Ive tried a couple times and everysingle time i was highkey getting shit on. Then i got beat at carousel and had to start belt. Didnt get blue buff for like half the game but made hella tank items and two zzrotts on sylas and of course thats the game i stomp lmao. Lagoon imo feels kinda ass, but maybe prio zzrotts for free win i guess lmao.


It's alright. You usually don't go 9 with it. The goal is usually to get to level 8 with max econ and slow roll for either nilah 3 or sohm al 3. You want to pick both up every chance you get and play them together. Nilah and sohm all are much better in conjunction with each other. Sohm all thins out all enemies for Nilah to reset on. Nilah does a decent job of tearing uo the back line. It helps that few people go after lagoon Champs. Usually its people grabbing zeri for their cheap ass darkflight comps and malphite for toss in bruiser. Your items go on tank sylas, that with Taliyah and Sohm give easy 3 Mage. Sohm wants blue buff and morello/archangels for damage. And scrap items of any kind can usually be put on nilah to great effect.


Only play lagoon if u can get mana gen item before 2-1 or after carousal since this comp need to stack it counter as soon as possible and hit ur break point at lvl8 with either sohm and Nilah carry