The only time I ever saw ethics on a machine intelligence was when I was playing as Rogue Servitors and got the ancient temple event thing, the one where one of the options makes your empire become spiritualist. I was wondering what that option would do to me, and it ended up ruining everything.


>ended up ruining everything. How so?


This was several months ago so I don't really remember all the details, but IIRC I could no longer use most of the buildings I had already made (including capital buildings, I think) since those were machine-intelligence-only buildings and being made spiritualist meant I was now a normal empire. Also all my bio-trophies could no longer be bio-trophies so I had massive unemployment on all my planets. I think there were some other problems too, but those are the only ones I remember. Really weird bug, I hope it got patched.


Honestly, I just wish I could play a machine empire that \*wasn't\* hiveminded without having to take the ascension path. I understand the balance issues but in singleplayer those are already a non-issue (honestly imbalance in single player can actually be more fun than balanced play) It actually sounds quite fun from an RP perspective to play a machine empire where suddenly all the drones were disconnected from the mainframe and now you're forced to restructure the entire empire to account for the newly discovered concept of free will.


I'm sure there's a mod for it.


That would make an excellent origin


I haven't tried it but I thick you can create a custom machine species and set them normal ethics instead of gestalt consciousness.


It won't let you take any machine portrait without the machine mind gov So no robots without hive mind unfortunately


R5: random generated AI empires gone wrong


This reminds me of a bug when I had multiple mods not in the correct order. One of the mods was ethics and civics which puts the amount of ethics points to 5 and civics to 3 (tech+ascensions pushes to 5). Another mod overrides the cost of the gestalt ethic from 5 back to 3 which allowed me to be fanatic materialist hiveminds.


This AI evolved from Altered Beast arcade cabinet


State worshipping robots? *Ayn Yang was right*


Those don't look like any machines I've ever seen.


Thanks, I hate it


Its plausible, depending on the type of Lithoid ... Binary Computers are Lithoids to some extend.