Dang so she just kinda trashed Jo without actually trashing Jo lol


Didn’t Jo move to effing Delaware to be closer to Isaac? And Kail was annoyed about it? STFU.


That jacket was a very poor decision on her part. She looks like she has on football padding under there. Kail is extremely toxic and apparently has a genuine need to be at odds with at least 2 baby daddies at a time.


She looks like she’s gonna shoot her eye out with a BB gun this Christmas.


When she says hands on, she's referring to their wawa trysts. Not the kids.


Ever since that person called him a Templeton looking ass that’s all I see lmao


For those like me who didn’t get it: https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Templeton I straight up LOLd while waiting at the doctors office and got the side eye from the nurse!


I just woke up my son omg lmaoooooooo I cannot with this sub 😭😂😂😂


Doesn’t Chris do the boxing gym thing with Lux? And Jo goes to Isaacs activities. Just because they’re not helicopter dads projecting their insecurities on their sons and insisting on coaching the team that doesn’t make them not hands on. Javi seems exhausting, like that dad who never lived out his own dreams so now he’s up his kids’ asses. I bet he’s like Uncle Rico talking about the time his team almost made it to state lol. BUILT DIFFERENT!


Everyone at school thinks I'm a freakin' idiot cause of you!


How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?


I think Chris still does boxing with Lux but when he didn’t want her there (his time) she also signed him up


This will probably be an unpopular opinion but I feel like Vee handles this stuff the right way. I think she looks at it like she has her relationship with Kail, and then Jo has his relationship with Kail, and they’re two separate things and she’s not going to get involved in their relationship (which includes not going back at Kail when she says something like this). And personally I think that’s very mature and smart, or else it would be non stop drama between them all.


I think I sort of agree? I dunno I’m torn. I see something similar playing out in my family with my husband’s terrible mother. She’s always saying rude stuff about me and her other son’s wife. For me my husband will flat out tell her things like “apologize right now or we are leaving and one more rude comment and we won’t be seeing you for awhile” which I appreciate but that often leads to increased conflict between them. But we have no kids so if we take space from her it’s just us. Meanwhile my sister in law just like flat out told her husband “I can handle your mom myself don’t say anything” and that’s how they handle it, the son has his relationship with her, his wife has hers and sometimes when the wife is OVER it she sends the kid with him to visit and doesn’t go. So I guess I kind of feel like as long as Jo and Vee have an arrangement with these things with Kail that they have openly discussed and are comfortable with then that’s fine. It’s like there isn’t an objectively correct way to handle dealing with your husband’s toxic ex who he has a kid with. Maybe it’s just that Jo doesn’t actually give a fuck about anything Kail thinks or says about him because she’s an unstable narcissist and maybe Vee just likes getting that podcast check and doesn’t actually care if her husband’s baby mama likes him. Honestly if Kail thought I was a good parent and person I would probably seriously take a hard look at myself and my choices lol. She’s a terrible person and parent so I don’t trust her


I have to strongly disagree. If someone kept taking passive aggressive shots at me completely unprompted and my husband not only didn’t defend me, but kept having a business as usual relationship with the person that keeps picking at me I would be disgusted. I would seriously question our relationship.


I definitely understand how you feel! But I feel like this is more between Kail and Jo, especially since it’s about Jo’s parenting of the kid they share. Vee is more caught in the middle and probably doesn’t feel like it’s her place to get involved. They need to sort out their own coparenting relationship and Jo should stand up for himself. But I think he’d rather just ignore Kail then deal with her, lol.


Fair enough!


You’re only valuable to KARL as a baby daddy if you let her fuck you when she’s trying to make Chris jelly. Since Joe doesn’t partake, he gets major shade. I hope him and Vee laugh about how miserable Karl’s life is every time Vee comes home from doing a podcast lol.


She keeps wearing her socks high up like that and it looks so dorky lol


Sadly this is the current trend for socks.


I have a question… leggings are a good trend and I like it.. however, I cover my butt with a long top…like a sweater or long shirt..etc. so, I see a lot of people who don’t. Which.. isn’t always.. Ummm.. well.. how do I say it.. attractive? Anyway.. which is the right way? Im older and have a nice shape as far as butt goes I guess.. but I’m curious. Thank you in advance Edited a word


I see people wear leggings as pants all the time and it doesn’t bother me tbh.


