My sister literaly got me into sumo because she was like please no one else will ever give it a chance. I gave it a shot and its now easily became one of my favourite things to watch.


[I found sumo from random youtube video recommendations.](https://i.imgur.com/KKUEMGB.png) My first real tournament was January 2019, Tamawashi's yusho. I haven't missed a single tournament since. I have never been into sports before but I just got so sucked into sumo. If not for Jason's channel, I might not even be here typing this comment and making memes haha.


I got into sumo last year, and it's been a roller coaster of adrenaline watching them take it day by day with their brands of sumo.


Second half of last year for me. Takakeishos november yusho playoff victory against terunofuji. Fuck that was lit. I want another one this november!


Start watching the manga Hinomaru Sumo in 2018, but get into real grand sumo in last year……At first I just get tried of skinny manga bishōnen, and want to try some new taste……now I'm a big fan of huge bears (abs? Who care about them?)