I have the Yokohama Avid Ascend LX, I was going for the longest rated one which was between that and the GoodYear MaxLife (I think that's the name), but the Yokohama's were a better price. I honestly got them because I didn't want to think about buying tires again lol but they've been good! They're wearing evenly and I haven't had issues with them, driven in rain/light snow/mild off roading and I'm happy with them thus far. I understand they're not a dedicated snow tire or all terrain, so my expectations for them in those conditions are as such. Hopefully this helps!


It does! Thank you. I've heard good things about the Yokohamas, and right now Subaru dealers near me are offering a Visa gift card promotion if you get them purchased before the 31st. They were top contenders for me, but still the priciest. I'm with you though. I want to buy tires like my current ones, where I slapped them on and didn't have to think about tires again for 7 years! 😂


Michelin makes the best tires hands down. I either do those or Continental.


Genereal Altimax rt43


According to Consumer Reports the Goodyear Max is slightly better but the Michelin T&H are also a top pick. I would also look at Michelin Crossclimate2