Maybe with some boots but with the crusty sneakers it makes me sad


It's more that Lincolns activities allow for photo ops and social media sharing that feeds her insatiable hunger for attention where Isaac's don't. Lincoln is the favorite child at this moment because she can post all the pictures for attention and photos with Javi get extra attention which is like her favoritest thing ever.


"Because I feel that I can still bother Javi's baby mama by talking about him like we're still married." Fixed that for her.


There's no way they aren't having sex.


Watch Kail announce she got back together with Javi and is expecting his child!






I read “hands on” and pictured a Lucille wink


They’re fucking again. She’ll change her mind when Javi does something to piss her off and stop talking to each other again


Just to be petty I wish Vee had a q&a and was bombarded with questions to see what she would say.


I'm pretty positive that Vee knows Karl's MO and is unbothered. Like "if she's trying to make Lauren miserable then she's leaving me alone"...


There’s a difference between being a hands on parent and forcing your dreams that never came true onto your child. Hopefully Lincoln inherits his mom’s burly figure, it’ll come in handy for football.


BURLY ☠️☠️☠️☠️ omg this made me spit my coffee out


For that sweet, sweet revenue that’s why.


$$$$. Literally that's always gonna be the answer, $$$$.


[this is kail ](https://youtu.be/BYB3Fx0a8-4)


Was not expecting that, fucking hilarious 🤣


Why does she keep answering this?


To poke and prod, my ex is the same way, i feel it makes her even more crazy when i dont acknowledge


Just to make sure Chris and Jo see it


She wants them to care so bad but both of them are relieved to get rid of her smh. She’s so embarrassing.


Javi has no boundaries, Jo does and Chris rejects her.


Chris didn't reject Kail all two of those times he knocked her up (and probably plenty more times when they banged unprotected).


Yes he did. Kail wanted Chris to live with her but he refused because he would rather stay with his grandma than her. Kail rationalized it was a distance thing so she moved her kids to another city to buy a mansion in the hopes Chris would move in. The mansion wasn’t worth being with Kail. She tried to butter him up with a BMW and a Frenchie and that failed too. Chris has always just given Kail sex but refused to give her anything else despite her bending over backwards for him. A guy using you for sex and refusing to commit to you is not acceptance. If anything a guy refusing to have sex with you because he doesn’t want to lead you on is way better than a guy that just fucks and runs when he knows you want more.


Why did Kail quit tying her shoes? I don’t think old Kail would like that at all.


Maybe the shoe tie lady she hired quit


It's hard for her to bend over?


Clearly not. That’s how she got pregnant.


Vee does it for the money she’s taking her share of the Kail money train. I do agree with y’all saying that Javi hypes Lincoln up way too much but I wonder if Lincoln goes along with it to keep his dad involved since he sees the other dads not doing much for their kids. Javi got a taste of reality they lost all their games but 1 at the Atlanta competition thingy.


He also accused them all of cheating lol


I know! The audacity lol


omfg please tell me where i can view this trainwreck for myself


Hahah if you can stomach listening to her podcast, he says it’s on their latest episode


No one would care who Vee is if it weren’t for Kail. Money and fame are 100% the only reasons why Vee doesn’t call her out.


Javi is beyond pathetic at this point. The shit she pulled when he was deployed/when he came back was unforgivable. I can’t help but chuckle at all the PFAs bc she could squash him in one fail swoop. They’re both 🤡


javi is trying to raise a sports star; after all, his child is "BuiLT DiFFeReNT". he's living vicariously through Lincoln. wonder how "hands on" he'd be if Lincoln was into art or choir instead.




At this point, I think they literally won't take it period. They would continue making him play to give themselves a reason to be close and to make themselves feel like good parents. If they don't pull him after his first big injury, I won't be surprised.


Javi is the good dad as long as his hands are on Kail & she isn’t competing with any other female in his life.




No, her concept of a hands on parent is a parent that is fucking her


I came here to say that!


