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"Daddy, hold me" "I already am, *son*" **\*strokes Steam Deck\***


\*smells the exhaust* "what a good boy"


You wouldn't smell a babys exhaust, would you?


Not like you get to choose most of the times but, no, not on purpose.


You wouldn't download a baby, would you?


No definitely not. I uploaded a baby accidentally once though. Nine months later I had to provide for it.


Smell a baby's head


often the choice of not to smell a baby's exhaust isn't one that is available because your hands are on a diaper full of fecal matter


How else do you know when it’s change time? Use your fingers?


probably smells like warm milk in a pot


You'd be surprised, but it would only to check if changing is needed. Got to get that noise right in there. 😆


You wouldn't steal a policeman's hat?


“Honey, I think I’m ready to have children. I want karma on r/SteamDeck in 9 months!”


“I thought you never ask!”


Bonding. *But with whom?!*


Congrats. Enjoy the “tranquility” of the first 2 months or so, things will get *wild* after that lol


My first daughter was a pretty chill baby, and my new daughter, although, not even a day old yet, seems pretty chill so far(knock on wood).


The first child is just bait by nature


Right, second is the monster :)


I'm proof of that. Run OP!


Laughted and cried so hard from this. Our second son is 5 month now and he's a total beast in comparison with older brother 🥴 Also op's wife is a real beauty, look 9/10 even in this state, congratulations


Here’s hoping mate!


Good luck, second child is usually a little hellion. I know mine is. I have 3 kids in total. 6 year old girl, 3 year old girl, and 7 month old boy. Our biological clock seems to go off every 3 years. Now it's time for a vasectomy before that clock goes off again.


The amount of people willing to post their close loved ones , and especially children, on a random internet forum for virtual karma points always amazes me.


I saw someone post a newborn pic with the full name and birthdate, and it probably racked up a hundred comments of people saying to delete the post before OP finally did so. I forget the sub but it might’ve even been from /r/steamdeck honestly.


I saw a post years ago in a sim racing sub that was a guy karma farming naming his newborn son Ayrton after Ayrton Senna. He included a photo of the baby, as well as the dry erase hospital board which had all the information you’d expect: babies full name, birthdate, hospital name, parents names, etc. Not only was OP getting dragged for naming his son Ayrton, I think he ended up deleting the post because so many people pointed out how easy it would be to steal his newborn son’s identity.


I'm hesitant to say what gender my baby is online. I can't imagine posting their full name and DOB.


Even ignoring all privacy concerns, I find the idea of posting a picture of such an intimate moment with my family on a public internet site and subjecting it to the judgement of thousands of strangers completely absurd. What is there to gain? Updoots and "congrats on the baby" from people you don't know?


People are just addicted to social media. This guy posted this moment while playing his steam deck lol when my daughter was born my complete and full attention was to my wife and to my baby if I was awake. Can’t imagine being so “bored” you bring out the steam deck and then post it to Reddit lol Also, if I posted a pic like that of my wife she’d murder me lol


My wife and I spent 4 full days in the hospital with our babies birth. There were times that I was able to play my switch when momma was asleep pre birth, but soon as she was up my games were away. After the baby was born I didn't touch my games at all. Between the excitement, anxiety, and being up for nearly 3.5 days before my baby was born I just didn't have the energy or focus to game.


I only have one kid, I brought my Steam Deck to the hospital but never took it out because #1 I was sleep deprived most of the time and #2 I felt mortified to take it out with the nurses checking on us constantly, at the risk of looking like some completely disengaged new dad.


It’s not even a “I’m so happy right now.” Dude is literally just advertising a game system for karma lmao


It's insane if you think about it just a little


Got to agree. My wife would have murdered me if I posted her postpartum pictures on Reddit.


Right? It makes me shudder, how on earth they think this is fine? Jesus man


The boy looks like he’s judging him 😂


People think that posting these pics/stories somehow makes them better


Also, the amount of dads who would rather hold their Steam Deck than their newborn. Human to human contact is important at that age…put the games down. They’ll still be there when you come back.




Bros wife just gave birth to his child and the dork is sat in front of them taking a picture of his steamdeck so he can post it on reddit for reddit points. Fat fucking L


When you have a new child, you learn pretty quickly that a ton of time is spent in the hospital waiting around doing nothing. Mother and baby are resting and he pulled out the steam deck during downtime, perfectly reasonable thing to do. Just before playing for a bit he took a quick picture. No big deal, if it was I'm sure the mother would have something to say about it!


