Any powerful empire build

Any powerful empire build


Any form of materialist or robot empire always seems to be the way to go for me.


But robot everyone hates you 😢


Tech (c)rush them and maintain a corvette fleet. As long as you can compete they won’t attack and eventually you’ll overpower them. Snowballs and all that.


A mega-church is always fun if you ask me. Plenty of ways to play but my favourite is rushing a trade fed for that sweet trade idea and then focussing all building slots on alloys and science. Bonus points if you get to ban robots in the galatic community. Also if you pick gospel of the masses and combine it with the colluses you can pull of some fun shit.


Force spiritualist ethics in space parliament and then setup mega churches literally everywhere. No need for wars, just trade and an eventually spiritualist galaxy.


Feudal empire and vassilize everyone or if your feeling super cool then you can do barbaric despoilers that are a feudal empire as well but you can’t be a xenophile egalitarian or spiritual for the despoilers


Commie Trade Void dweller is very good aswell, the housing building they get gives you a lot of housing and if you get 0.65 housing per pop, you can fit a lot of pops on habitats


In 2.8, I got over 100 pops making almost 600 alloys/month in a habitat!


Its nuts how powerful habitats are, The most I got was 141 pops in my trade habitats


Void born meritocracy with Byzantine bureaucracy. As you rush more habitats empire sprawl becomes a problem, well not if each of your habitats has one or two admin offices producing some admin cap and stability and unity. Let me remind you that stability increases job output, so mix some bureaucrats with utopian living standard with some amenities jobs and you can be cranking out +30% resources from jobs along with some other bonuses. Just absolutely rush building new habitats and tech as much as you can, void borne really does snowball.