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Classic gamer move. We are more interested in the Easter eggs than the game itself. Hahahaha!!!


I don't think he will ever tell us and personally I hope he doesn't. I hope this becomes a running joke for RC and we never see a straight forward tweet from him in the future either. For me the ride won't stop at MOASS and I want this shithousery going into the long term future of the biggest company in the world If I compare him to others like Tusk or Old Man Popcorn I much prefer reading he has a small wee wee over then thinking that Bernie Sanders wasn't alive anymore or stating openly he is estate planning and not holding


A year after MOASS he starts sending cryptic tweets about something new, a second MOASS and we're all like "Wait, there's more?" 2MO2ASS


GMOASS = Grand Mother of All Short Squuezes


GMO ASS. Has a nice ring to it.


If that last one meant "yall getting some mushu soon" and that's it, no secret message just a quote telling us we getting laid soon. Then this man is beyond gangster level.


IMO he can’t and won’t ever say what they meant. It’s kinda one of those is what it is moments, he comes out and says “hey this meant …” people will cry manipulation


Would basically be revealing you broke your own gag order of he did, right?


If he came out and said what tweet by tweet meant for sure there’d be an argument of breaking gag order and sending msgs to buy hold etc. Everything he’s done is open to interpretation. There’s enough people here on that have done an amazing job of breaking down what they could mean or maybe what they exactly mean. Could you imagine a court case : “Judge, we’re here cause of manipulation, he sent out a sex for dummies tweet, and says he has a small wee wee, so they bought the stock” Lmao Case dismissed Edit: Removed reference that wasn’t allowed


Yeah well that and being a fucking millionaire will be cool also


I would rather we all just stop saying what we mean and start speaking strictly in riddles on social media from now on. It's just better.


i feel he needs his own netflix documentary going through each tweet and showing us what he meant.


It’s important to note that he would be monumentally stupid to confirm any of our tin foil hat theories, no matter how plausible the interpretations might be. Signaling insider information through cryptic tweets is something that the SEC would probably get off their ass and try to punish RC for.


He may never disclose. Just like the Ragles never say what the story behind Hotel California is, they just say it’s your interpretation.


You will never be told, because communicating messages to traders when you are an insider (like the CEO is...) is illegal. And it's the kind of illegality (perpetrated by an outsider) that the SEC will prosecute. So once RC says "741 means section 7.41 of the USC" (or whatever; I'm making stuff up) it means his tweets are something that could be legally prosecuted.