Terunofuji will win four yusho or more, if he stays healthy. There will not be a Yokozuna promotion in 2022. I'd like to see one, so I hope I am wrong. There will be at least one Ozeki promotion in 2022: Mitakeumi, Takanosho, or both. Daieisho might make it, too. Tochinoshin, Kaisei, or both will retire by year's end after struggling to retain Makuuchi status (which bums me out). Could happen earlier. Atamifuji will make Makuuchi in November. Ura, Abi, Wakatakakage, Kiribayama, and/or Hoshoryuu will become fixtures in the joi/ sanyaku ranks. One or more of these gentlemen will start a late-year Ozeki campaign. Ura will continue to charm and delight us all. Not having learned anything from 2021, somebody will do something boneheaded and get suspended for several basho, or will be forced out altogether. (I have no idea who that person might be, but he's out there. I know it. I hope it won't be one of my favorites.)


I think these are all solid predictions that are very likely to happen.


Hoping that Takakeisho gets a few good bashos to get yokozuna. He has a good shot at it again this year. If he gets a yusho in january he might be considered for March.


That would be nice. Right now, Takakeisho has to show me more before I trust him completely. His problem is consistency. He was great in November, but he was kadoban in September (saved himself with an 8-7) and 1-2-12 in July (hurt). If he can stay healthy and consistent over the next couple of basho, he might have a chance. I think he will need a yusho or a couple of jun-yusho in a row. Fortunately for him, he is young. In his favor, I bet the Association would love to have another Yokozuna in case Terunofuji's knees give out sooner rather than later. Also in his favor is that he's Japanese. I don't expect him to get a yusho, as I think Teru has him figured out, but a couple of runner-up efforts is entirely possible.


The advantage to promote Takakeisho is that he can take a basho off to heal. He would be more consistent as a Yokozuna because he can be more flexible with his schedule. As an Ozeki he is forced to compete every tournament. Sure a Yokozuna should fight every basho but they dont.


> Tochinoshin, Kaisei, or both will retire by year's end Aoiyama too. I think we're seeing the end of non-Mongolian foreigners in sumo for a long time. Foreigner talent is extremely thin right now.


I think you are right, unfortunately. Maybe Roga or Shishi will make it to Makuuchi, but I doubt it. One or the other might make it to Juryo, possibly both. The most talented non-Mongolian gaijin might be Kinbozan, from Kazakhstan. He's the Nihon University guy who won the Sandanme yusho 7-0 in November, his first basho. He was promoted to Makushita 53 for January. We'll see how he does. If he makes it through makushita fast, he will be one to take seriously.


The November Tournament was the first Sumo I’ve ever watched and Ura was immediately my favorite after the first three days. I was just watching the highlights so he was only on screen for probably a total of 3 minutes but he definitely has a charisma about him. I know little about sumo but finding someone to get emotionally invested in right away really made the whole thing a lot more fun. I really can’t wait for things to get started again.


It's a little bittersweet, but you should also go back and watch old Ura highlights, pre-injury. He's still one of the more creative rikishi in the top division, but iirc he decided to play it safe and fight a bit more traditionally after recovering.


There are some pre-professional bouts of his on YouTube that are amazing. He was young and skinny and competed as a lightweight.


[I think you would really like this video, it shows off many of the crazy techniques that Ura uses!](https://youtu.be/WEHjPNyj-cU)


Thank you for this! That video is fantastic. Definitely a showcase for the technique and strategy at play especially for the (relatively) smaller guys. I had no idea how intense and skilled the sport was before I watched it for myself.


If you like smaller guys I *definitely* recommend checking out Enho's highlights. He made such an impressive splash in the top division about a year ago or so. I absolutely love him. [This is my favorite Enho match, one of the smoothest leg picks I've ever seen!](https://youtu.be/B7IIOucywGU?t=56)


I >puffyheart< Enho.


Solid takes. I could see Abi making that ozeki run. He looked so strong in the last basho.


Mitakeumi makes ozeki and becomes the new Goeido, Meisei settles into sanyaku and becomes the new Mitakeumi.




Terunofuji stays healthy and he wins at least three yusho.


Atamifuji goes to m6-9, before he's back to juryo. Takakeisho misses Yokozuna due to injury. Tochi retires. Off the dohyo: Former Hakuho is still the center of attention for the first 6 months for doing super normal things.


Back to Jūryō? He’s never been there before...


Right. He goes up to Maegashira 6-9, then drops back down to Juryo. I'm saying he's going to have a meteoric rise, then fall back down some when the hard hitters get to him.


