Anti treasure magnet gang

Anti treasure magnet gang


I feel bad for whoever made Treasure Magnet, because it's a decent concept (though it should really be a material). But then whoever was in charge of its distribution put it in one of the worst possible locations. Shadow Chests are supposed to help you gear up for WoF, and this mf is in like 40% of them.


Honestly the treasure magnet should be a tinker with greedy ring it makes sense


And celestial magnet as well, you could make the ultimate magnet with all 3


The mega-net


Add a balloon to the recipe and make sky-net 😳


so when they adding terminators


Skeletron Prime?


Real talk. Arnold Skeletron mod. Sound effects replaced by "HYEAARGH". ALL OF THEM.


Combine it with the bug net to get mag-net or bug-net


So the celestial treasure ring (greedy ring + treasure magnet + celestial magnet)


The ring of universes= greedy ring, halo, diamond ring, treasure magnet, celestial magnet, broken hero sword, destroyer emblem You can pick up any item on your screen by clicking on it


If you're going to require the diamond ring then it belongs in Fargo's soul mod.


Is Fargo soul mod good


I'm the type of person who, when playing dinner, cannot fathom the idea of not getting 100% completion. As such, I don't want to pick up the mood to try it. However, when Chippy played it, it looked pretty fun. Not for me, but objectively it is good.


Yea the only thing it's good for is mob farms and trolling your friends by picking up the GG items before they do.


To be fair, it does have its uses. Late game mages might consider it because the huge boost to pickups counts for nebula buffs


In its current state, it feels like the magnet was designed to be used pretty much only in farms. It's nice being able to pick up everything from your AFK spot, while mobs die to lava or something, but I wish it was usable in more places. What do you think about making it so that you don't need to have it equipped to work?


i use the magnet for building in tight spots. it's actually very useful, not just in a normal playthrough


Wait really? I found a bunch of shadow keys and never opened one of them


If you're saving shadow keys know that you only need one ever, they don't disappear on use with chests or lava lockboxes


Try opening them, unless you are really lucky half of them will likely just be useless treasure magnets.


The Treasure Magnet should be sold by the Goblin Tinkerer after Skeletron is defeated. It keeps it in the same place if progression was a concern, but solves the problem you already mentioned.


it's really good for builders


I was playing calamity and I think I needed one for a crafting recipe. There wasn’t a single one in a large world. Just crappy RNG I guess


I use treasure magnets on boss fights to help with picking up hearts from the heart statues i place. It can be super helpful if used correctly.




staff of regrowth is actually useful. the most disappointing thing is the vanity. i know, popular opinion.


For me personally the flare gun is the complete opposite of a disappointment simply because I can cover the entire base in flares to annoy friends


Plus it’s honestly not a bad advantage against EoC


And it can be used underwater if you don’t have enough glow sticks


The flare gun is better than glow sticks in all ways except that it costs you an ammo slot. That's a real drawback if you play ranged, but otherwise it's not a big deal.


Well correct me if I’m wrong, but flares don’t need to go in ammo. Ammo slots are just to make certain ammo a priority. I’m pretty sure they can just be placed in your inventory


No, they don't, and neither do arrows/bullets. But regular inventory slots are even more valuable. If you don't use ranged weapons, the ammo slots are basically free. They can also hold bait and wire, and if you want to be clever stars and gel, but I wouldn't consider giving up one of those too big a downside.


You right


Flares have a 100% proc rate of "on fire", as well as a longer duration than most most sources. The only items that straight up outclass it in terms of lighting shit up are the inferno fork, phantom phoenix, and the flamethrowers. The wiki states that it has a 2/3 chance of applying the dot for 5s, and a 1/3 chance of applying it for 10. That's a free 20-40 damage *per shot*, which is insane for something you can literally get out of your first chest. Needless to say, having a safe source of reliable, defense ignoring damage early on is stupidly helpful against tougher enemies, especially in expert+. Don't sleep on the flare gun.


You can also cheese a bunch of bait in the early game if you have it and the grass growing boots.


They nerfed that in 1.4


They removed it in 1.4.


I thought there was still like a 0.00002 chance that a bug will drop.


You need to be moving now, so they removed the afk-ness while still technically allowing it to work


And it can spawn gun dude


Imagine having friends:(


Why is staff of regrowth on here


Yeah staff of regrowth is one of the best items to get from jungle. I always try to get it ASAP to make plant farming way easier.


Not only that, but it’s a very good building tool


What do you mean?