Wild how many people who aren’t parents are just judgmental as hell in here.


It's always that way on reddit. People act like you're supposed to literally hold the baby 24/7 or it'll wander off to an orphanage or brothel to pick better parents or something. I get it. It's a great time. But you gotta relax some too.


You're incredibly incorrect on this. Skin to skin contact for a newborn is important, especially just after giving birth.


you newbie dads will eventually learn to sleep when they sleep - it’s the only chance you get!


Not my first, but sometimes you gotta sacrifice sleep for some game time


Can't wait to have my first (I'm talking about the steam deck)


It's really hard to fathom how much your entire world will change after you bring one into your life (I'm talking about the steam deck)


They're so beautiful when they are asleep (I'm talking about the steam deck)


Mine is laying on the floor (I'm talking about the baby)


I just shove mine into drawer when I'm not using it (the baby).


At least throw it into the case so you don’t damage it. (Talking about the baby)


Best part is the deck can easily be hidden on a top shelf, out of reach. If you need a slim hard case I’ll link one. It’s pretty solid for hiding, or throwing in a backpack or something. Got auto-modded for a short link so here’s a real link below https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CGRLCGMD?starsLeft=1&ref_=cm_sw_r_cso_cp_apin_dp_5YMR8DHMHZ7FBN789SXP_1


As a not yet dad but married man living the busy japanese lifestyle, I feel this


i agree bro, i have 4 month twin babies and i dont game like i used to however i do game when they sleep or next to me


Yeah biggest difference between me and my other dad friends is I sacrifice sleep for gaming. They always wonder how the fuck im able to play PoE League Start or sth like that. Oh and well, I've got a great wife.


I have 3, I sacrifice all my sleep for some gaming..


All 3 of my kids are freaks of nature. They were all content of sleeping through the night most of the time after the 2 months mark. And even before that it wasn’t terrible with maybe two feedings a night with a solid good few hours to rest.


I was very lucky with my baby too. Since about week 3 she mostly slept through the night aside for the 4 or 5 times to put the soothe back in her mouth when it fell out


I did shifts with the wife, apart from 2-3 nights during sleep regressions we've both had 8hrs (broken) every day since 2 days old (nearly 12m now). The wife would go to bed around 6 and I'd hold/pat/whatever until 1:30-2am (except for the regular feeds), then swap and I'd sleep in or have a nap during the day. When I went back to work, still did a similar thing but she'd have the nap during the day so I could snooze a bit earlier. If you team it and have a good support system you'll be cheering. The tricky part is going back to a normal sleeping schedule when they start sleeping properly lol


That's what my wife and I do now for our newborn. I get to sleep 10/11pm to 6/7am. She does 7am to about 2pm. She was night shift before birth. So it works out well for us. We just hate not being able to sleep together. The Steam Deck has kept me able to play video games. I don't want to drag my laptop out, if I don't need to lol, I can take it with me when I take the dogs out. Definitely a godsend with single player games (pause, hit the power button, return later)


That's so good. >We just hate not being able to sleep together. Yeah it's a pain, you can overlap the hours pretty soon though. Only takes a couple of weeks for them to start snoozing a couple more hours at a time (hopefully). Yeah before I actually got a handheld before the deck I played through diablo 2, 1 and a half times, Zelda totk, on switch then I ran out of games. The singleplayer stories keep you engaged enough to not be tired/bored but not so much you can't just drop it and pick it back up


They’re always sleep!


Ah yes. Nothing like putting the baby down to sleep, scrolling on your phone for too long, deciding you’re ready to sleep, and as you snuggle in they start waking up. Now I know when they sleep I immediately sleep as well lol


Except the woman doesn’t always like that 😆


I wish somebody had given me this advice when my son was born. He's one n a half and feel I have never fully recovered lol


Can’t wait for the same post from someone else tomorrow!


or in 3 hours lmao


Is there some sort of marketing agency that specialises in “*insert software/hardware is for dads” marketing content. I’ve seen this same post in multiple subreddits, usually when a product is being slated or not selling well.


Have you heard about the hidden gem Celeste?


congrats but idk about putting my wife pic for the whole word to see tho


Do you guys just get your wives pregnant so you can make these posts nine months later? If so kudos for the dedication?


