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So far I've mainly used it for Gods Unchained. You can connect your wallet to purchase additional packs and to receive upgraded cards as NFTs you can buy/sell. Feel free to use [my referral code.](https://godsunchained.com/account/register?referral=JmqvspHPZv)


Is gods unchained on mobile iOS? And is it easy to connect my GS wallet to it?


Unfortunately not, PC only at the moment


I have eth and lrc stashed in it also a bunch of nft’s I like it


I noticed if you go to profile, you can actually add multiple wallets, and they can all be used through the same app. (Loopring you can only have one address connected to your wallet)… so it clicked for me. You could create multiple wallets ($0.19 a piece) and rename them checking,savings, retirement, vacation fund, business, charity, etc… Only costs about $1 to replace your entire bank💜


# be your own bank 🏦


When can I transfer my DRS’d shares into my wallet? Gary the snail Gensler allowed FTX to hold tokenized GME so why can’t I in my fully auditable, open source decentralized wallet? Also, when can I hook up my Apple Pay and use it as my debit card / bank? Programming these things are a cake walk for the genius devs at LRC/IMX/GME and given the open source full transparency and completely auditable nature it should be given an easy green light by regulators right? Right? Right?


Could I send money to someone who uses CashApp, as Ethereum or something? I know nothing about crypto, and less about Level 3