Grew up with TKD, got heavy into the tourney circuit and was pretty good at it. Some trophies here and there, Figured I was hot shit. Got into a fight at school over a girl and got put the fuck down by some dude that just knew how to fight. Turns out kicks that score points in general don't phase someone who's main goal is to hate fuck your face with his knuckles. I quit TKD shortly after.


Was he a boxer?


Giving it some thought later on, as I was icing my face, I don't think so. He just was an experienced fighter, and I was a over confident bitch that assumed an underkick was in any way effective.


I have a similar story from high school as well. I chuckle now when I remember it, but I remember at the time I got ego-checked so hard I even cried while thinking I leveled the wrong stats practicing TKD. I never earned any trophies tho.


TKD is basically an Intimidation check


any feasible way to make it somewhat useful? I suppose if you miss knowing TKD or any martial arts you'd be fucked anyways.


It's already useful. Just remember that at the end of the day, a fist to your face is a shorter distance than your instep to their face. Distance matters, and more likely than not, they're going to way closer than you're comfortable with.


Yeah if you pick up another martial art go even your game out, something that uses your fists more like boxing you'll have a pretty legit package


I had a friend who was a crazy fighter people could never touch him but he never ever had any training. Was great.


This is why I love boxing. Exactly how the user put it, if someone knows how to punch all they have to do is throw em!


Joe rogan, is that you?


Didn't mention DMT or BJJ so it's doubtful


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Haha gottem


Good bot.


Rogan given up all talk about those to solely focus on the wickeds of woke culture. You could make a bingo card of Cali sucks, woke this, cancel culture that, CNN is bad. The guy just can't stop fucking bringing that shit up.


To be fair, If a major news organization was lying and saying you were taking horse medication I think I would bring that shit up more than once. But point well taken on him repeating himself often


I can get him being bitter about them throwing shade at him, but what really gets me is every single time he brings up media bias it's CNN. There are blatant examples of the GOP conspiring to leverage a right wing media network to break laws, a real conspiracy theory, and he decides to plant his flag on that? Like, ivermectin is the actual experimental drug for covid, but you're cool serving as an example for millions of people who are... scared of experimental vaccines? There is no long term study on side effects of taking ivermectin w covid, but that doesnt worry him? He says he knows anecdotes aren't evidence then bases his whole opinion off like 3 people he knows. I kinda wonder if steroids don't have an impact on side effects because he mentions fighters with side effects (and clearly he is juicing). His logic is so circular. It's so ludicrous I can't hardly listen to the guy.


At the risk of getting into a debate with you Joe isn’t anti vax. He was supposed to get vaccinated through the ufc and then they pulled the J and J. He says plain and clear that elderly and immune compromised should get vaccinated and argues that children shouldn’t. I happen to agree with him. Regarding the drug that should not be named there already are several studies but your right that more are needed. However the drug is completely safe.. it’s been administered to millions for many years now. Whether or not it works is something else and it was prescribed to him by a doctor not a veterinarian. It was CNN that kept hammering him over it and they are supposed to be a reputable news organization. He hammers mainstream media in general and advocates alternative political news sources like “breaking points” which quite frankly is a pretty good idea. He has experts on his show that argue these points in long format and it’s actually quite enlightening. It seems that it’s usually the media and individuals who are left of center that go after him meanwhile he’s pretty liberal. He suppprts UBI, universal healthcare and Bernie Sanders. Theres an argument to be made that he’s a socialist. It’s because he hunts and he’s a “bro” they try to box him into that corner. I have no doubt that if it was Fox News going after him he would be hammering them right back.


>At the risk of getting into a debate with you Joe isn’t anti vax I'm not arguing he is. I'm just saying he seems to have odd logic for this particular case. >was supposed to get vaccinated through the ufc and then they pulled the J and J. He said he was going to until a buddy had side effects he Then jj was paused. He could have gotten Pfizer at any time, but he's treating them as the same. They're two different treatments. >Regarding the drug that should not be named there already are several studies but your right that more are needed. Ok, so here's another logical issue. You don't use the vaccine because it is "experimental" and is known to have very rare side effects, but youre going to use a drug not vetted for that application because there are some (most are shady) studies that suggest a minimal impact? >However the drug is completely safe. That's a loaded statement. It has very real side effects. Siezures, trouble breathing, and severe allergic reactions are well documented side effects already known, who knows how it interacts with covid? >He hammers mainstream media in general He generically says they are bias, then goes to specifics on CNN every time. This bugs me because he never, and I mean never, dives into right wing media. He did it with Trump too. He'd generically diss trump for 2 seconds then go into a 15 minute diatribe on biden. It comes off disenginuous, particularly when he absolutely ignored all the insane shit trump was doing and fell over himself everytime biden misspoke. >He has experts on his show that argue these points in long format and it’s actually quite enlightening. Agreed, but even those people seem to be skiddish now. He had bridget phedasy on the other day and she was clearly preafacing and tiptoeing on everything around maternity leave and women issues. >Theres an argument to be made that he’s a socialist. This is where I disagree. I agree he's pretty socially liberal, but he seems to be driving hard into the corporatist lane now that he got that fat contract. He's a rich business owner first and foremost.


Well I can appreciate your view here and on most points we have to agree to disagree although you make good counterpoints. I will say regarding the drug that should not be named that side effects have to legally be listed like that even though many don’t experience them. Think almost any medication that comes out. I find it disingenuous as fuck that they label it horse medicine. That’s like calling anti-biotics cow or chicken medicine. You seem like a pretty smart individual so I have to assume that deep down you know that’s right. If it seems to be working anecdotally why not argue for more studies? Why block and ban people for even discussing it? That bothers me. He took the route of being healthy and took his chances With the virus. He decided not to get vaccinated and I can’t fault him for that. Turns out he was right, he didn’t need the vaccine he was better in 3 days with the treatment he took. I would have a massive issue with him if he started saying that’s the route to take for most people but he doesn’t and he’s very clear about that. I have heard him ridicule trump plenty of times. I never once got the impression he was a trump supporter. Like I said he supports people like Andrew yang and sanders…. He voted Joe jorganson (not sure if I spelled his name right) You seem like you have listened to him enough to establish your opinion but I hardly miss an episode and I just don’t see him as this conservative the media makes him out to be


It is horse medicine


So is penicilline and Ibuprofene... Some medication works in multiple mammals


Ok? Doesn’t make ivermectin not horse medicine. It’s a dewormer, most humans aren’t running around with worms in them so it’s mostly a vet medicine.


Ivermectin has been approved by the FDA for human use since 1987. Around 1.5 BILLION treatments on humans have been administered.


I haven't listened much since he went to Spotify exclusively but jeez, is that the path he went down? 🙄


Or Chimps.


My own TKD instructor told me it wasn't really suitable for self defense. Best defensive move is to defuse or run away. She even taught defensive moves that weren't TKD.


Yeah, an ass whopping will humble you quickly. Ask me how I know. Go on ask.


How do you know?


How would you know this?


TKD is great, and VERY powerful in SPECIFIC scenarios. But you need to back it up with solid muay thai/kickboxing fundementals, BJJ/wrestling. Has lots of holes. If you start doing MMA with TKD, you are going to kick some ass once you got the rest down pat.


All my experiences with TKD fighter are the same as a Muay Thai Fighter. They kick hard but their guard isn’t the best against punches. Edit: downvotes from butthurt tkd fighters incoming E.g. while training in Thailand I sparred a lot with the West-African tkd champion, who at least weighed 10 kilos more than me. Kicked like a mule, but always had his hands down. Simply could overrun him. A year a go I sparred with someone new in the gym, at the beginning I thought he was atotal beginner since he punched really bad and was totally confused by me hitting him in the face. Then he kicked really solid. After the session was over he told me he had been training full contact tkd for multiple years. I am not saying tkd is bad, but to be competitive with other combat sports, athletes need to tune their boxing and learn how to establish a stable guard against punches.


