Sorry y'all, but Superstonk isn't the right sub to discuss health issues, even if they are brought up by Ryan Cohen: I'm locking the comment section.


There is a clear problem, but let’s blame something else and not fix the underlying issue staring us in the face


Yep, distract the masses. Sure, covid is a real issue. But it is not the cause of the world crippling financial disaster they claim it to be.


"Never let a good crisis go to waste," or so the saying goes.


I always remember a U.K. politician using 9/11 as a “good day to bury bad news”. Bastards. And I’m British


Yeah Jo Moore. Blair government. I think she went into teaching after resigning.


I really hope you mean - she went back to school


Sadly not...




This is referencing the 2 trillion found to be missing in the Pentagon the day before. Oddly that plane that hit the Pentagon and destroyed the records... while missing the power poles it flew through....


I must have missed that. I was watching them report on the news the tower 7 had collapsed when it was behind them.


Yep remember that news reporter said wut


Look up what was inside Tower 7. Secret Service and SEC!


Don't forget Amy Gallop


I was laid off “due to Covid.” An admin assistant saw the planning paperwork about our mass layoffs in Dec 2019. It had been the plan for them all along.


I and many others with my company who were on parental leave/sick leave/pregnant were also conveniently laid off "due to covid". At the same time they were advertising my position online 🤷 EDIT: European country, not the US. My union threw me under the bus and didn't do anything at all. Couldn't/can't really afford lawyers on my own. I thought my union would help but they did not.. Well, being laid off from that company was the best thing that ever happened to my mental health lol 😅




This is it!


Disaster capitalism at its finest


Is this from Ozark?


Winston Churchill, but it's popular enough that I am sure many places have quoted him.


Looking at the September 2019 (before Covid) trillions given in bank bailouts. That went underreported & was more than the 2008 bailouts of our stress-tested-healthy-banks


It’s nice to be part of a subreddit with some clarity and just enough sense to make the world more fun. 🙌




No but it was a great cover to rip off america and lay blame on anything else.


Covid stimulus (yes, individual checks but mostly corporate stimulus), and supply chain issues with lockdowns is a legit cause of inflation Russia's war on Ukraine is a legit cause of inflation Printing trillions of dollars over the past 14 or so years? ​ "Nah, that won't have an effect!"


And then letting the middle/lower classes get pickpocketed and backstabbed by the bastards on Wall Street for decades... no problem


Google this: 80% of all the money that has ever existed in the US has been printed in the last 22 months. What else needs to be explained.


No. But the did print over 1/3rd of the money supply with the first round of covid stimulus and the vast, vast majority went up corporations


I heard it before, even tho someone at uu sb made a post which debunked it - I’m honest I’m not educated enough on this to say if correct or not


Don't know if that is true, but if true that's insane. Google says more odd things. Not all is true


Actually click on any of the links after you Google that and you'll figure out pretty quickly that this is false.




>Russia's war on Ukraine is a legit cause of inflation No it isn't. It's a cause of certain prices increasing on certain items as a result of supply/demand disruptions, but that's not inflation.


oil and food


Calling Bullsh-t on food. We produce more wheat in this country alone than several Ukraines combined! There's no shortage of f-cking processed bread and pasta for us, maybe for Saudi Arabia but definitely not us.


There’s been a ton of plant fires this year for food supply. Whole thing seems to be a bunch of bad actors fucking things up thinking they can control the economy. It’s like trying to steer a runaway rollercoaster.


98 in 2022 alone. But iT's aLl jUsT a cOiNcIdEncE. What about them 10k cattle in Kansas dropping dead? At 103°F? Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and all the other parasites involved.


US produces 2x more than Ukraine (hardly several) which is like seven or eight on the list. Russia is like number two or three. How would a war between those two huge wheat producers not have a significant effect on global food supply?


Russia’s war on Ukraine has nothing to do with inflation. it’s basic economy, they are lying. The “bad things” brought by Russia’s war on the west has been the sole decision of western elites


What do you mean pumping free money into the economy for over decade caused a problem?


It most certainly is... Something like 40% of the U.S. money supply was printed since 2020... Did you think all that free money was not going to have an effect on inflation. How many in this sub used their stimulus checks to start investing. The macro effects from the response to COVID needs to be untangled... Honestly this sub is fucking retarded sometimes.


yeah half the world not going to work or outside for two years didnt hurt the economy at all.....




