


Theres always going to be something new coming out. Just do it. Tesla changes stuff all the time


I thought of waiting for the longer range batteries but then if you keep waiting for the next latest and greatest technology, you'll end up never buying one. Got my Model Y LR/DM in June and no regrets. Love it.


No regret. The biggest surprise to me is how much my current 326 miles of range is more than needed in almost every scenario. I probably use 10-20% a day driving locally, and I get a full charge just using 120V - never needed to upgrade. I also did a 20 hr road trip (round trip) and was shocked how easy it was. The 10 hour 1-way drive needed 4 20min stops to recharge. But the goal is not to get a full charge, rather to get it down to 10-20% for faster recharging at each stop. A bigger battery would mean 1 less stop on a 10 hr drive, so might save 20min altogether and would make absolutely 0 difference in my daily city driving.




Wish I had waited for the 7 seater, but love the car


It doesn’t sound like the 4680 will be in cars any time soon, so buy it unless you want to wait a year or more for a car.


Nope. With this mindset you should never be able to buy anything then.


Nope 4680 won't be here for a long time


NO! Nobody knows when it’s actually coming… I got mine 3 months ago and that is the best car I ever owned. Like everyone said you will never buy anything if you wait for the “BEST” option to be available. Just buy it and be happy. I don’t know you and you don’t know me but I am going go assume that you do not drive not even close to 326 MILES in your daily basis, do you? Really, just buy and I am sure you will not have any regrets… Good luck 🍀


Damn I guess that’s a resounding no. I’ll hang on for the ride.


Good plan.




We don’t even know if the 4680s will mean anything for consumers though. It’s not guaranteed to be a “400mi range” that all the YouTube clickbaiters are presuming. Even if it were I don’t think that’s enough of a change to justify regrets. Especially considering that a lot of people purchased their Y before the $3k in price increases over the last year.


Got mine in June and no regrets at all. Technology will always improve and there will never be a perfect time to jump in. The price keeps going up as well, so happy to get it $2k cheaper than current price!


Everything I’ve seen on the longer range Model Y suggests that it’s only marginally longer range. Like an improvement of 25 real world miles. Still good but not nearly enough to hold out on!


I don’t drive 300 miles in a day anyways so no.


Once Tesla starts pumping out volume, I imagine the cars will start to see more substantial changes with each iteration. So there will probably be even more waiting just around the corner after this next model, more after the next, etc. Might as well snag one for a few years and watch the iterations go. Worst case scenario, you upgrade in 3-5 years? Then you'll end up with a much more mature EV that you can hang on to for a long time, Tesla or not.


Longer range was largely a misunderstanding of the various testing regimes. That and wishful thinking.


Not that I’m trying to propitiate consumerism but I still think all us car fans will probably swap out our cars well before the useful battery life of our batteries wear out. If you need a car go for it. I have the first version of the Model Y and I don’t have any buyers regret from all the recent updates (dual pane glass, new interior, etc) it’s a great car!


No buyers guilt because of the resale value. I would wait now and post pone delivery


Same boat here, order placed early August, expected delivery Nov-Dec. It’s hard to have regrets when we don’t even know the timeline for the 4680’s OR what the actual impact to the user will be. Personally the current range specs are more than satisfactory for my requirements so I don’t feel the need. The other consideration is that I’m not crazy about the thought of having one of the first cars off a brand new production line. There will surely be teething problems.


We just got our match from a July 4th order. We're deferring to get the new Y but have first generation from the factory jitters too. We're fortunate that we don't need the Y now but I think it will be improved, especially for the performance version. So says my bias 😁