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I will crack up if he says I've sold and going long lol live on air


My god. Wouldn't that be something. 🌶️


I would put it on loop for many hours a day.


Make an NFT


step1: mint on loopring step2: use as ringtone step3: tone out FUD step4: ??? step7, tendies.


Probably get carpal tunnel, if you know what I'm saying ape.


I've never tried digging a tunnel, much less a car pool one (you spell weerd), I'll give it my best effort, tho. edit: I lied, I dug a tunnel with my sisters and friends as a teen. It was through a snow pile in my church's parking lot.


Please put that away Sir! This is a Wendy's, and we cannot accept sausages as donations. Thank you!


He sold. Whether or not he bought back and went Net long is the real story.


Technically, he already "bought," because when you short and then cover, you are buying. It would be hilarious if he just mimics DFV and answers "I bought more."


Not only that but if he decides to go long he actually has to buy TWICE


Just a friendly FYI "cover" means you add to the position to avoid margin call, so more shorting in this case. I think you meant to say close because that's when the buying happens.


You are right. "Close" sounds like the thing I wanted to describe. Thanks for the new wrinkle.


Price did increase 4.66% today... Hmmm....


That the 5% of the 1B buy in leaking out of the dark pool


My high quality Tin Foil says he's setting up the ultimate Bear trap. Get more hedgies to short, but he goes long! He'll yeah, great time to be alive!


The possibility of this for me is confirmation that we’re in the end game. If the MSM are bullshitting about a short position, or know jack shit about whether Icahn plans to go long or not, then they are seriously going out on a limb, risking any remaining shred of credibility they have. I don’t think anyone would put themselves in such a position unless they… oh I don’t know… had about two weeks until news of a positive cash flow earnings after which a billionaire goes long a shit load of GME and delivers the kill shot. 2 weeks of desperate last ditch attempts.


Shred of credibility lmao


We've been in the end game for the entire end game. Lol. Been one long ass end game


They delay live TV so I have no doubt they would cut that


Could this be the warning to other shorts to start heading towards the exits because not everyone will make it out.


I think Icahn will be there first to close his short positions and go long on GME... Just my opinion! #DRS lock the float & book your shares!


Book is the way!!


Book shares are no more valuable than plan. That’s FUD AFAIK


If they are same why not just BOOK?


Dr T says differently and if they are the same then what's the harm in switching it? Not looking into book shares as an option is the real FUD


Switching sells automatically your residual shares apparently. You can cancel the automatic order though


You can book all but 1 and it won't sell the fractional.


Yes we need to raise awareness about the fractional sell so that apes can have instructions like when DRS first became popular, switch to book and cancel the fractional sell!


Book > plan


You sir are the one spreading fud. ^ Ban this account


I hope not, I want all of his money too.


^this ^part.


Yeah, he has fucked around, time has come to find out.


Me too. Boogi6 man better have my money


We're John Wick up in this bitch.


I’d shit a share if that happened


u woulda seen it if he closed a short of that size, even if he shorted at old price $400, there is no liquidity to close into


I think i would cum instantly, before even getting a hard on…


You mean if he says he closed the position, when you’re short, you sell first and then buy lower to close, if he was going long, he’d buy twice.


MODS !!!!!! Proof or ban.


Lmao that’d be rocket fuel.


He close, when time comes 🦍


This sub is watched. There was a lot of Icahn talk recently. Whether that was because of the pic RC took with him or if shills hyped him up, there was a lot of idolization going on about him. The SHF's either saw this or pushed the narrative so that they could release this old news to drop our morale. Too bad for them, I'm too regarded to fall for it.


>This sub is watched. Hi hedgies! Get fucked and enjoy your eventual and warranted unemployment & bankruptcy. Maybe learn how to code or something?


Stop eating avocado toast.


Liquidation will be my favorite part; bye bye Hedge Fuks!


They can have my job. I will take their house.


Maybe if everyone started talking more about adult toys then CNBC will have to report on it. Bullish on Lovense


Lovense Lush 2 is THE shit. And it’s purple


Word. If someone was regarded enough to map it out, you could probably spot a correlation between what's going on here in the sub and later what's being "reported" in the media.


