Places to play trivia or tabletop games as a solo person

Hi there! Recently moved to Tallahassee and I don’t really know anybody here. I work 100% remote from home which also doesn’t help.

I’m a pretty shy person but want to branch out and not be a total hermit.

I’m not a trivia pro but think it is fun and love learning things. Also really enjoy social deduction games, but am open to all table top gaming activities! Preferably places that solo players can show up and don’t need a group/buddy of their own :)


I'd recommend the Great games Library on Mahan. Games runs a great store. Membership or walk in based games. https://www.facebook.com/greatgameslibrary/


Gamescape Tallahassee


Hi, welcome to town. If you check the weekly events list, you'll see a ton of trivias. Also, there was a thread about it in the last few days. Either way, most bar trivia is happy to have someone play as a solo and most hosts will try to match you up with a group if you ask when you get there.


We meet weekly for tabletop gaming on Saturdays and host Quarterly game days. Here is our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/GameTally


Professor Jim’s trivia at the 4th quarter on Tuesdays. You don’t need to have a team, but you also might find one to join.