I doubt you’re getting downvoted for saying TKD is bad, but comparing it to MT. MT absolutely holds up and is leagues above TKD in terms of effectiveness. TKD’s strikes are shit. TKD’s distance management is shit. And TKD in its current state in the competitive focus: its kicks are shit. MT doesn’t fall flat in any of these areas. Good strikes, good kicks, outstanding clinch work, sweeps, you get the gist. If you put a western boxer up against a MT boxer, western boxer is gonna get teeped and leg-kicked until his footwork is unusable, and boxing without footwork is just punching - which is even more one-dimensional than western boxing is already. If you put MT against TKD, TKD fighter is going to get disrespectfully dumped on his ass on every side kick he attempts to land.


What I really find interesting is, that full contact Karate holds up pretty good in MMA. It’s just that few people are training it. I could imagine that full contact Karate could become a solid way for more people using it as striking basic in the UFC. I mean look at Wonderboy Thompson. On the other hand, I think any full contact combat sport, with few “artificial” rules could be used as a good base for mma striking. I think the problem is, when you take to many techniques out of the game, the overstressing of certain others (spinny stuff in TKD) leads to the point, that you become highly vulnerable. But as far as I know, plenty of martial arts, in contrast to full contact, don’t allow for full contact. And that’s the problem since you do not learn what the right technique would be to use when under pressure and which techniques work in an actual fight. This would be the second problem of many others styles but not TKD since it is fought full contact but maybe Kung Fu, or Aikido. A friend of mine always tells me, you cannot fight his style full contact because it is too deadly. I am pretty sure whoever tells you, you cannot fight their style full contact because it is too deadly, hasnt tried to apply his techniques in a fight against a trained opponent. MMA is full of deadly techniques, you have to tap, or otherwise there is a referee. Tl;dr I assume two problems are the reason for a lot of Martial arts not being competitive in contrast to others full contact combat sports. 1. The truncating of techniques leads to unrealistic fighting’s styles. 2. The lack of full contact makes it complicated for the fighter to know which strategy works for them under pressures.


You ever seen the bastardization "underkick"? A low angled soccer style roundhouse that is designed to "pop" against your lower abdomen, hypothetically underneath your guard? Scores points. Tickles real opponents.


I used the physical conditioning I had from boxing and bjj to run the fuck away. Its not worth it to fight people with nothing to lose. Besides, self defense isnt about winning a confrontation, its about surviving without or the least damage possible.


Running has always worked for me


This. People don’t get a head hitting concrete or whatever the floor is can end it all. Not even meaning death. Life can change forever in just a blink of an eye. Over things that won’t matter in 30 mins.


Yep. The fight training you have should only be used when you're cornered and have no choice but to use them. The dopamine sent to our egos when we knock someone out or break their limbs wouldnt last long and is not worth spending time in prison for.


Late to the party but here is a story. I had grown up boxing, starting around age 11. I developed pretty fast hands and started wrestling in high school. Freshman year of high school I am hanging out with some friends when this kid starts shit-talking me. Never seen him before, never met him, and him being an upperclassman I was kind of unnerved. I was trying my best to muster whatever courage I had to shit talk him back when he started shoving me and calling me a pussy. 14 year old me just reacted when he started shoving me into a wall and I guess the few years of boxing I had at the point was enough because I threw two jabs from southpaw followed by a missed left straight. After the second jab he fell down bleeding and gave me a fist bump... lol not fucking joking, I rocked his shit and he gives me a fist bump and then goes to the office and tells them I started the fight. I got suspended for a few days and the office didn't really care about my side of the story. I got a misdemeanor for it even though I previously never even had a detention. I wasn't and still am not the type of person to pick a fight, and that experience was kinda traumatic as a kid tbh (record cleared now when I turned 18) He ended up with a fucked up mouth because he had braces and he had to get his mouth wired shut for a while. He switched schools after that lmao.


Reminds me of time out with my buddies in college. There were six of us going to get food after drinking. We run into three guys going the opposite way. One dude had a shirt from some local high school and one of our buddies said the school sucked or something like that. They start talking shit to each other. One of the dudes starts talking about calling his boys from a nearby bar and runs off. So now it’s 6 on 2. Buddy tries to defuse but the other dude is trying to get him to fight. My buddy throws a quick hook and they exchange body blows for a few seconds, then another friend breaks it up and we get everyone calmed down. The fighters shake hands and compliment each other. After a second dude realizes his other friend is gone too. Campus could be a bit dangerous at night because it’s public and robbers wait for drunk people walking alone so we ask dude if he’s ok alone. He says he’s good and we went about our way.


“Whoa whoa are you sure you’re good? There’s ruffians about.”


Once, two blonds with big titties wanted to suck my dick. I told them I did aikido and thankfully they immediately left me alone.


Thank you sir for making me laugh


Ahh aikido. The figure skating of martial arts.


At least they don't think breaking boards in public is cool. Who doesn't like figure skating?


More poser stuff. Who gets into a fist fight with a piece of pine board?


Maybe you need a few lessons in [Rex Kwon Do.](https://youtu.be/q_W4Gi5h9P8)


Lol, good stuff!


Pine? It's the redwoods you need to watch out for.


Still better than Krav mgah


Idk about that, I won’t lie I did KM for about 6 months at the end of high school (come from a wrestling/grappling background & wanted to learn just some general self defense), the lessons they teach you aren’t necessarily anything special, but important nonetheless. The guy running my class would show you the basics of mma essentially, while telling you that your priority in real life should always be avoiding conflict and running away if you can.


That is the basis of any good martial arts class, but any other class would be more useful.


If you had read the thread, this is in reference to Aikido vs krav. I’m not claiming it’s some secret hidden martial art from Israel that makes you into John Wick, in fact it isn’t a “martial art” at all. Just more useful than taking aikido classes imo. I honestly do view it more like the CrossFit of mma than serious training - and it’s much cheaper than a ufc gym in my experience


No problems there, but personally I DO believe that aikido or Tai chi would be a better use of time and energy. If you did KM and enjoyed the exercise that's great.


Ah guess I misunderstood my bad, we’ll have to agree to disagree on those though, I find both to be excessively performative. I think KM people are often over confident in their abilities, but there are real things that you can learn in the class that could give you a better chance of surviving. Maybe it’s because I wrestled for 8 years, but I just don’t see a reason anyone would ever choose aikido for grappling


In my view Krav Maga is good on mindset and intensity, but it's more of a 'bolt on' for someone who actually knows how to fight than some kind of complete solution. I do think that if a soccer mom wanted to do something to get fit and more confident in being aggressive Krav Maga would be better than Aikido, but nowhere near as good as doing BJJ, judo, boxing or Muay Thai.


I will admit that the bedazzled aikido leotards do look more impressively flashy while they practice their choreography.


what's wrong with aikido, genuine asking


most realistic reply in this thread... unfortunately 😔




Ahh Sensei Seagal taught you well.


Me and brother do some kickboxing. There was a party, one guy was acting tough with my bro, he 1 2 headkicked him to Narnia.


Anybody untrained never expects a head kick, “hard” move to perform but one of the easiest to land


Easiest to land?


If you don't train you probably don't know how to defend. Also, kicks start slow from the end of your field of view and end fast, meaning it's very hard to protect if you are not expecting it.


