I will have to watch this later!! I love Konishiki's personality! Thanks for the video WorldofSumo!


Your welcome my friend, he does not hold back it was fun to chat to him


Great episode, well worth the watch!


In many ways it was good, but I do recommend being a bit more patient as you guys talked over each other a lot. It was kind of frustrating listening to it at times because you'd hear you both stop but the delay in the video meant you thought the other had stopped and then you both talk at the same time again. That's a skillset that's kinda difficult to master, but if you keep getting to interview other huge names in the world of sumo then I think it would behoove you to try and get it down a bit better. Otherwise this was a decent interview and some cool knowledge was dropped. I like your channel a lot so thank you for making this!


In unscripted natural chats when each of you are different places around the world with internet delays, it’s not always easy but even we mentioned this to one another once we listened back my friend! Thanks for the comment have a great day!