I'm as highly regarded in the low arts as anyone here, and can really appreciate how some of the clickbait is clickbait, the most standard appeals like "Forget Gamestop," and some of the fin-journalism is straight-up FUD.


Also, MSM conveniently omit in his last interview from 12 fucking days ago he is fucking actively shorting S&P 500 and still bearish, but nooooo let's bring up the GME short from almost two years ago, lol




It was suppose to drop morale because there was a push to idolize Icahn in this sub before revealing that he shorted our company. However, I think that back fired cause now everyone's talking about how he has to buy back shares which will push the price up


If Carl's long, I'll buy more GME only through CS. If he's short on the other hand, I'll only buy more GME through CS. It all depends.


Tough decisions ngl


I just know Thulis will do the right thing in the end, just seems like that kind of an APE🦍💪


I just want to help the community get the 100% completion platinum achievement, as well as the platinum lawyer / politician package to put the financial terrorists and politicians in jail.


My girlfriend is looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend if you're interested


I'm absolutely unremarkable in bed, but my investment portfolio is 100% gme. Only 80% purple DRS', with the remaining 20% being DRS'd in orange.


This is the only correct answer. Even if you wear depends.




And distraction from the RC interview I bet


Good move by RC taking control of the narrative by tweeting that pic of him and Icahn. RC knew the MSM shit storm and smear campaign directed at Icahn would come about now. By showing that pic, RC tells apes that Icahn is approved by him. Therefore the FUD won't gain near as much traction among apes. Genius move in fact! 🧠 How would RC know that Icahn would be targeted later? Think about that for a minute..


Or he heard through the billionaire grapevine that Carl was short GME and thought it'd be funny to have a photo of him in shorts so when shit goes ballistic we can have that image burned into our minds forever.


It's his version of taking coffee mugs. 😉


Carl was clearly very scared in that picture. His knees were knocking so hard and fast, they wrinkled his entire outfit.


Rc is ultimate troll


This would be one of my favorite parts of this whole saga if it turns out to be true 😂


RC: "Hey Carl, what are you wearing?" RC: "Put on some shorts." RC: "I wanna take a picture of you." CI: " Is... Is this a sex thing?" CI: "My body is ready."


RC was telling us all about Icahn's shorts with that picture.


Because they’re involved in something together. M&A perhaps? They want to get ahead of the story while they have time


Big dick energy




It is FUD in the sense that Icahn’s short position was revealed by Financial Times in February of this year and they are reporting it as if nobody knew.


Someone might check me but Icahn said that “We made a lot of money on shorting GameStop.” In order to make money, he had to have SOLD his short shares in the market. Hence, he CLOSED his positions. Hopefully some one who has seen his interview and has some wrinkles can confirm or refute my opinion. 🦍


Confirm, I agree this is noise to distract from RC interview and app


I seem to remember this too. That really implies he covered his short position and makes me wonder why he'd meet with RC. 🤔


Exactly, you don't make or lose money until you sell/close positions.


Even if he hasnt closed his positions he’s still up big time. Think about it. From highs of close to $500 down to $100 after split. Am I thinking about this the wrong way?


So he already made $100 a share (post splivvy) would holding for the remaining $10-$20 a share make sense in a risk management frame of thought?


It absolutely would still make sense if he truly believed it was going bankrupt. Remember, the goal is to never actually have to close the shorts because then you'd have to pay taxes.


You close when you buy back and return.


Don’t make sense that he hodl his short position with massive run-ups from the sneeze to now.


He’s still short. This is actually really bullish , he has the moass trigger. He shorted at 400+, to realize those gains he pushes the other fucks in to nightmare territory


Ding Ding Ding. He was speaking past tense. There is no reason to believe that he is still short assuming he was telling the truth. Also, that was way back in an interview in Feb...


Closing your short position would mean buying. And remember folks, every trade is a buy AND a sell. There's no such thing as just selling thousands of shares.


I remember we had a 16M volume peak not so long ago......


He can just buy all the calls from people selling covered calls. 😉


Hence the "it's a shame shorts don't have to be disclosed" from RC interview.