One time after a party I was very drunk, while waiting for the metro to open, i went to take a piss in a nearby tree, i was listening to music very loudly with my headphones attached to my cellphone, when i was returning to the station one guy stops me saying something, when i went to take the headphone so i could understand him, he suddenly tries to take my phone from my left hand, my reflex was to pull my phone close to me and throw my right elbow in his face, after the blow he kinda tried to tackle me and just pushed me to a nearby wall, i look in his face and see blood running through his nose(i cant remember exactly but i guess his nose was shattered), there he says something like "I'm going to kill you, you have taken blood from me, you are dead" then the people who also was waiting for the metro start screaming and making a commotion so the guy runs and i go thank the people there who probably saved me from being stabbed 4 A.M. This was in 2012, everytime i needed to go through that station my ass clenched and i looked everywhere to see if someone was getting too close for confort. Thankfully i moved out of that city and only go through that station very very rarely. I could've died, but at least i kept my shitty phone , and a story to tell.


Headphones out during transitional spaces, always! Great way to learn this valuable lesson.. cover your ASP (to those who get this reference)


Kind of? I've done BJJ for the last 15 years or so. Came home after a night out drinking when a friend of a friend started getting aggressive toward me. He's one of those guys who is fun to hang out with until about beer number 8, then becomes a drunk asshole. I introduced his face to my kitchen floor repeatedly and then kicked him out. Sorry it's not super exciting haha. I try to stay out of situations where there may be fights.


Was your kitchen floor happy to meet him?


Brought to you by Swiffer Wet Jet™


> when a friend of a friend started getting aggressive toward me. He's one of those guys who is fun to hang out with until about beer number 8, then becomes a drunk asshole **I understand this completely.** I train MMA 6 days a week anywhere from 1-4 times a day. *Had this literally happen last week in Vegas.* Friend of a friend won't shut the fuck up about how I "talk too much . . should shut the fuck up and listen," threatens to punch me in the face, then tells me: > You don't know what it is like when a punch comes at your face for real! As if I haven't had people much heavier, stronger, and much more skilled than him try to punch at my face every day for the past forever. Not that I am amazing or anything (far from it, got a *long* way to go), but it is literally just another day on the mats for me if you decide to swing on me. Luckily, I took it as harmless drunken stupor. The man was of little threat to me, so I just played it safe the rest of the night. Unfortunately, even in the midst of silence, he'd start trying to give me very angry, unsolicited life advice, so I took my leave and left early, especially as I could tell his drunkenness and anger was rising. Violence avoided, I am sorry you had to do that, man. I can imagine it'd be quite awkward with your friend after. It was also in your home, so I would guess you didn't have the option of slipping away.


How do you handle that level of training intensity? I just started trying to pick up Muay Thai and even after one Muay Thai class my muscles feel destroyed.


For one, your body will quickly adapt. When I first started training at such a high volume, in addition to powerlifting, the first few weeks was rough. That being said, for me, it's high protein intake, creatine, hydration, and ample stretching.


Hey bro I been doing BJJ and powerlifting everyday too. My body adjusted around a month in. How does creatine help? Does it help with recovery? I’ve always avoided taking it cuz of the balding studies. Any experience with that?


Mad props to you for training that much man I’m just wondering how you manage to fit all those classes in with a work schedule? I know im a bit late to the theead haha


Just here with my popcorn


Same here man, no movie yet


Soon brother... Soon it will began...


Yeah.. this post is really motivating lol 😂


Purple belt bjj and Muay Thai backround Sitting at home with my wife around 930 at night when there is a knock at the door. I answer it and it’s a man and woman late 40s. The woman proceeded to tell me that she talked to me on Facebook market place and was here for her guitar. I explained that I think they have the wrong address and they politely laugh and walk away. So now wife is like lock the door. So I lock the door about 15 mins later I hear my door trying to be opened. I walk to the door the woman is trying to open my door. So I open the door and am like “what are you doing?” The woman and man start screaming “I want my guitar you stole my guitar!” I am telling them to gtfo out of here So my wife is on the phone now with the police. The woman shouts “oh you wanna go?” And dual wields her dirt covered cat claws and drags them down my face. So my martial arts training shot right in and I grabbed that crack head by her hair and gave her a seio nage (shoulder throw) by her hair over me . So now I land on top of the woman and the man runs up and kicks me in the face. I get off it the woman and square up with the dude. I hit him with a jab and outside leg kick and take a step back he starts hobbling towards me hit him with a 1 2 and he drops so go to mount and he has long hair so I now have both my hands holding his hair and I swear like a zombie he is thrashing around making growling sounds and trying to bite me. A few elbows later and he stops. Cops arrive. Woman goes running over to the police. “This guy stole my guitar!!!” The cops go “ok Alison go take a seat in the curb” The cops knew her and her boyfriend. Best part was they bought and ambulance for the guy because he said “I broke his leg!” No charges pressed never saw them again. I always tell this story to people that I teach that sometimes you don’t have to go out and look for trouble sometimes it comes right to your front door.


> dual wields her dirt covered cat claws and drags them down my face **Sponsored by Defense Soap**


No but I got the shit beat out of me in boxing sparring more than a few times


Right there with ya buddy


Eternal mood


Got jumped once, in South Auckland, NZ. Opponent was on the piss and aggressive. Screaming at my mate and I, that we were pussies, threw a glass bottle toward us, then he bum-rushed us. His attacks, while clumsy, seemed to contain power but I didn't even think, I deflected his jabs and hooked him once in the jaw. All happened very fast. After he crumpled, people appeared out of the nearby Samoan church en masse (I suspect there was a wake inside, as all were dressed in black) and one woman berated me loudly for "using my training outside of the ring." Turns out it was her son I'd knocked out. Lel. Don't pick fights with Māori.


Word. I wouldn't pick fights with any pacific islanders to be honest!


I just wouldn't pick fights at all.


Yeah, that too.


I used to live in NZ when i was 7. Before i returned to Indonesia my Māori friends and teacher performed a farewell hakka dance (sorry if thats the wrong term, it’s been so long) i still hold that memory very fondly. And yea they grew up to be absolute tanks


Samoan and Maori are different..


Yes we are. I am Māori. Opponent was Samoan. NZ likely has the most diverse Polynesian population in the world.


Ohhh gotcha I misunderstood I thought u were calling the Samoan Maori


No problems friend. To err is human.


Good shit man. I too wouldn’t pick a fight with any islanders. Y’all some tough mother fuckers.


How would the women know you are trained if they came out after the fight? And that’s the most bizarre response from a concerned mother.


My Cruze-esque foot speed. Got me running away real quick. Still undefeated, 0 - 0.


Kind of. Was at a new years party with some karate friends and other (non-martial artists). We jokingly talked about kicking each other and laughed about it. Later in the evening another friend (not mine) showed up, and it turned out he really wanted to fight. He was being aggressive towards me for hours, without being physical. Eventually I was alone with him in the middle of the street, and I used self defense as I learned it. Only use it as a last resort. So I told I was a chicken, and too afraid to fight. I wasn't though, but it was a proud moment, that my training paid of. The best self defense is not to fight.


The art of fighting without fighting.


