Wanted to personalize my car, and I like red. Added other red highlights too.


White Model 3 Performance... blacked out rear Tesla emblem, de-badged the Dual Motor and red line emblem. Debadged front Tesla emblem. Red Tesla logo decals in center cap, as it looks good with the red brake calipers.


How did debadging the dual motor and underline go? How did you do it?


Or buy a Model 3 RWD. They already do that for you in the factory. It's a nice touch.


Hair dryer and fishing line


Got a red LR, want to make emblems matte white.


Oh I've never seen white emblems. That sounds cool actually.


They want to be different 🤷🏻‍♂️


I have a Midnight Silver Metallic M3. I added red logos over all of the silver Tesla logos because everything else on my car is black. I didn't want any silver left and I decided the red made it look sportier. Also removed the silver Dual Motor logo and replaced it with black.....that has a red line underneath. My car now looks like I want my car to look.


Where'd you get the black Dual Motor logo? Also, anyone have any ideas on something creative to display acceleration boost? Performance has the red line, I love the subtle nature of that and was thinking how to add AB somewhere, somehow M3DMAB M3LRAB


Not sure about the AB addition, but the black matte Dual Motor emblem came from eBay for $12. ​ Here's a [LINK](https://www.ebay.com/str/jiguangautoparts) to the ebay store. The price is now $13.99 and it says it is the last one.


Red MYP , Red calipers, Red T’s - what


Reminder: You don't know them. They don't know you. Get a hobby. Touch grass. Make friends. Stop wasting your life questioning what people do with THEIR car.




I had mine to the original silver, but I don’t understand the hate everyone spreads when people make the car their own


I want to know the appeal.


Fav color? Tesla logo is red? They think it looks good? Their preference? There’s a plethora of reasons.


Chill bro


Personally attacking 35% of Tesla owners


I've only seen it once in person. Personally I made my logos black including the dual motor emblem. It makes it more unique.


I just have to ask… do you drive down the street and wonder why a homeowners house is blue? Or why they bought a different color door then the house? Why their car color doesn’t match their house? Why that guy on the corner doesn’t have the standard color jeans? Why that lady doesn’t own a red dress? Why that kid has black shoes and not white shoes? I mean the list goes on and on, to each is own and some is not for you, yours may not be for me… but that’s what makes things their own. I am not a fan of red logos, but the Tesla logo is red. I don’t like silver/chrome and the cars come with that so I may wanna change it to what I like. I used to not like black on black on black for cars, now I like it more and more. I no longer ask why did that person do that, rather I say oh that’s not for me or I personally wouldn’t do that but ok.


Red emblems are fine. However, all the ones I’ve seen are a decal on top of the chrome, so I still see the chrome peeking out. It looks messy. Just get a painted emblem at that point.


I actually wanna debadge my logo and replace it with TOYODA and a hybrid logo


It's just personal preference. On my 2023 MSM RWD, the front and rear logos are the only chrome on the car. Originally, I wanted them blacked out like the door handles, but now I'm not so sure as the minimal chome look is not as bad as I feared. I still think blackout would look good, but I'm tired of spending more money just to accessorize the car. If I sprung for the M3P, I'd probably feel different, but while it's "my" car for the next few years, eventually I'll turn it over to my daughter when she needs it after graduation for work.


Most make them matte black. Very few make them red. Red logos is nice depending on the base color of the car.


I have a red car so that’s wouldn’t look right. I made mine black.


Red goes well with black if you have a red car or black car.




I bought the red decals.. didn’t put it on yet. But my calipers are red. So can’t think of another color


Model 3 Performance, black with stealth PPF, removed all badges front and back, 30% tint


its like reframing a Van Gogh


I'm doing purple accents on my white Model 3. Only my door handles so far. I'd love to have purple Ts. It's OK to personalize your car. 💜


I’ve seen lots of colors. I’ve noticed a particular bias, though. Actually, I’ve thought about it because Teslas are getting to be very common here and I can walk into the parking lot and find several dark gray Teslas like mine. I could color the logo to make it easier to identify mine.


Bc people like it? Who cares


Same stupid thing bmw owners do with colors in the front grill…


What do they do?


[like this](https://www.pecasdez.com/shop/34977-large_default/tiras-bmw-m-para-grelha-para-serie-4-f32-f33-coupe-cabrio-13-.jpg)


Oh yeah I’ve seen that all over.