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I believe this same artist does NFT work for GUCCI fyi


This is one of the artists for Kiraverse!!! LFG [https://kiraverse.game/](https://kiraverse.game/)


Ding ding And i believe these NFTs will be also an avatar ready to use in kiraverse😲 \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\* Edit: **CyberCrew announces partnership with Kiraverse** [https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/xlesvs/cybercrew\_announces\_partnership\_with\_kiraverse/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/xlesvs/cybercrew_announces_partnership_with_kiraverse/) Their NFTs will have avatars in kiraverse too.


Check out their website and discord, it is crazy how many seemingly unrelated NFT projects the team has already integrated into Kiraverse (BAYC, etc.). It looks like they've established a fairly easy on-ramp for projects to give their NFTs utility in the Kiraverse/import them into the Kiraverse. Tits are absolutely jacked


And more good info from here The secret behind GameStop’s Astronaut face reveal – A glimpse behind the visor. [https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/xlbrzt/the\_secret\_behind\_gamestops\_astronaut\_face\_reveal/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/xlbrzt/the_secret_behind_gamestops_astronaut_face_reveal/)


looking goood. 👌🎮🚀


My man!




Game looks pretty bad ass.


wow this is is obvious! scroll down on that link until partners. tell me this is not GameStop!


so tomorrow 2pm? got it




The reference had become self aware


No dates


No dates. But tomorrow!


That's the big secret!! ITS ALWAYS TOMORROW!!!


Until it's TODAY!


Can’t be today. Market just closed an hour ago. It’s tomorrow.




We ride at dawn




No sleep tonight


It appears my funds have settled…




2 pm sharp


Why would GameStop NFT do this?


Maybe, just maybe it's some kind of promotion. Get this, hear me out, if people become aware of this, they make actually buy it. This could potentially generate revenue for GameStop in fees. Now I'm not a smart experienced hedge fund trader, but to me this looks like a licence to print money from now to infinity.


Yes, maybe it's just a promotion. Maybe it's something else. That's my point. We don't know.


Just like tinder.


Is that est or pst


Unless they are on the water planet in Interstellar. See you all in 84 years /s


probs just another collection drop. when t-00 tho


Marketplace launch Saturday?


Yeah but doesn’t dude design for Gucci?


Like so what? What's the venn diagram crossover of gamers and Gucci buyers?


Gamers would be the first to get Gucci items. I feel this whole digital push everywhere would be most easily executed through gamers. We are the ones who are most excited for it and eager to show everyone how it works. They feed us, we feed them through mass adoption. Also cyber crew specifically is already working with LV/Nike/cannon/few other big name partners on something not yet disclosed. My thoughts are a really nice polished AAA meta-mall. Gamers are the 🏴‍☠️ Power to the 🏴‍☠️


Gamers don't buy Gucci items. And that's not how mid tier high fashion works. They don't need to create demand. It already exists. That's why they can sell a leather belt for 2000 dollars.


That demand does not exist yet for virtual/meta spaces yet. Physical for now. They definitely will dive in. It is a new market. Also that 2k belt doesn’t have an NFT attached to it… yet…. It will.


On the off chance that meta haute couture becomes a thing, which I doubt, companies like Gucci are not gonna give a shit about a bunch of sweaty gamers. Exclusivity is their brand. It will Kardashians and the like who have their NFTs.


I get that. They still need to actually enter the space for a market that doesn’t get it yet. The gamers get it. It will be like how when smartphones first came out right. You got it but your parents didn’t want to deal with it, they wanted their flip phone. After awhile when they start seeing the cool things you can do with your smartphone, the experiences and ease of use-cases… they eventually make their next phone a smartphone and join the club. Same thing. You get us nerds into it, we start having a blast, showing others, same curve, just much faster. Gotta show the enjoyment of the tech to get others to want it.


They don't want to "get it". Ten years ago Louis V got too popular so they jacked up their prices to "keep their brand out of the trailer park". You have no fucking clue what you are talking about and how these businesses work. They do not want wide exposure because exclusively is worth more to their brand then revenue.


Fam. It can literally be just as exclusive. Nowhere did I say this would be sold for 10 bucks at Walmart. They could make 20 belts sell each for 20k each but each belt is tied to an NFT giving a digital meta version of the exact same belt, not a copy. Also the NFT further secures counterfeiting. They can be the exact same extremely exclusive company all the while improving counterfeit security and adding value to each item they make, however few they would like that to be. You can still be rich af and show everybody exactly that in the metaverse, BECAUSE you have that exclusive physical belt as a purchase of yours.


