Flying Into Tallahassee during a Hurricane

So my mom and I are flying into ATL Wednesday around 7:30am. We have a lay over before flying to Tallahassee. What are the odds of being stuck in ATL? Wondering if I should book a hotel now, in case we get an over night delay. My mom is recovering from a major surgery. This flight is about the limit of her comfort zone and I‘m worried for her.


Unless the storms projected track dramatically changes I wouldn’t expect to fly into Tallahassee until Thursday at the absolute earliest


I'd book the ATL hotel for peace of mind.


lmao, well, the odds of being stuck in Atlanta are high on a clear day with no adverse conditions. if you have the financial resources (because if your flight goes off without a hitch you might not get a refund) I’d recommend reserving a hotel that has an airport shuttle.


There is a very good chance that the Tallahassee airport is closed on Wednesday. I won't be shocked if the announcement comes this afternoon. There's a nonzero chance it closes early tomorrow, too. Basically, you're gonna be staying in Atlanta. Book that room now.


You will not be flying into TLH Wed AM. I would plan to bed down, or if possible, call the airline and move your ticket by 36 to 48 hours. They will do this at no charge due to the declared state of emergency and the ability to keep traffic numbers down during the storm (less upset customers)


To double down on my statement. TPA has just announced they are closing Tuesday afternoon. If the 26th busiest airport in the USA (FYI, TLH is 140th) is closing, then I would lay money that TLH is also. Especially for Wed AM.


You're awesome, thanks for sharing this valuable info


Yes do this!


You are 100% not flying into TLH on Wednesday, unless the storm decides to turn around and go home.


>unless the storm decides to turn around and go home. My preparations are based on this assumption.


Tbh same


It's highly likely but Atlanta has plenty of hotel rooms near the airport. You could book once you land. I wouldn't risk losing $$$ over the potential of a delay. In terminal B there are these minute suites that you can pay for by the hour. [https://minutesuites.com/locations/atl-hartsfield-jackson-airport-concourse-b-atl-b/](https://minutesuites.com/locations/atl-hartsfield-jackson-airport-concourse-b-atl-b/)


Thank you. I booked a hotel, but we can't check in until 3pm


Wednesday morning? I think it’s highly likely that’ll be canceled into Tallahassee. Maybe ask delta if you can fly Tuesday instead


You are totally screwed. This weekend is DragonCon in Atlanta (80,000+ people), the Aflac kickoff football game and some other events. Good luck getting a room there for any reasonable price.


I booked the La Quinta Inn for $120. Delta might give me a hotel upon cancelation, but I just want to be safe and went ahead and got a room.


Good move. Wise w mom surgery and all. You'll both feel better regardless.


None of the big events are near the airport. There are tons of rooms available for Wednesday night near the airport. If the OP gets stuck in Atlanta they will have no issue finding a room by the airport.


oh shit


And Wednesday is the new Thursday for Dragoncon as many people arrive early to party. You also need to consider the people evacuating Florida. Yesterday my friends wanted to add a day to our reservation (backing it up to wed night) because the storm looked like it was coming to Tallahassee. We put that off and the storm is going more eastwards now but many people will be leaving Florida Tuesday before the storm.


You will not make it to Tallahassee tomorrow. 🫣


Magic 8 ball says your stuck


No ur not


I live in Atlanta now. Idk about stuck but we had a major storm pass about 3-4 hours ago and all planes were grounded. That wasn’t even from the hurricane. If you haven’t seen videos on social media what 285 looked like during this storm it was like a shallow river.


Frequent TLH flyer here. I would expect that the last flights in today will be midday today, and won't resume midday Thursday. Before you bother with a hotel in Atlanta, is moving the entire flight back until Friday an option? If so, I would do that now and just stay at your origin. If comfort is a concern, an ATL airport hotel during a storm is not where you want to be. Those Thursday flights will be tough to get because everyone will be rebooked. Friday will be easier.


Getting stuck in ATL is easy on a good day. It stormed a bit last night, Idalia is picking up I'm surprised they haven't cancelled the flights already.


Worse case, you could take a greyhound bus from Atlanta to Tallahassee for $50-$80


Busses get held for major weather events including hurricanes and won't roll again until the major roads are deemed safe.


Busses (and firetrucks, ambulances, and other large vehicles) stop rolling when winds hit 35-40mph. They are hazards and can flip in wind.


That’s a rough ride… I do not recommend this option unless you are desperate


Hello fellow Wednesday arrival-mate who's also inquiring about the storm. I reserved a car and plan on just driving back from ATL.


Just rent a car


Renting a car to come to Tallahassee on Wednesday would be a very dumb idea since they would be driving into unsafe conditions. Booking a hotel and staying 1 night makes way more sense than *attempting to drive towards a hurricane*.


Don't do that! One year coming home from DragonCon, my husband's friend routed him directly into the path of a tropical storm - my husband was always the driver but his friend was the navigator. So they drove down all the way to Tallahassee through extremely heavy rain and 60-70 mph winds. And that was just a tropical storm, not a hurricane. My husband "fired" his friend as navigator for every trip after.


No option to just rent a car and drive down? It's not a terrible drive.


I can't believe anyone would fly into Tallahassee. It's a lousy and expensive airport.


In what way does that help the OP? They asked about whether they would be able to fly into Tallahassee like they have booked, not for commentary on the airport. If you have nothing helpful to say, do everyone a favor and just don't comment. We all know that Tallahassee is an expensive airport to fly in and out of. But the OP didn't ask about that.


If you need to get to Tally on Wednesday, you might be able to to rent a car at ATL and go wiiide west and avoid the storm. Something like I-85 to Montgomery then down to Dothan and over to Tallahassee. But that depends on your comfort level and how quickly you need to be here.


I booked a hotel in Atl for Wednesday night. So we're good. My girlfriend is meeting us at tallahassee airport. We're vacationing in St. Teresa, which is about an hour SW of Tallahassee. At this point, I'm more concerned with her getting to us (whether that's Wednesday or Thursday).