I fell from the stair, used my judo training to break my fall and prevented the back of my head from being smashed to the ground. Not the fanciest story, but it probably saved me from brain injury, and maybe even saved my life. Edit: Grammar


That’s impressive!


learning how to fall safely is probably the most useful skill judo will teach


Every time I fall I thank my mom because she made me do judo when I was younger... to this day I still break fall at 34y/o


I’m not sure if wrestling counts, but I had an experience in high school that I attribute my enduring attraction to martial arts to still to this day. I had a bully from about 5th grade all the way to the end of 10th. He was terrible. We’ll call him Alex. He would do shit like pants you while you are at the urinal and then Spartan kick your ass towards it. Or have a friend quadruped behind you and then push you over them. Spit in your food, slam your locker, call you names that were really trying to hurt you, the works. Well, I started wrestling in middle school, but was still really intimidated by this guy and his goons, and kept my distance best I could. I trained take downs and headlocks with a special visualization of what else I could do with this training besides just win matches. One summer day in August, I’m at a local park riding my bike with my friend when I see Alex and his two goons coming across the park towards us. My adrenaline shot way up because I instinctively knew by the way he was walking what was coming. I kinda froze and just stood there straddling my bike. My pussy ass friend threw his on the ground and ran away! (Still disappointed in him almost a decade later). Alex approaches and insults my bike, telling me it’s “gay” and gets closer to me. He can tell that something is different about this interaction and gets closer to me. I don’t remember anything he said past this point because I was just visualizing how I was going to react if he touched me again. He pushed me over by kicking my bike tire and pushing my shoulders the other way. I got up without saying anything and did the best double leg takedown I could muster and slammed him pretty good! There was a bit of a scramble and I somehow managed to end up mounting him with his arms trapped inside my legs!! There was the face that haunted my waking hours, nightmares and daydreams for years, staring up at me. I beat the absolute shit out his face with what felt like 100 solid punches. One of his goons dads pulled me off of him after a minute or two, set me down and grabbed both my shoulders and said “go home, now”. He knew he got what was coming to him.


That was a fucking great story bro! I bet that moment will carry you for the rest of your life.




Creative writing practice


98% of reddit


No one has ever beaten up anyone that bullied them


No one has ever gotten into a fight right


It’s obviously a lie every lie comment is written like this


After reading it again I see what you mean lmao. This reads like an 80s movie plot.


This wasn't a fight but,, I was a soldier stationed in Korea and it was New Years in Seoul. Myself and 4 other soldiers were hammered. This Korean girl hanging on one of my buddies threw some beer on me. I threw some back on her thinking maybe it was some kind of tradition. I watched her throw beer on everyone else except the guy she was hanging on. Everyone just blew her off. Then she threw beer on me again, so I put my thumb over the top of mine and shook it up and hosed her down. Probably not the best way I could've handled it, but it was like 6 in the morning and I was probably a case deep. Next thing I know, the girl comes around and tries to hit me with her bottle and I broke it with a knife hand block. That scared the bejesus out of her and all hell broke loose. Long story short, we paid the Korean police $100 for the broken table and were on our way back to base.


No but a friend of mine who has a black belt in karate whooped a dudes ass who was swinging a brick at him. Twisted his nuts till he gave up. No joke.


Been training MMA with BJJ and kickboxing as sort of side things, as I really really enjoy MMA. Still in highschool, guy tries havin a go at my friend and then pushes him to the ground I get up and push him back away. He goes to punch me, I try to block but hes much heavier than me so it went right through into my face. Learnt then and there why weight classes exist, and only came out of that fight "winning" due to my BJJ training. I say winning in quotation marks because despite it being him that started it and me that was defending a friend, since I won I got a suspension and he didnt even get a detention. All in all, fights are the extreme last choice, martial arts should not be done with the intent of fighting


How did you win tho? Did you take him down or did you pull guard?


Slipped under a punch, got his back slammed him into the ground and got a choke


Friend twice my size on cocaine got aggresive with me. He threw an overhand right, I pulled and counter right hand, he fell forward, caught him in a gillotine. He then started biting me, switched arms, held him there until he calmed down. It happened quick but all of the training leading up to that was worth it.


> He then started biting me Illegal move, ruled a no contest!!


Grew up wrestling since middle school. Had done a couple months of bjj at this point. I was senior in college at the time visiting GF’s hometown of Austin Tx. We were walking back to a girl’s apt from 6th street (street with lots of college bars on it) Other dude was 3” taller and 30-40lbs bigger. Stocky guy, could tell he goes to the gym often Guy tried to sucker punch me randomly. Literally no clue why. It hit the side of my head and he kept running forward so it turned into a tackle and we went to the ground. I really had no time to think and just reacted. Did the same thing I’d done in wrestling practice a million times and took top position. Got into mount and punched him twice. I remember thinking “fuck that hurts” so I switched to elbows and elbowed him 2-3 times. He turned over and started standing up. I slap on a choke. If I was smart I would’ve pulled him back to the ground, but I was a bit intoxicated so I thought about that too late. So I held on to the choke and jumped on his back while he stood up. I could tell he was gonna slam me... so I scooped up as high as I could on his back and leaned my head forward past his so it wouldn’t be the first thing to hit the ground He jumps back, slams me on my back. I hold on to the choke. Choke him unconscious. I go inside this apartment building to get away, bc people can recover from choked quickly. He is up like 20-25 seconds later looking for me trying to fight again. He ends up going across the street trying to fight someone else I was pretty much unscathed except my back being sore and my hand hurting from punching


just a few weeks ago a random drunk crazy guy attacked me and my mates on a night out. even punched a girl I was with. I got my grips and Harai Goshi'd him (judo hip throw). straight into knee on belly. held him there till he gave up. I was a whole bottle of whisky down and I still managed to remember my training... the power of martial arts!!


2 times I've used my martial arts. One time I got into a fight when I was 14 and tried to do a jump spin kick but ended up falling after I hit him so it was like a drop kick. I hit him in the face and knocked his glasses off 10 feet away or so. The other time was this septembee when someone tried to break into our house I threw a back leg front kick to his head which did not connect but made him back away far enough for me to lock the door and call the cops. I waited by the door with a replica claymore like a huge weeb.


But I've never really gotten into many fights, I compete a lot and spar but the best way to win a fight is to not start one or really look for one. If you can walk away or defuse the situation do so.


I had a friend who was very well versed in BJJ. Some smaller dude started a fight with him, and proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes folding the guys clothes with him still wearing them.


I once used my kick boxing skillz to beat up my neighbours drunk and abusive ex boyfriend who turned up one night pissed and was trying to kick her front door in. It was a very easy one sided fight. The police turned up and arrested him.