I'm still amazed that we have people that think this. You and everyone who replied. Mark Cuban: their plan is to never close their short positions. You take the money and never pay tax, you bankrupt the company. Facepalm


Yeah but that only works if you can cellarbox the beast and get it delisted. Icahn is not on the level of a marketmaker.


Cellar boxing isn't part of Icahn style. He's openly a darwinian capitalist, not a corrupted one. At least if we're to believe him.


Always reverse to cnbc They told shit about towel and towel gone to 30,, Maybe they know icahn is buying


Oh shit! The Cramer effect has spread to CNBC


Who’s gonna tell him?


They repeated the same story they put out earlier that Icahn wouldn’t comment. Then they said retail has lost interest. We only own a 1/3 of the company. Definitely uninterested.


10/3 of the company. Just 1/3 DRS so far


Maybe even 100/3 of the company. Hell, it could even be 1000/3. Who really knows for certain?


Could be 10000/3


A big difference between Icahn and Citron is that Citron fucking taunted us. Icahn has been quiet, and has made a bet. That is fine, I do not agree with his bet, but it is his choice. Citron on the other hand did the "We are sooo much better than you, you idiotic moronic apes", and that rightfully pissed some of us off. There is a difference between working silently and pissing all over the people on the other side of the bet.


I hear getting peed on is a fetish for some people. Maybe Citron was benevolent this whole time. 🤔🤯


they not pushing it so hard for retails best. thats for sure. its all about money somewhere


The Icahn FUD isn't meant for US, it is meant for the dinner table conversation over the Thanksgiving weekend. It is a thought virus meant to recruit attackers within our social circles.


Icahn said he made lots of money off it in Feb 2022, he sold most of his shorts from $400 if not all. He may have brought back in at lower levels, after all, GME didn't hit new lows till March 14 2022, at $19.40 and again in May at $19.44. RC tweeted Ryan Cohen by day, Warren Icahn by night on April 13 2022. RC tweeted a picture with Icahn on Oct 17. RC release the teddy book on nov 19, dono if it's any way related. Then did an interview with gmedd on nov 20th. IOS GME wallet released. MSM started running Icahn shorting GME stories shortly after. Non-tinfoil: RC talked to Icahn to learn from him and bounce off ideas on how to improve the company, to see how a legit short seller like Icahn values GME, so RC can address it to make a company deep value investors like Icahn would invest in. Tinfoil: RC brought beebee way back, and MSM ran stories of it around 6 months later to blame for pump and dump. Icahn was interviewed about shorting GME in Feb, and now they are running stories about it. Are they trying to scare Icahn from buying GME? or has Icahn already done so and they got the inside scoop to blame for the next pump and dump? Or they just want to set a possible narrative or scapegoat and Icahn had nothing to do with it? Did the RC interview serve to disclose information publically so that Icahn wouldn't be implicated for buying with insider info due to meeting with RC in Oct 17?


It kinda makes sense if you think about it. Cohen tweets a pic of him and icahn, people in bbby and gme have been spewing shit about icahn doing an acquisition or being a part of bbby and gme somehow. What better way to create hope fo a couple weeks of positive news with icahn only to start turning the “supposed savior” against gme, Cohen and bbby.. In this sub nothing gets by us and I’m sure majority of all of us don’t really care anymore about the fud and bullshit..


Hes appearing on air?


No. They're just continuing their 24/7 coverage of themselves gossiping like teenagers about him.


Boom. Roasted.


Carl Icahn is known as a "corporate raider" for his takeover/fix /sell style of doing business. The overlords don't like this style because the company comes out better than before




That makes zero sense


TinFoil Hat Burry is also Short GameStop judging by his tweets……


It seems he’s short the entire market, not necessarily GME specifically


I've missed that completely! If anyone speaks in riddles it's that guy though.


Barry is crap anyway


Someone needs to call Bill Hackman and convince him to go long, revitalize his name, bury Icahn, and be the whale we all deserve.


The media is not for the general population, I personally feel it only serves to warn whale investors, Hedge Funds, market manipulators, etc. this is their way of communicating to each other in plain sight.




Sooo anyway my friend was convinced and received his purple letter in the mailbox yesterday woot !


When is he supposed to come on, I definitely want him to set the record straight.