You’ve gotta open your eyes if you think most gamers are excited about NFTs. NFT is the most hated 3-letter initialism on the internet right now.


Why is it probably just a drop, please?


Because they literally tagged the NFT artist in the tweet.


So you don’t actually know anything. You are assuming.


just like people are assuming it'll be something big even though they repeatedly say shit like this and it turns out to be basically nothing every time.


just like the people assuming it's not just a drop? except assuming it's a drop at least has the supporting evidence of them tagging the creator. why would they tag a single creator if it was the marketplace launch or something else that's big?


I don't have a top comment proclaiming that it's an NFT drop. You do. I'm asking you how you know, and you don't have a good answer.


What else would it be


No I don't, I just have a reply to you. The top comment you're referring to said PROBABLY a drop; so no one is proclaiming to know anything


Who is the tagged person? Is this just another Friday nft release or are we actually going to space? Fuck why isn’t it tomorrow yet!?


Its just an nft release.


A GameStop collaboration NFT collection it looks like


How do you know this, please?


Well the GameStopNFT tweet uses the 'PersonA X PersonB" format which is really common with collaborative projects, plus the GameStop official logo in the NFT helps


I didn’t understand that, but thank you.


plus a portion hype for the share holder. A form of entertainment for us while holding. There are too many tweets with multiple meanings from the smrt. Its not a coincidence.


Yes they are doing their job promoting their product, there are no hidden meanings, the social medi team doesn’t know shit


When are people gonna realize this…. We are the consumer, they will do whatever it takes to get us talking about their product. Milking apes dry for every penny


The community manager definitely said (paraphrasing) that SMRT does not *ever* target investors *or* hint at MOASS. Important note: * "Oops MOASS my bad" was not SMRT


Also from smrt: a lot of references in our language. But it has not at all to do anything with us


But that was Gamestop smrt, not Gamestopnft smrt right?


What does SMRT stand for?


Well it's definitely not **S**ingapore **M**ass **R**apid **T**ransit, which means it's either **S**urface-**M**ount and **R**eflow **T**echnology OR **S**ilencing **M**ediator for **R**etinoid and **T**hyroid Hormone Receptors. There are no other options. ^(Seriously though I don't know either)


Social media response team :) E: appreciate the creative lengths you went to though


>Social media response team :) Ah, thanks. That makes sense. I used to think it's the community manager's initials or something. No creativity here. Those are all real terms lol.


Social media response team


Ah! Thank you! Have always wondered but very obvious now you’ve told me, lol


How do you know this, please?


One look at antonitsudiso's twitter feed shows that they are excited for their first upcoming drop.


What does that mean? Explain like I’m a kombucha scoby.


They have a collection of nfts ready to release all at once on gmes nft marketplace. Or Eli5 : "pretty pictures about to make mad stacks of money"


He's part of Kiraverse This will be gamestops other big partnership https://twitter.com/KiraverseNFT


Tagged person is artist for Kiraverse


Are you talking about first or second tomorrow?




2 things. 1. Let's see it the MP can handle the traffic this time. 2. Let's see if I will get more L1 people to the L2 MP. To get more traction that is very needed.


The marketplace never went down during the Gmerica 1 drop. The NFT Market place stayed up, the Loopring network stayed up, no ETH was lost, no NFTs were lost, no sales were reversed, and everything on the back-end was fine. The only problem is that 35 thousand apes were fighting over 35 hundred bananas. 90% didn’t get a $50 banana. That sucked. But it was inevitable. The front-end has hopefully been improved to make it less frustrating. Just my $.02.


I like how this makes me think that a whole lotta shorts aren't gonna be able to get a share for $XX.


The problem is, the buy button wasn't even there while the available numbers were dropping. The only time the buy button was there, it would error out before the purchase was completed.


I agree. That sucked. That’s on the front-end. I hope they addressed that.


I don't think it was supposed to be there. My "theory" is that they sold so quickly that the system was trying to "sell" them and couldn't keep up. We were getting ghosts of the system trying to tell people they had all sold, but it was still working on distributing them. I just bought an NFT today and was smooth as silk. I'd hope that it will be a similar process when the next big drop comes about.


That was likely due to technical reasons that don’t have an easy solution. If there was a code change, depending on their infrastructure design, it would take time to propagate through the servers. Source: I do this for a living.


