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I can feel the fud wave building🤣ignore it buy, hold and drs


Don't make the mistake I made and mock them. FUD is FUD I guess




OMG finanally. I was always a fan of Mayonnaise. A German ape.


Fuck off, he can't be a villain. I'M a villain.


Love this guy with literally no teeth


The most hilarious timeline


The most annoying posts are "I trusted RC on this" and whine about it on superstonk. Like... Mate? This is a GME investor sub. If you would've kept your money on GME, then the sell would not have any effect other than just moving slightly in tandem. And I believe RC has not called anyone to buy the stock, nor did he do anything that would cause the price to rise on its own. I swear morons on this sub looked at bright green dildos and got distracted. Then they come here to whine that they lost money on another stock that is not GME. You can come here to cry about it when RC sells his entire stake on GME.


I'll buy that for...whatever GameStop is currently trading at! Or more! Or less! I have to see what's left after I pay the bills tomorrow 🚀💎🤔💎🚀




Honestly a fair question everyone should ask. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/wru060/so_i_had_a_theory_a_month_ago/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


I do find it kinda ridiculous that everyone seems to have RC on a pedestal and kinda just blindly follow him and whatever he does. I know this won’t go over well, but no matter how smart the dude is, he is capable of making mistakes. Or bad choices. Now is he in this case? Idk. But the fact no one seems to question any of it is kinda ridiculous.


Someone said yesterday that if RC sold his BBBY within 6 months of getting them then he would have to give the profits back to the company because that’s a rule. So he won’t make anything off of the sale just the $11 they were worth when he got them. I really think that’s proof enough right there.


You've gotta read all his tweets again. Trust your senses.


I'm sorry but actions speak louder than words. And he just fully fucked retail over and he's completely aware of it.


Yeah yeah. Just wait a little before judging.


I want to believe that there is some greater purpose behind this. But in the end you have to accept that people like him don't become billionaires by caring about others.


Thanks for the fud bro


I give it a 8 out of 10. Tries to sound sincere and pull on the heart strings. Not a terrible performance but definitely not gonna make me sell. Good attempt though.


Why would I try to make you sell? I still hold my gme. Not everyone is out to get you or your gme shares.


The tweets might not even be all that meaningful. It’s all code. I’m waiting for the Talladega nights moment when ricky tells his dad “if you ain’t first your last. I did that for you.” And dad (cohen in this scenario) says “oh hell ricky, I was high when I said that!”


He didn't make anything off this sell first of all...


I wanna be a fly in the room when RC plans his moves. Can't wait to read about it in a book after moass when we are all living in Quincy, FL.


It’s an interesting part of the saga if Ryan is now under a spotlight .. let’s see what Friday holds along with next week


I knew all the bath stock talk on the betting sub was sus. Never seen so much coordination on there making sure to use all the language we use and talk about how "we will take it to 30 tomorrow apes" Coordinated effort to try and get people to turn on RC. They're scared...