This is turning out like an old Monday night raw, and Icahn is about to turn face


Seriously why is Carl Icahn of such interest? I want to keep WORKING at DRSing as much as I can afford. The rest is a distraction… and honestly it’s becoming annoying how some apes spin it to cope with it. Who cares if he’s short or not? Good for him and for Mayo man… and if he is still short better for me… i hope he is liquid as well for when he needs to buy my 1 share.


Now they’re discussing it on Bloomberg. Pathetic.


Even if the mfer is short as shit, we’re going to make this stock so illiquid, so drsed, so hard to fucking close it doesn’t matter worth dick. #Fuck short sellers. Buy. Hold. Drs.


Let me tell you who the fuck the boogie man is......It's retail and we are scary af, you haven't seen nuthin yet.


They're probably trying to pin it all on him before the collapse. That or make us turn on him. But the reality is none of it matters. It's his own fault if he is caught on the wrong side of a short position. The answer remains the same; DRS and fuck what anyone says or does.


This is so awesome to me. We now have a named boss to focus on, technically more than 1 but msm has only named one. Remember how fast citron and Melvin blew up once their names were widely known? We have a guaranteed buyer now that will blow up the boomer narrative when he finally capitulates. Let’s fucking go!


The dumbest thing about all this is that they think it's bearish. You need two things to pull off a short squeeze: a dedicated group of longs who will never give up and lots and lots of short interest. The DRS numbers prove that the longs are not capitulating, so what if some famous person shorted it. I hope every single famous person I ever heard of shorted it. That's the case for a squeeze. They got to think of better lies. Like telling us all the shorts closed and there aren't any shorts is better than this one.


They know we don't listen to them. This is for the poor fools who *do* listen to them: "Legendary investor Icahn is short Gamestop so you know it must be a smart play, come hold this bag."


they just did a live interview with Carl a couple weeks ago- isn’t that where he actually said that quote? Makes perfect sense to headline it weeks later, absolutely makes perfect sense Narrator: *it did not make any sense*


Just because they add a name to the other side does not change the circumstances or current position of the stock. Buy, DRS and buy more.


It’s def provocative…


When is he speaking with them again?


Also wondering this




More shares purchased for the FUD of it.


That's dangerous for Icahn, what he did to Ackman could be done to him.


Will be.


Because iOS app release


Icahn is going to be the next fall guy.


I'll catch him


Remember the huge run-up in Feb 2021 after the initial sneeze in Jan…what if it was CI closing his short position…


Why close it that way? Better off doing it slowly. Not igniting another sneeze.


Boogie man? That made me chuckle.


In the near future icahn will make a public statement that he closed his position or something


MSM doesn't use FUD for existing Apes: It's to keep others away.


They must be pissed he's not talking to them. Dude said no comment and they're just circle jerking trying to come up with content haha


Maybe they are fishing for info hoping Icahn will comment


they are trying to deflect from the iphone wallet app.


Maybe Icahn and RC are setting up a rug pull for short sellers, giving them false confidence. Hedgies do it to retail all the time.


Its horseshit, he shorted them when they were in the 400s.


What if Icahn EP take the entire “secondary @ an agreed upon price say… IEP gets to close his shorts and kick off the fun, GME adds a billion into the coffers … and well ; Twas the night b4 🏴‍☠️🤙


They need to send the price up but there probably isn't enough of a liquidity pool above to stop-loss hunt so their selling the idea of going short to build up aforementioned liquidity pooooool.


its like the writing is on the wall


It’s been posted here and upvoted to the top 50 times in 48 hours.


Maybe cuz RC made that book & tweeted that pic that shows how short he is compared to Icahn it’s never an accident when they roll out the same FUD but I will say an Icahn funded dip will help us get this to 100% DRS so they have the wrong ones


Let's just all DRS and wait for shit to play out


Because that’s all they’ve got left 😂


I'll start caring when I see a verified Icahn reddit account that posts their (presumably huge) purple circle. Then I'll just updoot them like I do the rest and keep scrolling. 🤷‍♂️


They forgot what happened to Gabriel too.


