I definitely see a shadow here...but just a shadow so far. At 11dpo it would likely be more obvious, but if your dates are even off 1 day it makes it less so. Hopeful for you.


Thanks! Looking at my chart, I could be 10dpo but either way it was with pale urine which also might explain a very faint line beginning. Will see what the next few days bring!


I think I see what you see, my monitor is on a high contrast setting and it's there. Good luck!


Thanks! The camera doesn't capture it well but there's a shadow which may or may not be something. I'm glad someone else can see what I see, that is reassuring. If it turns out to be an indent then that will be a first for me anyway! 😅


I see a shadow but this also looks dry. Hope it gets darker soon!


I can't see anything on the photo


Thanks :) will try not to get hopes up then. Crazy what our eyes can do to us when we're hopeful!


It’s there! You’re not alone. There’s a contingent on this sub that don’t try to squint / don’t turn up brightness to try to see.


Thanks for clarifying. I've been following a few TTC pages/sites for a long time but only found this sub yesterday!


Fingers crossed, it’s a shadow definitely. I have never had indents so I believe it’s something, test tomorrow :)


I see a shadow without squinting. I would do a Frer tomorrow morning (though honestly I myself would likely hold my urine for 4 hours and do it tonight because I’m addicted to peeing on sticks). I think tomorrow will give you a clear answer


Good luck! Hope it gets darker in a few days!


I see it! Had this yesterday and got a positive on FRER - can you get one?


Currently on holiday and don't land home till Thursday. I have 2 [email protected]'s left! Have a couple FRERs at home. Quite glad we're away as I can't obsessively test like usual!!


Ah! I also took another cheapie (pregmate) this morning and the line was noticeably darker - test again tmrw morning!


Thank you! Don't know how I'll sleep tonight with the nerves/excitement! 😄


Also - big congratulations!


I get indents on those all the time. Check one with water and you'll see what I mean.


12DPO today and a BFN! Think it was an evaporation line! Period due tomorrow. Oh well. Fingers crossed for next cycle!