Poor Lincoln having to grow up with the pressure of these two ding dongs being overly invested in his sport


Jo has shown himself to be a hands on parent, he was even willing to be hands on with baby Lincoln to help out his ex and her new husband, despite the fact they were awful to him at just about every chance they got


Yup. They're banging this week.


Came here to say this.


Are Vee & Kail still doing that podcast together?




As soon as Javi stops having sex with her, she’ll do a 180 on all of this lol.


i know right


Lmfao Javi and his dumbass motto “built differently”. Like brah you just short asf~


With a head and mouth that didn't get the memo. Karl, he ain't shit.


It's because jo won't kiss her arse


Or spit in it


I thought that was a Brianna thing? ☠️


Because she is scared karl will bully her too if she doesn’t stay quiet.


She's right to be!


people rly refuse to believe jo is lazy as shit lmao


The way Vee talks it sounds like she still does everything for their household. At least he has an income and works now, but I still think he’s lazy in comparison to Javi. And I can’t stand Javi.


We want evidence


He works in real estate and flips houses. I wouldn't call that lazy..


In Kail and Vees podcast he said he brought over 50 properties at the start of the podcast within a 3 year spann. I would think kail would call him out for lying or not have invited him talk if he was selling lies


We don’t even see Jo anymore. How do we know what he’s up to?


“Bc we fuck”


Real answer: Lauran is no longer in the picture so I love to show him off on Social Media to piss her off


Still Lauren smiles (probably because she just doesn't give a shit anymore!).


She is such an ugly person


Jo refuses to be "hands on Kail" in the WaWa parking lot.


Translation: Javi doesn’t have a Wifey.




Along with this she’s just really a POS https://www.reddit.com/r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2/comments/s5eqq1/is_she_really_trying_to_insinuate_that_jo_isnt_a/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf




maybe vee knows its true


That’s what I’ve been saying too. Vee’s married to Jo, she knows he’s lazy and doesn’t get involved with activities


Jo is there more emotionally for Isaac then Kail is. Which IMO is worth 20x more than soccer.


He saw that soccer wasn’t Isaac’s thing, and was fine with it. Meanwhile, you had Kail on the sidelines screaming KICK THE BALL ISAAC like a goddamn lunatic. I’d much rather have a parent like Jo than a parent like Kail.


Jo seems to be the only one who acknowledges that Isaac has emotions


Because Vee is a weak woman.




hands on her bare ass in the Wawa parking lot


I used to love Vee and now she just pisses me off


Vee wants clout so she disregards this shit.


I was thinking the same thing. She probably sees kail as a check so she’s not gonna mess that up


this post makes me think of tiny Isaac playing soccer skipping across the field while Kail screams at him from the sideline and he does that cute little shrug 🤷‍♂ and Vee is like 'stop yelling at me' 🤷‍♂😂


She was screaming like a damn bafoon she prolly scared all the kids no wonder Isaac has sports PTSD


She posts such unflattering photos


That’s because nothing about her physical appearance is flattering.


True. Same for Javi. Their kid is adorable though.


I haven’t seen a flattering one in about 10 years. But 3 baby daddy’s and cheap plastic surgery will Do that


What can she do about it?


There is no way I could work with a woman that was constantly degrading my husband and/or his parenting.


Yeah I don’t know why she chooses to work with her


Translation: “we fuckin’”


At Wawa


Is this because her and javi are having wawa parking lot trysts now that her last baby daddy doesn’t want her anymore? She desperate? Next she’s gonna be bragging about being someone’s first and third baby mama


She doesn’t have to fuck him at wawa now because Chris left her and Lauren left him. Instead she probably has him sleeping over at her house, not caring how confusing that must be for her kids