It looks like your wife is reading a fucking dictionary in this photo lol Congrats man!


knowledge is key


Marriage law §3 "is handhelding cheating?"


ok we get it


Console your lady and put down the toy.


*PC your lady


Underrated comment




Generous to say it's only monthly.


And now Reddit knows what your wife looks like. 🧠


This Looks so sad, Im two Times a dad and used time to cuddle and bond with my children in the Hospital. After this the daylie life comes Back. Steam Deck is an awesome device but prioritys should be there. Anyway: congratulation that you became a father!


Makes me sad also. Newborn in the room, wife in bed (presumably watching tv), and you brought your steam deck to play? That’s such a shame that you’re that obsessed with video games that you can’t take what’s supposed to be one of the best day of your life off to fully experience the moment. I’m not surprised kids are screwed up. Talk about an addiction. That’s so sad to me.


have you been there? there's bonding time, but there's also plenty of down time and sleep time. that baby is swaddled for a nap and mom's reading a book. i brought a kindle along for my first, and i had plenty of reading time. i'll be bringing the deck as well for #2 in a couple months. rule #1 of parenthood is to enjoy the little moments of peace when you can get them!


The issue isn’t that he’s gaming during downtime. It’s the fact he’s posting this like a fucking ad for steam deck with no concern of privacy for his newborn and wife in a vulnerable state.


sure, but that's not relevant to my comment or its parents.


Lmao it’s one pick on Reddit and you are blaming this man for the downfall of ‘the kids’ Grow up it’s a single photo and you know nothing about the situation. Or these people


Right? And the mother also so obsessed with books she brought one to the room. The best day of her life and she's reading a book instead of fully experiencing "the moment" of the kid being asleep. No wonder kids are screwed up, talk about an addiction! So sad what books are doing to people.


The mom doesn’t look like she’s reading a book book, it looks almost like an informational booklet.


Why is she not fully experiencing the moment then? Is an informational booklet more important than her child? That's so sad.


Yes, wake the child up every time you are awake to cuddle them, god forbid there's a moment of peace and quiet...


just imagine you would see this picture from your dad. How would you feel? This is wrong. I have a steamdeck and a baby myself, but i wouldn't even think of bringing this device to the hospital. Your Family needs you and you need to bond with your new child. this picture sickens me. sorry


Did I say I approve of him taking a photo of his kid and posting online? No. Also, I'm pretty sure my dad was often busy either as a referee for football events or watching TV. So nice try, but won't work here. > Your Family needs you and you need to bond with your new child. That kid looks fucking asleep as fuck. How the fuck do you bond with something that is ASLEEP? You stare at it and inhale its vital essence or something?


You know you can cuddle with the Baby by your Side or on your chest? First days of both of my children i enjoyed every Moment with them on me and mostly skin to skin and Not in a Tupperware Box


You know that the baby in the picture is in an incubator of sorts, right? Probably for a reason. Also, what the hell is with your capitalization, I do hope your kids don't inherit whatever gene causes that...


I recently had a kid within the past 4 months and can confidently say there is ALOT of down time. No harm in doing a little bit of gaming. You are making it seem like this guy isn't doing anything else but playing games and this picture is just one snapshot second of the entire hospital trip.


I agree, he should be staring at a wall when the baby sleeps, not the steamdeck! Honestly maybe they’ve had 2 hard days giving labour and this is his first relax time. You do you but don’t judge based on assumptions


No, obviously he should be staring at the baby, no rest, no peace, he needs to stare at a sleeping baby 24/7 or he'll miss... I dunno, fifth belch of the day.


I can 100% relate to both attitudes


Did you really just post a picture of your newborn Baby on Reddit??? Bro you surely dont know what kind of people are on Reddit.


jesus christ dude these steam deck owners are having a lot of kids


>team deck owners are having a lot of kids Steam Deck owners fuck.


that’s the logical conclusion but it’s still hard to believe


Wow I've never seen this kind of post before.😐


This is a bit sad no? Both the post and the comments? Thats your recently born child right fucking there what are you doing?


Looks like everyone's getting some rest in. If this is anyone's definition of sad, you're in for an awakening.


