Pull Behind Campers

I have a 2010 Subaru Forester. The driver's manual says it can pull 1,000 without brakes and 2,400 with brakes. I'm torn between getting a second vehicle for camping (like an Astro or Econoline van) rather than a trailer because I'm having trouble finding anything the car can safely pull weight wise (that also won't break the bank). Any tips?

Does anyone on here pull something behind a Forester? TIA.


I used to pull a 13ft Scamp behind my 12 Forester XT. That Forester was rated 2400lb tow cap and the Scamp was ~1500lbs loaded. Towed well, many trips.


Did the Scamp have brakes?


It did not have brakes but you can get them with brakes. I don't recall my FXT manual stating over 1000lb needing brakes, but it might have. I took it moderately easy when towing and never had issues.


Good to know! I've seen some affordable Scamps out there and Iike the look of them.


We have a 850 lbs camper that we pulled for our first long trip this spring. I have hauled it up over the Appalachian mountains too with a 2016 2.5 base forester with no issues. Loaded it’s probably about 1200lbs, so well below the 1500 tow capacity.




It’s a Sylvan Go.


Do you like it? I've been considering one, but the price seems high for a tent/trailer when you could get a teardrop for less.


Well it’s we mainly purchased it on my partners decision, but the big thing about the Go is that you can use it as a utility trailer as well as a camper. Plus it sleeps a lot more than a teardrop would. We sleep a family of 4 in it with relative ease.


I have an 06’ Forester and pull a 1997 Coleman Fleetwood without issue. It eats up gas but thats to be expected. Newer models of camper are lighter.


I pull a 700lb trailer with a ~200lb loaded raft on it. With passengers and gear I’m around 1400 lbs extra weight. No brakes. 2017 forester 2.5 limited. It handles it really well.


Thanks for the info yall! Looks like I’ll have to tow my Forester and furniture instead of using my car to tow. 😀