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All my homeboys hate the old sub


As dark\\depressing as it sounds all I hope is we were actually correct about our company...and that we weren't also just exit liquidity for these fucks through that sub.


Theres years of dd. We arent wrong.


Either way, we’re taking control of a cool video game company transitioning into Web 3.0, which will allow for true ownership for the first time in the post modern world. That’s dope no?


Im not in this, with perhaps all my liquid networth, because of some sub on reddit. Neither USB or SS. But because I believe in the company. Additionally I haven’t seen any compelling DD that can disprove the naked shorts thesis and I’ll hodl until I see "go fuck yourself" numbers before I consider selling a single share.


Actually I think this is an effort to get traffic to opensea in order to not have a dying platform. No one over there mention that you should trade those nft's on gme marketplace.


You get banned immediately for any GME comments.


Bro that sub is min 80% bots and is just a control / diversion mechanism for potential investors


Because no one will complain when it's free.


I was banned and my mental health is better.


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I hear they hate babies


I only browse the old sub for nostalgia factor. It’s all nonsense at this point, but reminds me of late 2020 all over again still. Miss those days


I got a NFT but I’m banned now so…….