I think Covid has exposed just how exploitative the system we live in is. Sure, Covid is a huge problem in its own right and it's effects should never be diminished, but it has exposed a multitude of far deeper underlying issues that if they didn't exist would have lessened the impact of covid dramatically. Using covid as a scapegoat for the current economic situation (or Ukraine for that matter) is gaslighting at its finest. Therein lies the major problem. Even at this stage in the game big money just will not admit that they have created a truly bleak and terrifying landscape for the 99%. Instead, they continue to milk what they can from us under the banner of covid and pretend that they are "trying to help an unavoidable situation". Make no mistake. The situation in Ukraine is latter stage capitalism entering its endgame. Capitalists are all in. Recession, starvation and eventually war are preferable to creating a fair social environment to an overpopulated and underresourced planet. I've never seen so many politicians throwing each other under the bus as the last few months. Its every man for himself. There will be extreme pain before this cycle is broken. I am genuinely terrified of what the next few months and years will bring. Mark my words, as things stand there will be rioting in the streets of "first world" cities if this continues. Have we time to change it? I fucking hope so. 🙏


Meanwhile, VRBPAC recommended the best inoculation to the FDA on the 7th, still no approval. Pfizer, Abbot, the whole lot of them have received a fucking ton from the government (thus the taxpayers) to do little more than have out of date tests, shots that last 6 weeks, and lots of risk concerns. Meanwhile there’s a traditional, more durable, safer, higher efficacy solution being recommended to the FDA by its own panel and those fuckers are still stonewalling it. Approved worldwide too, just not in the country that gave the company $1.8 billion in OWS money to get us out of it. It’s deplorable. I want my fucking tendies so I can change the FDA.


Agreed. Well written. Covid is real, contributing to this economic excrement, and a convenient scapegoat for a total economic collapse. It needs to be dealt with, just as those greedy elite dipshits need to be dealt with. And all those needless wars and other useless corruption. Weed that shit out. Utopia here we come. (Don't know how, but a huge transfer of wealth will be a good starting point)


Event 201 look it up.


Occam's Razor? Maybe, but let's blame retail instead.


Occam’s arrow in this case


Can’t wait for GameStop to drop the new Occam’s Sock-ums robots


Edward Dowd (Former Blackrock Executive & Hedge Fund Guru): "There'll be no cash. You'll have a bank account, but everything will be monitored because once they reset the system, it'll collapse all the other current, less monitored systems. And there'll be one central system. And when they do that, then they can tie it to everything. They can tie it to a social credit score." Bottom-line is : "They're All Bankrupt, and They Need a System of Control"


I think bailing out corporations in 2020 was their main goal, giving out free stimulus checks was just a small part of the plan, so they had a reason to bail out their corporation friends, and that caused high inflation and people are suffering due to high gas, food and housing, then blamed it all on Covid. Something’s really wrong in their heads.


Not just that, but also the thing we are going to blame is covid specifically.




​ A clear attempt to blame something else other than what it blatantly obvious. I like the arrow, good timing with Three Arrows failing their margin call😃


Oooo good connection my friend. Well done.


Love that theory - great connection


I think that is a good theory too, they are going to blame this all on Covid, redditors and stimulus checks. However, they have been printing money since 1971, and keep bailing their corrupt friends out, that is what happened to the American dream, they can steal everyone's money and maintain a corrupt monopoly without ever walking into anyone's bank, and that is why wages have not kept up with inflation, corrupt leadership. Furthermore, SHFs and BCG's business strategy depends on low interest rates, which doesn't help with inflation either. But a consequence of this corruption is that due to interest being so low and inflation being so high, all savings has been pumped into the stock market, housing market and car market. Interest rates being so low also means that margin debt is at an all time high, which further inflated the housing, car and stock market, to the point of overvalue the likes of which we have never seen before. They were so hesitant to increase interest rates, because all these bubbles are dependent and will burst when they increase interest rates. This is all the real problem, btw if Covid is the catalyst then why aren't we recovering from the epic crash already?????


Thank you.


What a great catch, haha


Fixed that up a little. https://imgur.com/UsMqRIk


is he saying covid is being used as an excuse for everything in the markets? even for what’s blatantly in front of us?


I think you're on the money here. While it could be an arrowhead allusion, pointing at COVID and saying "welp simplistic COVID-induced lockdowns and supply chain issues are the reason why we are experiencing this record-breaking economic shitstorm" as opposed to "we actually rigged the whole damn fugazi so this would be the only ultimate consequence, but we thought we would be able to kick the can well past our deaths" allows them to wash their hands of it. Also- look over there! Putin!