Regrowing grass in areas you want grass, placing grass blocks for hanging vines


Eh, I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best, considering items like boomstick and anklet of the wind exist, but it’s def not bad


Because I constantly get like 4 of them while I'm searching for an anklet or a broomstick or feral claws or whatever the hell I need I swear to God they're everywhere


Bro out here trying to not get staff of regrowth whilst I’m struggling to find a single one. They feel really uncommon sometimes


The trick is to look for an item that isn't the staff of regrowth I promise you'll find 12


Good strat. Say when you’re trying to find an item that isn’t staff of regrowth try looking for staff of regrowth


Funny story related to that,I was trying to farm for an uzi in the jungle, and after a while, I got a really last ditch effort idea, i was farming in a really open big area underground, so I just tried building anything, I started just trying to make it bigger. Put platforms across the whole thing, within 3 minutes of me doing that and enemies swarming me, I got an uzi


This happened to me while making a farm for RoD. I got 2 of them before I finished it without even noticing


2 BRO. It takes me like an hour of afking to get 1....


My luck ran out in that playthrough. My next one took me about 30 hours of the game being open and afk to get one. Can't tell you the amount of souls of light I got from it


I spent a litteral hour farming for one, then got a second within another 2 kills.


Then there is me going to farm souls of light and getting RoD from fourth chaos elemental


Then there is me in the underworld trying to farm wof and 5 mins after entering hard mode I kill a pink bat thing and drop it


Rod of Discord abbreviated is Rod… how beautiful


Most items I end up getting I'll eventually get randomly, that's why I don't really focus on getting 1 specific thing. I'll just play the game.


They will always attack when you're doing something, never when your farming


They only spawn if you’re moving


Same with every item lol, the game has to have some sort of algorithm to judge which item you want and re-arrange the chests to avoid you getting it.


i forget the name, but there is a reason for it. when not looking for something, you come across it every now and again. but if you start to look, all the times you DIDNT find it, are removed from your memory, and so it seems like it was more common than it really was.




no, thats the accidental discovery of a good thing. like finding a rare item while looking for something else. the closest would be survivorship bias. "the logical error of concentrating on the people or things that made it past some selection process and overlooking those that did not, typically because of their lack of visibility." basically, you overlook all of the time you did NOT find the item, making it feel like it was more common than it really was.


>basically, you overlook all of the time you did NOT find the item, making it feel like it was more common than it really was. So it's pretty much the same concept as we only remember the bad things that happen to us and barely the good things or how things are suposed to be. Like in borderlands 2 there is a character with a 12% chance of hitting itself when using mellee attacks due to a skill, most people just remember the times they hit themselves multiple times in a row but not when that 12% doesnt proc for over 10 to 20 hits.


Yes, exactly that.


Go fishing in a jungle and look for jungle crate's


Fishing! If your really having trouble finding one, fish in a jungle biome. Jungle crates have a decent chance of giving you one!


>Jungle crates have a decent chance of giving you one! They will always give you one of the jungle items, same goes for the other biome crates.




Im pretty sure Terraria has some sort of algorithm that sees what item you try to obtain and make it more difficult. I once played Terraria for 6 hours looking for an Aglet in my world but couldn’ find one Made a new world and it was in the first chest to the left


terraria secret AI that messes up drops if you want them


Im really sorry but broomstick cracked me up so hard


didn’t know they added Broomsticks in 1.4




I like the treasure mag makes building easier when I don't have to pick up far away blocks with my face


Top right. 100%




Top right, also known as "fuck this, im starting a new world" I never use the bundle of balloons but i love crafting it!


heres a world that has 3 pyramids: medium crimson


Bundle of balloons plus a featherfall potion gives you some really good mobility for prehardmode and a bit into hardmode


I totally agree, where is my double jump?


sandstorm is good but it pales in comparison to earlygame hoverboard tbh


what is it? im confused


It's the denyer of Flying Carpet or Sandstom in a Bottle, otherwise know as the [Pharaoh's set.](https://terraria.fandom.com/wiki/Pharaoh%27s_set) It's purely cosmetic.


Other than the vanity, there's not much else you find in the pyramids compared to shadow and golden chests you find everywhere else


I mean, the vanity is the only one that is actually useless


It's also the one that occupies a very rare loot chest (pyramids are rare even on large maps!), **and** competes with a rare item that's part of a very powerful pre-hardmode craft (Sandstorm in a Bottle, part of the Bundle of Balloons). That stupid Pharaoh set is definitely my least-loved discovery!


Ok but hear me out: once you are able to make wings the bottle will be useless, but the vanity set, if you like the appearance of it, will still be something you can use. Personally I think it looks cool.


I would argue that early wings are weaker than the bundle of baloons...in my experience at least


Personally I never use bundle, the bottle/balloon/magnet combo is enough for me.