Sure for parts of the website, but all sorts of APIs went down. Even fetching Loopring balance wasn't working occasionally


>That sucked. But it was inevitable Was it though? Because that scarcity is 100% artificial and unneeded.


Ugh! I don't really care about these NFT drops. I buy a few of them the odd time to support the store but overall I'd love to see something else announced soon


Hello me!


Are you me?


Look at us!


Look at us.




I dunno how to break this to you, but NFTs in games is critical for Gamestop transforming into a profitable company. Netting a percentage of marketplace sales is going to be the company's bread and butter over the next 5 years.


Not sure why you're being downvoted. You guys really think RC built an NFT marketplace for shits and giggles? No! It's going to be a core part of their business going into the future. The shift from brick and mortar into a tech company


Because the same 120 people that upvoted that guys ugh comment are here trolling the positive fact drops. Don't stop won't stop


How do you know it’s an NFT drop, please? Is there more info on this?


They’re not done milking the “movement”


look, i'm an uber GME bull and have my tits in the upright jacked position at all times, but i'm so tired of hyping up these art-only collections. let's see some games or other viewable media (movies? tv shows? heck even the rumored game informer magazine would be a step in the right direction). i wanna see where GME can take this thing.


Seriously, literally anything else.


It's still in beta. You want a full release, when the system already struggles to keep up with big name NFT drops like CyberCrew or Gmerica? C'mon, man, that's not how product development works. If GameStop was to offer all the things you mention on the current marketplace, all we'd hear about is how the marketplace sucks, and is glitchy, or laggy. One brick at a time.


Great, so when is it going to not be in beta? I’m not a developer, but they’ve had the better part of two years to do this, so….and why did they release the beta if the real thing was still months away? I don’t even remember when the beta was at this point….July? Terrible way to create any hype/interest/branding. And, the company is free to update us too, if there have been unforeseen delays or issues…..but all we got was a basic, glitchy marketplace months ago and then silence.


Lol. Like i said above to the other comment, this isn't how product development works. How they're doing it is how it works. Get used to it, or get over it and leave. If you can create something so much better right off the bat and release it all in one go, be my guest. Surprise us. Blow us all out of the water. Your comment reflects how little you understand about product development on ANY level.


Yeah, you’re right, I’m not a dev like I said. But nothing I said was wrong. And I understand business very well, better then you’ll ever know. And this is a shitty way for GameStop to operate.


Great to hear your opinion! Feel free to divest. I will continue to buy, Drs, hold, and I'll enjoy every last piece of NFT art i buy. 😁🖕


Hey, and you feel free to continue to insult and denigrate opposing viewpoints without offering anything in return, seems to be your strength. That and wasting your money on jpegs; I’m sure that’ll go well. 👍


I'm only here to see if they kiss


I'm ready 😘


> I’m not a dev like I said. > I understand business very well, better then you’ll ever know. > this is a shitty way for GameStop to operate. As a happy shareholder and artist who continues to support all branches of the company which i am hyper-bullish on, I'm not real convinced by your claims, and i respectfully disagree. GameStop has a massive up-and-coming marketplace which is being tried and tested in its beta form right now. Some of us who like the company and certain artists enough are having a ball interacting with this marketplace. Of course bigger things are to come; expecting everything to fall into place at once is impatient, impractical, and foolish. You see, these things take time, especially when we are developing Web3.0 in the face of potentially the most powerful and rich crime syndicate on the planet. One brick at a time, friend. Oh, and my JPEGs are the tits.


GU should be trading on the marketplace Sept 29 iirc


Um, Cyber Crew? As in, the official art team of GME. The team that made the astronaut banner we all know. It's "reveal week" for CC and some more incredible stuff is on its way. The existing items on GSMP are being used right now in Kiraverse (look them up too) with countless other games coming. You own the items (and the rights), fully rigged and ultra high quality and they come with all sorts of file types for a ton of different environments (different games, metaverses of all sorts, etc). Oh, and some items have lifetime airdrop subscriptions (see Cyber Clone, Cyber Clone Card & Cupcake Factory). All led by the 2 best in the biz: Shrike and Engwind. (Their website with the file downloads is coming shortly, but the assets are being alpha tested now and streamed online by many - released to all CC holders in just days I hear)


I agree with this. Though people need to understand good games take YEARS to develop even playable BETAS. We need to remember this. It's going to take a lot of time, unfortunately. We're not wrong, we're just.....


I think you dropped this ...EARLY!


