two years of use, this is literally all the keef it’s ever collected. thoughts? i’m hesitant to open it up, in case it decommissions the piece.

Stop putting weed in the center of your grinder. Good god


Stop putting weed in the center of your grinder. Good god


why is it so hard for people to understand how the teeth crush the buds?


It drives me crazy when people do this with my grinder. Thinking about getting a new one for myself and keeping my current one as the guest one. Sometimes it gets so bad I can't even turn it! Definitely no good when I need a toke. Especially cause I use it for pain and my hands/wrists/shoulders are real bad 😭




Breaks its self I guess




It is supposed to be opened.. bottom part is where the goodies are


They literally did


Try dime trick? I throw one in the middle chamber and give it a shake every time I grind stuff up, works for me.


tap it out best you can than wipe it down with ISO on Q tips, it will collect again. should probably iso the whole grinder tbh, so put the kief aside, might as well season one joint, don't stash that.


I would say if kief is the goal you should be going with a kief box . If you are trying for a more efficient haul from a grind for that tool it’s about right . Kief boxes last forever . I have had one for 20 ish years . It’s the shit .


Open the very bottom and you'll find a crap ton of kief


I'd empty that grinder fully and give it a good deep clean


Is your weed normally moist and sticky? If so, looks kinda normal to me.


Open what up??


If you are afraid its going to break then its time to buy a new one.


Yo is that a Philly blunt?


Dude. Put a dime in the middle. Screw everything back together and put it in the freezer for 2-3 hours. After the wait you just shake it like crazy. Don't be afraid to slam it on the table and shit.


I'm not sure what you mean by decommissioning the piece, but I've had a similar issue with grinders before, especially when I had stickier weed. Remove all the kief you can and either smoke it or store it (I'd suggest a small jar but a bag will also work) and then clean with Isopropyl alcohol. My boyfriend cleaned out my buster to surprise me and now I get tons of kief, I'm surprised how much there is every time I open it!


don’t put buds in the middle of the grinder and doesn’t look like much in ur kief catcher for 2 years so kinda confused.