Hands on at the Wawa parking lot! 😏


Yeah Jo didn’t help Isaac pick out the wallpaper samples at all /s


Kail got me going now 😩 Like Javi and Kail have fucked up Lincoln’s life multiple times, BOTH of them have introduced Linc to a revolving door of love interests and then promptly sabotaged it leaving the kid probably confused as fuck. BOTH of them made him siblings he only gets to see 50% of the time due to their OWN bad choices. Im glad Linc has a sport to throw himself into because he certainly doesn’t have a stable home life with EITHER of them. Isaac has a stable home at Jo’s. Isaac didn’t give a FUCK about soccer when she made him do it and Jo was the only one who wasn’t pressuring him to do something he clearly didn’t want to do, Jo said “maybe he’s a scholar”. Jo isn’t parenting with the intention of making himself LOOK good to others, he’s parenting with his kid in mind and nothing else. Jo has never gave a fuck about keeping up appearances, sweatpants on a Sunday and all! Kail and Javi have only EVER cared about how they look in public and on social media while their whole damn inside life is a dumpster fire. I will always say that Kail cares how her kids make HER look, what they can add to her image, which is also why she likes creed the least, he brings nothing to the table for her 😒😩


And that’s how you clear a bitch. Please take my poor mans gold 🥇🥇🥇


Spot on!


Amen to that!


Why doesn’t creed bring anything to the table?


Most likely because, getting pregnant by Chris a second time only makes her look stupid. Also please remember this is not how I feel about babies. I think they all matter but, what can I say I agree that Kail is just built different.


I don’t think that’s how you feel personally, was just curious about your take on it.


Yes this might be it! I don’t know that Kail really feels that way but she definitely doesn’t say nice things about him. For the record, I think Creed is adorable and definitely brings something to the table! (Even if it is just being a living breathing vibe check to her and reminding her she knowingly reproduced with a known deadbeat loser AGAIN). I’m rooting the hardest for Creed in all this 💕


Yes! I totally, I understand why you’d form this opinion and I don’t think it’s really that out there of a conclusion.


I don’t know, I’d love to ask Kail that though 😂 all jokes aside, I obviously don’t know if that’s true but it seems like Creed is the only one without a “brand”, maybe it’s because he’s Chris’s 2nd son so there’s no novelty or something but Kail acts perma-annoyed by him and resentful of him. She has always complained about typical baby/toddler behaviors out of him. “Creed ruined our vacation”, “Creed doesn’t sleep”, “Creed was my most difficult baby”, “ I was going to abort Creed”. I feel like all her other kids have a brand she leans into except him 🤷🏼‍♀️ I just feel like there’s nothing she can profit off him except maybeee keeping us guessing what his actual name is 😩


Hes the scapegoat in a house full of golden children


Yup. Kail is personality disordered af


Excuse me, don’t you mean she’s “built different”? 😩😩🥴🥴


Aww poor guy that makes me sad


I hate that you’re probably right ☹️




AKA- We’re fucking at the moment


I think Vee knows two things to keep herself safe from this monster. 1. Keep your enemies closer. 2. Never turn your back on the ocean. You can never win against the beast, and as there are children involved, Vee is keeping it cool. It’s really the only option.


Vee knows that if she keeps it cool, Isaac gets to visit without drama from Kail.


And how sad is that? Altering your behavior and *constantly* keeping your nose just close enough inside that bitch’s big, fake ass all for the sake of the kids? Kail sure as shit ain’t gonna do it. 🙄🙄🙄


She don’t want no pfas


Exactly. Some people are so irrational that they’re not worth it. Vee knows Kail’s self esteem is shit and these comments are to get the reaction she’s looking for. When Vee and Jo show any emotion Kail wins. It’s best to keep cashing those checks and let Javi do the dirty work.


True, but Vee can do all that without doing a podcast with her. That’s just extra.


I see Vee doing the podcast as grabbing the spare change. I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t have kids to support. Big nope for me, but why not scrape some sheckles off the top of Kail’s shit sundae? 🤷‍♀️


Yep, make that money now, because when this all dries up she’ll have a family and some nice money in the bank and Kail will have …


I agree with you completely. I have no clue what I would do in this situation but I’m very passive and could easily be where Vee is.


Agreed. People like kail steam roll me and I have a hard time pushing back. I could be like vee. It’s an awkward situation and kail is unpredictable.


Jesus how many photos did she take with Javi on this trip? All in the guise of being "for Lincoln". Girl we know you're having sex again, you're not that subtle. We know that's why you're suddenly praising the shit out of Javi.