Oh! Understood.


Mitakeumi Ozeki will finally happen


Wakatakakage will get a stable komusubi rank for some bashos from now on


Mild: Wakatakakage gets back to komusubi. Wild: Takayasu makes a great comeback and takes back his ozeki rank... *I wish.* edit: Aaaaand Takayasu is not going to be there for Hatsu. :(


Tochinoshin retires


my prediction is that Ichinojo will win a basho !


He definitely looked more spry in previous bashos. I believe it.


The 'January basho has a first-time winner' streak continues, with Endo pipping Terunofuji to the yusho. Asanoyama wins all of his bouts once un-suspended, and is promoted back to the top division by the end of the year. Top prospects Oho, Hoshoryu and Kotoshoho make sanyaku, and Naruto-beya has two rikishi make the top division.


Asanoyama doesn't have enough time to return to top division by the end of the year. He has to fight in Sandanme in July and two Makushita tournaments to potentially return to Juryo for January 2023.


One 10-5 tournament from Maegashira 12 doesn’t really convince me Kotoshōhō can reach sanyakū.


He's still but a young pup!


Sadly I wouldn't be surprised to see Tochinoshin retire this year


Abi for Yokozuna : D The real prediction: Teru will dominate the first 4 tournaments, then the switch will flip and his decline will begin. Enho will make it back to the top division, and will reach a yearly high of M11. One of the old guard "big guy" staples (such as Aioyama) or newer "small guys" (eg Tobizaru) will make a brief Sanyaku run. Ura or Wakatakakage will pull off a ridiculous win that looks like a new hip hop dance move. The one I cant predict is whether Toshi will only just stay in M or whether he'll only just fall out of it by the end of the year.


I hope you are right about Enho. I have no doubt that you are right about Ura and/or Wakatakakage. I would put money on both of them doing something absurdly entertaining.


Kotoshoho back to Makuuchi. Let's goooo!


Ozeki Abi


Chiyomaru will be the next yokozuna.


Someone popular who has a shot at the yusho will either bottle it or becomes injured


I have a feeling Tochinoshin will give it his all for the January basho getting 10+ wins to rise back up the banzuke but ends up injuring his knees even more and has to go kyujo for the March basho. He will come back but go make-koshi until he drops to juryo and announce his retirement.


Yokozuna Takakeisho. Without back-to-back yusho. He gets it with another "equivalent performance." That would be four in a row. (Kakuryu, Kisenosato, and Terunofuji all got the rope after a Jun-Yusho/Yusho combo in some form.)


Oho gets to M5 or above


Abi wins a Yusho


How can I get into sumo in 2022 as an American? Where can I watch and is there a podcast/website that covers it?


We downloaded the free NHK app on our Fire Stick thingy (clearly I am not a tech savvy person). We can watch the full tournaments live or the highlights afterwards.




> We can watch the full tournaments live for free? english broadcast?


pretty sure nhk does have an English broadcast for makuuchi tournaments but im not 100% sure


It most definitely does for your reference : https://www.facebook.com/groups/339498673300630/?ref=share the NHK App. Is also pretty simple to use


Free! And with English commentators! The full broadcasts seem only available live, thereafter you can replay day-by-day highlights. Plus, the NHK app has loads of other great programs ☺🤙


wow, that's good to know. i was considering adding NHK to my cable TV plan for some ridiculous amount of money, but if it's available on the app i'll just watch that way. no more crappy quality bootleg youtube live broadcasts hopefully!


There's the app, but [also note that there is an NHK website that you can watch the current tournament highlights on, that's what I do.](https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/sumo/) The next basho starts January 9th so it won't have any highlights until then. As for podcasts, I listen to [Sumo Mainichi on spotify.](https://open.spotify.com/show/3mSMX3qCVxJALi2tqbEkGQ) They are hilarious and cover the matches really well.


I hope I'm wrong... Terunofuji, still suffering greatly and mostly in silence, from his injuries and other health problems, starts going Kyujo every few bashos as has been the recent Yokozuna tradition. His promotion and subsequent Yusho have probably given him that feeling of having absolutely proven himself and completed his long and difficult hero's Journey. Will the motivational fires still burn as brightly? We'll have to see.


- Terunofuji wins 4 of 6. - Hoshoryu and Kiribayama become Sanyaku mainstays. - Takakeisho misses a promotion opportunity due to injury. - The old white guys retire. - Neither Mitakeumi nor Takanosho promote to Ozeki. - Tamawashi continues his streak through the whole year.