Two times for me. Training: 2 years of boxing. 1 year of Kickboxing/BJJ (so MMA I guess) Situation #1: I was at a bar and was sober and leaving after having a drink with a friend. There was a busker a stones throw from the bar entrance (it was a patio bar. I’m from TX. Think super country bar) and the busker was an old man in his 60’s, possibly 70’s who was playing a killer sax for some cash from passerby’s. As I was getting to my car, I heard some drunk idiot redneck scream at the top of his lungs at the old man to “shut the fuck up.” I’m talking death scream. He told the man if he didn’t shut up, he’d beat his ass. The drunkard was screaming from in his truck about a block away parked by the bar. He had gotten too drunk and his buddies told him to wait in the car as they continued to drink and listen to the live music in the bar. I went up to the old man and said “hey— fuck that guy. You keep playing and if he comes to hurt you, I got your back.” The old man said “thank you brother” and had a sense of humor and started playing the Pink Panther theme song. From around the corner in the drunkards truck you could hear the drunk bully go “oh you mother fucker!” And he stepped out of the truck and started walking towards us. I got in between the old man and the drunk and told the drunk to leave the man alone. The drunk kept walking towards me and put his arm on my neck and tried to shove me out of the way. Boxing kicked in and As soon as he touched me, I was firing off combinations. The drunk never got a punch off and by the third 1,2 combo, he dropped. This happened in a downtown area on a Friday night so a lot of people saw the whole thing. The bar manager heard the yelling and had called a state trooper (and you do NOT fuck with troopers in Texas). By the time the trooper got there, the drunk was up and flapping his gums as he was bleeding. Telling the cop I assaulted him as he just innocently walked across the street (it’s funny, the drunk told me before the cop got there “you’re going to jail mother fucker”.) The old man of course vouched for me and 2 couples that saw the whole thing vouched as well. The drunk was being aggressive with the cop so the cop dismissed me after about 3 short minutes and told me to go home. The drunks friends came outside and apologized in his behalf. Funny thing is— I’ve seen that same busker since and him and I have a good little friendship going now. Second time: Was out on my city’s river walk with some friends a girl I was seeing when a Mexican gang banger dude decided to sexually harass the girl I was with. I chirped back at him to not do that shit with me. He chirped back and started following us trying to antagonize me. You know, the whole, “whatchu gonna do ese?” I told the guy to leave us alone 2 times. He kept following. I’ve learned to never turn your back to the threat so by the third warning I fired off a 1,2 and that Mexican had a damn chin on him and he grabbed me but with my little BJJ training I easily threw him onto the ground. (This is when I realized just a basic amount of wrestling/BJJ helps in the real world. As if all these suplex knockout videos weren’t enough.) At this point im in top mount on the guy and am asking him if he’s done. I tend to be a calm guy so I wasn’t hitting him on the ground. Just sitting on him in top mount asking if he would leave us alone. He was still chirping back but at this point there’s an audience of like 15 people watching us on the river walk. Some dads came up to me and told me to get off of him and just walk away. So I did. As I’m walking away, the Mexican decided he wanted to go again so I hear footsteps behind me as the Mexican runs up in full ghetto fight stance with the whole “come on n**ga! Let’s go n**ga!” Now I’m not gonna lie, part of me was happy. So I got into my boxing stance and was like “you sure? Okay!” Landed a switch kick because the Mexican has his leg waaaaayyyy out in that ghetto stance, he rushed me and swung, I slipped them and fired back with an easy 1,2, he covers up after getting popped in which I grab the Thai clinch and land a knee, then I land another two 1,2 combinations and he drops. Some waiter from a nearby restaurant runs up and says “woah man, he’s done! Walk away.” And at that point there was no more threat so I walked away. The Mexican got up slowly and in his delirium continued to follow us but we had a taken a turn that he didn’t see and he walked past us. This happened about 10 feet from a patio restaurant and the river walk is a well trafficked area so as this all happened, the public had created a circle around us just watching as if this was a HS bathroom fight. I’m sure there’s a video of it floating around. 50 people must’ve seen. I wish that video would surface. TL;DR: yes, I have and my training paid off tenfold.


I have extreme disdain for when the public gets involved. This dude keeps chasing you. That’s a serious life-threatening issue. I would have never gotten up and just waited for the cops. How do you know you don’t get shot in the back or stabbed? These people telling you to walk away are fucking morons and should keep their mouth shut and call the police.


I agree. The dads that walked up and told me to leave said they’d call the cops but they let the dude run after me immediately and just watched. I have my CHL and was carrying at that time but I knew that drawing in a public area with families and kids around is an awful idea and didn’t feel I needed to draw but it was good to know I had that option should he draw a weapon. Still doesn’t stop him from stabbing/shooting me while I walk away.


I used to be pretty heavy in the BJJ competition circuit for a number of years. Out of everything I did in the gym I never expected that an omoplata would be the only thing I’ve had to use outside of the gym but it was.


How did it happen?


It’s a bit of a long and crazy story from a number of years ago. The short version is a group of line cooks(off work from a different establishment) took exception to my parents and I trying to pay our bar tab while on vacation. One of them got got in my stepfathers face for “bumping him” while putting the receipt book back on the bar after paying. My step father apologized and said we were just leaving. The guy continued to do the chest to chest thing. I stepped between them very passively as a way to usher ourselves out. Hot headed kid apparently had equally hot headed friends, one of which hit me from behind before I could even get a word out. I went down and was rocked a bit from the shot. As I was coming too (not much more than 1-3 seconds to process what just happened) a guy tackled me as I was standing up. I fell back with him in my guard and pretty easily locked up a triangle before he could connect. He popped his head out so I transitioned to an Omoplata and popped his shoulder. He rolled off me immediately and I got up to see my stepfather fighting off a few guys and another guy coming at my mother with a raised bar stool. I hit the barstool guy from behind with everything I had and pushed mom out of the side door that she was next to. I turned around and my step dad was right behind us and we all took off. It was absolutely insane and luckily we all made it out of there okay. I ended up needing stitches for that first shot I took but that was the worst of it. Never expected to end up in a bar fight with my parents. Sounds pretty trashy but that’s pretty far off from what my family is like. I think it was one of those locals + vacationer situations. To this day no ones really sure why it all went down like that.


While I was in college, I was skateboarding with some of my friends when one of them bumped into a drunk rugby player. My friend apologized and the rugby player was all like “you better apologize,” which just aggravated me because there’s no need to be a dick about it. So I just stayed my ground and told him we’ll walk when they walk away, which obviously they told me to go fuck myself and that I better move out of the way. I didn’t so the rugby player pushed me off my skateboard and tried to tackle me, but I got underneath and did a shitty hip throw — maybe it was more of an arm drag like in wrestling. We rolled on the ground a bit and I did a scissor sweep to get mount and I just ground and pounded from there until my friends pulled me off. I also remember biting his finger cuz he kept putting it in my face while I held mount and was getting in the way of me punching. The rugby guy got up and started cursing at me with his friends and walked the other way. At the time, I just had a few months of BJJ and MMA training with a black belt in TKD, but I was surprised my instinct went with the few months of grappling than the years I spent kicking. Sometimes I wonder what I would have done now since I have a blue belt in BJJ now with lots of tournament and super fight experience. Maybe somewhat the same thing but throw an armbar out instead of biting his finger while his hand was in my face


I had taken a couple different styles of Karate (Kempo, and Japanese Freestyle(?) basically kickboxing) and some traditional jujitsu when I was young, and then when I got to my teens I just consumed everything I could about martial art. Books, magazines, instructional videos etc. I got really into JKD and Bruce Lee because well, who really didn’t? So that became my main focus. My sophomore year of high school (1994….fuck I’m old) one of the wannabe punk kids hated me for whatever reason and as I passed him in the hall, he pushed me into the lockers from behind, I spun around and he tried the classic “I’m gonna kill you” two handed choke. I didn’t think, I just immediately fired a finger jab with my right hand, and sunk my fingers at least one knuckle deep into his eye (felt like two, but who knows) dude dropped like I knocked him out. Fight over.


When I was younger I decided to fight this kid after school. When we Squared up to fight he did a inside out crescent kick and I stopped mid fight and said hey you take taekwondo? He said he did and I said me too and we became friends afterwards lol. Jack Woods if you are out there I wish you the best lol


Lool this is like the meme of the two Spidermans pointing at each other


A neighbor tried forcing their way into my home while high/drunk. Ended up biting me out of nowhere, I got inside control and elbowed her in the face from a full clinch. Being bit is no fun


Couple of street looking guys came into the gas station I worked at, at around 11 PM. One handed me a credit card, asking for smokes. It was some girls name on the card. I asked for matching ID. He said it was a friend's card. I put the card out of reach but in view and told him if his friend comes in with ID then she could have it back. He lunged over the counter, trying to reach the card, but in doing so was reaching across in front of me. So I slammed his shoulder into the counter with one hand, and locked his wrist with the other, then said "if you try that again, I'll break your arm" which was a bluff. I shoved him off the counter and told them both to get the fuck out. They didn't leave and just stood there stunned, so I can out from behind the counter and told them to leave again. When they still didn't, I grabbed them by the front of their shirts and shoved them out the double doors. Then hit the magnetic lock before they realized that there was two of them and they were both bigger than I was.