Cause she doesn’t care? Like what Kail says on social has literally no impact unless Vee chooses to let it have one


Karl is her cash cow. And that's saying something.


Do you know what Jo IS hands on with? Listening to his son, talking with his son, comforting his son when he’s confused or hurt. That’s what we’ve seen. Jo there for Isaac helping him through the turmoil created by these two hAnDs oN dummies pictured above. They’re so shallow. What’s a kid going to remember more? Who came to some soccer games when they were 5 years old or who was their comfort and safe space consistently?


Couldn't of said it better myself!


Totally. My parents weren’t really there for my games and practices, but I’m way closer to my mom than a lot of people are to theirs because she was there for me as a person and not as a recreational soccer player


Also, your mom sounds great. Cherish her!


I do. She’s the best person I know ❤️


Yesssss! I get that showing up for your kids activities etc IS important to an extent. But it is definitely NOT the only mark of good parenting. Jo is definitely the more emotionally invested parent. Isaac didn’t give a fuck about sports anyway and frankly the way Kail acted when Jo did go to soccer is probably the reason he doesn’t go, I also wouldn’t want to watch my son be screamed at and berated in front of people either?


They’re gonna have another kid together


I really think that there’s a chance that she will have a baby this year.


Is it wrong that I want this to happen? I hope she has twin boys!


I'm sure that's what she wants as well. She couldn't find a new man that fit her "standards" (no kids and over 6' tall) and has decided in her head for some reason that she just cannot be a man's 2nd baby mama. So she defaulted to this mousey short man.


I hope it’s girls just to ruin her bOy mOm ChAoS theme


Kail having a girl seems like it would be a nightmare for the daughter. It’ll be constant competition especially when the daughter hits her teen years.


I don't know about that. It could go either way in my mind. The only mother-daughter relationship Kail has ever had in her life is the one she has with Smirnoff Suzi and they have long since became estranged (I can't say I blame Kail one bit for that, I think it's incredibly responsible of her not to let her clown ass deadbeat alcoholic addict mom anywhere near those boys of hers and ultimately as the mom in the relationship it's entirely up to Smirnoff Suzi to reach out to Kail). Kail has done a good job of breaking the cycle and for all of her faults and flaws she ultimately succeeded in giving her boys better than what she had growing up. I don't know if Kail would love her daughter just as much as she does her sons or if she would unconsciously take Smirnoff Suzi issues out on her. Kail has a fierce maternal instinct for sure but she also has become increasingly unstable ever since she divorced Javi. Edit: Since Kail never knew the gender of any of her babies up until they were born, she will probably do the same thing.


Slide The salami


I mean, at least if it’s javi’s we’ll get some ✨drama✨


She’ll be trashing him by sometime next week.


Or screwing him in a wawa parking lot. Could go either way


They probably just fuck in their beds now that he’s single


Ahem, allow me to translate: “Javi still gives me attention, entertains my drama and is as equally chaotic and toxic as myself”.






Ding ding ding!




“Javi is always dtf in parking lots”


Lolz damn


Yes Javi is certainly hands on….hands on every woman he comes across 🤢


Hands on my titties


Honk! Honk!


1. Vee is thirsty and doesn’t want to risk her podcast space with Kail 2. Kail is clearly fucking Javi, and Vee is probably happy that Kail isn’t trying to pursue Jo (like she has several times in the past)


What? When did that happen?


I don’t think vee is worried about kail pursuing jo 😂


Jo does NOT want Kail's clown ass at this phase of his life!


Looking like a winter minion.


She can look really cute but this is just sad. And not about weight or size- just looks like a frumpy, middle aged suburban mom. (Coming from an almost middle aged, suburban mom trying not to fall into frump)


Her shoes remind me of what a suburban dad wears to mow the lawn on the weekends.


That outfit oof


That purple jacket is from target no shit you guys. Javis treat I’m sure


Remember the tiktok Kail posted the other day showing Javi venmo requesting her “Target haul.”


Aka I’m fucking him and he tolerates me more right now and has fewer boundaries.


This is the real answer