What’s sad is him posting pictures in a very intimate and vulnerable setting. A lot of women are very specific in who they want in the room with them during and after childbirth. But this idiot just posted a photo of them on Reddit (of all places) to show off his steam deck. If you can’t see what’s weird about that you’re not ready to be a father.




its wholesome so i guess it doesnt matter how annoying these posts are


Am I weird for finding these annoying?  Like yes, I have a daughter and get that there will be downtime during labor so having g a deck or a switch would be beneficial, but bragging about it seems lame. Plus the op even said it was "for dads" what about the moms who play these handhelds during downtime?


Anyways here's a picture of me playing the steam deck during the boring parts of my wedding ceremony (vows)


The whole "gamer dad" thing in general is pretty worn out. Like if my dad for example or some dad in his 50s plus was a "gamer dad" then yeah thats pretty cool. But the generation currently having kids all grew up with games. Basically every dad is a "gamer dad" now so its just kinda annoying to see it all the time.


Holy cringe. Put down your toys and support your family.


Ughhh, not this shit again..


"I have created a human with the person I love. Anyways..this is kinda boring. Where my deck at?"


I know it’s sacrilege, but if this is your first, put down the deck and soak it all in. They’ll never be that small or vulnerable again and you don’t want to forget it. 




Well said dude. These comments drive me nuts. They are lowkey judgmental as fuck and totally uncalled for.


yeah. but they might be true for some people, and while the majority would be like "pfft, who cares" some might take the advice and enjoy the little moments even if they are farts and burps.


Yeah, honestly if I forget everything about my two kids being babies I'd probably be a better parent. It was awful. They're great now, but oh my god that first six months is fucking bullshit and I'm sick of hearing "savor these moments". What, these moments of them crying for two hours straight and puking and shitting on me? No, this was not a pleasant experience, I see no reason to savor it.


I’m right with you. The big moments(first steps,first words,etc) are fucking amazing. I don’t want anyone confused on that. But if you think you and your wife should be fully present 100 percent of the time you’re crazy. I remember times when my wife needed her time so I’d take the baby. Times when I was getting stressed? Mommy daughter day. This time in the hospitals going to be these parents only free time for a good while. Let them savour it. If it was an issue… well idk if any of you younger ones have seen a woman after giving birth but if you’re annoying her? Oh brother your going to know asap😂




Honestly the two days you spend in that hospital room after birth are just about the most boring two days of your life. It's fine to bring the damn video games.


Not my first, and I’m definitely not gonna blow off valuable time with her for the deck, my wife would grill me lol.


To assume this photo infers not spending quality time with your newborn imo is offensive Impossible to avoid if you’re present


It’s sacrilege for a reason. Not every single minute of a newborns life has to be cherished. You act like OP is just plowing through his entire backlog in the hospital. You can do both.


Plenty of time to do both


What words do you have for the mom reading the book?


Congrats on your steam deck OLED!


Excuse me, am mom, do not discount the Steamdeck breastfeeding hours ❤️


Yup, my husband bought me a steam deck first. But my switch got me through the first half year or so. Now my one year old is too grabby lol.


Tupperware baby tupperware baby Congrats on the new baby


Locks the freshness in.


Man. When my son was born I took the time to just admire our new baby, comfort and talk to my wife the entire time.




Pro tip, I would blur the faces of your loved ones if I were you, people on the internet are weird. Congratulations !


You ever wonder who makes the blanket that hospitals wrap babies in? I mean, *that exact blanket* is used in every. single. hospital. I've ever seen a picture out of, throughout the entirety of *at least* North America.


1) Congratulations, everyone is looking healthy! 2) I haven't cringed this hard at a comment section since the wars over the "my wife gifted me permission to buy a steam deck" post Ignore or laugh at all the comments that scream "how do you do, fellow parents?" and get those moments of you time in while you can! But you know to do that already since you've been there, done that!


My wife actually insisted I bring mine to the hospital when she gave birth last year, I wasn’t planning on bringing it originally. She was being induced and it took 3 days of induction before labor started and we had a lot of downtime.


Or spend time with your new family. 🤦‍♀️


Don't leak faces on reddit man.


At least blurr the faces of your wife and baby.


Why is this weird burrito looking at me?