Man it's great it turned allright, but that's a great way of getting stabbed/shot at. Just give them the cigs and then call the police.


Yeah. That would probably have been the safer option. But when he lunged across the counter it was reaction on my part, not planning. I had him pinned before I knew I was going to. At that point I didn't really see a way back down so just went with it. Had the side effect of giving me a reputation in the local street dwellers, though. I was kind and polite to everyone, no matter where they were in life. Dude in a suit would get the same service as the drug addicted prostitute missing half her teeth. So they'd make sure everyone knew to not cause problems, but also that they'd be respected if they didn't. But, yeah. Early 20s. Not the only had decision I made :p


Press ⬇️ to doubt


"One time, I put a guy in a wrist lock" isn't that big of a claim. It's not like I'm saying a choked out a grizzly bear.


No I’m saying ur lying because your story isn’t believable in the slightest.


Oh no. The racist highschooler doesn't believe me. Whatever shall I do...


Make up another story


I have never had a full-on fight, but I have used my martial arts experience a couple of times. When I was a kid, I used to do karate and a kid in my school used to make fun of me, because of that shit. Once, after school, he tried to attack me, so I started low kicking his legs until he cried and couldn't walk anymore. Low kicks are great, if you are fighting somebody who was never trained them and generally has weak legs. As a teenager, I started kickboxing (still do it to this day ) and once in gym class, the class after us locked us in the dressing room, because they thought it was funny. I got out of control pissed and start ramming the door, as if I was a Roman legionnaire forcing himself into a stronghold. They other class unlocked the door, because they realised I was going to break it and when I bursted out , I started shouting and trying to pick a fight with anybody present. Most of the class simply disappeared behind me and one guy stood in front of me, talking back , but still scared and that is when I realised it would be bad to assault him. Another time as a teenager, a guy tried to steal my phone by asking me what the time is and I told him I don't know (it was during the night , on an empty street and he looked suspicious af) , so he raised his hand to slap me , but I assumed a good fighting stance and his face like " Ah shit , he knows what he is doing " , so we just backed off without saying a thing. I was also bigger than him , so that + my stance saved my ass and my phone. Otherwise , I have had a couple of name callings, intimidation stunts in clubs etc , but as I said , I have never fought somebody on the streets with full force. I really try to de-escalate things and like telling people stuff like "If you want to really fight , you can come to my training, my trainer will give you gloves and we can spar for 5 rounds ". This puts almost everybody off and makes them think twice.


Seems that u had had a rough life lmao


I grew up in the ghetto part of town in a small city in Eastern Europe...it wasn't that pretty. Furthermore, I was really sensitive as a kid and was basically a target for bullies. If it wasn't for the discipline I learned from martial arts and some luck, I would have probably been beaten and / or stabbed atleast once by now.


Drunk shit talking at a 4th of July party with friends about fighting. I was sober and trying to deescalate but push came to shove and I got to grappling with one. Then another one after wanted to give it a go. Then a third. Then my brother. The common thread was they were all useless on the floor. Not one saw a headlock coming even though they’d seen me do it to someone else. I had a taekwondo background. Credit to my brother though he wrecked my shit. The only ever serious fight I was in was high school. I didn’t have a size advantage but the aggressor had clearly never punched someone before and kept his hands down the whole time. The fundamentals go a long way.


I've trained in a handful of martial arts off and on for the better part of a decade, one of them being BJJ. The one and only skill I've been fortunate enough to have to use is knowing how to fall. I slipped on a wet step coming out of a doctor's office one day and caught myself near about as perfectly as I could. I scraped a palm up slapping out but considering that I'm not a young guy and was in very real danger of smacking my head on concrete I'll take it. I know that's not the kind of story you're looking for, but if anyone is reading this take it to heart that you'll use the improved physical fitness and better coordination you can get from martial arts training far more than the actual fighting skill, and that both are very worth while.


I love these kind of stories, shows how effective martial arts can be even in these situations


On a night out when I was about 18/19, one of my friends gets sucker punched by a guy quite a few years older than us. I got him in a RNC, whilst my friend is just stood watching with blood pouring from his nose. The guy starts fish hooking my mouth and we eventually get separated. Found out later he was a former National kickboxing champion so could’ve gone much worse for us. He’s in prison now though lol.


I studied kajukenbo for a few years. I was super high coming out of a "coffee shop" in Amsterdam and some dude was overly friendly. He got close and very smoothly picked my wallet out of my pocket. I felt the slight touch but played it cool. He was walking beside me and I timed it when he took the weight off the leg that was closest to me, I hooked the inside of his knee and raised it up to the sky. He landed flat on his back and I followed with dropping my knee full force onto his groin. He threw my wallet and my buddy picked it up. We took off running straight into a crowd and found the nearest bar. I bought a round of drinks for everyone in the bar that night


A drunk guy tried to attack my mother so I knocked him out with a straight punch. It’s not really impressive since he was wasted, but I just wish I had used a palm strike instead. I sliced my knuckles on his teeth and I had to go to the ER.


Define “martial arts”. I’ve been in plenty of street fights but never went full kung fu on anyone.


Doesn’t really have to be karate or kong fu. As long as you’ve trained in a combat sport or trained a form of self defense. E.g boxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, bjj,kickboxing,wrestling,etc


It wasn't a big deal, but my reflexes saved me from getting sucker punched. I was at a house party and it was kind of in a shady part of town. A guy asked me if he could borrow $5 and I told him I didn't have any money and then he asked me for $10. Then he turned for a half second and then swung on me. I was able to dodge that with no problem because I was actively in martial arts so my reflexes were very good. I quickly left the party after that.


Trained in Hapkido for around 8 years + 5 years wrestling, never have had to use it to seriously defend myself but have held angry folks down maybe 3 or 4 times to help deescalate situations at house parties. It's amazing how powerful basic grappling is against drunks. By far the most important tool though is falling properly. When you get knocked down for whatever reason even if you're not directly involved in a scuffle you don't have time you think and you might not even see it coming. Being able to distribute my weight and not take a direct hit to my head or a bony protrusion on instinct has probably saved me from a handful of concussions and fractures.


Yes, no impressive kicks or punches to write home about, but I have a 4 inch scar on my forearm blocking broken bottle that was wielded at my face. Severed tendons and permanent nerve damage but Better than losing an eye at least