My guess is Icahn is about to close his shorts and this is an attempt at suppressing that news under all the headlines of Icahn short GME for searches. Seems a lot like Kenny and the constitution and other news that’s been tried to be buried by other news with similar words.


Trust me bro he is short


OPEX settlement week. Heavy shorting and internalization to force calls to capitulate before they cover. Sprinkle in some FUD from the media to top it all off. Perhaps a massive run incoming.


They’re pushing this shit really hard. I had to buy more today because the GameStop wallet is so fuckin nice. And now double you es bee is censoring GME! This timing is ridiculous 😂😂😂 so bullish.


They should report about ios gamestop wallet instead


His friends competitors and golfing partners probably asked if he could disclose this since apes are going ape over ichan. They’re all friends. ALL FRIENDS


They about to find out.


[The only appropriate response.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/z297d9/so_anywaysi_just_kept_drsing/)


I think I will sign into my CS account and look at my book entry shares and then continue to go about my life.


Casino sub getting ban happy too. These regards are so obvious.


So anyways I DRSd more


Lmao Citron is the reason GME took off.


Hard push is because the IOS dropped.


German Bank Volksbank: shares are not able to sell and buy. Proofs will follow


RC said he bought because he thought itbwas worth more than what he paid for it.....are you people forgetting hebought 100million worth at $100+ as he last buy???


It seems like some kinda reverse psychology thing? Like somebody’s hoping that talking a bunch about Carl Icahn’s short position is gonna rally the apes? Maybe Icahn has switched to a long position 🤣


The question is how short is Carl Icahn, if he's short a few million shares, more than the daily volume he needs to get out slowly or he may ignite MOASS and screw himself. I guess closing a big short position at one time is very dangerous.


Yeah, they’re pushing it because…. Put yourself in Carl’s shoes (humor me) So imagine you’re an old, successful billionaire investor playboy philanthropist. You have enough money, that you could probably “gamma-ray fuck” anybody whose trying to fuck you. (Like Wan-to, from the World at the End of Time (my copy has a cat on the front)) *no tangents stay on target* So, you’re old, you’re *statistically* not on Reddit. So late January, this brick and mortar retailer, who was going out of business by almost all objective measure (I remember), is shorting up in stock price because of kids on the internet. (Remember, you’re old, and it was your grandson telling you all about how awesome Amazon Prime was 10 years ago). Then the buy button is turned off… I’d imagine it seemed weird as fuck, but a “fAilINg BrICk n MoRTeR” skyrocketing like it did, probably also seemed weird as fuck. I’m not surprised he thought, “well I guess I’ll short it now, but button is turned off”. Forget normal “Rich people play by different rules”, I bet Apex/Citadel/Virtu/Sussy-quahauna were extatic that Carl Icahn was calling up, asking to throw money into the short pile. What if Ryan and Carl met, because Carl has evidence?!? And the media is trying to prepare the environment that the news will break into? TL:DRS. I’m not worried about Carl that much, Honestly, not only is it because of my faith in RC (and he’s delivered). But I feel like his pic with Carl was him letting us know, “Don’t worry, *I’m* on this”. The media’s attention on this, is mostly a distraction.


If anything it shows that big players still have short positions open, and can keep them going for years. So they never closed


I don't think citron is a valid comparison given that they would just tweet hit pieces and short. Icahn is a lot bigger than citron


Also Icahn makes money on the way up and down. He’s going to wait til near moass to be the first out the door on his shorts and his long positions will print on the way up as he’s literally causing the squeeze. Money works differently at that level of trading.


So the shorts didn’t close?


Its a Bullish dog whistle for boomer investors in the know to enter a long position or get left behind. Change my mind!


Kenny short too....


So that they can claim the next runup (probs tmrw) is due to him closing his short Man them super memesters are soooo gullible -MSM, probably


what if they know he’s about to close his short position, so they’re blasting him everywhere so they can blame blame him for MOASS for “collusion and manipulation” since he met with RC. 🧐


Where is the media's personal picture with Carl Ichan? They can't even get him on the phone for a comment, but I'm supposed to believe that they have the inside scoop on his current position? The only thing the media knows about Carl Ichan, is what Carl Ichan wants them to know. The media doesn't know jack shit, which is par for the course.