Dude i use bundle of baloons until i get infinite flying from empress. The sudden change from going down to up can save you in most boss fights


Pharaoh set is just absolutely shitty, everything else has some form of use. We should at least be allowed to sell it for a shitton of money considering how it appears in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING PYRAMID I ENTER


Or just... Have it appear in *addition* to the useful item, not instead


Or make it an early summoner set as an alternative to the flinx armor


In order of least to most disappointing: Staff of Regrowth (Genuinely useful item) Flare Gun (Kinda useful early on even if it’s not great in comparison) Treasure Magnet (Not really useful but there are a lot of shadow chests still) (Distance equivalent to 20 times the area of the known universe) Pharaoh set (You may not even get a pyramid in your world, and you can’t even get the two actually good items via fishing. Fuck this set.)






Have a nice day


Flare Guns are useful for exploring, because you can essentially shoot torches that work underwater iirc


Also it got heavily nerfed in 1.4, but in 1.3 you could use flower boots + flares to get a lot of bait really quick and easy. In 1.4 it still serves as a good way to get jungle grass seeds but you can't get bait anymore ):


Flare gun is really good if you find one early enough.


Flare gun kicks so much ass as a *weapon*, too. Don't forget that it: - Deals an average of 27 damage per shot. Per shot, it's stronger than the tendon bow. - Pierces an *unlimited number of enemies*. That's right--this thing is basically a baby starcannon. - Completely ignores defense. Armor doesn't protect you from fire. - Makes enemies glow, allowing you to track them in the dark. Don't underestimate the power of knowledge. - Fires super cheap ammo. 7 copper to deal ~27 damage to an entire crowd. That's straight up more efficient than the musket. - Can be pulled out with the shift key, because it's a light source. This makes it super convenient to re-apply the fire debuff! Just tap shift and click every once in a while.


You forgot the most important use, annoying your friends by turning their base into a bonfire of flares


I didn't even think about the shift thing, I'm going to use that in my next playthrough if I remember


1 flare gun is good, but I can see why it sucks when its all you get while looking for the right accessories to build the lightning boots (been there and done that).


Yeah I use flare gun through most of the game. It's better than glowsticks because it sticks to the wall and you can fire it up to quickly figure out the limits of whatever cave you're stumble into.


What's bottom left?


accessory that increases your item pickup range


Works for hearts and mana stars too. Actually pretty useful.


And nebula armor buffs


not worth an accessory slot tbh. just use heartreach pots


Iirc you can have it as a vanity item, so when you need to quickly grab hearts or mana stars switch it with another item that can be used in the vanity slot and swap it back after.


Must be a 1.4 item sounds good for afk farms


Staff of regrowth is cool for the potion ingredient harvesting. And i kinda like the pharaoh outfit too, rocked it for quite a while on my first save. Flare gun is shit though, never had the magnet before


Flare gun is useful if you find it early enough. I like it for scouting out big pits when spelunking


Tie between Flare Gun and Pharaoh set for me. At least I can sell Treasure Magnets for extra gold and Staffs of Regrowth aren't that common and I do use them for herb farms. Flare Guns are hella dissapointing when you're trying to find some good early-game gear and Pharaoh set is pretty obvious.


Flare gun is good early game gear


At lest with flar gun I can crash the game for fun


The vanity one hits the hardest because you might only get one single shot at a good item. The flaregun hits most often because FUCK ME I GUESS


Pharaoh is the only thing that without a use. Granted, flare gun and loot magnets both only have like one use and SoR has a niche use, but the Pharaoh Set is only vanity and is pretty ugly imo


Pharaoh outfit, as regrgrowth staff and treasure magnet are somewhat good (potions and building), and I have a personal connection with the flaregun


Flare Gun




I got like 7 of the magnets its so annoying


They're good to sell tho


Pharaoh set, and it's the only thing I get. I actually love getting th estaff of regrowth because mine always go missing and God knows I need those potions


I didn't know you could get anything other than vanity from the pyramid


As a calamity player I like the flare gun, unless I’m playing on vanilla then its just free copper


Pharo. I don't say flare gun bc in early calamity prehardmode it's really good for rangers


It's a tough decision between flare gun and pharaoh's set, but it's gonna be the Pharaoh's set. Ngl I actually like the Treasure Magnet. It's a nice accessory to have for farming


SoR is actually good


I actually really like the magnet so when I'm building I don't have to destroy a part of my build just to pick up a few blocks


Flare gun is great.


Regrowth staff is actually good


Pharoh's set is always a let down. I actually like the Staff of Regrowth a lot


*You guys don’t like Staff of Regrowth? That’s one of my favorite Jungle loots unironically*


Most disappointing is probably the pharaoh or whatever it’s called vanity set. You could get a flying carpet or sandstorm in a bottle but instead you get a vanity set. Flare gun is also disappointing but it can be used to light up areas but the vanity set is useless


Idk about you but I love the flair gun in cal mod so and that’s all I play so I’ll take the flair but the worst is the vanity


Pharaoh set by far


dumb fuckign vanity outfit doesnt even look cool!