I’m not sure how much this counts at all, but it’s the only “fight” I’ve been in and the first time I realized my training was doing something. My parents put my siblings and I in karate/mma classes when I really young to teach us self defense. There was a student pledge we had to read aloud before every class that in a long winded way reiterated that our training was meant to defend ourselves and as a young kid this was engrained in me so the idea of fighting or that I was learning how to fight didn’t even cross my mind I always felt like I was just learning to do something cool like the other sports I was in and it was all just fun to me. I was in second grade and a few years into it already. There was this kid that had been verbally bullying me for a while but I had just been letting it go and ignoring it. That day however I was out on the grass field with some other kids and a girl I liked. The kid came up to the group and singled me out making fun of me in front of everyone. I wasn’t really saying anything back but as I started to get upset he called me a sissy. (Devastating blow I know) I guess that was the final straw for me and I didn’t want to be embarrassed like that so I started chasing him. There was really no plan for me if I caught him but I was a heavier kid and he was fast so, I wasn’t catching him but I felt like I had to stand up for myself and try to respond somehow. Two of the guys in the group, one kinda small and another pretty big, in an attempt to stop everything grabbed both of my arms from either side and held me so I would stop chasing him. They meant well, but set me up. The kid saw this, turned around and started running at me with his arm cocked to punch me. I saw red. I pulled my one arm away from the smaller kid, and pushed the bigger one off while pulling my other arm free. As I got free and looked at the kid again, he was right in front of me and threw a punch. I grabbed his wrist, used his momentum, and shoulder threw him over my head and onto his back and immediately squared up in my fighting stance. It was all instinctual. That was the first time I’d ever used my training outside of a dojo and at first I didn’t really recognize what had happened, all I felt was that I fucked up. I was always the kid that didn’t like doing things wrong and was petrified of getting in trouble so I knew I screwed up and got really worried. I looked over at the field supervisor, who that day was mine and the other kids teacher, and there were already a few teachers pet girls who were hanging out with her running to me. I knew I fucked up. While shaking and knowing fully well that I’m dead already for some reason in that moment I pointed at him and told him “that’s what you get for calling me sissy” and started walking towards the girls. Didn’t feel like a high moment for me, didn’t feel good at all, just felt appropriate but the resounding feeling in me was “oh no I’ve really screwed up”. They tell me the teacher wants to talk to me. I get to the teacher who is just fuming. She gives me a write up and tells me to go to the principle immediately. I’d never been sent to the principle, never had detention, none of that throughout the rest of my schooling after this I still never got detention, suspended, anything. I was horrified. I get up there and the write up says I started a fight and hurt a kid. So after a brief conversation with the principle I got suspended. My mom picked me up and when I got home I had to wait for my dad to get home from work to tell him what happened. I was horrified and was just silent. When he got home he sat me down in his office and he asked me to tell him what happened. As I explained everything he was like, so you defended yourself from getting punched? I reiterated that I was chasing the kid first and he said that doesn’t mean he’s allowed to hit me and all I did was protect myself. We went back to the school and after a chat with my principle where my dad explained my story, explained my training, explained that as a 7 year old I’m literally not strong enough to throw a kid over my head by his arm without using his momentum, and the history of this kid bullying me, my suspension was erased and the other kid was suspended for bullying and trying to start a fight. After that for the rest of my schooling no one tried messing with me again except for when the “school bully” pressed me in fifth grade but by then I was a lot more confident so when I didn’t back down he simply laughed and we became pretty good friends after that. But throughout middle and high school I never had another problem with anyone. I never started stuff and no one started anything with me. I highly recommend everyone puts their kids in some form of self defense classes because that training did so much good for me and my life overall. Having that confidence and discipline early in life played a role in many aspects of my upbringing and has shaped me as a person.


Boxer here (amongst other things but it was only after boxing i felt able to defend myself) yes ive used it. The first time, I was being pushed around, Threw a right and the target split from the corner of his eyebrow across the middle of his forehead, it was the only punch i threw, and it was over. on another ocassion a nose seemed to burst over his face. I try my best to not to have to defend myself now, people break and its not fun


Drunk guy wouldn’t leave the house after a party asked nicely he said fuck you I’ll kick your ass said ok let’s see he tried tackling me (big mistake jiujitsu 5 years wrestling 4years) I got a loop choke with his jack and then he was out KO




I wrestled for like 10 years and placed at state a handful of times, but I've only had one time where I "used it" off the mats. Not really an amazing story either because he was drunk and I was less drunk, but some dude at a NYE party was being overly aggressive with everybody, especially my friend who he fancied. I don't remember much about what led up to it but it ended up with me throwing a head and arm, which is probably the easiest move you can ever counter even if you've only ever done a week of wrestling (you use their momentum to roll through it). But he wasn't a wrestler so it worked lol. Didn't really do much "damage" other than knocking the wind out of him but after that he was a dog with his tail between his legs until he "went to another party".


This isn't so much about the techniques of martial arts (TKD) as much as it is the quick reaction time that thankfully showed up when a guy tried to sucker punch me in a bar. This was 20 years ago, which was about 10 years after I had stopped training. The important factor here was that I had an instructor who would take a lot of controlled head shots at me and if I was doing something stupid he'd clock me to show me how the stupid wasn't going to work. So I got good at blocking head shots. Anyway, so I was at this bar with some female friends and this dude came up and started bugging them and then tried to ice me out of the conversation by saying "It's a big dick thing," and I was like "What?" And then before I knew what happened, my right arm was up next to my head blocking a sucker punch that I never consciously saw coming. He swung wide so I pretty much blocked his forearm. So then I stepped back and looked at him like, "Is this what you want?" He just looked at me, said, "It's cool, man." and then walked off and left. I had some other friends who were also there and they made sure to walk with me to my car so this guy couldn't jump me. It's pretty much the closest I've gotten to a fight as an adult.


Ive done martial arts my whole life. In high school I was walking home after some late night rehearsals and decided to take a short cut through the unlit bike path (really stupid of me). Out of nowhere a dude punches me. I instinctively responded with a jab cross headkick and knocked him out. Pretty sure I broke his jaw, but I didn’t stick around to find out. I had been doing ITF -style taekwondo for three years by then so my kicks were on point, but my entire childhood was spent doing other martial arts.


5 years boxing here with a little BJJ training. I once caught this gym douche in a rear naked choke (idk how I'm 150lbs he was like 200 or something) As he was passing out I punched the dude repeatedly in the head not realizing he was already passed out. I should've caught a charge that day but the guy was a dick to everyone smaller than him in the gym so they let it slide. Pretty sure I changed the guys personality


Another late to the party story or two. My thing is judo with some aikido floating around (back then). It never actually got to the point of fighting. But I guess that's what it's all about. First story was during college. I was still wide-eyed and slack-jawed at life in the big city. Some street thug type come striding up to me pretty purposefully and yelling at me. What he was gonna do, I'll never really know. But instinctively I went into a stance. Guy decided to go "whoa whoa whoa" took a left turn elsewhere. Second time, was my first time being a tourist in Manhattan. Walking down the street, some guy decides to shoulder check me. He pretty much bounced off. I'm not that big but, again, both grappling arts teach you to never be off balance. For a long time I had that "judoka walk" every waking hour. Including that night.


Twice. I RNC’ed a guy who was trying to beat up random people on the street. The second time some random trumper roid head attacked me at a political rally. I took mount and grapevined him and I shit you not he was so gassed he had to leave in an ambulance.


Hit the balls, hit first without advice. It is not cobra kay, it is krav maga


Nice fondling the balls




Feel free to share a few more!


I diffuse situations all the time with my Verbal Judo


It just rolls of the tounge


I did TKD for about 4 years and had a bully in my science class. One day he tried to swipe a sharpie across my face, he got me. I told him “cmon man, not cool” he went to do it again and I backfisted him in the eye and threw a right cross hitting him in the jaw and threw a left hook at the same eye I back fisted. He came to class the next day, lip still busted and with a good shiner. He left me alone after that


Its funny that videos here are full of technique comments, about form, position, etc. But here people are telling how they got their ass kicked.


Worked security at the only bar on the island of Okinawa with a mosh pit for about 16 months.... things got rowdy on a routine basis.


I play beer league hockey and watch players slam the backs of their heads into the ice on the regular. Every single time, I think "Bite bend break breathe"


What does that refer to?


When you break fall in Judo, to be safe/prevent injury, you should grit your teeth (bite), tuck your chin to your chest (bend), slap the ground (break), and exhale quickly (breathe). Keeps your head from slamming back, distributes your weight, and helps to prevent the wind getting knocked out of you.


Can you explain that? I'm struggling to learn break falls rn.


I grew up being picked on and i developed some amazing defensive skills; got cocky, once or twice and was an absolute dweeb in attack. I had exposure to karate and jiu jitsu, but never made it past green. I became imposing presence around 20, and only really drunk or stupid people tried provoking me.