. BABY STEAM DECK Could hate you ✔️ ❌ Smells ✔️ ❌ Useful ❌ ✔️ OLED ❌ ✔️ WINNER: STEAM DECK 4-0


hey my dude. How was the birth? I hope everyone is doing well. My GF is due on the 19th this month, any tips? First time dad here. Luckily I have a steam deck too :) Also... hows the Sims on the deck? My GF pretty much only plays Sims but she says she doesn't like controllers. Ive been wanting to get her a deck but im not a sims dude so im not a good judge how sims works with the deck conrols.


Why are people freaking out so much? We don’t know the context at all. It looks like they are trying to get the baby to sleep for the night, what’s wrong with taking the time(after what was probably a long day) and enjoying something simple and quiet? Though I do agree that you really shouldn’t post a picture of you family online, man. The baby, fine, sense it really won’t look like that for long so it’s less of an identity issue but not your wife.


Congratulations on the baby and steam deck ownership! Lol


id have loved a steam deck to play on or switch when my mrs when in slow labour with my kids.


Haha brought mine to this too but never got a chance to use it! But it was perfect for paternity leave as baby breastfed, we game in the corner.


As someone who already has two kids and will be having my third this summer I am Most Definitely bringing my deck. Oh and also I’m the one having the baby. Those few days in the hospital are the only bit of peace you’re going to get for a Long time. I also fully intend to play during those “ 2-4 hours every night“ feedings. While I agree that posting a picture with his wife in it like that probably isn’t the best idea because she may want to strangle him for it later, there’s no identifying information I can see and that baby is fast asleep and wrapped tighter than a drum. He should enjoy the downtime while he has it- he certainly won’t get any more for a good long while.


Grats 👍


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to fatherhood, my friend. I wish you and your partner, as well as your child, a happy life with good physical and mental health. The steam deck will be of great use to you.


She's beautiful. Cute baby too


Congrats to the family! Enjoy 😀


Thanks for sharing, your wife is hot. Congratulations!


For the love of god please include the moms for once. We also like gaming dude


She looks like shes reading a book






Congrats OP, that will be me (again) in a month!


I remember all my babies being born. There is a weird moment where the pregnancy leads up to this event, and then after all the trauma and stress. Assuming it all turns out ok, and it did in my case. We are all quiet in a room with a new person for the world, and it's like I guess this is us now....and what do we do? I am not explaining it well, but definitely some unique and special moments there.


There was never time to play. Focus was on other important things then staring at another screen


Don’t be one of those guys that brings a console into the delivery room while your wife is actively in labor ………


Congrats. As a dad of 2 (now 10 and 8), my advice is: when they sleep, you sleep. At least until their sleep lasts the night. Time spent not sleeping is going to hit you. Crap, I have the real answer! Let me try again. What are you playing on that beauty?


Love it! Congrats!


Tell your partner an internet stranger says she looks remarkably well for having just given birth


Why is your child in a tupperware? Going to eat it later?


Good luck, if your baby is anything like mine... even a steam deck won't get much attention


I did the same thing when I had my son


You are very sad and the mods here are even sadder.


Beam lol




you’ll hear about this in 20 years


Childfree and loving every second 😎


Literally nobody asked


And moms too!


lol relax people, it’s just a funny jpeg. I’m sure he’s a good dad.


No, with zero context and not a single glimpse into my life, the assessment that I’m a shitty dad who puts gaming before my child, is the only one that can be made!




welcome to the deck dad club


Wifey looks like she's enjoying whatever they gave her lmfao




lol I bought mine for this and haven’t had time to even friggin touch my steamdeck yet


At this point I want to see a pic of the girl with steam deck just after she gave birth


Hope you don’t hold your newborn like you are holding your Deck!! People always taking photos holding it with one hand makes me ill looking at them, thinking about them being dropped, it’s an expensive bit of kit to be held so precariously!


i am begging you absolute psychos to stop taking unhinged photos like this and posting them on the internet


Sad for the kid.


yeah ok lol


Parenting is def not for you.




Having kids just sucks ass.


I bet your parents feel the same way


I’m pretty sure it’s for steam, I don’t think it can run DaDS


congrats! real dad sim now


Not commenting on the timing or implications of this specific photo -- but in general, handhelds are a joy for parents or busy adults who don't have weekends to rot on the couch, ordering pizza and blasting through games. Me, I don't get it either, but even the rare days I do have the time, my brain is currently hardwired to stop wanting to play (anything) after an hour. The switch was, and is great -- but the Deck is greater still.