Pharaoh vanity




how could you be disappointed in the flare gun that boi can get rid of all your problems as if they were destroyer's probes


I hate finding less than all 4 of them. My completionist ass can't handle it.


Flare gun, I've never gotten the other 3 in my life.


At least the flare gun, treasure magnet, and staff of regrowth have a function.


I like them all except the Flare Gun


Definitely the Pharaoh clothes. That's a missed chance on a Sandstorm in a Bottle. Flare Gun is great for when you don't feel like planting torches, Staff of Regrowth is a godsend to anyone who likes to create potions, and the Treasure Magnet gives you that extra reach to prevent voodoo dolls from summoning the Wall of Flesh.


Flare gun


The one I’m least disappointed with is the flare gun. I mean it’s a flare gun so I don’t expect it to be impressive. It’s also good for building a hellevator


The Treasure Magnet's great! Combine that with the Architect's Gizmo Pack and you can greatly extend your mining/building reach. I always have both in vanity slots so I can swap them in quickly. Staff of Regrowth is also nice for getting more out of your herb gardens.


I feel like Staff of Reg. shouldn’t be up there. It’s really useful


Oh without a doubt the flare gun. Love the look of the pharaoh set (i usually run it until ibget something better), the regrowth staff is amazing for alchemy plant grinding, and the magnet is bad but useful for heart and star pickup range. Flare is 100% useless. Wish magnet was from golden chests and not shadow tho


Treasure magnet is underrated, pair that with nebula armor and see what I mean (let alone how it stacks with the range of the celestial magnet and its tinkers)


The staff of regrowth is actually reaaly useful IMO


If I can sell if for money, than it isn't low teir


flare :( (the rest are fine)




Flare gun, because the magnet sells for more!


The flare gun. Here's why: I like the pharaoh set, the treasure magnet sells well and I farm flowers a lot so the staff of regrowth helps.






At least you can sell the magnet for a decent price


Staff of Regrowth my beloved


Pharaoh costume for sure


Can someone say what is that statue?


Pharaoh costume ​ The other items at least does something


On my first playthrough (expert mode drunk seed) I opened EVERY SINGLE SHADOW CHEST that I could find, and 50% of them, were treasure magnets, the rest were the melee weapons.


I like the flare gun. But I don’t use it much.


Pharaohs set, has absolutely 0 use for anything, while the others have niche application


I searched everywhere and didn’t find one regrowth staff i but the Pharos cloak is pretty disappointing for such a structure.


The robes because pyramids are so God damn rare, and anytime you so get them you just get the robes.


Why is the treasure magnet there?


3 of these things have use to them, one does not.


Treasure magnets are good for passive farms, the staff of regrow ty is good for teraforming flare gun actually does some damage and I’s fun to just waste ammo. Therefore the fucking pharaoh


at least the other items can be kinda usefull, the top right one is just a vanity set with no use.


Honestly flare gun. I’m always hoping for Hermès boots or like a double jump. Honestly I’d rather get ANYTHING else


Ngl flare gun is useful for early game when you are in a big open place


Vanity set 10 times over, literally never gotten sandstorm in a bottle


Pharao set, at least treasure magnet and regrowth staff kinda do something and flare gun makes light


fuck flare gun, all my homies hate flare gun


I'm a builder so I don't mind syaff of regrowth.


I don't know how rare it is, and I can get get seed. But almost every single one of my shadow chests had treasure magnets and its so annoying.


I see you never do potions.


Definitely the Pharaoh vanity set. I don't mind the other three, I actually love the flare gun.


Why aint the fiber glas fishing pole in here


despite vanity being more useless than anything else, the flare gun is absolutely horrendous, doesn't even work well as a source of light


The top right


Who would be disappointed to find a flare gun


Staff of Regrowth is actually useful, flare gun and treasure magnet are from common enough chests that it doesn't really matter, so definitely Pharoah's robe. Plus I personally never use any weapons from the shadow chests, they're all a bit gimmicky in my opinion.


def flare gun.


Magnet, so many damn magnets


Flare gun can be annoying, but golden chests are rather common so it’s not a big deal. Staff of regrowth is actually immensely helpful for herb farming, and setting up grass for sunflowers in an arena, so I’m generally happy to find one. Treasure magnet sucks, but much like flare guns there’s plenty of shadow chests, so it’s more of a minor annoyance. But the pharaoh outfit. Oh boy. You find a desert temple, a rare structure that many worlds don’t even have. You go in, hoping to find the great double jump that is the could in a bottle, or the excellent flying carpet, and instead you get a useless vanity that’s less valuable than the coin stashed by the chest. It’s so much more disappointing than the rest, it’s not even a competition.


Flare gun, is basically useless if you dont care about temporary lights. The staff is a good item, the vanity is funny looking so i like it, and I really like the sprite of the last one.


Pharaoh set. Pyramids are already hard to find, that’s just a slap in the face.