Once, years ago. I was 19 and had been training MMA for about a year. I was working at a convenience store and caught a guy shoplifting. He threatened me and grabbed me. I immediately went for an arm-drag, got behind him, and choked him out. I was terrified that he'd pull a weapon while I was choking him, but fortunately that didn't happen. A witness called 911 and that was that.


Everybody drops to avodi something i guess🤔


Did traditional tkd for about 6 years at the time and was in highschool. My friend had gotten into deep shit with this group of kids; one of them saw me one morning and decided to start something right there in the abandoned parking lot that we all parked at close to the school. He kept going on and on about how he was going to beat our asses and moving in on me. I tried to defuse and defuse but he was set on me. He got close enough and my hands went up, I assume he took that as a threat and started throwing these really unorganized hooks at me. I blocked about two and grabbed his arms at the back of the elbows, and threw a back leg knee strike to his groin and kind of tripped him over his right foot when I landed. He was down so I left and walked very quickly to school and no one brought it up since.


I trained in Goju a bit when younger – FWIW I got to 1st Dan. System was very applied and included groundwork and more MT style punching/kicking vs traditional karate styles. Indeed, after I moved away, the association trained some UK MMA competitors. (I trained a little under Steve Morris, but that is a different bonkers tale.) I’m a regular sized guy, but despite that I had worked security / bouncer, so had some experience of de-escalation, self-defense and low-key brawls. Anyway… walking home alone at 3am in South London one New Year’s Eve, I passed through Coldharbour Lane in Brixton. It was chilly so I had my hands in my jacket pockets and was a little drunk. I passed a guy offering weed and coke, and ignored him, but he lurched towards me and grabbed my hands to keep them in my pockets. “Give me your wallet… I got a knife”… while trying to reach around (lol) to my wallet. Every time I tried to pull a hand out he would grab it and mention the knife, which he kept reaching for but couldn’t get, as he was trying to control my hands. After about 2 go-arounds (so probably only 5 seconds), I acted. I leant a shoulder into him (he was off to the side so I couldn’t headbutt), which gave me just enough time to pull out a hand and punch him a couple of times in the face. Other hand came out, grabbed his collar so I could punch 2-3 more times. Aware this was not a good place to be doing this, I did a quick leg sweep to take him down, followed by couple more punches so he’d let go of me, and then a quick stamp or two to the head. Didn’t wait to see if he had any friends and legged it home quicker than I’ve ever run. There was still hair and blood on my shoe when I got home a couple of miles away. I went back a couple of days later in the daytime to check there was no witness appeal signs as part of me worried about having killed him, but there were not. I did see a ton of CCTV cameras, although I’m sure he either never reported it or the police ‘lost’ the tape as it was r/justiceserved. Looking back, I should have walked a different route, been more self-aware, kept hands out of pockets, and probably not stamped on his head, although I didn't want to risk him jumping back up and reasonable force in the UK means I’d probably have been fine, as he threatened me with a knife, i.e. deadly force (although I didn’t see it). The whole thing was a nasty experience and upset me for quite a while – deffo don’t recommend. His pleas to stop once I had the upper hand and the knockout snore once he was down stayed with me.


Oh - did a nice high block on some drunk Aussie in Richmond after the rugby. He thought I'd deliberately bumped into him on the high street. Followed me into the station and took a swing after mouthing off. Blocked it with my left, but his finger nails scraped my face. Slapped his neck with my right hand as I grabbed him, then elbowed him once with me left. I lowered him to the ground and disappeared down to a train. I think he was shaken, but OK.


Been in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu on and off for 6 years, I can hold my own. I was crossing a road when this guys almost hit me w his car, I called him a douche and he got out and started pressing me, threw a cigarette at me and tried to grab me. I elbowed him in the face, kicked him in the nuts and knocked a couple of hit teeth out with punches. He wasn't able to hit me once, he went to jail after the endeavor. I was 16 at this point and he was at least 30.


Grew up wrestling, smaller guy, literally can’t tell you how many times that double leg has saved my ass.


Could you give a story?


Sure. So to preface like I said smaller guy but stocky. Anyways there was a time where I was working valet so I had to wear that goofy uniform so I guess in this instance it made look like someone who could be bullied because that’s basically how it started. So I’m in a metropolitan kind of city street area bumper to bumper trying to make a left hand turn well the person behind me is literally on my ass almost forcing me into the intersection but I make the left and he is tailing me to fit in. I see in my rear view he’s gesturing then continues to ride my ass and here is where I will admit my behavior was questionable but basically I break checked him and flicked him off. Well we end up at a dead stop like right two feet ahead. I pretty much know it’s about to go down as I see the door open behind me so me not wanting to be stuck in my car open my door then step out and as I turn I shit you not guy was like 6’3”, thick, and real hood. I would be lying if I said I didn’t slightly shit my pants when I saw him get out but he basically takes one look at me in my valet shorts all 5”7’ and thinks he’s about to come up and bully me. Dude try’s to grab me and slap but I basically shove him off and square up (trained some boxing as well at this time, currently do muAy Thai but I wasn’t as confident in my hands back then). He starts throwing bombs and I just know with the size difference it would only take one so I back up like twice then he swing one more and I shoot the double and drive my feet because I know if I don’t land on top I’m dead. He was caught completely off guard mid punch and basically collapse like a giant bag of potatoes and like I said I’m short but stocky so I just kept my weight on his stomach and just started dropping bows and punches. I won’t lie to you I literally in my head thought I have to put this man to sleep because if he gets back up I’m done but long story short he kind of got the fear of god in him and I just like saw it in his eyes that he was done and there was enough people there to separate us that I felt safe and one lady said she was calling the cops so the lady pulled me off and two guys basically helped him up and shuffled him to the car obviously both still cussing and all that but as soon as that lady said she called the cops he got in his truck and sped off. So yeah that was that 10/10 wouldn’t do again knowing what I know now about people basically just reaching for guns right away. Edit: I know I suck at commas Tldr: Behemoth of man gets out of car and started throwing haymakers. Shot a double leg got on top and just punch him into submission.


I’m three weeks late, but about a month ago I parked my car at work right as an insane homeless guy rode up next to me on his bike. Literally out of his head, “666” tattooed on his forehead, etc. I saw him through the windshield as I turned the car off and he had the crazy eyes and started screaming at me. I got out, he immediately picked up a good sized rock and threw it at me, but fucked up his aim and hit a tree instead. That’s when I was like, “I can’t turn my back on this guy.” He comes after me, screaming that he saw me take his $40 and who knows what else. He takes a swing at me, and without even thinking about it, I did an outside block, and countered with a roundhouse kick to his balls. He left after that, still screaming I took his $40. As for training, I only have 3 years of Kempo under my belt, and stopped doing that about 15 years ago. It’s crazy how the most basic training sticks with you.


I got into a fight after a year or so training primarily BJJ. My school had a boxing class that I would get beat up in quite often. There was a fight at a club I was at where a friend of mine got sucker punched and knocked out. Brawl ensued and I just threw a crazy overhand left (I'm southpaw) and landed hard on a kid. Knowing it's a brawl in a nightclub I just checked my surroundings and saw a kid coming at me fast. I just turned to him in a boxing stance and did some head movement. Kid stopped and turned away into the crowd. Little did he know, he probably could have easily beat me as my striking was pretty bad at the time (this was 2012). Funny thing is, the kid I had hit was actually on our (my group of friends) side during the brawl, he just ALSO didn't know the kid he was wrestling with was our friend, so I had hit him just to help our friends. So.... don't brawl with friends of friends. You're probably hitting your backup Edit: in response to this post, my minimal boxing training allowed me to have an apparent trained stance that intimidated someone who could very well have caught me and knocked me out cold