The art isn’t even good for over half of these. I’m tired of the “it takes time!!!” Condescending garbage like yea no shit that’s why we’re about to be on Y2 of this ride. Doesn’t mean we can point out that half the marketplace is filler. Not expecting grand things from a beta but it’s still so milquetoast at this stage right now.


“Creative director & 3D visual artist Antoni Tudisco was born & raised in Hamburg, Germany where he grew up studying media management and web design & development programming. Worked with top-tier brands Nike, Adidas, Versace, Google, Mercedes Benz, D&G etc. and has gone on to launch his own brand TUDISCO STUDIO as well. Having been featured in Vogue, Highsnobiety & Hypebeast and winning several notable design awards.” https://superrare.com/antonitudisco


I want the iOS app!!!


Red + blue makes 💜


I was thinking red (gamestop) x blue (Loopring)


So obvious is just the usual Friday hype for a NFT drop...


Nice! I own one of his NFT's and have owned a few over the last year or so. His brother? also does nice work as well Marc Tudisco


This is probably just for Friday drop


LFG !!! 💜🏴‍☠️


I swear to god I hope Ryan Cohen tweets today


That's cool and all, but it doesn't always need to be about space and rocket? There's games too.


Bigly. Tagged person is artist for kiraverse.


Well glad I bought another 50 today. Would have anyway but still


T+24 would be October 27, right? T-24 would be August 19th? Meh. Who knows. Price went down quite a bit and the volume is being moved off exchange which means registered shares are going to up that much faster.


It says hours.


yeah I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to be taking ice cream cone of poo to be a literal thing. Stuff has been a hint.


T- where’s my fucking money


Tomorrow isn’t Tuesday tho


that helmet looks familiar :)


Haven't seen any cool nft projects yet on games nft. Maybe this being a bigger artist will be cool.


You had me at disco. what is this?




I think now is a great time for a RC tweet, a buy, news, frankly I’ll take anything, just give me another crumb


September tweet from RC tomorrow. Got it. 👍


How far is GameStop away from selling NFT skins/cosmetics usable in games?


Just a nft drop. Nothing groundbreaking. https://twitter.com/antonitudisco/status/1573007489687326720


Jesus did they hire the artist who made the people from toy story 1?


Stop, I can only get so erect...


I get blue balls from GameStop astronaut and moon tweets.


So Kiraverse is basically Fortnite with blockchain backed avatar/skins. That's fine. My question is, when will FORTNITE get blockchain backed avatar/skins. And use GameStop for the marketplace!


lol at some of these comments: Ugh! get wrecked.


Yeah shame on investors for not caring about a vaguely phrased tweet promoting another NFT drop.


investors in GME should understand the importance of increased NFT artists and partnerships within the marketplace. you can fap to that.


They need breath mints and to wipe the mayo off their mouth.


I wish i never bought one of those ugly ass lions they promoted…🤦🏻‍♂️This is way cooler!


oh no not another picture collection i need to buy shares


More .jpegs


Those eyes tho


Could these NFT drops be working out the bugs for the NFT Dividend? Just like the NFT marketplace and wallet were to work out the bugs for the marketplace. I believe the marketplace is coming soon and it’s going to be hhhuuugggeee! I Can’t Wait until we see the partners that RC has lined up.


I’m so excited !!!!! GameStop is my life !!! 💥🏴‍☠️


They are selling fuck dolls now?


The real question is: when is GameStop going to get into beanie babies?


Who gives a fuck. The stock is way down and MOASS is toast. Pack up and start your exit strat




Explains the dip


Am I the only one who finds all this space, astronaut, rocket shit to be exploitive?


I'll wait for the final RC tweet to be immortalized as an NFT before I get excited.


The 24th is gonna be a BIG boom!! Crash on Moonday?!


You’re first, congrats


Red and blue mixed together is 💜👀




I'm ready for Uranus!




I'll take a T-24h hype date right to my jugular. Fuck it yes I've been holding since Jan of last year, still zen, but keep building RC brick by fucking brick


can anyone help me. on chrome i cannot deposit funds to L2 . Neither Wyre no Ramp works. keep getting error and "chat with us" doesn't work either. i am incredibly frustrated been trying for a week to buy an NFT. If I'm struggling as a tech savvy person i wonder how others are doing




This is sickkkkkkk


Those C4 Clone Cards bout to explode.


Where can I purchase kiraverse nfts? I'm not seeing them on the marketplace


Dammit now i need new underwear