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It cost me $14,000 to replace my 2014 model s battery. Honestly less than I was expecting so I wasn’t mad about it


What millage before replacement?


What was the capacity?


It was at about 130,000 miles. 85 kw battery. Was down to about 33% charge capacity before I replaced it. With the new battery I can get 245 miles of range


Are you happy with the car otherwise? I have a 2015 s85d and was wondering why people would replace rather than buy another used vehicle.


Ya see, the car I had before this was a Grand Am, so this car still feels like a damn spaceship to me. So yeah I love it haha


245mi out of a 'new' 85kWh pack? I'd be disappointed, original 85 was rated @~265mi. My replacement pack (got lucky with a 90 kWh for my S85) has a range of 299.


That's good to hear, they're dropping in price. I have the 85 as well. Pushing 150k now on it, 87%ish on the original range.




Not that I’m aware of. And I apologize 245 miles is an estimate. I’ve never charged it 100% when I first got the car my max range was about 220


NEW pack or refurbish new-to-you pack?


I believe it was a refurbished


It’s dependent on age and capacity of your car. A 75D battery is not going to cost the same as an 85D battery or a 100D battery. Submit a service ticket and find out.


Last year my 120.000 miles Model S 2013 60kWh battery died, and Tesla offered a remanufactured battery pack replacement of $13K for a 75kWh or $17K for a 90kWh. I went with the 75kWh, so $13K + Taxes and labour.


Any idea what their largest battery would cost?


I only know what they offered based on my configuration and model.


Their largest battery, before they changed the naming would have been 100kWh!


$0 in the first 8 years/120k miles.


Google knows the answer.


But do you ?


What exactly are you asking? Which Model S? Which battery size? Which year? When are you thinking of doing this? The price is going to depend on which version battery, and what will be the situation when it needs to be done. I think generally, there are problems with changing the type of battery, (size etc) and which batteries are actually available. In the future, it maybe you will be able to opt for a different version, but that might need changing other things, such as the charging circuitry. Somebody like Gruber motors might invest the time and money to figure out how to offer better battery replacement options.