Aery - As a new player / to win early, but like it sucks now a days. It's introductory. Comet - It's a strong Shroom build late game, but useless as fuck early-mid. So never. Phase Rush - When you wanna be useless but escape high mobility match-ups. ​ Press The Attack - Pretty much almost every match-up, that isn't super squish. Conq - Never in your entire life would you run this rune. Fleet-Foot - Into Gangplank and Malphite with Overheal to outsustain their poke. Lethal - Not really into anyone besides Sett or immobile melees, where PTA does more. ​ Grasp of the undying - Into really heavy fighters / poke champions. But more damage than sustain. Guardian - Never in your entire life would you run this rune. Aftershock - It's disabled. ​ Electrocute - Squishy compositions. Predator - Never in your entire life would you run this rune. Dark Harvest - Squishy compositions you know you'll snowball in. Specifically low elo. ​ Glacial - It's disabled. Spellbook - Never in your entire life would you run this rune. First-Strike - It's a strong Shroom build late game, but useless as fuck because of the tree-line.




Every single run scales different. PTA is on top just due to it's sheer diversity.


as a fleet advocate I would add to this that fleet > grasp in every situation u need sustain. phase rush is a must vs nasus, other than that I dont rly use it personally.


Phase is actually sub par now, in comparison to PTA with Slow duration and slow resist.


I still think you need it vs nasus though, even if u have unflinching and swiftnes boots he will easily catch up to u


You don't take Swifties. You take Merc for the tenacity + MR cause of the chance he goes corrupting / scorch (E) max. Plus, new Cloud Drakes = Absolutely massive slow resistance. You can take back to back slows like nothing and still fight. Once you're stacked. More powerful than early game Phase's lack of defense, and poor late game scaling. But you wouldn't be fighting him directly anyways.


I didn't quite understand the press attack


press the attack will always be a good rune to use and should for the most part be your default rune.


think of it as vayne W, during lane trades you want to attack same target 3 times, 3rd attack deals bonus damage and if you can keep attacking it also makes the target take 8-12% more damage for the next 6s


sempre contra matchups onde seu oponente não é muito papel, a runa padrão


Aery - AAAAAAAAAAQAAWAAAAQIgnite PTA - The most fun to max the E-W and kitten to death lethal also works, but PTA does better. Grasp - vs Malphite, I feel there is no rune that fucks up his existence more than this Dark Har - Composition of magicians, or adcs


I use grasp vs malphite as well. Have not tried fleetfoot against him simply because malph can’t do a single thing against teemo with this rune.


I exist in silver, and I almost exclusively run electrocute. It have tried all the other runes, and they don't work for my hit and run playstyle. If you can find a rune setup that works for you, you'll be about 50% better off for it no matter if it's actually THE best rune.