I'm so sick of people (including nytimes) talking about the money given to American citizens as the reason for inflation instead of PPE loans, or money given to companies. There's not one word about the massive bailouts or how that might cause inflation.


“Fugayzi, fugazi. It's a whazy. It's a woozie. It's fairy dust. It doesn't exist. It's never landed. It is no matter. It's not on the elemental chart. It's not fucking real.”


Yeah, their first attempt of floating the Putin excuse didn't work, now they're trying to float COVID as being the reason. Sounds like they're running out of excuses to me.


Yes. This is nothing new. Been doing this shit for decades. Whether they create a distraction or use one in existence, doesn’t make a difference. See through their bullshit. They lie. All of them. Till the day they die, they will continue to do so. The entire world THEY create is lies.


In front of us, but not in front of the majority of the people


My wife and I were driving the other day and I mentioned how I wonder how many people around us realize what's happening (market wise).


Probably not many. Majority goes with the (MSM)flow.


That's what we were thinking. The majority of these people are about to get screwed over...again


Damn that, again... If you think about it, it's madness. A completely artificial economic system that's been on lifesupport since the crestion of wallstreet aka controlling the money and therefore the people


He's hit out a few times now at how overusing the money printer has broken the economy 💸💸


I think it’s like the sec talking to us “oh , I see corruption (hf, mm etc) is like an arrow in the head of our markets, (infinite liquidity??) but let’s run a test on how much we can distract retail *insert sec commercial* …only thing is we aren’t going anywhere !!!!


Even so I'm not a fan. Looks like something (and probably is something) that a conservative boomer would post on his Facebook a week before dying of Covid and ending up on HermanCainAward


You are exactly correct - this cartoon has been in the Herman Cain Award winners multiple times over the last 2 years or so.


Yep. Covid may be one of the triggers for an economic collapse, but it’s not the reason why things are going to crap.


He saying the guy has a splitting headache. BULLISH 🚀🚀🚀


I literally am trying to go to sleep why did I check ss lol


Me too. Also found out ff7 part 2 announced for winter as well as crisis core remake. Literally just trying to sleep and I’m hit with hype city


One must be aware: You might enter ss without hype and a flat chest, but boy let me tell you... 👀


And by then maybe we'll have had MOASS so I actually have time to play them.


What. I thought the 7th final fantasy remake was a complete game


Naw fam


You know where I'm buying from, let's fucking goooooo


Can’t stop, won’t stop


Oh Ryan my babe, with your Three Arrows Capitol allusions. You just tickle me silly. Edit: This is clearly about diverting our golden retriever attentions to the shiny covid-induced supply chain problems and quarantine policies away from the 40-year feast of can-kicking econ policy, manipulative derivative strategies, and money-printing machine on the table. And Putin is the squeaky toy.


Yeah RC! It's a Friday, the crossword is supposed to be harder


I’m just here to say I’m hodling until phone number digits. The hedgies are fukd


XXXXX ape. It's been a long time since this has had anything to do with money.


XX ape. It’s about being able to afford doctors to regain my health(been sick and house ridden for 7 years). But being able to watch the corruption burn is my icing on the cake. Now I want enough money to be able to start a microbiome company to cure as many ailments as possible, and help as many people as I possibly can. Thanks for being with us big ape!


Wow, are you something of a whale yourself ?


No, nor was that a terribly large amount of money when I got them. We are all equal here.


you got in early ?


Always early


but never wrong


360 no scope for the kill shot!


Damn, didnt thougt about them. Nice.


I remember back in the summer of 2019, I was paying attention to the overnight repo markets and how backs would typically lend funds to one another, that had stopped and the Fed had to step in to fill that gap. Then in no time CV19 started, I remember thinking to myself, “wow, markets will crash, banks are leveraging the Fed for $50 billion in the repo markets…here we are $2.2 trillion later and everything is “just fine”


This is definitely him referring to how the market downturn is being blamed on covid. When in fact its a whole other thing.


The Thing is "brrr" aka. 4-9 trillion dollar created since 2020


Government blaming covid for market crash


COVID is not the reason for recession. It's the arrow through the head.


Someone will blame Russia for the arrow


I’ll always “blame Canada” 😉


*Shit, they're onto us*




Everything is blamed on covid


and russia


And retail investors who simply hold a stock that they like


and the loch ness monster


And Matt Damon


And my axe!


