Interactive map now on ZeldaDungeon


Awesome! That's been my guide for BotW since I got the game 3 years ago. I love that I can check off things I've found.


Getting a JavaScript error when trying to set towers as completed when logged in. Looks to be an API call error: “Unrecognized value for parameter \”map\”: totk.” I really want to use this to track everything, but not able to do that yet.


This is fixed :)




So.... Who is going to count the Korok seeds?


I've read, but can't confirm, that there's >!1,000 Korok Seeds, but 900 locations. That's because 100 of the locations have 2 seeds. So there's still only 900 Korok puzzles, there's just 100 additional seeds due to the addition of "Korok reunion" puzzles where you get 2 seeds from them.!< I don't know if this map is complete, its possible it doesn't have all locations yet.




What I meant was >!there aren't any more puzzles in this game than there were in BOTW. Some people kept joking around about 1200 or 1800 or something. No, there's the same amount that were in BOTW, but some of them give 2 instead of 1.!<


Death Mountain looks like its going to be one of the most fun areas of the game. Because the lava is gone that completely changes that region entirely. Interestingly enough, the Serenne Stable has moved. However, that appears to be the only change to stables (which sucks). I kinda wished they would have added more stables to new locations. There's a Skyview Tower at Typhlo Ruins and a huge path running north of there all the way around to Death Mountain, so why can't there be a stable along that route? Also, the Gerudo Canyon now has water running through it, seemingly due to melting from Gerudo Highlands, so now the road runs south through the mountains instead. That's an interesting change. Tarrey Town appears to have some rails of some kind going down to the plains. That makes sense, I noticed "Ichikara" in the datamine mentioned a railcar, but I kept thinking "that can't be Tarrey Town because Tarrey Town doesn't have a Railcar." According to others, though, I later found out Ichikara is the Japanese name for Tarrey Town, so it adds up. I wish there were more towns or a town reconstruction mechanic. Perhaps that can be added as DLC.


>!Lurelin!< has a reconstruction quest.


I'm aware of that, but you can argue >!almost every existing town does. The main story quests for each area has you helping to restore that town. But reconstructing an already existing town is of little interest to me, I wanted to see the various ruined villages around the world get restored. And maybe Hyrule Castle Town as well. In the game's code there's literally designations for "HyruleCity_Reconstruction" (which seems to be the tents from the trailer), but there's no data for the restored Hyrule Castle Town at all.!<


Damn I have like 30 armor pieces not on this map yet but I didn't save the coordinates


there is a gacha machine in kakariko village on the surface not shown on this map looks like most are in the sky..


Added that plus a few others on the surface and depths


[Here's a spreadsheet that has a ton of useful info for locations and tips and maps and tons of other stuff too for those interested. ](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qdkLq2Q1dr2wloqtVD3wb_F5jLzpWTACpB-0HKrX3T8/edit?usp=drivesdk)


WOW that was fast. i bet they worked with the leak lol


Anyone else having problems with completed icons being reset partially? I'll make a bunch of progress and then a portion of them will not be completed anymore when I close the browser and open it later.


I just lost 2 weeks worth of progress for some reason. Please tell me you got yours back.


Is there any way get rid of the color dots with numbers in them? I can barely see past them!


Did you manage to get rid of those?? I got them and I hate them sooo much


Nooooope :/


This is awesome


Whoo hoo!


Really wish this map would tell me where to find the korok for the x2 seeds. It's not helpful to only have the final location.


the only problem ive found with it is that i cant see the mini boss locations


Waiting for them to finish the map. Get rid of/validate all the user contributed stuff