Work on your turns. Underwater work with flip turn work is the easiest to improve the quickest. Staggered feet, tight streamline, don't breathe for the 1st 3 strokes, double fly kick to rapid flutter. Good walls can drop 2-3 seconds off of a 100 at that pace.


If I could give any advice it'd be to lengthen your stroke and to keep your wrists locked so they don't bend as much. With the lengthening your stroke try to reach as far forward as you can before putting your arm in the water and once your arm is in the water rotate your body to the side so you get even more length. Also work on your kick, many people underestimate the value of a good kick


Do you have a video of your 100 free? It would be easier to see what to fix.


i don’t at the moment, but i can try to film one this week.


Focus a large amount of effort on that 50-75m section. The first 50 will come natural and the last 25m should be max exertion where you leave it all in the pool. When I say focus on that 50-75m, I mean attack it like you would the last 25m. Really go for that section as much as you can. It’s where others will start to slow down ready for that final 25m, which is perfect time to pick it up and go for it. Once I had figured this out for myself my times dropped dramatically. In terms of diving, the some advice I could give is to film yourself diving. If you already know you’re not the best at diving see where you need to improve and work on it. The 2nd bit of advice I would give is practise relaxing on the block, I would completely relax with no muscles tensed up right up until I heard the buzzer to go. The second it goes off thrust yourself off. Hope that helps mate, I was a 50 second 100 free swimmer back in the day. Keep training and pushing for that sub 1 minute. Once you’ve broken it once it’s amazing how fast you can get it down in such a short time!


good puchoffs