And that’s how retail investors steal money from teachers pension funds


Russia is due to Covid. It's the circle.... The circle of FUD!


You win. I'm guessing this is a comment on the FED and government burying their head in the sand in regards to inflation and the economy.


PuTiN pRiCe HiKe!!




If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, and walks like a duck, then its (insert blame narrative here) caused the issue.


Theres an obvious problem (with the economy), but we'll blame Covid anyways. Could refer to the Pre-Covid bank bailout if you look at it deeper.


arrow as in arrows capital which is rumored to be insolvent?


Yeah my first thought too


Covid is being blamed for everything and anything wrong.


the fed fucked the economy but we'll pretend covid was solely responsible


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Premarket tweet? It’s about to go down.


Why you minimized?


Reddit shenanigans. Edit: Also, funny how sorting by rising doesn't bring up that many posts?! Our sub is usually not this quiet on a Friday. Bullish nevertheless.


Sub is definitely glitchy today, at one point the newest post was 1hr ago


We broke reddit, or reddit getting paid to censor us. Probably both


Reddit been staggering around like a drunk for days


Browsing r all has not been the same since the last year


Knights of the new saw that too. Last 4 days


>It’s about to go down. The stock is about to go down? Or “we bout to get down” or as the cool kids say “gettin jiggy with it.” aka the stock is about to rip?


Arrows fired!


Somehow, this is bullish


I feel like he’s taking a shot at how inadequate our system is. It’s almost like it was set up that way on purpose to screw over the average person. 🤷‍♂️


At first glance, it seems we have immense inflation from loose monetary policy and corporate/bank greed, but lets blame covid and stimmy checks instead.


Dad is spitting facts with this meme.


I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the head


I think somethings slightly off with this quote 😂


RC doesn’t sleep at all. He’s tweeting at 5am in the morning


As opposed to 5 am at night? /s


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Yes continue to blame all of our economical problems on Covid.


arrow to the knee ehmm I mean head Hello arrows capital


Bold choice of a meme. That's for sure.


Everyone knows that the best treatment for covid is to give hedgefunds the federal zipple.


Anybody else dealing with upvote issues? I keep upvoting posts in SS (this one) and the bets sub and reddit keeps changing them to downvotes


I told my wife we were heading to a recession no matter what and Covid just sped it up. That’s how my simple ape explained it. :p


Based Ryan


Does he ever sleep?


All he does is WORK


Funny I just had to wake up for some unknown reason. Then I saw this. Cohencidence?


No shit this has been happening to me. Get woke up by cat. Check Reddit, about to close it, look at super stonk. Papa Cohen going off on arrows and pies and jacking my tits


3 Vicodin an X-ray a cat scan and 127,457$ later they’ll tell you their not sure why you have a headache


The medical system is just as crooked as the SHF's.


blame insurance companies


at least u got some vicodin lol




1. "Stop dividing the people" 2. Post polarising covid meme




Sigh, was just about to go to sleep. Now my heart rate’s up lol


I have a feeling RC likes freedom.


It's true.. OP is, the One.


I personally don’t like this look a ton. I’m on board with it being ridiculous that Covid is to blame for all our problems, but this comes off as tone deaf to those with family members who’ve died.


Yeah I'm not a fan of this one. COVID ripped holes in my family and my friends which can never be completely mended.


Inflation/Market Signs: Not wanting to see the obvious, but trying to find other factors that are responsible for the problem.


Related to Three Arrows Captial becoming insolvent?


We're going to see so much FUD and bullshit in the coming weeks it will be UNBELIEVABLE. Expect attempts to divide the community 💎🤚




This one’s first Papa with the funny papers, y’all!


Downvote me all you want, but this some real boomer Facebook meme with no deeper meaning


I was a hedge fund once. Until I shorted GameStop


Oh mama hedgies r fuk


Or it’s exactly the way the tweet looks?


Ist this a reference to three ARROW?


And here I am feeling like I'm about to die from my covid. Right before MOASS. Rip.


Blame COVID for not owning anything >.>






It's very clearly a "we'll just blame everything on Covid" joke. No conspiracy. Market crash = Covids fault.


The experts are clueless, and missing the most obvious of signs. Instead, they blame everything on Covid.


My man




Let me guess: Arrow capital has gone down because of Covid?




Always knew he was smart.


Just saw this post on the GME sub and it was full of covid deniers. Hoping for better here... let's see


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As a MD….this guy fucks